He’s Baaaaaack!

Tanned rested, and ready

Just in case there were any doubt about the state of Mr. Don Bankhead’s mental faculties, I am pleased to report that the recently recalled councilman has pulled papers to run again for the city council, just like he did in 1994 after being recalled. Bankhead is only one of two office holders in the history of the United States to be recalled from the same office twice, and the only man in the 152 year history of California.

This dunderhead snoozed while the FPD sank into a Culture of Corruption, while the water rate payers were ripped off, and as he handed out millions to his campaign contributors; and yet he seems to think himself still worthy of somebody’s trust.

Still, running for the office you were recalled from a mere six weeks ago takes a lot of gall, or disconnect from reality, or both; especially when you got your sorry old ass whipped 2-1.

Hope the tux is rented…

I have no idea if this doorknob actually plans on running; but I doubt if he has a single friend of family member with the sense or decency to tell him no. But if he does, you can certainly look forward to some fun.


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  1. The old fart can’t get a grip with reality. Perhaps, this is what happens when you are collecting disability and retirement = too much free time on your hands.

    It makes me wonder with all of that free time the old coot has he could use that to help the unfortunate instead of clinching on his crazy lust for power.

    1. “it makes me wonder with all that free time the old coot has he could use that to help the unfortunate instead of clinching on his crazy lust for power.”

      I’m confused, are you talking about Bankhead or Bushala?

    2. I can’t figure out the biggest horror. Bankhead or the people who vote for the guy? I’d say it’s probably both.

      1. Didn’t you hear the Cougar discussion on KFI the other day? Cougars are the best. Or will Bankhead be someone’s sugar daddy?

  2. Geeze – The nerve! Here’s your proof #5003 that these geezers are completely nuts and have ego problems. Looking to be re elected after being recalled -again. It’s like he’s a vampire or something.

    I think a blast to John and Ken is in order, the sooner, the better.

    1. Merijoe : I agree! Egomaniac. That’s exactly what he is. What a pompous

      I’m sending an email J&K pronto!

  3. Let see approx 15% of the citizens voted by a 2/3 count to recall him..BUT the Nov election will bring out more citizens…I believe Kiger is the only one that faces election in Nov….if this is true than Kiger better do something bigger than getting legalizing fireworks on the ballot….last council meeting Kiger looked bored and going though the motions…..GO DON MAKE MORE HISTORY……LETS SEE IF IT IS REALY A “NEW FULLERTON”

    1. Not a chance. Voters are on to Don now.

      Also, Bruce and Travis are both up for re-election in November. Sharon is out.

      Interesting list of characters who pulled papers.

    1. Uh, I think that’s Travis’ house??? But bring signs, chairs, and drinks, Travis will welcome you.

    2. Are you in junior high or just an idiot? You even have the wrong house. Do you want to trash Travis’ house?

  4. Here is who pulled papers as of this morning:

    Barry Levinson
    Vivian “Kitty” Jaramillo
    Matthew Hakim
    Bruce Whitaker
    Jane Rands
    Don Bankhead
    Travis Kiger
    Jennifer Fitzgerald

  5. Wow! Don wants to make history. Maybe not the history he expects, but history none the less.

  6. Anybody who knows this old fool knows this move is perfectly predictable.

    He has no life outside his rancid reign on Fullerton’s City Council. He can’t let go emotionally or psychologically. Without the phony deference he gets from people milking him and all his little stipends for different commissions and committees that he sleeps through he’s got zilch.

    Do not be surprised if he returns his papers. I won’t be and I’ve known this clown for over 25 years.

  7. FPOA needs someone to endorse. Old friend and former Chief Bankhead is just the man.

    FPOA – how about making a donation to any charity that does work with the homeless in Fullerton instead of pouring it down the drain with Bankhead?

    1. Donating to charities cuts in to my drinking tab at Heroes. How can I continue to pull the wool over my members head if I don’t continue to lie, cheat and cover up the culture of corruption

    2. Excerpts from Don Bankhead’s political resume and base of support… No surprise here that it’s the The Fullerton Police and Fire Departments, whose members are the recipients of grossly generous pay and health and retirement benefits, which directly decreases the amount of money that we have as a city to provide Fullerton children a quality education.

      Like taking candy from a baby huh Don?

      |Political_Priority_1: Support strong public safety.
      Maintain Fullerton’s streets, storm drains, water quality, sewer system, etc.
      Continued improvement of library and cultural opportunities to maintain quality of life in Fullerton.
      |Featured_Endorsement_1: Fullerton Firefighters Association
      |Featured_Endorsement_2: Fullerton Police Officers Associatio

  8. I got a good chuckle out of this post. Then I went back and checked the election results. Bankhead got 6,657 votes to keep him in office, and Seaborne only got 6,601 to put him there. Goofball or not, he will file, and pull at least 6,000 votes. That makes him a player even though he is in his eighties. Yikes, what has happened to this place…..

    1. Oh, it’s worse than that. It’s the top three candidates that receive seats. That means Levinson/Rands/(Someone) has to get more votes than Bankhead to keep him out.

      That’s a sick system. Sick. If this were Rome, we would have banished Bankhead . . . not let him come back twice after stinking the place up.

        1. I wonder what the guy’s definition of evil is. How about selfishness, jealousy, and arrogance?

          Guy has got a chip larger than Gibraltar on his shoulder. He’s clearly putting himself and his desires over the electorate. Out of the three recalled, he CLEARLY needed to go the most based on this news.

          I’d like to say I’m in disbelief, but really– we all knew this douche bag was coming back.

  9. I only vote by the name and I am one of those voters who votes over and again for Don Blankhead. He may be a do nothing who lines the pockets of developers, but he is my do nothing! Oh how I wish for he good ol days, they were so much simpler!
    What else do you want me to do with my disability pension money? Give it to charity?

  10. Why wouldn’t he run? He was voted back in immediately after being recalled once before. He no doubt thinks he can do it again. He might be a nut job but even nuttier will be the ones voting for him.

    1. Well said. His thoughts are why not try. Nothing else to do in life. Just filing he knows he will irk enough haters to make him happy.

      Vote counts above make a valid point too. November double the voters.

      1. By his prior record of doing absoultely nothing while in off this is all ego and I’m sure the thinking is, “this is an easy gig”

        At the last taped by FFFF, meeting, he didn’t know what Laura’s law was.
        This sudden attack of run again-itis can’t be because he feels he can help the city.

  11. Judging from that puffy red nose, he’s possibly suffering from Korsakoff’s Syndrome.

    From Wikipedia:

    Korsakoff’s syndrome (also called Korsakoff’s dementia, Korsakoff’s psychosis, or amnesic-confabulatory syndrome) is a neurological disorder caused by a lack of thiamine (vitamin B1) in the brain. Its onset is linked to chronic alcohol abuse and/or severe malnutrition.

    There are six major symptoms of Korsakoff’s syndrome:
    * anterograde amnesia
    * retrograde amnesia, severe memory loss
    * confabulation, that is, invented memories which are then taken as true due to gaps in memory sometimes associated with blackouts
    * meager content in conversation
    * lack of insight
    * apathy – the patients lose interest in things quickly and generally appear indifferent to change.


    Sounds like Dandy Don to a T!

  12. Jeez. What a arrogant megalomaniac. Is he married? Does he have a family? Isn’t there someone in his life to rein him in? Or does he exercise full control there too?

    This guy needs a good shaming with lots of ridicule thrown in. He should make great fodder for some opponent’s campaign mail brochures. Two time loser going for the hat trick. Ya gotta love it. Maybe his intention is to set a Guiness world record! 😀

    1. Any bets on if we get to see Larry again as well? I’m sure he’d like another ass kicking, too.

        1. Some people are just gluttons for punishment I guess.

          Only a few people are this stupid though. That really is the best word for it– stupid.

      1. If they all come back I’m sure they figured out at least one has a shot just by spreading votes and name recognition by people with no clue of what goes on in the city but voted cause its the big election.

  13. It is clearly up to the newly elected council to make the greatest strides possible in the shortest amount of time possible to keep the reform momentum going. The attention spans of people are shortening by the day. There are still plenty of decadent lap dog fools that are stuck on stupid and stuck in the past that will pull the lever for the lackey. Travis, Greg and Bruce its time to ramp it up. There is big money behind Barney-big blind old dirty money. I am not for one step forward and two steps back.

  14. Laughable as it may seem, this is not an idle threat. The same crowd that elected Doug Chaffee could just as easily put Bankhead back on the council…and it might be easier this time around. The more candidates running, the fewer votes needed.

    1. Nods head in agreement. Doug Chaffee is no dummy. His speech after he was sworn in was great, as was his PR move to not have a council parking space.

      Nice to know Larry Bennett support’s a Democrat.

      1. Doug Chaffee is no dummy.

        This is why I should never judge a book by its cover. Thanks for setting me straight.

      2. All of Doug Chaffee’s political supporters for the 2012 election.

        Note the ties of cronyism to the public employees unions and agents of redevelopment, as evidenced by the likes of ex-Fullerton City Manager Chris Meyers and Gary Chalupsky.

        I also noticed that Pam Keller supports Doug Chaffee’s campaign, as well as a gaggle of retired teachers who are simply listed on the FPCC 460 forms as “retired” .

        I also noticed that Doug and his wife loaned Doug’s campaign the lion’s share (>20,000.00) of Doug’s campaign funds.

        IMHO this usually indicates a campaign with less than grass roots support of the local electorate.


  15. With his mortality moving to the forefront of his thinking, Donald is looking to be immortalized as a ‘final jeopardy’ answer. The question would be ‘Who is the only Californian to be both re-called and elected to the same office, twice? Yes it could happen.

  16. I think Bankhead must be afraid of being alone when he dies; he’s hoping to be sitting on the dais, surrounded by people, when he passes away from old age. I guess we’ll know he’s dead when he stops snoring.

    1. Oh come on Christine, Bankhead back in office would mean more opportunities for you to show what are classless dried up crack hoe you continue to be. No sicker joke than that.

        1. The poopers are back! No surprise.

          Poop. Wipe. Smear. Post. Repeat.

          The Rooter guys must make a fortune off you clowns.

              1. If by same bowl you mean this blog, then yes. We ALL use the same bowl. You got a lot of ass wiping to do in between your ass kissing.

  17. I believe the disease he is suffering from is…..enlarged ego mixed with Alzheimer’s.

    He definitely has significant reduced mental function and a total disregard for the will of the people.

    Did he forget he was just recalled almost 2 to 1 and did he forget the people in 2010 voted in term limits with a plurality of almost 80%?

    Maybe he did forget!

  18. There is some sadness here, in that seemingly nobody in Bankhead’s gigantic family has the courage to tell him it’s over, and that he needs to move on. He has 7 kids for crying out loud!

    I could understand if there were fewer children and they lived thousands of miles away. That isn’t the case with Don.

    Hello Bankhead family! Your father desperately needs you right now. It’s time to step up.

  19. “Daddy bankhead please daddy bankhead run for city council again cause all your ‘lil fpd bastards are scared of the bright line the people of Fullerton are shinning on us and I think I hear the feds under my bed, oh please daddy bankhead we wont murder any one else or rape or steal. Haha we kept our fingers crossed.

  20. Well this election is going to be crazy. There are so many factors that play out in this election generally speaking that will effect the way Fullerton’s election will play out.

    This election is recall all over again, there are too many items to just vote for the city alone aside from the other positions we are going to fill.

  21. The old regime and their cronies, sycophants can’t let go of their cash cow, the city of fullerton’s municipal government

    1. Having active or retired Fullerton public employees on the Fullerton City Council is like inviting foxes to guard the hens.

  22. I tell you, this man is NUTS! and what he thinks that once he gets re-elected, he’s going to rehire the one eyed monster and his fat bastard brother!!

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