Fullerton’s Jim Blake Is A TV Star

The Water Boy

Well, the Fullerton Culture of Corruption is in the news again, and, naturally, not in a good way. The star of the show is Fullerton’s own Jim Blake. Here is a CBS undercover report on Metropolitan Water District board members wining and dining themselves on our dime – even as they keep jacking up the commodity cost of water to us, a cost to which our wise City Fathers then tack on an illegal 10% tax!

Jim Blake has been the choice of Fullerton’s establishment to represent our City on the MWD since the Third Day, when God gathered the waters.

Of course this is no news to us here at FFFF. We reported on Blake and Linda Ackerwoman running up huge “travel” tabs a long time ago, here and here. Blake has been reappointed by Bankhead and Jones over and over again. Why?

Well, Blake is supposedly calling it quits at MWD, but not before causing Fullerton more embarrassment.

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  1. Lets get these clowns running for the hills before their livers give out and they bankrupt what is left of this economy. 26 miles is too much? My dad did 50 miles each way 6 days a week for 35 years with a 1968 Ford and he left the house at 330am. Ask Dave about the bromine levels that were off the charts a few years ago that smoked multi-milion dollar reverse osmosis systems at Coca Cola. He’ll drink to that.

  2. I wonder how much $ Blake has given to help keep Bankhead, Jones and McPension in office over the years and months.

    1. “I’m not concerned with them” – his response to a question about people who commute regularly from Fullerton to L.A.

      What a right pig bastard!

  3. subtotal $1250
    tip $400

    what is the percentage for that?

    irony: @ the Waterbar

    $55 for a bottle of wine????

    How do you turn water into wine?

  4. Blake is the owner of the Blake Investment Company, a consulting firm he founded in 1972. Blake is immediate past chairman of the board of trustees of the Southern California College of Optometry. He is a member of the Fullerton Rotary Club and a member of that city’s chamber of commerce. He sits on the YMCA’s finance committee.

    How about sending e-mails to the Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce and YMCA expressing outrage at his actions and “let them eat cake”-style comments?

    1. I am pulling my donations and membership from the Y. I already quit the chambermaids and the rattery cub. nothing good aside from some strategic donations to other groups have come from either.

  5. 55 dollars a bottle….why in the world is this ok? Rotary club and chamber, if you guys dont oust him now ,be prepared for the fall out..or you condone this behavior.Which is it?

    1. Uh, they condone the behavior. Its the culture of corruption. I’m beginning to see a pattern…McPension, Jones, Bankhead, Blake, Chi, Larry Bennett, Allyn Lean, Ted Kim, Theresa Harvey, ??? ALL ARE ROTARIANS! WTF!?!?!?

      1. Both of those organizations are cesspools of political wannabes and sleazy parasites just waiting to find some host (govt position/program/subsidy) to start sucking blood (money) from. I have never met a member of either who was not a petty, worthless sack of shit.

        1. Well now, that’s a bit harsh. But there’s absolutely no doubt the political grifters and wannabes join these groups to burnish their cred in F-town.

          I sue hope those days are coming to an end.

  6. …..Mr Sebourn…as you have said all along, there is something wrong here. So far, on the few items that you have brought to my attention and I did my part, followed through with going to the public meetings you suggest, taking the time, to research -what is really going on here- and you are right. Disgusting the amount of abuse.

    1. And let’s not forget that the abuse is just another “pass-through” cost for management. So, when the City wants to “pass-through the costs” to us, we really do need to scrutinize the source of the rate hike.

      Many people think we need to pay MORE to maintain the same level of water service simply because costs are going up. I strongly disagree.

      1. Greg- if that 55 dollar bottle o wine doesnt say exactly where our increases are going…nothing does…O wait maybe the 13 dollar bottle of WATER does. They have no shame.

  7. Wonder if this thief is listed on the 460 donation report to anti recall.

    What a no good dirtbag.
    Staying at the hotel at taxpayers’ expense instead of driving 27 miles to home-I guess It would be irrespnsible of him to drive after drinking so much of that taxpayer wine in the taxpayer lounge.

    And then try to excuse it.
    How long has this been going on?

  8. Ha ha ha! Awesome! Don’t they know they can take the train to LA? It’s understandable that they might want to stay in a hotel overnight, but they should do it on their own dime.

    It’s the mentality that it’s only a small part of a multimillion dollar budget that skews their perspective. I’m sure we’d all like a nice bottle of wine to celebrate now and then, but why should the taxpayers foot the bill?

  9. Take the freaking Metrolink, dude! That’s what the rest of us do! If we can afford it. O/w, we suck it up and drive.

    These boards and utilities are where the real corruption is. No accounting to anybody, least of all us. Where is the accounting from Edison and Gas Co. for the extra taxes we pay to give check energy to the “poor”? It’s just another tax, I think, to pay for more wine and hotel rooms.

  10. Damn…I wish I was part of the wait staff that git that $400.00 tip!

    Does this ever end? Inquiring and fed up minds really want to know.

  11. Honestly I think this has and is going to make Fullerton a much better place, Thank You, CBS, NBC, KTTV, FOX NEWS, ABC, KTLA, KCAL, KCOP, Oprah Winfrey Network, Fullertons Future, Reason, and all the other media. 🙂

  12. I love it! I love seeing these fat money cows being brought to light in which they deserve. The only way we can get things on the right track to hold those accountable for their actions. Police departments, city councils, water departments, energy departments, banks, etc. Accountability is key. Being able to see behind closed doors when the general public is footing the bill is essential to keeping corruption at bay. There needs to be committees to oversee the overseers apparently. Before entities decide to spend tax payer money, it needs to be addressed and approved upon.

  13. I remember hearing about a nice weekend junket to Hoover Damn, (or Lake Mead)
    the MWD sponsored for a few select Council members – I do believe McPat & wifey went on one, maybe with Doc Jones. Anyone else hear of these all expenses paid trips?

  14. End the apathy! Voters rise up from your rising unemployment,rising cost of living,rising gas prices,rising economic despair and throw down these evil men by demanding their removal from any public office or service and monetary restitution from them for defrauding us out of our tax dollars to pay for their luxurious hotel,rooms, lobster dinners and bottles of wine. Our public infrastructure is controlled by silly, indolent persons who redole in our apathy

  15. Insomnia and it’s late at night, last revision, these men are redolent in luxury due to our apathy

  16. ************REPOSTED FOR THIS THREAD***************U.S.

    Attorney’s Office Announces Jury Verdict and $355,000 Forfeiture Against Lackawanna County Commissioners Robert C. Cordaro and Anthony J. Munchak
    U.S. Attorney’s Office
    June 22, 2011

    Middle District of Pennsylvania
    (717) 221-4482
    The United States Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania announced that late yesterday a federal jury in Scranton returned verdicts against Robert Cordaro and Anthony Munchak on charges of racketeering and related charges in connection with improper actions of the former Majority Commissioners in accepting and demanding payments and other benefits from individuals and entities doing business with Lackawanna County. -FBI website

    During the 10-day trial before United States District Court Judge A. Richard Caputo, the government presented approximately 30 witnesses and evidence related to the hundreds of thousands of dollars received in secret cash payments.
    http://www.fbi.gov/philadelphia/press-releases/2011/u.s.-attorney2019s-office-announces-jury-verdict-and-355-000-forfeiture-against-lackawanna-county-commissioners-robert-c.-cordaro-and-anthony-j.-munchak -FBI website

    Public Corruption Update
    A Busy Month Comes to a Close

    Maybe they can make this years update.

  17. Lifesaving service…just saved our city 14 thousand dollarsusing this press release with a bit of editing…..thank you- at least your coming up with solutions, instead of the ….standard status quo swindlin- that apparenly the shelf life has ended on this behavior – sorry boys I aint paying. And to the MRs of these fraudsters…Im coning after you next…you spent my money I want it back.

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