Fullerton Stories Posts Inside Information; Finally Gets Comments

Fullerton Stories published a story here about Hampton, Blatney and Craig- the three who participated in the Kelly Thomas killing, being “cleared” by the FBI. The author also quotes an unnamed “source” that 12 to 18 officers received some sort of discipline as a result of their actions on July 5, 2012”.

Of course they got the year wrong. The cop defenders seem to have lost track of the fact that Thomas was killed fifteen months ago.

The article is full of quotations and “inside information” of the sort that normally falls under the heading of POBAR protected, unless, of course it can be used in a self-serving way. Here the whole point is to show that the three accomplices are squeaky clean and deserve to be back on our streets looking for trouble; and that the FPD has meted out discipline and cleaned its own befouled nest. Gee, one of them rolled Kelly on to his side to help him breath; Hampton even got tased, poor chap.

But hey, finally Fullerton Stories actually had some comments! And they reiterated how concerned they are for their family’s safety knowing that three cops who piled on Thomas and who did nothing to save his life are back to work. I’ll summarize the comments here:

Citizens of Fullerton are angry that three coward cops who assisted in the murder of an innocent man and who did nothing about are working the streets of Fullerton as if nothing had happened.

Apparently Acting Chief Danny Hughes is still more concerned with protecting his boys than the value of the life of a human being.

The real heroes in this community are the courageous people who have been protesting every Saturday in front of the police station to have the three fired!

Justice for Kelly!

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  1. Hughes watched the video 400 times. We will see that the officers were justified as soon as it comes out.

    1. Here”s a good one…..
      OC Citizen on October 18, 2012 at 9:22 pm
      Great news!!!! Now with the release of Kelly Thomas’ 95 contacts with 13 different police departments people will stop calling him a gentle soul. He was no such thing. He had a history of having other people’s backpacks with check books, cellphones, car keys and other things NOT belonging to him. Ron Thomas himself called the cops on him because he had stolen his $500.00 guitar. His own father knew Kelly was a thief.
      Kelly had a history of violence. His mom got a restraining order against him because he tried to choke her not because it would get Kelly any kind of help. She lied. With a restraining order people who are in violation of it go to the pokey not the psych ward. Cathy herself had a long history of drug use. She lived with a coke dealer up into the early 90′s and was known to party with Kelly as a teenager. Kelly (by his own admission) did a lot of drugs he wasn’t schitzo he fried his brain!!! It’s in the official report done by the OCDA. Ask him for a copy.

      1. Everything he says is documented in the 37 page “rap sheet”. It’s who Kelly was not the harmless creature you bleeding hearts want/need to believe he was.

          1. The point is Kelly was not the gentle soul all you bleeding hearts want to believe .
            ​On December 27, 2010, at 1249 hours, CATHY THOMAS filed for a restraining order against her son, THOMAS, date of birth of April 5, 1974; under PPD record number 10-6400 and court case number 10V002916.  CATHY THOMAS filled out form DV-100, Request for Order, requesting personal conduct and stay away orders, and the right to record unlawful communications.  Item number 23 on DV-100 asked CATHY THOMAS to describe the most recent abuse, the date it occurred and what KELLY THOMAS did or said that made CATHY THOMAS afraid.  
            On December 22, 2010, CATHY THOMAS, JEAN DIEBALL and WALTER DIEBALL were present when KELLY THOMAS was sleeping on the front porch.  She asked THOMAS to leave and he started yelling, “No, fuck you,” and kept yelling loudly and would not leave.  She described him urinating and taking his clothes off by the front door.  CATHY THOMAS also wrote in an addendum to DV-100, Item 23, that she and THOMAS had an apartment together and he held her by her neck and would not let go, and she called the police.  CATHY THOMAS also called the police when THOMAS was found sleeping in the car outside her house.
            ​On December 27, 2010, a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) for personal conduct and stay away was granted against THOMAS by Orange County Judicial Officer, Commissioner RICHARD G. VOGEL, under case number 10V002916.  A court hearing was scheduled for January 14, 2011, at 0830 hours, in Department L63, at the Lamoreaux Justice Center in the city of Orange.
            ​On January 3, 2011, at 2130 hours, GLENDA DIEBALL served the appropriate documents to THOMAS.
            On January 12, 2011, a Proof of Service form was filed with the court.
            ​On January 14, 2011, Orange County Judicial Officer, Judge CHERI PHAM, filed a formal court order, an Order of Protection ending on January 14, 2016, at midnight.  The Order of Protection identified the restrained person as “KELLY THOMAS.”  THOMAS was not to harass, attack, strike, threaten, assault (sexually or otherwise), hit, follow, stalk, molest, destroy personal property, disturb the peace, keep under surveillance or block movements; nor contact (either directly or indirectly), telephone, send messages, mail or e-mail.  THOMAS was to stay at least 100 yards away from CATHY THOMAS, as well as her home and vehicle.  CATHY THOMAS also had the right to record communications made by KELLY THOMAS that violate the judge’s order.

            1. #104 by Lifesaving Service on October 20, 2012
              KT is the worst symptom of what is probably a criminal political institution, in a local government and police union.

              All caps denotes a loud voice, if a cell phone from a distance away can hear him, he is screaming.

              Guess who this quote is from.

              “… Many organizations out there trying to cash in on giving ADVISE to those corrupt ones. I bet a few of those companys know from personal experience about being corrupt themselves, MAYBE.

              Again for those who don’t understand. Chief Hughes and a few others are NOT going to answer any SERIOUS questions about anything that has happened at FPD in the past or present situation.

              Why, because he has 4 MAJOR issues looming on the horizon.
              1. The trial of Ramos&Cincinelli.
              2. The FBI investigation.
              3. The Gennacco investigation.
              4. Wrongful death lawsuit.

              Until at least the first 3 come to sometype of conclusion, Hughes and his crew will simply do what your seeing now, using Lou Ponsi and others giving interviews that provide very selective reporting.

              Hughes is not reaching out to you and me, he is reaching out to those who are not really paying attention, shall we say those other Fullerton residents who could CARE LESS about Kelly Thomas or police corruption.

              Only when some of those “feel good” citizens become a PERSONAL victim of some cops rath will they CARE. Such is life.

              If items 1-3 go badly, Hughes will look more of a fool than he does now. If he makes to many changes some might consider it an addmission of guilt or think they have him on the run.

              MAKE no mistake Hughes has an ego too, and needs to keep an imagine within FPD and his fellow Chiefs around the area.

              We all saw the original “godfather” movie. You all should remember Al Pacino asking Robert Duvall if they had people on the payroll at the local newspaper when they were planning the killing of the police captain who broke Als jaw?

              Well that is the samething your seeing now with these reporters and these interviews.

              The only thing that counters those interviews is THIS BLOG. The nice thing about the blogs is MORE people are reading them and from around the country.

              You have read where I mention San Bernardino County. Folks again if you think you have it bad here, you have NO IDEA!!!

              The past 5 Sheriff’s in that county are the finest example of “good ol boys” known to most cops.

              Getting a ‘good ol boy” as Sheriff spans more than 50 years, YES I said 50 years.

              The present Sheriff grooms someone below him to take his spot when he retires. ALL of them are corrupt to the CORE.

              Thanks to the bigger newspapers who are no doubt just like what you see here, the appointed Sheriff eventually runs for office and in most cases is unoppossed during the election.

              An outsider with little money has little or no chance of suceeding. But if they do some of the “good ol boys” will do their best to sabatoge the under dog.

              It’s a well organized and financed game of keeping a corrupt official in power.

              Hughes SHOULD have started seeing a “good ol boy” regime back when he was a patrolman.

              But with McKinley being in charge for 16 years, I know it happened for sure at that time.

              NO ONE should be in charge as the Chief LEO for 16 years. Such a long tenure BREADS corruption.

              And you either play the corruption game or you get kicked to the curb. So Hughes played the game and made it up to Captain and now Acting Chief.

              With his fine style from the “university” of used car salesmanship, he has the “feel good” citizens of Fullerton wrapped up. FOR NOW!!!” -Fullertonsfuture.com comment

              #105 by Lifesaving Service on October 20, 2012
              “…Cops hate it when someone can come on board and call BS on their game and they can’t do much about it. LEGALLY that is.

              Nothing Cindy or her friends could do to me that hasn’t already been tried at least once.

              That would include simple insults up to and including attempted murder on me. -Fullertonsfuture.com comment

              1. #112 by Lifesaving Service on October 16, 2012
                Its sad to note Kelly is just the biggest known symptom of a very very large problem or disease.

                Justice for Kelly, right now means getting votes to oust the lying greedy old psycho boys out.

                I was researching Christian Bale, this reminded me of the crazy cops in this city… but the I realized, damn he doesnt have a few hundred enablers, partners, collaborators, and henchmen on his side. There is a large group of sickfucks in this city, holy ass world class sickfucks!!!

                Cristian Bale in American Psycho (2000) reminds me of the Fullerton “altercation”
                Bale is one of very biggest actors in the world right now, (Batman). Maybe he got the Batman parts not just because of his skill, but also the stark contrast between Batman and American Psycho.

                Murder scene of a man in American Psycho (2000)

              On February 28, 2011, at 1946 hours, Tustin Police Department (TPD) was dispatched to 500 East 1st Street, Larwin Square, regarding a transient who had been loitering in the area for the last four hours, and refusing to leave.
              ​TPD officers arrive and were directed to THOMAS’ location at a bus bench.  THOMAS fit the description given by dispatch, and THOMAS identified himself.  THOMAS consented to a search of his person and duffel bag/back-pack, which revealed a checkbook and cell phone belonging to another individual.  Except for the checkbook and cell phone, the other property appeared to be discarded junk mail and trash.  THOMAS said all the items in his property were put there by “some dude” who asked him to “hang on to it.”
              ​A records check returned with four outstanding Orange County misdemeanor warrants; 09NM06982, 10NM15806, 10NM15985, and 11NM02118.  THOMAS was transported to TPD per the warrants, pending positive identification.
              ​TPD placed the checkbook and cell phone into safekeeping in TPD’s property.
              This was documented in TPD case number 11-1048.

                1. Nomad: Some people are never going to understand that possession of discarded property is not justification for torture and execution.

              1. @elaineP: When are checkbooks and cellphones discarded property? Is that why the Tustin PD put them into safekeeping ? It goes to prove that having other people’s belongings was Kelly’s M.O.

        1. Stop trying to justify failure. T-Rack’s hired gun said that it was a nothing crime and shouldn’t have resulted in the death of the suspect. Don’t ignore THAT particular element of the truth.

          1. Mark Fuhrman :
            Stop trying to justify failure. T-Rack’s hired gun said that it was a nothing crime and shouldn’t have resulted in the death of the suspect. Don’t ignore THAT particular element of the truth.

            He shouldn’t have died, and FPD is responsible.

            However, that doesn’t mean that T-Rack should overcharge Ramos and Cicinelli, or should have charged Wolfe at all. It also doesn’t mean that Hughes isn’t doing a good job and shouldn’t be chief.

            Let’s face it…..Kelly was portrayed by most of you at FFFF and Kelly’s Army as being a “gentle” guy. Do a Google search on “Kelly Thomas” and “gentle” and see how many hits you get. What a joke.

            1. horay some one speaks with a lot of sense here an innocent man died here and at the hands of the police no one should ever undermine this issue and to ensure the faith in the justice system these officers have to pay for this and this means a long stint in jail no if buts or maybes if we did this we would be locked up for life and so should these murders

            2. Kelly did not deserve to be beaten to death, under any circumstances. Seldom is anyone always gentle or always cruel, there are photos of Hitler petting his dog for Christsake. What Kelly was, was a mentally challenged INNOCENT individual that was beaten to death by armed cowards, and I hope they go to prison for the maximum amount of time the law allows. Whatever happens in prison, stays in prison.

                1. @Nomad Actually it is you who can’t seem to get it that Kelly was not the sweet, gentle soul you all want to believe he was. That is the point I am making to all you bleeding hearts who are quick to believe all the lies that come out of RT’s mouth. You are all in such denial. Are you daft or just pretend to be?

                  I am not justifying a murder because there wasn’t one. Again, T-Rack knows that. One thing at a time because it’s all in the timing.

            3. Well said. I dislike the demonization of Kelly even more than I liked his convenient canonization. He was in most respects, but for homelessness and schizophrenia, pretty normal — he was trying to get by and he didn’t like affronts to his dignity. The encounter should not have ended in his death; none of the cops wanted it to, with the possible exception of Cicinelli, and I’d mark him down for recklessness rather than murderous intent. (I don’t think that he was overcharged.)

          2. Of course Susan Kang Schroder is going to downplay it. But if they were nothing, why didn’t they release the info? ” I think thou protests too much.”.
            There are more elements of the truth that all of you ignore these were just 95 of them.

        2. Maybe so, but the police are never to be judge , jury and excecutioner. What happeden to this young man was unconstitutional….period. You still believe in the constitution , don’t you cop timewilltell. Yeah, you were flushed out by your beligerant words…Whats new! The ACLU has a new phone app that lets us film corruption and this app immediately captures the video. So, when you guys steel the phones, you get ..NOTHING! You are the real criminals. Also, according to the Grand Jury in the State of Washington, running any business out of the police stations is considered ” racketeering ” . So you are racketeering even if you are working for the chief of police using the city phones to answer the calls. Next…how many criminal cops do you have working for you…police that have been previously arrested??????? GOT YOU!

          1. So glad you are on the other side. You are more of a liability than an asset. But tell me Dave, what oath did you take?

      2. Interesting. Kill on sight for being schizophrenic? Vigilantes against the mentally ill? What is the agenda here, other than supporting cold-blooded murder? I notice not a word written by “TimeWillTell” concerns the actions of either the murdered man or the perps on the night in question. Yes, time WILL tell, and don’t be very surprised when that busload empties out and decides to risk their lives to do the RIGHT thing, and defend the most helpless among us from the most well-armed.

    2. *******************Hey, I just saw the most hilarious little play on the Justice for Kelly Facebook. Check it out!!! Don’t forget to press LIKE*******************

            1. The part where all the Fullerton PD gets shut down due to massive corruption not to mention the money we will save not paying all those inflated pensions and salaries.
              Shut Down Fullerton PD!
              What a Great Ending!

  2. A false balance is an abomination to the LORD. Proverbs 11:1

    They are only fooling themselves. Kelly was murdered. The paramedics did not kill him. Being homeless, in poor health, having been bludgeoned, electrocuted and left gasping for breath, we know the truth. The truth will not set the guilty free. It does however free us to further the cause of justice and sound policies in our community. Like I have said before. There are many in our community in positions of power including the clergy that are blind and in dire need of prayer. The reality of what we face is no joke. Evil is real folks. There are no fairy tales where the rubber meets the road.

  3. I recognize that squirrelly bunch. I’ve seen them spew nonsense at council meetings. Why is T-Boo never in any pics? Too busy pulling the strings I guess.

    Hey, at least they can’t vote, felons aren’t allowed to.

    1. T-boo? He is in that picture you idiot. Oh, and by saying all these people a felons, makes you more of an idiot. I know a lot of these people personally. I have much love and respect for them because they have helped put Fullerton on the map as a place where the lack of accountability and transparency will no longer be tolerated. Oh, and we don’t like murderers who hide under the color of authority either.

        1. In my opinion hero is a word that gets thrown around too easily nowadays,but Tony Bushala is pretty damn close. The entire city of Fullerton owes him a debt of gratitude for helping to blow the lid off the corruption and brutality perpetrated against tax paying residents , and visitors alike, by what amounts to a criminal enterprise, city council, as it formerly consisted fleeced ’em, fpd beat ’em. The times they are a changin’, and remember, you come to this blog to leave comments, too, perhaps more than anyone, so maybe you owe Tony a thank you as well for providing you an outlet for social interaction. Thanks Tony, you are a stand up guy.

          1. yes, Tony Bushala is my hero because he had the courage to return the community of Fullerton’s voice. Comparing Tony Bushala to Fullerton’s pillars of society, the old regime of provincial liberals and rabid conservatives, Tony is a titan.

            1. I guess everyone needs a hero. Too bad yours wants to bankrupt the city so as to buy its properties at a steal of a price. If he cares so much for the homeless, why doesn’t he donate one of his warehouses to KTMF? That would be a start.
              So what if he went CSUF.

        2. Aren’t you running for the senate? Nice twist of words there. Sure, that was what I was saying….um no. But now that you bring it up, Tony was one of the 1st people out there when there were only a handful. So I would, say, yes include him in the “hero” list.

  4. Kelly Thomas was never a political person and he should not be used as a political pawn!
    We are not playing games and all of the FPD that refuses to stand up and do the right thing.
    Your job is next!!!!
    You are in a job that requires honor and ethics and truth, if you can’t stand up for Kelly you have none of those traits.

      1. I think what your failing to grasp is that Kelly was the straw that broke the camel’s back on how much contempt we’re going to allow the Fullerton Police Department to treat the residents and people who visit Fullerton.

        I think it’s completely unacceptable to have numerous police officers being accused of being rapist,liars, and theives…I guess murder was the last straw.

  5. Finally, we have confirmation that Fullerton Fairytales/Davis Barber is a groveling, city hall and FPD kiss ass.

    Oh wait we already knew that.

    1. Davis Barber and Lou Ponsi both fawn over the powers that be in Fullerton, and both act like they’re photographing and reporting on a wedding, instead of reporting the real news.

      1. I, too, have noticed investigative reporting that supports the claim “news” is not seen at Fullerton Stories or the OC Register.
        “Fullerton Stories” and “OC Register” strike the public as glossy fluff.

  6. Travis , I know you will delete this comment so I won’t even go on.. you and Bruce got picked on in high school didn’t you

    1. Let me guess captain kangaroo? You’re one of the recent city council attendees from the Fullerton Police Officers Association that have been sitting in the back three rows over the summer, breaking out bongs, and spewing your profanity for my son and the hundreds of other children that were present during the city council meeting two weeks ago.

      Heck of an example your police officers are setting for our Fullerton children during the city council meetings.

      All in full view of Fullerton Police command staff, who actively participated in recruiting speakers to speak on Dan Hughes behalf.

        1. The FPD and their leader Sgt Bong were pathetic that evening. In front of a group of impressionable age children, they acted like, well, less than stellar examples of Fullertons Finest.
          Fullerton has yet to redeem itself in the eyes of California and the Country. Too bad. The city unions are in the sunset days of power. Judges still have more power than police union trolls. Large settlements are coming, or would you like civil trials to once again tell the world about how Fullerton does business? Getting to be like Phenix City, AL.

    2. Let me guess, you were one of the mouth breathing, imbeciles who picked on kids smaller and weaker than yourself because you did not and still don’t have the balls to step up to someone that is not intimidated.

    3. “Travis, I know you will delete my comment, I just know it, so I wont Even go on, I can’t go on”….Buc up there cupcake, your comment was not moderated, it is here for all of us to laugh at.

  7. Barber pretends to uncover new information: Hambone got tased. We already knew that by watching the video.

    But really, what’s the point of relating this other than to try to help prop up the myth that cops were injured. So what? Wolfe threw out his bad shoulder smashing Kelly. Hamdangle got shocked by the one-eyed Cicinelli who couldn’t tell who he was zapping. Ramos got a tiny little scape on his elbow.

    What an FPD circus. Oh, and thanks Craig for allegedly turning Kelly on his side. Didn’t help much, though, did it?

  8. Vote them out, get neighbors to vote for, Levinson, Rand, Whitaker, Kiger. PPPLLLEEEAAAASSSSSS!!!!

    A vote for goodness and honesty is a vote against EVIL, LIES, and B.S. Covering of posessed asses!!!

  9. The only people that are angy is the remaining of Kelly’s Army and You ffer’s. You are not the citizens of Fullerton. Most of you dont even live here. So go home!!

    1. If you believe that, your probably one of those same persons that said we would never find 17,500 other registered Fullerton voters ( in less than 3 months) to vote the last three FPOA/Chamber of Commerce stooges out of office.

      How did that work out for you?

  10. A city council member should make decisions based upon what their constituency wants, not based upon their own axes to grind. Kiger, Whitaker, and Seabourn did not vote according to what the constituency wants. They do not represent the views of the community at large.

    1. You don’t get out much do you? I say you are wrong. Dan might very well be a nice guy, but right now it is the wrong time and place for him to be Chief. His own team fucked him good. To bad though.

    2. 75 cop-sniffers packing the council chambers to root for their boss does not constitute Whitaker’s constituency. He got 9,000 votes last time. LOL!

    3. The views of several immature, loudmouthed, bullies are not representative of the constituency of councilman Kiger or of councilman Seaborne they are by far, the minority. You will find that out in a couple of weeks. (Those slobs in the back rows kinda’ remind me of Al Bundys “No Ma’am” group on the Married with children reruns, just not as funny).

    4. I beg to differ. The only “constituents” that I saw over the summer at the City Council meetings, were the three rows of the coalition of Teachers ( yes you Pam Keller, and you Mitch Hovey) and Police Officers ( yes you Captain Crum, and you Captain Lorraine Jones) staging Jerry Springer type of T.V. shows for the citizens to see on Channel 3 when they watched the City Council meetings.

      You only made buffoons of yourselves to the voting public by engaging in scare tactics and basically acting like spoiled children trying to manipulate their parents into getting what you want.

      Those days are done.

    5. Really. That reminds me of the ill-fated words of Patdown Pat Mcpension: “council people don’t lead”

  11. Just got my “Fullerton Voter Alert”. Very nice job. But do you really think Blankhead knows what’s going on? He can’t even stay awake during a meet and greet.

  12. Be careful in telling the “outsiders” to stay away, they are the ones spending money in Fullerton, locals do not drink enough to support the downtown bars. Fyi Kelly’s murder went national thanks to the protests and National media. Also there was a large number of locals at the protests. Bottom line the PD been downgraded to a poor excuse of law enforcement and the city is only a good place get drunk with nothing else to offer. How many dui’s does the poor PD get per month?

    1. That’s ok..if out of towners want to come and get drunk on their dime, good for Fullerton. More DUI’ s..better for the city and the state, they both benefit.

      1. SAD……You just brought this City to a new low……Flory are you reading this? Or is it passed your bed time…..FPD wants a bunch of drucks…. So sad….

      2. Did you ever stop to think about the property damage inflicted by these out of town drunks?

        In just the last year, I can cite three different residences, and at least two separate businesses, that were driven into by drunk drivers.

        The one that happened ran into the residence atChapman and Woods, actually killed the passenger in the vehicle, as well as the driver being found guilty of manslaughter.

        Still think it’s o.k. for Fullerton residents to want a bunch of out of towners driving our streets drunk and running into homes where unsuspecting children are sleeping?

        I don’t.

          1. I believe that if we spent 1/10 of the money that we spend to man DUI checkpoints, on officers to track down the bars where the drunk drivers were being served before they were arrested, and start limiting the happy hours and assorted cheap drink specials that the drinking establishments downtown use to lure customers, and have the City Council direct city staff to start enforcing the conditional use permits that most of these bars and restaurants operate under.

            An ounce of prevention is always worth more than a pound of cure.

    2. “…locals do not drink enough to support the downtown bars.”

      You’ve obviously never met Gin Flurry.

  13. Why are the remaining three FPD still employed by the city of Fullerton? Seems to me if this were the real world their arses would have been gone long ago.

  14. Hopefully, most Fullerton residents and other concerned observers are waiting for a full accounting of the Kelly Thomas debacle as well as for all the other recent lawsuits filed against the FPD but paid for or to be paid for by the taxpayers.

    It is so sad that so many “good people” of Fullerton just want to “move on” without the whole truth.

    It is even more disturbing that many of those people leading that chorus are running to represent us on the council.


    FLORY, (who is running to represent the city employees and accepts all special interest money and loves to disparage other candidate’s mothers.)

    ALVAREZ ( A self-proclaimed Conservative Republican who is on mailers with Flory paid for by our friends at the police and fire unions and has accepted the endorsements of such fine Conservative Republicans as Doug Chaffee, Sharon Quirk-Silva and Jan Flory. I can here the immortal words of President Reagan saying “Rick, there you go again.” Enough said!

    Bankhead (re-elect me even though you threw me out by a 2 to 1 margin just a few months ago. I guess he just doesn’t remember the Recall!)

    Fitzgerald ( do not get me started on this candidate) It is enough to just say that she is the number 1 fan of McKinley, Bankhead and Jones. She won the title of Ms. Anti-Recall Political Consultant of 2012!! I could say a lot more but why waste my time.


  15. The longer Hampton, Blatney, and Craig stay on the force, the longer it will be before the people of Fullerton have respect for and faith in their police department. I mean how many citizens does Hampton have to attack under false pretenses before he gets canned. Oh well, at least the council members are refusing to name Hughes permanent chief for his failure to hold the accomplices accountable.

  16. There is really no hope for this wretched
    Town with all the zombies and bootlickers!
    Whoever believes it is okay to kill and harm others needs to practice what they preach on each other not on US!!!

  17. Fullerton Lover :
    Did you ever stop to think about the property damage inflicted by these out of town drunks?
    In just the last year, I can cite three different residences, and at least two separate businesses, that were driven into by drunk drivers.
    The one that happened ran into the residence atChapman and Woods, actually killed the passenger in the vehicle, as well as the driver being found guilty of manslaughter.
    Still think it’s o.k. for Fullerton residents to want a bunch of out of towners driving our streets drunk and running into homes where unsuspecting children are sleeping?
    I don’t.

    So why support candidates Kyger and Whytaker who vote against DUI checkpoints?

    1. Because DUI checkpoints are a scam to confiscate cars and drive up cop overtime. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

    2. Cold Chillin Cop’s Ball’s:

      I believe that if we spent 1/10 of the money that we spend to man DUI checkpoints, on officers to track down the bars where the drunk drivers were being served, BEFORE they were arrested, and start limiting the happy hours and assorted cheap drink specials that the drinking establishments downtown use to lure customers into getting bombed.

      We could also have the City Council direct city staff to start aggressively enforcing the conditional use permits that most of these bars and restaurants operate under.

      As far as I’m concerned, one night of DUI checkpoints is a band-aid that doesn’t really stop the bleeding, or begin to address the real problem of an out of control war zone downtown that is taxing the police departments patience and resources, as well as ruining the quality of life for our residents who live downtown.

      An ounce of prevention is always worth more than a pound of cure.

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