The Jackass Vanishes

Enjoy the spectacle of the Incredible Disappearing Donkey, as F. “Dick” Jones gits up off’n’ his backside to bug out on a council meeting and git on home to his vittles, incoherently mumblin’ some nonsense. The Mayor even bids him goodnight.

But what’s this? Mumbles reappears just minutes later, perhaps deciding that being a rude jackass isn’t the best way to beat a recall.


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  1. Somebody must have told him to haul his sorry ass back in there to finish the meeting. His wife? Ackerman?

  2. Dick Jones is a fine leader, an exemplar of all that’s best in Fullerton. Dick has always been there for those that sought his help in the business community.

    We share Dick’s values and appreciate his wisdom.

  3. A commenter from another post suggested the colonel may have left briefly because his Depends was loaded and needed changing.

  4. It’s hard to understand the context of this video because it doesn’t show what happened just before he walks out. Which meeting is this?

  5. again, Dick Jones,M.D. actions exemplifies the culture of our municipal government. Jones cavalier treatment of the council and thus the community of Fullerton is shown in his selfish desire to leave this meeting because he sees no value or reason to participate in representative government. And he causally returns not caring that his frequent comings and goings in such a short time span disrupts the meeting and thus the purpose of representative government.
    As I have stated in prior posts, as a Fullerton lifer , I have seen the self-reliant, entrepreneurial spirit of fullerton reduced to a municipality dependent on the cavalier treatment of a select few

  6. Not exactly sure why he was in such a hurry to get out of there, but his exit was really funny. I thought he just needed to use the restroom, but he took all of his council materials with him when he left. When he returned, probably between five and ten minutes later, he had them with him. Whatever his reasons, he wouldn’t or couldn’t stay until the end of a relatively short meeting. Is this who you want in charge? Time for him to step down.

    1. Due to the onset of age and a physique that says diabetes type II, Jones needs regular short trips to the rest room or he will literally pee in his pants, err Depends! Now if people think he possesses his faculties like 15 years ago, guess again! One of these days Whitaker is gonna make Jones blood pressure soar!

  7. If memory serves me correct, this lil o incident happened after a long razzing from Mr Whitaker, and seriously Jonsey was gettin redder in the face, and just about had it. we thought he was gonna blow a gasket…when Bruce asked for priveledged ability to seek official paperwork- so he can make an educated decisions on serious issues at hand here- he is our representative, he wanted to have access, he thought it important…but JOnes,barked Im with interr-rrrum bankhead, I dont support this…and BRuce said Im not asking for permission…thats when he went bazurk…and left with his ball and jax….this is what I thought was happenening…and yes she wanted him to have the decency to sit through her long diatribes….why cant he sit through hers….but he left and Bruce then said…again Im not asking. Do you think they get it yet? RECALL

  8. I was distracted just prior to this happening but my attention was drawn back to exactly where the video begins. Was this during an argument portion involving Bruce? Travis, is it possible to make a longer video to show what Jones was throwing a tantrum over?

    I’m disgusted, appalled but not surprised. When Jones was mayor, he’d lose it, pound his gavel, call for a recess and walk out. All he can do now is walk out. If only he’d stop coming back. Hurry up, June…

  9. I think most of you realize the stress is starting to build in the 3 Amigos.

    Their days of fun filled play with your dollars, and treating you all like idiots are coming to a close.

    What will they do when they are no longer the elite elected officials they once were?

    1. May I suggest they do real community service…a speed bump…wait 3 speed bumps, or crossing guards…I would pay money to see McKInley in an orange suit…being a crossing guard.

  10. “What will they do when they are no longer the elite elected officials they once were?”

    No more ribbon cuttings and Miss Fullerton squeezings?

    1. It will take a while for the election to be validated by the RoV. The Three Chimps could vote on next year’s budget as well as hire a permanent Chiefie.

    1. a political mutiny, rebellion against our proud and powerful, opur public servants, specifically Jones, Bankhead, McKinley

  11. I reviewed the archived version of this city council session yesterday to try and understand the events that had preceeded Doc heading for the hills early, and it was clearly the banter that Bruce and Don were engaging in regarding city councilman not being privy to personnel records that set off Doc’s fight or flight mechanism.
    Upon review, I was sort of stunned at an earlier part of this session when Mayor Silva nominated Roland Chi for a vacancy on the Planning Commission.
    Does anyone know or understand what would motivate her to nominate Roland Chi, who is intrinsically allied with Jones, Bankhead, and McKinley?

  12. All the people who support Jones, McKinley, and Bankhead, apparently refuse to acknowledge any of their shortcomings! One common denominator for these supporters is that they are long on superlatives and very short on any specific reasons why they should continue to support them!

  13. I couldn’t agree with you more Barry. As I was gathering signatures for the recall, I would occasionally get a “this recall is ridiculous” remark from one of their supporters. Whenever I would ask them for specific reasons, I would inevitably, or, ironically I should say, hear them say it’s because they go to the same church together? So I guess if you belong to a church, group, or college that one of these guys attended, your supposed to suspend your good judgement, and base your opinion on this person on how bad you wanted to be alienated or face the wrath of the rest of the active members or the alumni from that particular church, group, or college.
    Honestly, I can’t tell you the amount of people who truly wanted to sign those petitions, but didn’t, for fear of being ostracized from the rest of the congregants, alumni, or members of the Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, etc…

  14. Funny, I went to a fundraiser at my kids’ church/school a couple weeks ago, and I just happened to be wearing my “yellow shirt”. Their teacher (mid 40s) thought it was cool and backs the recall, but there were a few old bags there that were pointing and clutching their pearls. I thought it was priceless. 😀

    1. Some of those same “church ladies”( think old Dana Carvey SNL type of character ) would seriously take me to task for picking on these guys. Their defenses would start to melt when I would ask them if they had read the writ that a Superior Court judge had sent our City Council for failing to act sooner on protecting the public over the sexual assault charges directed towards officers Rincon and Wren? How about the Pastor’s family that was mugged by the FPD SWAT team? Ever heard of a “screen test”, etc…Little by little, you would see that these nice people had been totally brainwashed by the other older congregants to believe that these three were alter boys literally being chased out of their sanctuary by the demonic forces of Tony Bushala and Company. What was sort of sad to me, was that these were usually older residents that were usually already lonely people that were even more afraid of being alone or cut off from the other congregants for being an independent thinker.

      1. Hey My Friend, how goes it ? I have been working and like everyone else, trying to keep my head above water in these rough economic times we find ourselves in. I know that this explanation is no excuse to not stay active, but I am at least honest. I have been following FFFF but haven’t posted. I see that you are still giving them Hell……………

        It was always a pleasure to talk with you during the first part of the Dark Times and I look forward to exchanging stimulating conversation with you once again.

        As far as your post goes, I would like to point out that Ideology and self induced blindness to that which goes on around oneself seems to run rampant nowdays.

        I always refer myself back to a quote that stuck in my mind from the days of my youth. I stole it from Paul Simon’s song “The Boxer”. He said “All I suggest is man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest”. You illustrate this point in a very lucid manner.

        Keep up the good fight and I am ready to once again get involved. Stay strong and hope to talk with you real soon.

        1. We’ve come a long way since those dark days huh? I’m committed to doing whatever I can to bring change for the better to our town, and I know you are too. I am proud of the fact that we have and will continue to effect change in a peaceful manner that our children, and our children’s children, can be proud of.
          All the best until we meet again my friend!

    2. “old bags clutching their pearls” why is there this assumption among some of the bloggers on this site who believe only little old ladies who are ignorant of politics blindly support the evil three, Jones, McKinley, Bankhead? The public would be shocked to know some of the evil three’s ardent supporters are the worst provincial liberals in Fullerton. and these provincial liberals in their
      hybrid cars love the idea of redistribution of wealth(its not charity its parity battle cry from these trough feeding liberals) in the form of redevelopment funds that allow them to invest in humanitarian government sponsored enterprises like the construction of low-income housing that displaces the truly poor and designates those making $60000 a year or more into “low-income” housing. what better way for a provincial liberal to apply salve on his or her conscience when taking money from those who worked hard to earn it and using it as a private investment that personally gets them good returns by calling this theft of tax dollars “fair housing”. Jones, Bankhead and McKinley are the best humanitarians in fullerton, just ask the provincial liberals of fullerton.

        1. I also understand that you make a good point about the Liberals being hoodwinked by these guys too, as I had many middle-aged, eco-friendly, tea party types, that would be prepared to turn a blind eye to the three being recalled based on party affiliation, until I would remind them about the 10% illegal pass-through costs that their water bills were costing them every month? Maybe you should turn around and look at the state of the roads that they drove to the grocery store? How about the elementary schools here in Fullerton that have 35 pupils per classroom? Then I would ask them to tell me how redevelopment agency had positively affected their lives?

          1. the only thing worse than a provincial liberal is radical conservative, both only accomplish good deeds that benefit no one but themselves. what a strange phenomena

    1. “minor injuries” I wonder if his “minor injuries” include a crushed thorax, being tasered multiple times, and a crushed throat, broken ribs, collapsed lung, internal injuries, broken bones, etc.? Someone needs to get a photo and more information about his real condition. I don’t trust what they are telling us.

  15. Lifesaving Service :
    Costa Concordia is the grounded Cruise ship, where the Captain accidently fell in a life raft. He didnt go down with the ship. They were still looking for bodies just days ago.
    Concordia captain’s stunt blamed for cruise wreck

    The memeorable part of this incident, is when the Coast Guard is literally slapping the Captain in the face with his words, and chastizing him for abandoning his own ship.
    Every time I would hear that conversation between the Coast Guard and the cruise ship Captain, I would wonder why there wasn’t one of Chief Sellers peers calling him out on his cowardice, and maybe strongly encouraging him to not abandon Fullerton in an hour of crisis of his own creation?

    1. a person believed a transient man attempted to steal from their home, said Fullerton police Sgt. Andrew Goodrich

      Goodrich said there was no evidence of a burglary

      …Here we go again.

    2. “He (the officer) just bumped his head. He’s being checked out. He’s going to be fine,” said Fullerton police Sgt. Tim Petropulos to City News Service. “He went to the hospital just as a precautionary measure.”

      He will, of course, have to retire on 50% tax free head injury disability.

    3. “”It was a physical altercation. The suspect began fighting with officers,” Goodrich said.”

      Wow, does that sound familiar. How can anyone believe Andy? His credibility is shot, no matter what Gennaco says.

  16. Ah’ had me enuff! I don’ need ta’ stay aroun’ here an’ lis’n’ ta’ this kind’a’ possum butt nuts! Ah’m late fo’ mah’ suppa!

  17. van get it da artiste :“old bags clutching their pearls” why is there this assumption among some of the bloggers on this site who believe only little old ladies who are ignorant of politics blindly support the evil three, Jones, McKinley, Bankhead?

    Those were the ones that were at the function is why…as to the rest of your post, well said and I couldn’t agree more.

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