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    1. What he is correct. The police department does NOT MAKE A DIME for the citizens of Fullerton. No public employee makes money for the public.

      Public employees perform services and they deserve FAIR pay but they do not deserve their own personal slaves.

      And such is what the tax paying citizens of Fullerton have become, slaves for the local government.

      These people have the answer


      Do whatever it takes to hire HONORABLE leaders that will get rid of the public sector unions, especially the police unions and fire all the FPD and hire an HONORABLE people at a reasonable salary to police the people.

      Remember, public employees, while perhaps necessary, are a COST and create NO VALUE and when public employees are represented by unions the tax payer basically becomes a slave to the public employee and their unions.

      If one likes being a slave then there is no problem . . . keep everything the same.

      1. With the contraction of the economy, decline in tax revenues, decreasing returns on investments, and the insane unfunded obligations, personal slaves (read that you and your children) are the ones that will be expected to carry the burden. Left unchecked, out of dire necessity and desperation, the system although mildly predatory at this point in time with respect to excessive fines, increasing costs for declining services, and rising loathsome taxes and levies will have no choice but to evolve into a rabid beast to maintain its lifeblood. Hopefully the fix will be in before we get to that point.

    2. I have the utmost respect for Sean’s candor and intellect.

      Sean has always stood tall for all the right issues, and I’d be the first person to endorse him if he should ever decide to run for City Council again.

      1. Sean seems like a decent guy, but I disagree with him on his first point.

        Fullerton, if it’s to be a libertarian haven, should be the city to set up medical marijuana dispensaries — but it should do it right. When people think about MMJ clinics, they think of seedy places (no pun intended) that attract crime. A clinic system can be set up properly in a way that makes that much less likely. We don’t want a cute way for vendors to get MMJ out to whoever wants it with a wink, but something that is well-regulated and that serves the original purpose of the initiative.

        We need something that looks more like a clean, well-lit, well-patrolled indoor mall where vendors can follow the dictates of prop 215 to the letter. (It’s too bad that the old Wickes building just south of the 91 at Magnolia is just over the border, that would be about the right size and shape.) This would be a serious and challenging enterprise — one appropriate for a city with a big university as a resource.

        This is the first issue that I spoke to the newly elected Council about at its first public meeting, which came just after LA announced that it would close down all of its clinics. We need a city that will take up the slack and fulfill the will of the people while preventing the “drug den” ambiance that people fear.

        I felt that this prospect was the best thing about the election of Travis and Greg. I’m well aware that most Democrats won’t even consider this policy for fear of being baited and blasted by conservative opponents. But libertarians can probably get away with it — and they should! Once it’s set up and is a source of major licensing and tax revenue, it would be hard for a future council to shut down.

        If Bruce and Travis have ruled this out, I hadn’t heard about it — and it would be a big disappointment. Society has to start dealing in a rational and adult manner with issues of pain control and the appropriate medical use of this herb. Legalization and taxation of marijuana, beyond simply MMJ dispensaries, been part of my platform (despite the fact that I’m a non-user) because it makes fiscal sense and helps eliminate the over-incarceration of especially poorer and minority youth. I would hate (and be surprised) to think that I’m more libertarian a candidate on this issue than the self-proclaimed libertarians.

        Sean’s point about it taking months and months to approve MMJ dispensaries also doesn’t make much sense — unless he doesn’t realize that Councilmembers are elected to four-year terms. If elected, Travis and Bruce will have plentyof time to pursue this — and I hope that they will. If they do, I’ll back them up on this one as best I can.

        1. I agree to a point.

          The war on drugs is beyond stupid and a huge waste of resources that destroys more lives than it saves.

          Alcohol will ruin more lives than many “illegal” drugs, especially marijuana, ever will. But alcohol is legal . . . go figure.

          Ironically, the idea to legalize, tax, and regulate drugs is not a pro drug concept; it is a pro government control concept, which I hate to support, but do over the current war on drugs.

          1. Fullertonista, you need to publish your MMJ stuff to more people. You’re usually spot on and this is no exception! Nice work!

        2. “If Bruce and Travis have ruled this out, I hadn’t heard about it — and it would be a big disappointment”

          How wretchedly disengenuous can you get, Dime Store? You hate Whitake and Kiger and now express disappointment because they possibly don’t stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

          Man, you really are a sad sack of crap.

      2. Oh yeah — on the other issues:

        (1) It’s crazy that people who are pushing for the city to go bankrupt (of which I don’t know that Sean is one) are complaining about insufficient money for potholes and water pipes. HEY, I HAVE AN IDEA! USE THAT EXCESS WATER TAX MONEY TO FIX WATER PIPES!

        (2) I agree with Sean that we don’t want a city government that will just roll over for FPOA in the upcoming contract negotiations. That’s what we had with Jones, Bankhead, and McKinley — and it sent things way out of balance.

        It is NOT what I expect with Chaffee, Flory, and whoever else (other than Bankhead and maybe a couple of others) on Council, especially while Sebourn is still there. These are not people who want to give away the story; they’re moderates who want a good-running government, which means that they will be disposed to accept that something needs to be done to rein in costs.

        They’re people that will use a scalpel (and with necessary maybe a bone saw) to cut government waste. What they won’t do is use a chainsaw and dynamite to “fix the problem” — which is what Kiger and Whitaker want.

        Fullerton needs a moderate City Council. (When’s the last time it had one?) I’d love to see a really liberal one, but aside from Jane Rands there’s no one running who really fits into that category, because it’s not reflective of the city. It doesn’t need hard-core conservatism, or hard-core libertarianism. It needs hard-core sober pragmatism. The FPOA knows that they won’t get gold-plated service anymore — and they’ll settle for fairness. So should everyone else.

        1. i expect anyone who wears a blue “I <3 Fullerton PD" shirt while on the dais to roll over and beg to be tickled come negotiation time.

          1. It’s possible to love the Fullerton PD and not be willing to, as a custodian of the city’s budget, be willing to give away the store to them. I can certainly see why you’d think otherwise, but I think that Chaffee will be supportive of the FPD while staying strong in the negotiation — probably pointing towards Tony as what they can expect if Chaffee doesn’t get a deal that curbs their excesses.

            Ironically, this means that, yes, Chaffee/Flory and FFFF/Tony would be playing “good cop/bad cop” with the FPOA. It may be funny, but it’s true.

            Tony’s mistake was not taking the moderate position himself when he could, but instead going for the kill. I think that Sebourn, alone among the four FFFFsketeers, understood this — and you can see how far it got him.

        2. “The FPOA knows that they won’t get gold-plated service anymore — and they’ll settle for fairness.”

          Perhaps for the next 4 years but these FPOA and other government Union criminals know that all they have to do is wait and the tax payer will stop watching and they can put their goons back in power again and once again obtain an outrageous contract that enslave the next two generations of tax payers.

          And apparently, if you are correct, such cannot be undone.

          The only real protection from such abuse of power, that I know of, is the public–private partnership model. With such a model the unethical government of today cannot make slaves out of people not yet born.

          If the next generation wants a different deal, they have that option.

          Today, in Fullerton, people not yet conceived will be born into slavery where they must work (or “vote with their feet” and leave) to pay the outrageous pension of the Fullerton Police Officers’ Association members. Such is a legal CRIME.

          1. What there can be is negotiation. FPOA can work with the city to rein in some of the more unreasonable overreach. That not only can work — but I suspect that it will work.

            That’s why, despite what some of the feebler people here think, I’m not actually an opponent of Tony’s calling for accounting and accountability. I think that that’s good. I was hoping — hell, I was saying this out loud — that he’d take a moderate position rather than trying to destroy the union altogether.

            The threat of a B*sh*la-led regime was useful for getting the police to sober up and think more rationally about their compensation. I do give Tony &c credit for that. It’s their stupid ideology that made them take it too far. That forced the FPOA to embrace Flory, despite that she is not their ideological captive, to fend off Tony’s crew.

            As it is, unless it’s Whitaker and Kiger who join Flory on the new Council, FPOA will have to deal with a Council with three moderates (with maybe Alvarez or Fitz even more positive to them) and two dissenters who would like its scalp. That is a pretty good negotiation position if what one desires is a fair result. Not great for FPOA, not horrible — just fair.

            You know why you know that FPOA has lowered its expectations for the future. No big push for Bankhead. They know that the old regime is over. FFFF does deserve credit for that.


          There was no excess water tax money, dumbshit. It was given away to your pals in the FPOA. It’s gone.

          1. The money being rebated to homeowners and landlords is the reference. That’s the money that should be pooled together and used to repair those pipes.

            1. Brea Greg Brainfart, that money was stolen from us in FULLERTON and is no way “excess”. And your snake of a friend SSSSSilva voted for this theft for 7 plus years before she had to flip flop to protect her political interests. It should be a crime we only get 3 years worth of the stolen funds refunded. If we chose to return the funds then great, but to suggest it is stolen for the second time is disgusting.

            2. So true, this is just a money grab by Tony B (each individual property owner won’t even get that much back). I think the money should be used as originally intended; for infrastructure. Our aging infrastructure is in need of repair and that’s where I, as a Fullerton homeowner, what to see the money go.

        4. Dear Mr. Diamond – Of course moderate, rational, pragmatic would be nice. I think what we’re going to get is a Council members entrenched in the status quo and ones hell bend on destroying the status quo. Will they be able to meet somewhere in the middle? Who knows? My guess is no. I don’t think there are any ‘bridge-builders’ on the Council. Maybe after November there will be, but I’m not optimistic. One of things that struck me about one of our newly elected Councilmembers was that one of his early actions was to push for his wife to be on the Library Board. I don’t know her qualifications, but I do knows others who applied were vastly qualified. To me, that’s like putting a pre-maturely retired City Manager on the Library Board.

          1. Not his best moment, I agree. I haven’t spoken to him about it; it did seem like a weird thing to do. I don’t reach that much into it other than a “tin ear” problem.

    3. Thompson had a hard on for Dan Hughes to be Chief so I don’t think he had time to coach Sean. Besides, Thompson doesn’t have that kind of sense of humor as Sean.

      “the issue isn’t about pot dispensaries, it is about pot holes..”

      I don’t know why I thought he said pot heads, started to laugh until he was talking about the roads and deficit. I understand why Sean didn’t run this time, but I hope one day, he will. He seems like a sensible guy.

    4. I don’t think he is a moron. I think the facts bear out what he says about the infrastructures condition in the City. Police cost what they cost. It is a myth that the County could save us money, otherwise we would dis-incorporate, and let them provide all services. This way when we had a beef we could go to Santa Ana and talk to the Board of Supervisors. What I don’t understand is the council majorities un-willingness to finance our liabilities, and lawsuit settlements which would sell briskly, and without a problem through bonds, the demented, and un-sound refund of water fees, the proposed budget cuts that could very well shut down our museum, and cultural center, library, and after school, and sports programs. I can only believe that these people want to bankrupt the city to be able to void the union contracts. Unfortunately, that is un-likely, and will only result as Joe Nation said an service insolvency, when the City will continue to exist, but for the most part traditional services, other than public safety cease to exist. Tony, you live here, I guess that is what you want the City to become. Maybe then you will move to Indio.

      1. So it’s Tony’s fault? Predictable. Dopes like Jim Armstrong, Chris Meyer and Joe Felz ran up a billion dollars in debt, and now the bureaucracy can only try to blame the guys who showed up to actually fix the problem.

  1. Well well what do we have here? Is this person for real? It looks like we have a citizen that has the ability to raise real issues, state the facts and not distortions. Real leaders are emerging that ask the hard questions and state the the obvious folks. Thank you Sean.

  2. I would love to see Sean and Travis in a head to head dungeon and dragons show down.. That would be sweet. We could pod cast it on techboy.com

  3. FPD should be shrunk – jailed even – both numerically and salary wise.

    Either that or Declare bankruptcy. Iceland did just few years ago, and their economy is now booming.

    Declare bankruptcy, void all pensions and benefits, get rid of FPD. Make tax eaters own an honest living, like the rest of us.

    1. It’s not quite that easy. I don’t think bankruptcy voids employee contracts. A federal judge gets to determine that. The unfunded obligations we have are going to make a few attorney very rich fighting in court.

      1. I hope that you have better luck explaining that to them than I’ve had. If they stay on their present path, I expect the ultimate Pyrrhic victory — FFFF-dominated council, with the City under receivership.

        1. Diamond, we’ll take your financial advice when you learn to properly handle the allowance your wife gives you.

              1. I’ve never received them. I know many good people who have, though, and I don’t think that there should be any shame in that — especially in bad economic times caused by the rotten acts of major corporations and their bought politicians

                Go on, try to make fun of me a different way. Calling me fat seems to work!

      2. Actually, it is that easy and such is exactly what Bankruptcy law is designed to do. Lots of creditors get screwed in Bankruptcy.

        A city having to pay the police 41% of its budget to pay police would be CRIMINAL for any private company and these FPD have the nerve to arrest others for stealing?

        Do you really believe that the FPD does a better job than other Police Departments across the country who cost their tax payers at least 50% less? Indeed, the only place I read about a homeless man being beaten and tortured to death by 6 police officers with the support of their superiors and some of the City Council is by the overpaid FPD in Fullerton.

        Clearly the problem goes much deeper than the FPD; ALL of those who had a part in the current state system must go and never re-elected. You must get anyone connected to the unions out of government.

        It may be painful but the only real fix I see is to hit the reset button, go bankrupt, and adopt the public – private partnership model where the city outsources everything it can.

        We Americans should oppose slavery everywhere in this country. And believe me one can be a slave without being in chains.

        Again, when you have public sector unions where the government employee basically cannot be fired and all the public sector employees have to do is demand their slaves to give them more money or they will strike then you have slavery. Sure people can Vote with their feet but so could the slaves of the South – – remember the underground railroad. But the underground railroad should have NEVER been needed in this country and neither should people born in an area be forced to Vote with their fee to get out from under Union Public Worker Tyranny.

        Just look at what the Chicago Teachers Union members did to the tax payers. Chicago teachers were making 3x the private sector workers (on average) and it was not enough; the teachers went on strike and demanded more money and less work.

        The services public workers perform may be necessary but it is NOT mandatory that such services be performed by “public” (government) employees. The public – private partnership model is the best model. If either side does not like the deal, either is free to go somewhere else.

        I suspect Fullerton would be better to go Bankrupt and if necessary work a deal with the FPD to give, say half, what the city “owes” and fire them all and start over with contractors.

        But you have to keep criminals/big government liberals out of power or the city will end up in the same boat.

        1. No it’s not. A Bankruptcy judge will easily see that Fullerton’s economic woes are self-inflicted wounds designed to bring about a BK and cancel its obligations to its creditors — and the judge will reject it out of hand. The water-tax giveback was the last straw. Fullerton is in the same general shape as most other cities regarding “unfunded pension obligations” — it’s how things generally work.

          Let Fullerton go bankrupt because of its Council’s ideological leanings, in the absence of a crisis, and you’d have to do the same with any city. No BK Judge is going to want to set the entire system on fire like that. We’d see a receivership.

          1. How would you have handled the situation of the illegal excess water tax?

            Can you actually think that there is any answer that could be right that doesn’t involve some sort of repayment to those it was stolen from?

            Your attempt to villianize “Tony’s puppets” for wanting to return the money to the tax payers is ridiculous and single-handedly exhibits why you would be a terrible representative of the people, no matter what position you may be vying for.

            How can you think these insane rants through and think they will be good for your (or anyone who you forcibly align yourself with) political career?

            With a brain like that working to provide your income, I can understand why you may be on food stamps.

            1. I’d have done what the Council minority suggested and put the money that was improperly extracted from the public into infrastructure improvements dealing with the water supply — including some of what Sean Paden specifically mentioned in that speech. Giving the money out to people (some of whom, landlords, have already gotten it back through rents) just ensures that the pipes go unfixed and that there’s even less money for potholes.

              I’m not on food stamps, dork. That’s just one of the many false things people here say about me and others because they have no regard for the truth — except as an inconvenience.

              1. I said may be on food stamps. For a lawyer you pay little attention to wording when it goes against your go-to rebuttal.

                So you believe that the money, which was taken illegally, should not be returned to the people it was stolen from, and that instead the council (the same entity that conspired to take the money and use it illegally for years) should determine how that money is best spent?


                Even when they stole extra money it wasn’t used for the maintenance we need. But now that it was stolen, instead of giving it back, we should just let the council keep it and hope they decide to do the right thing with it this time.

                Fucking ridiculous.

                1. Sure — and you “may” be shooting heroin into the vein underneath your tongue right now, but I wouldn’t bring it up unless I believed that it had some non-trivial likelihood of being true. Don’t hide behind sophistry.

                  No, it should be moved from the general fund into line-items specifically dedicated for water projects, as required by law. I don’t think that the council should have discretion over it, which is what “put the money … into infrastructure improvements dealing with the water supply” stated.

                  I believe that people who have already been reimbursed through, for example, rent from tenants, should not be reimbursed again by the city.

                  “Wow” to you too.

                2. Everything the State says is a lie. Everything the State has it has stolen and it even eats with stolen teeth.

                  The real crime is that the full amount (10%) over 10 years was not recongized as being stolen by the criminals in power to pay the Unions. Such is what one gets from Unions, theft and Greed.

                  However, it would seem silly to return the money just to ask for it back to fix water related infrastructure. Put the money in escrow or something until it can be spent LEGALLY on water related expenses and NOT A DIME should go to a union worker. The Union has already received its share of such stolen money.

                  At least the criminals in Fullerton and the Uinions are on notice that they cannot steal so easy anymore (or at least for a while) and the open theft has been eliminated. And I did use the word “open theft”.

                  Does one really believe that people with the nerve to so openly illegally take taxpayer money would have a problem illegally taking money behind closed doors and out of sight?

                  I do not know how the criminals are stealing money from the taxpayers “out of sight” . . . all I know is that people are consistent and if they steal openly they will steal when and where you cannot see.

                  There is a big problem with the government in Fullerton and it goes much deeper than the illegal water tax and the FPD.

                  Vote all out of office that had anything to do with supporting the Kelly Thomas murders, the Police Unions and the illegal water tax. Good start.

                  The law firm that represented the city should be fired if they have not been. It is very likely the city lawyers are the mastermind behind much of the illegal activity in Fullerton.

                  There is lots of house cleaning that needs to be done in Fullerton and if it is to happen a good place to start is the up coming election.

              2. The money wasn’t stolen to go for infrastructure, an outright lie perpetuated by the idiot Sharon Kennedy and her ilk. It was stolen, ostensibly, to pay for administrative overhead, a cost that was ALREADY being picked up by the water fund.

                Get a job and get off General Relief.

                1. I didn’t say that it was. It was diverted to the general fund. Now it SHOULD come back out of the general fund and go to water infrastructure. Do you get it? This isn’t that hard of a concept.

          2. Why do all these people think BK is the answer? I think it comes from listening to too much John and Ken on KFI. Don’t you realize these guys are in it for the ratings.

        2. Well, yes and no. Bankruptcy doesn’t automatically discharge all debts. There are several types of debt that are specifically exempt from a bankruptcy discharge, pension obligations in connection with a CBA being one of them.

          In this case, at best, municipal bankruptcy puts dismissal of a collective bargaining agreement in front of a judge only after good-faith negotiations with the union.

          1. I sure hope that you or someone else finally drives this point through to them. I’ve been saying it for months with no luck. Once you realize this basic truth, your whole attitude towards “yeah, let’s wreck the city budget and profit!” changes.

            1. The old City Councils overly indebted Fullerton period.

              All the evidence showed it was for greed and absolutely not for the benefit of the people of Fullerton which they were entrusted to represent!!! (by way of Union money, now by lies, Tshirts, and hamburgers) (I dont like Tommys Burgers anyway)

              The credit rating downgrade was an ominous sign.

              “The outlook on the bonds is negative. “We base the downgrade on the authority’s reserve balances that, while still strong, are significantly lower than previous levels,” said Standard&Poor’s credit analyst Sussan Corson. Standard&Poor’s also lowered its long-term and underlying ratings to ‘AA-‘ from ‘AA’ on Fullerton Redevelopment Agency (RDA), Calif.’s certificates of participation (COPs) and Fullerton Public Financing Authority’s previously issued revenue bonds, issued for the city of Fullerton. The outlook on the COPs and bonds is also negative. We base the negative outlook” -S and P

              I read Fullerton has almost a Billion Dollars that are needed.

              1. That may be right. If so, you want to have competent moderates in power to guide negotiations rather than people whose written record just this year would cause a Bankruptcy Judge to consider them to be acting in bad faith.

                In other words, if you *really* want reform at this point, which might well involve some court proceeding, you’re more likely to get it from a credible Flory and Chaffee than from a non-credible Whitaker and Kiger. I really did try to warn you all, but you were all so excited about slaying a dragon….

                1. You’re only guaranteed two things with Chaffee: A parking space and a long winded speech about how great things were when he was a kid.

                2. There is nothing moderate about Flory, Quirk or Chaffee except that they are willing to dole out corporate welfare. Other than that they are left-wing liberals willing to put the interests of the b-crats above the taxpayer every single time.

                  Flory said it herself: the bureaucrats are “the heart of the Fullerton.”

          2. I really dislike the word can’t. The phrase “can’t be done” is the moto of those people who never do anything difficult.

            The would “Can’t” should never be used unless one is talking about defying a law of physics.

            Look, I know Federal judges have lots of discretion in Bankruptcy court but it is not the case, (at least yet in this country), that one transient unethical city government can made a deal with their public worker union partners, where such deal can never be undone and thus enslaves ALL future generations in Fullerton.

            Such is about as un-American as it gets. The public unions have to go; the only question is, how?

            If bankruptcy will not do the trick, (and I say IF), then dissolve the city or do whatever it takes to kill the cancer. And believe me Public Sector Unions are a CANCER on the public tax payer.

            Fullerton taxpayer, make no mistake, the Unions are out to take your way of life so if you want a decent life for your children you are going to have to fight for it.

            Eventually this greedy Union Cancer that has a grip on you will grow big enough that it will kill its host anyway, so why not try some radical cancer treatments. Go out on your terms if you must – – go bankrupt, and if such does not work, dissolve the city and then incorporate again under different name and government.

            The Police and other public sector Unions have put the Fullerton taxpayer in hell right now; but you have a choice. You say “can’t be done” and stay in hell and let the Unions have their way with you and your children, or you can fight your way back into the light, you can climb out of hell.

            Do whatever it takes for if should be clear by now your government and their employees do not gave a crap about you or if you can pay your bills or the future of your children. They simply want to take as much from you as they can get until you have no more.

            1. Yes, in personal BK they have lots of leeway. I don’t think the rules will be that fluid. I think the last thing a federal BK judge would want is having his hand slapped by an appeals court for taking too many liberties.

  4. truthseeker :
    With the contraction of the economy, decline in tax revenues, decreasing returns on investments, and the insane unfunded obligations, personal slaves (read that you and your children) are the ones that will be expected to carry the burden. Left unchecked, out of dire necessity and desperation, the system although mildly predatory at this point in time with respect to excessive fines, increasing costs for declining services, and rising loathsome taxes and levies will have no choice but to evolve into a rabid beast to maintain its lifeblood. Hopefully the fix will be in before we get to that point.



    After the election people can still walk with their feet as so so many buisness’, customers, and taxpayers have!!!

  5. Not too long ago Vallejo filed for bankruptcies. I think their hard working public servants (an oxymoron) got 20 cents on a pension dollar.
    Considering how much people of Fullerton love their tax eating servants in blue, they shouldn’t give them more than 5 cents on a dollar.

    Just imagine this – former chief Sellers gets his pension paycheck and sees $1,000 instead of$ 20,000!

    1. For a resident to get McSatans $220,000- $230,000 a year retirement payout, they would need to have about $5,000,000 – $10,000,000 in the bank and doesnt include all the benefits and tax advantages.

      1. Conspiracy theory: Do you people not recognize organized crime tactics when you see them?

        Consider this. What if the Vallejo Officials were actually working for the unions (probably bought off soon after filing bankruptcy) and the Vallejo officials did everything they could do to make sure of a bad outcome for the tax payer and a good outcome for the Unions (to set a precedent).

        Such is even more reason why cities like Fullerton need to stand up against unions and eliminate them. These people are dangerous and they could not care less about the taxpayer.

        You union supporters are like people who tell women whom are being raped to just lie back and enjoy it as you can’t do anything about it. I say bull crap, you union criminals are going to have to take EVERY DOLLAR you get from me.

        Unions are bullies. You either standup to bullies and become their “bitch” for life or you fight back with anything you can get your hands on. The choice is yours. But if one does not fight to eliminate the public sector unions at all costs, then one has no standing to whine about Union contracts and their costs.

        1. correction . . .

          You either lie down to union bullies and enjoy being their “bitch” for life or you fight back with anything you can get your hands on.

            1. With threats cover ups intimidation of witnesses illegal confiscation in a murder case, tortures and torture killing(s), and distribution of cheap shirts for hamburgers, Fullerton Al Quida would be more appropriate.

              For the amount of money theyve gotten and the condition the city is in now, they should have a Beverly hills restaurant cater every week.

          1. There is that “can’t be done” concept.

            The public sector unions can be killed off somehow. What must be done is to keep trying until one finds the silver bullet.

            Eliminating public sector unions may be difficult but such is certainly not impossible.

            1. The question is why does police and fire need a union? They work for the public. The federal employees don’t have unions. I don’t have a union. What exactly do they do for you, except take your money, and brain wash you. If you have problems, are you telling me, you can’t go to HR. What does the union in this day and age do for you? We have laws in place to protect the employee now.

              1. We need unions because of people like you who attempt to take away pensions negotiated in good faith documented in writing and signed by all parties.

                1. No, not negotiated in good faith. When the public sector unions spend their money to put their goons in power and such goons vote to grant unreasonably high compensation and pensions and perks to the unions, such is not in good faith.

                  Such money was stolen just like like a criminal walking up to a taxpayer with a gun and “negotiating” with the taxpayer while pointing a gun at his head.

                  No the FPD have not negotiated in good faith, the negotiations were rigged and all the pension granted under such a process should be REVOKED.

    2. You also need to consider the fairness of the situation.

      I’ve got a college degree. I had another long-term career with a lot of stability when I became a police officer.

      I took a pay cut when I became a police officer.

      When I made the switch, I carefully considered the financial ramifications of the switch. Were it not for the pension, I would not have been able to afford to do it.

      Now you want to take away what was promised to me so many years ago, something that was a factor in my decision to take a large salary cut.

      Sound fair?

      1. Cop Lickin’ Balls: Morals and beliefs must be something you missed in the academy. You’re lucky to have a job.

        1. R.D., one does not “learn” morals/beliefs/ethics as an adult – they are learned from childhood.

          Based on CCCB’s post, I am wondering if he was a member of the teaching profession in an earlier life… If so, sad.

        2. Dont listen to R.D. He is all talk and not all there.
          Take your Meds dude. He only likes cops when he is jacking a free hamburger.

          1. Someone who claims to be a cop shouldn’t say hateful things, when they know they’re wrong to begin with. Kelly Thomas was murdered. You’ll never be able to cover that up.

            Not worried about what you have to say. You’re wasting your time if you think your attacks are getting through to anyone that support Police reform.

            1. Who is covering it up idiot? How is it being covered up? Answer those two simple questions? Three cops awaiting trail. Dont you read the newspaper? or did you just fall off the stupid truck?

      2. Why don’t ask a few in the private sector. Case in point, those who worked for McDonald Dougles. They lost it all. No medical benefits, sliced retirement. No matter how many years they had. Union and non-union, so you are lucky so far. The powers can and will take away your benefits, if they see fit. Get your head out of the clouds, you are no different than the rest of us.

        1. Yeah, I don’t think you’ve got that right. Anyone who has a private pension has their pension insured by the federal government. It can’t just evaporate because their company got bought out or folded.

          1. Yes it can. The US is headed for receivership. It is not a question of if but when. By the VERY NATURE of our currency the debt is IMPOSSIBLE to pay back. The US dollar comes into existence out a debt being created to issue it ensuring the debt’s repayment in its entirety remains an impossibilty. Add a side of credit default swaps and derivative exposure and you have sealed the deal beyond a shadow of a doubt. We are at a point where the numbers have become such that they are beyond the grasp of most people. The US Dollar, currently THE world reserve currency, is slowly being eviscerated right before our very eyes. The assets of this nation are our land, natural resources and its people. Which do you think they will want first when it comes time for the loans to be called? Why is Fannie Mae buying up all the hard assets in the form of all of the mortgages? Why are the bankrutpcty laws changing making us chattel property?
            Folks we ought to agree on right and wrong and realize that there is only one class of people in this Country-Americans. the balkanization is a tool to divide and conquer. Robama and Obamney are one in the same barring semantics. I am afraid that the scale of the problems that we face may not be able to be fully grasped and understood by all involved and a solution remains elusive. The Nation needs currency reform. The author of the Wizard of Oz attempted to convey through allegory what is known by the insiders to be hidden in plain view to the dumbed down masses. Folks we have to wake up and we have to work together. Pie in the sky never meets the ice cream. Argentina’s peso collapse is very similar to what I believe will happen here if the solutions are not implemented now. Pensions are the football issue they have us fighting over to keep our eye off of the ball. Do some research on where our money comes from and have a good stiff drink when you finally figure it out because you will need one.

            1. Borrowed from China. All of us need to learn how speak Chineese. We owe them big time. Obee is going to kill the US, if he gets in.

              1. The money comes from a private bank and is lent at interest to our government who in turns loans it out to banks who in turn loan it to us. The interest (the debt) can and will never be paid back. Receivership is the only option by design.

              2. Actually 1/15 of the Federal national debt is owned by China. The biggest holder of USA federal debt is the Federal Reserve which creates the money via bookkeeping fraud. Ok its legal fraud!
                Just Google National Debt Holders. Its interesting. Japan holds a lot too as do the arab oil countries, US citizens, etc. An interesting read.

              3. Our intrest on the National Debt is 1.5% of our GDP.

                Federal Pensions: is 5.3%
                Health Care cost about 5.6 % of the GDP
                Defense spending : 5.2%

                Even without unions big government Liberals have given Federal employees more of our GDP than we spend on Defense spending.

                The difference is one can vote the criminals out of office.

          1. I know, cut in pieces. You are wrong. They lost big time. They got their cuts before Boeing bought them out. No medical benefits, after 65. Do your research. It all depends when your company was bought out.

            1. They got their pension. The didn’t get medical after 65. Medical is not part of my retirement, nor has it been part of most law enforcement retirement packages for a very long time.

      3. No, it does not sound fair. However, some of the pensions (especially for people who were in a position to dictate them) may conceivably deserve a haircut — something that would ideally be handled in negotiations.

        I’d have little problem with rolling back some of the top brass, but they’d have to agree. That doesn’t seem impossible.

        1. May conceivably? How about the retroactive pensions that were doled out by Flory. Retroactive, you dolt. A free gift from Flory to the cop and fire unions for PAST services rendered, service covered by previous contracts. That was the single biggest act of irresponsibility in the history of Fullerton.

          1. I’m going to nominate Manual Ramos and Chief Sellers for that title. Murder and being a coward trump fiscal stupidity in my book.

          2. No, it wasn’t a “gift from Flory,” you dolt. As I recall from previous discussion — could be wrong, so go find the minutes — she was the one most opposed to matching the rest of the county in this respect. Eventually she gave in to make it unanimous; my guess is that she did so for some moderating concession.

            “Gift from Flory” — you sound like a maniac.

        2. 16 more comments on this post by Greg Diamond and not one of them pertaining to his state senate race.

          How many precincts have you walked Diamond?

          Election day is right around the corner and you spend your days commenting on blogs. You should return every single donation you have received for your campaign.

          1. I wonder if he is feeding his family off of his campaign donations.

            Dimebag, please prove that you are not.

          2. Oh, Sean, Sean — clever, sad little Sean.

            I’ll tell you what, Clever Sean — if you think that the party is unhappy with my conduct of my race, then please use all of your influence with party leaders to have them contact me and let me know that. Let’s see if you can even get Tinajero to do it.

            What you want me to do, Clever Sean, is to stop speaking the truth in places like this, because you recognize that it ruins the game. You don’t give a damn whether I campaign or not, just so long as I don’t mess up the message control here. Your only mistake is writing that down, and so often!, under your own name, where I can file it away for the next time your name comes up in serious discussions within party circles. (Which, in my experience, will also be the first time outside of Santa Ana.)

            OK, hop to, Sean — mobilize the party against me! Should be a piece of cake! Go rouse the crowd with torches and pitchforks, Clever Sean!

            1. Candidate Diamond,

              First you criticize folks for commenting about you anonymously and then you state that it is a “mistake” using my own name. Which is it?

              You sure like to issue threats Greg. Am I supposed to fear you and your “insider” party connections? Well I don’t.

              You’re a joke Greg! You’re a joke on this blog…You’re a joke amongst Democrats…You’re a joke amongst the Occupy crowd and you’re a joke on the ballot.

              Keep issuing those threats candidate and the rest of us will just keep laughing.

              1. It’s a mistake if you’re trying to hide your true intentions from the world, Sean. It’s not unethical and weasely, though — I will grant you that.

                Where did I threaten you? I’m just saying that if you think that Democrats and Occupiers consider me a joke, then go ahead and organize a campaign against me! They can e-mail me their condemnations and derisive statements if they’d like. So long as they arrange it with me beforehand, I’ll even keep it confidential. It’s an open invitation — but it’s an empty one, because you aren’t really tied into either community. You’re joined to wacko Pedroza at the hip and desperately trying to ingratiate yourself with the nihilist libertarians. Your only real political asset is the patronage of Tinajero — and I’ve given up on trying to figure that out.

                If by “threats” you’re referring to the demand against Moxley and the Weekly regarding defamation, it’s not an idle threat.

                1. Greg,

                  You and your demands and false bravado. You just crack me up.

                  Mox, Gustavo and the Weekly are surely shaking in their boots. The truth is their best defense.

      4. I think you are an exception to the rule. But still, peace officer and Fire retirement is insane. Retirement 10-15 before the rest of us!

        1. Id have to add Firemen do bust their backs literally!!!

          Firemen are mostly medical personnel that type of job has a very high attrition rate. In OC only about 2% are Fire incidents.

          In a statistic from the last decade the average American had 3 Careers in their lifetime.

  6. http://taxdollars.ocregister.com/2012/10/11/redevelopment-woes-lead-to-fullerton-credit-downgrade/163078/

    No separate blog post for this, but i have a question. Perhaps I am missing the point or oversimplifying…if the problem, as the Register article suggests, with the community center and using approved redevelopment funds stems from the fact that the construction contracts were signed in the name of the City and NOT the RDA, who was responsible for that error? Was it the City Attorney?

  7. Sean Paden’s logical argument puts to rest the unreasonable claim by Fullerton PD that Kiger wants to give Fullerton’s youth a gateway drug to heroin, marijuana.
    Unlike the “pillars ” of Fullerton’s society, Paden uses reasonanable arguments drawn from facts to dispel the irrational, inflammatory rhetoric the Fullerton PD and their political cronies have been spewing for decades.
    Paden personifies hope and gives us a future for our town, Fullerton.

  8. I think it’s safe to say after reading this article, that Manny Ramos was no stranger to treating suspects with physical threats of violence to gain compliance.

    I think it’s also evident from this story, that if soon to be ex-Fullerton Police Chief Dan Hughes wouldn’t have been in denial for so about Manny’s manhandling of suspects, that the tragedy of the murder of Kelly Thomas could have been entirely preventable if Dan Hughes had acted to take “Manny off the streets” sooner, rather than later.

    Kelly’s blood is on soon to be ex-Chief Dan Hughes hands.


    1. Hes covering their asses, its very obvious, only a fool or a guilty person would be in that fallen house of cards!!! (McHUGHES)

      Im sure there are some with a sense of duty. 🙂

      “People cant help but watch a train wreck!!!”

    2. I didn’t know that a citizen suspected of being impaired can be threatened to have bones broken for failing to move at the speed of light to the commands. The eerie similarities between the encounter that led to Kelly’s murder and this incident were that they both initially actually seemed to be going along just fine but suddenly Mr Ramos puts it in reverse and steps on it. How many more time bombs are ticking on our streets like him?

      1. T/S…Eerie similarities? One was a drunk who couldnt even stand up and the other was a drug adicct theif. Oh yeah, very similar.

    3. Oh yeah that’s what you think. Lets hire pussy cops who let old drunk farts and crazy homeless jerks get away with everything. Oh Ramos had a history, shut the fuck up Tony. You are not a cop, so you do not know the assholes they have to deal with. They dont have the luxury of staying home and smoking weed and doing coke all day. I know what your generic answer is going to be…they shouldnt of killed him. That is cause they didnt.

  9. The Sean Paden YouTube video has been posted and linked on this blog for more than 24 hours. It’s had 167 views in that time. Hardly the thousands of hits per day Kiger and Bushala have claimed they get on this blog but hey making up stuff is the fun part of running a blog.

  10. The fullerton police have a travelling billboard they use for various agenda such as stoping crime. Recently it has been seen advertising candiates of thier choosing.I don’t understand why they are using what the taxpayers paid for to support only candidates they wish to support.

    1. Im answering with a question.

      Why does Europes Labor Unions have complete control of their Governments??? And control of their economic collapse, though they are turning more conservative out of necessity.

    2. If it’s owned by the FPOA, that’s one thing. If it’s owned by the FPD– then they’re breaking a myriad of laws, including federal ones.

      I doubt they’re that stupid.

      Wait, no I don’t.

      Get a licence plate and check!

    3. The trailer is owned by the union or a union member. Taxpayers don’t pay for it. They only pay for the consiquences of a union-controlled government.

    4. They’re acting like a bunch of hypocrites. I was on a business trip for a week and I couldn’t even open my fucking mailbox when I got back last Saturday. Between Ed Royce and the FPOA the shit is getting real deep.

      FPOA denies following the “Police Contract Negotiation Playbook” but their actions speak louder than words.

      We don’t buy your rubbish, FPOA. Find a new Chief, get rid of the “other three” and we’ll be more sensitive to your needs. Quid pro quo.

      I guaranty that we will be just as safe on Nov 7th as we were on November 6th.

    5. Using municipal funds and/or equipment for political advertising is blatantly illegal. This website admin needs to have the city council bring this up to the city attorney and to Acting Chief Hughes. The moving billboard use should be ended pronto. City attorney can sue the (I assume) off duty FPD members who take the political advertising around. Also FPPC should be notified as the have large fines for doing such things. You see the moving billboard, take a picture of it and note the time and date. Provide it to Kigar and Whittaker for immediate action!
      Those FPD guys really think they are “Above The Law”!

        1. Its owned by city funds. Used by the city. It is not owned by FPOA, that is the reason to have its illegal use ended immediately!

  11. A paycut is the best thing that could happen at the fullerton pd. The department is overfed and complacent and only thinking about protecting pay.Nobody is complaning about their pay there, rather many are bragging about how good thier jobs are. The dispatchers boast the best job anywhere as they get good pay for only working 3 days a week. There are up to 5 dispatchers working at a time in one of the nices dispatcheries in orange county.

  12. Greg Diamond :
    That’s true. But I’ve never eaten a Costco hot dog in my life.

    well I guess that might be true, since you swallow them like tylenol.

    1. I have never ingested, in any form, a Costco hot dog in my life. You are lying and don’t even care who knows it. That’s what the freedom to speak anonymously means to you: easier to get away with lying.

        1. I don’t have a “deli mustard stain on [my] fat chin.” Keep working at this insult, maybe eventually you’ll get somewhere.

  13. Tuco Ramirez :
    Using municipal funds and/or equipment for political advertising is blatantly illegal. This website admin needs to have the city council bring this up to the city attorney and to Acting Chief Hughes. The moving billboard use should be ended pronto. City attorney can sue the (I assume) off duty FPD members who take the political advertising around. Also FPPC should be notified as the have large fines for doing such things. You see the moving billboard, take a picture of it and note the time and date. Provide it to Kigar and Whittaker for immediate action!
    Those FPD guys really think they are “Above The Law”!

    Orange County is considered the last stronghold an island, of Californias Union Monsters broke ass corrupt ways.
    (They should be Politically a whole lot more careful here)

    Orange County would have done much better without Californias Politics. California is said to be a WASTELAND of Unions and overspending.

    Orange County had some of the strongest manufacturing and distribution companies.

    Now that the Country is close to being broke, people “CARE”
    about politics and spending. Inflation is one of the most regressive and cruelest of all taxes, it effects the poor and less fortunate the most.

  14. I returned several weeks’ worth of campaign mailers to a local candidate – the $2.50 I spent was well worth it, but the letter I included was “priceless”

  15. should have thought of that myself; I still have my “collection” – could drive down to the local office (not the campaign office) and return them in person

    1. Peaches, are you going drive to the FOPA? Be very careful, they hate the residents of Fullerton. I have kept my collection also, thought I would hang them outside for holloween. What do think?

  16. put it this way – the campaign office is in Fullerton and I will not go there; the other “official” office is in a different local city – that is where I may go

  17. Anonymous :
    Hey look! A cop who can’t spell!
    Oh, wait . . . I forgot we were looking for one who could spell . . .

    Is that all you have a misspelled word? Next bozo….

    1. ethics, honor, being loyal to your job, that you took a oath, to protect and serve, that’s a good start. I misspell words also….get over it. You have bigger problems.

  18. 8

    So we hire pussy cops as opposed to hiring macho dick cops? A little balance might be good.

    I said let’s hire, not we hire. Big difference. We have bad ass cops.

  19. I swear, I initially thought that “Mickey Haller” was Mickey Hatcher and wondered why the Angels’ former pitching coach (?) was posting here.

    Poor Mickey Haller, he said “bad ass” when he may have meant “fat ass”?

    Interesting how many apparent “trolls” (mispellings or not) took umbrage at this blog post about Mr. Paden’s comments… Quite the deluge of trollisms on their part(s).

  20. The Fullerton Harpoon :
    Prove that you and your family are not on food stamps.

    OK. Tell me how to do that and I will.

    It’s not like I can go to the police department and have them release a report that others can’t see. Or, if it is like that, I’ll do it.

    1. Exactly. You figured it out. Let’s see how you make a living on $1999 a year without dipping into the campaign till.

      Now start your campaign. Time is of the essence.

      1. Uh, I made less than $1999 *on the law practice that I started late in the year*, which as I recall amounted to a couple of retainers (one on a case I just settled) before I went full-time into Occupy for almost 5 months. I made by far most of my income last year through other legal work.

        Honestly, this is as stupid as your seeing a statement that I made $500 (I don’t recall the exact figure) on dividends and interest and thus claiming that I was living on $500. Stupid.

        Campaign is underway. Look for the “Bad Travis” signs.

  21. I see candidate Diamond is busy campaigning…errr…blogging again. 8 more comments to go along with the 16 earlier just on this post alone. Sure seems like a successful strategy you got going Greg.

    So how many precincts did you walk today Greg? Any door knocking for votes? Win any hearts and minds for that campaign of yours?

    The DPOC knows what a mistake it was to endorse your candidacy now that they have seen your “campaign” in action. For the good of the party they need to strip you of the party’s endorsement.

    1. What right have you to tell Democrats what to do, sad sack?

      “The DPOC knows what a mistake it was to endorse your candidacy …” Really? Do you have a source for that statement? Hell, I’d make the motion to strip me of the endorsement just for the fun of seeing who’d try to second it!

      P.S. No, mostly on the phone today, once I got back from court. You know, in the “real job” that I supposedly don’t have.

  22. Anonymous you state that after seeing the tape we will conclude there is “nothing to this”.

    I seem to recall rather vividly a certain Acting Police Chief who made that same claim about the KT video.

    Enough said!!!!!!!!!

  23. Now you know who is discussing his eating habits at Costco!!

    Ignore him people, pleasssssssssssssssssssse!

  24. greg COSTCO HOTDOG EATING diamond :greg u aint fat you’re obeese

    SO WHAT! By the way fat and obese are pretty much the same. The medical definition of obese is 20% over healthy body weight. If you’ve got issues with fat people – I’m glad I don’t work for or with you.

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