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      1. Tell me about it! On my final report, I’m afraid I’m going to have to declare part of FFFF’s operating cost as an in-kind contribution.

    1. From The Law of Unintended Consequences File: Spend $300,000.00 of your own money on a recall effort, which recalls half of the counsel, and encourages Mrs. Flory (public enemy number one) to run for council. She has publicly stated she would not have run BUT FOR the recall. Now she will get elected, and be on the council for four years. She will probably even take Kiger’s seat. GOOD WORK TONY!

  1. Can’t wait to see her facebook lash out after this one.

    Nice work, keep reminding the voters of the truth.

    1. There’s no room for the truth on this blog or in the Booshala-financed attack campaigns. Only rrom for rumors, exaggerations, mistruths, outright lies, insults, maliciousness, etc.

      Why don’t you send out a mailer picturing Kiger and Whitaker walking on water with halos over their heads? It would be just as accurate as the other mailers going out.

      1. You blame the blog. Why don’t you blame the mismanagement of FPD. They are the ones who are out of control, and the ones, that started this mess in the first place.
        This is only a blog, peoples opinions, and that’s all, but it seems to me that the blog brings forward very good points. I have learned much about the City of Fullerton from the blog and I am now watching the Council meetings, every two weeks. Is that a bad thing? I will filter the input.

      2. Okay, Mr. i love cop balls, tell me one thing that isn’t true on that mailer. Let’s break this down, maybe you will figure a couple things out.

        Don’t lash out at a blog because the FPD is doing their best to bring shame to anyone wearing a badge and we are trying to counter that.

      3. Paid for by the FPD Unions…..I hate Unions, or anybody receiving money from money from them. Special interest groups, always spew crap.

  2. At the LWV Forum, Ms. Flory said she knew the 3%/per year at 50 years of age for all safety workers administered retroactively was not a good thing.

    But she supported it because of all the pressure she received from the unions.

    So Ms. Flory knew it would be a loser for the taxpayers but for her own self-interest she voted for it anyway.

    And she thinks she deserves another 4 year term.


    She is either delusional or so arrogant not to even understand her own condemnation of her own past actions.


  3. Stop the zombies!
    Anyone that took Cop money is a zombie.
    Anyone that puts up Danny signs is a zombie.
    Anyone that wants Bankhead or Fitgerald is a zombie.

  4. I know something even scary. Council members that refuse grant money for DUI enforcement, council members that go looking into trash dumpsters, council members that run a blog full of hate, council members who’s only purpose is to do the work of one to destroy Fullerton, council members who are cowards, right seabourn, council members who want weed everwhere and council members who are just plain evil.

    1. Way off pal
      Grant money well spent is what we should accept-not grant money going to burn on INEFFECTIVE overtime party checkpoints.
      Check your facts-saturation patrols work-in reality just put 5 motorcycle officers on harbor and soco with a paddy wagon and a few tow trucks and whala! presto! no more drunk drivers.
      Were the grants linked? I am waiting for Mr Schoen.
      As a matter of sound policy while the state is broke-40 kids in the classroom, roads busted up and schools falling apart, tax increases on the ballot, bonds from here to kingdom come barely floating, some on our council attempted to do the right thing.
      Dumpster diving can be stopped with padlocks- 99 cent store sells them
      Fullerton is already falling apart and snuff films, the new skid row in the OC and greedy wasteful contracts are the real destroyers not those who are trying to turn the ship away from the iceberg.
      The hate blog is soapbox so step on up. Welcome.

    2. Does anyone know you have just entered Fullerton City Limits from any of its borders at night?

      Answer-the minute you cross the line the entire road makes your car feel like it has no suspension. I just wonder what the sum total to the residents in tire wear, suspension damage, brake wear, decreased gas mileage and stress level increase tolerating these deplorable roads really is? Oops I forgot. One night many years ago Tony Bushala went out and busted up all the 22 square miles worth of roads with his kid’s motorcycle with Travis Bruce and Greg in tow with sledge hammers.

      1. Well, not all of Fullerton has bad roads. The north side of town where the nicer homes are have nice roads. Ever wonder why? me too!

        1. I also wonder why all the roads in fullerton are crap and the roads in Brea are spick, span, and smooth as hell

    3. Scary? How about a close up of Wolfe? Or Ramos? Or Cicinelli? Or Hampton? Or Siliceo? Or Goodrich? Or Coffman?

      Yes indeed. Halloween is coming!

    1. No, it’s not — that’s a gross exaggeration.

      I’m sure that Tony will weigh in here with similar comments correcting people who go too far on his side … any … minute … now ….

  5. I seem to recall that Chris Norby also voted for that 3% at 50 retroactive pension spike, as a trade off for the police, and fire unions support in the Supervisor’s election. Senior moment Mr B.?

    1. Hey I just sent in my absentee ballot and voted for Norby! What was the alternative? Quirk Silva? Not much choice in the local election for Assembly! I mean Quirk Silva is about like voting for Roseanne Barr for President!!

  6. Greg saw the picture and thought:

    “Hmm. I wonder what they use all those flyers for?”

    It’s called campaign literature Greg. But, I guess you have to be a real canidate to use them.

    1. Do tell! And is the “literature” you speak of supposed to be so … hyperventilating?

      I think it’s funny that Tony’s money is going against the only non-FFFF candidate that’s already so likely to win. So it will be Whitaker, Flory — and whoever slips past Kiger into third position because Tony’s so obsessed with Flory that he can’t think of anything else to do but this.

      Having Flory stare down at Tony from the dais is going to be a delight.

  7. Flory represents everything that was bad about past councils. I am not referring to her party affiliation. However, I am referring to her admitting she knew her 3% at 50 vote was bad for Fullerton but she did it anyway for her own self-interest.

    Or maybe it is just her sweet, pleasant disposition when speaking at Public Comments, especially when referring to the relatives of council members. WHAT A PIECE OF WORK!

    She will not prevail this time.

    Fullerton Do Not Be Fooled!

  8. The roads are horrible. Driving down Gilbert is so jarring that you can’t even change the station on a touch screen stereo because your arm is bouncing all over the place.

    Of course, Commonwealth has been torn up for 3 weeks now with no end in sight so maybe some kind of road is better than none?

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