Freedom Ain’t Free

In a democracy the elected representatives work for the people. When they forget that, and when they come to affiliate themselves with the governing class, the results can be consequential. Sometimes it takes a while, but sooner or later their dereliction catches up to them.

The image above symbolizes freedom from tyranny – the tyranny of incompetent, entrenched, befuddled decrepitude.

Happy 4th of July, Fullerton. Have a cold one and congratulate yourselves!

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  1. The people of Fullerton have begun to awake and are becoming more involved in civic affairs.

    I’m liking what I’m seeing that they can do when they’re truly motivated.

    The difference between the level of awareness in Fullerton politics on 4th of July in Fullerton in 2011 and in 2012 are like night and day.

    The more of us that are involved in making our city better the better off we’ll all be.

  2. There was sompthing very theraputic about last nights city council meeting .After getting accustomed to the lethargy of do nothing , lets talk about it some more to let’s immeadiatly adress the wrongs and make them right. Yes its new day in fullerton.

  3. this photo deserves a toast to the return of decency to our town, however, tomorrow will still find many of the cronies and nepotites of the old regime still sniffing around hoping to co-opt our newly elected council members

  4. tossing out joe felz may cut off the fullerton tax dollar feeding tube to the old regime’s cronies and nepotites

  5. Yes, freedom isn’t free. What’s happened in the past year here has nothing to do with “freedom.” It’s just been a cop bashing vendetta against some good men, one of whom is Jay Cicinelli (a man who fought for your freedoms, and who nearly died protecting the people of LA). The Kelly Thomas “beating death” should be called the Kelly Thomas RESISTING death! He was given EIGHT lawful commands by officers, and he ignored each of them , one by one. He FORCED officers to escalate the situation after they ran out of options. Ask, tell, FORCE is the order in which compliance is gained. Thomas was first asked to cooperate (he refused), then he was ordered (and still refused) — then the officers were left with NO choice but to use force to gain compliance in order to effect an arrest.

    Enjoy your little whiny, hand-wringing commemorations tomorrow, bedwetters, all 12 of you libtards that might show up! Jay and Ramos will soon be found not guilty, and it is very likely that one day Jay will be back on patrol doing the duty that he so loves to do — he’s been very hurt by all of this, but his spirit is not broken, he hasn’t given up oh his dream. And neither will those of us who support him and the other officers.

    Happy 4th of July to all First Responders !

        1. Some dreg of society/troll who occasionally drops off the gospel according to “Lisa” on here (for some reason) regarding that pondscum, Jay.

          I’m not so sure if it’s even a woman-but that’s my opinion.

              1. “[I]t is very likely that one day Jay will be back on patrol doing the duty that he so loves to do — he’s been very hurt by all of this, but his spirit is not broken, he hasn’t given up oh [sic] his dream.”

                He’s been very hurt by this.

                Poor little baby.

                Did he get a little booboo on his elbow like fatso ramos while he was murdering Kelly?

    1. Lisa , take heart in the point of this blog, the culprits have been nabbed and sentenced. Kelly’s death has served it’s political purpose.; Fullerton has overwealmingly decared it’s dissatisfaction with the lethargy of public officialdom and the dominance of public employees. Whether Cicenelli swung one times too many is inconsequential to the benefits we the people of Fullerton have gained thru the diligent scrutiny that FFFF has exposed. Long live the freedom of the press and long live FFFF.

    2. Oh, poor Lisa, whoever the shit you are!!!YOU are a sick bitch!!!! Do you not think that out of 6 of those rotten cops, that they could not have just cuffed him, & taken him in??? Of course they COULD HAVE, & it sure would`nt have taken all 6!!! They DID NOT WANT TO , that would have spoiled their plan & their ”fun” for the night. Kelly was`nt resisting, did YOU watch the video, do you not think he was scared to death??? Oh yes, ”they were left with no choice, ” but to pulverize him to death, since ”6” big fat asshole rogue cops, could`nt manage to get him cuffed & ”arrested”!!!! They VERY EASILY could have done so, even just 2 or 3 of them, …BUT, THAT`S NOT WAHAT THEY WANTED TO DO, that`s obvious, & SHOULD BE, even to an idiot like you!!!!! You MAY be right on them not being found guilty, because ” rotten cops ususlly DO get off, from most everything, and they KNOW it, that`s why there is so much ”corruption amongst our lovely ”serve & prtectors”!!! If there is a God in heaven, they WILL PAY DEARLY, if not here, then one day, they`ll see!!! ”hE`S BEEN HURT BY ALL OF THIS, HUH?? Well how does he think Kelly`s family feels, and many others, some who did`nt even KNOW Kelly, because the whole scenario ( & for SURE , THE VIDEO SPEAKS VOLUMNS!!!!) TO ANYONE WHO even half a brain, and a caring heart!!!! I`ll bet if you saw YOUR loved one in Kelly`s position, you`d feel, and speak VERY DIFFERENTLY!!!! Or, maybe YOU would`nt with that sick, heartless person that you are!!!! And, tell ”sissy- nellie” that so many of us feel so badly that he is so hurt by all of this!!! ( SURE WE ARE!!!! He & all 6, can burn in hell for the horrific thing that they did!!!!!) YOU ARE JUST AS SICK AS THEY ARE!!!!

    3. #5…. ”Lisa Creep”, Just wanted to let you know that ”ALL 12” Of us ;;;”who might show up”, surely did!!!!! 12 HUH???? you saw!!!! Now, you and ”your 12”, continue to bad mouth an ill, INNOCENT YOUNG MAN, who WAS MURDERED, by your ”sissy-nellie”, and his buddies!!! And, don`t forget to keep bad mouthing his family too, that`s how sick & twisted your mind is, so that`s okay , we ALL understand creeps like you!!!! Just keep blabbin your mouth, no one cares !!! Also, tell your buddy ”sissy-nellie” we also REALLY believe that he feels bad , & is really hurt by what he took a GOOD part in. May they, & you, all ROT, & you know where!!!!!

  6. Happy Fourth everyone! Thanks to all of the people involved in making sure ALL those involved in the Kelly Thomas murder/cover-up are brought to justice. The freedom to hold government/law enforcement accountable is what differentiates us from China, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc. I hope Cicinelli and Ramos are enjoying their freedom while it lasts.

  7. I guess you need to have some compassion for Lisa. No sibling or spouse of the accused can see things in perspective. The fate of Romos and Cincenelli will be in the hands of the justice system. When the prosecution starts breaking down the police procedures through the video, they don’t stand a chance. Police face these scenarios everyday without having the tragic outcome that you had in Fullerton. Watching the video I see a bunch of untrained out of control cops. Remember Kelly was reacting out of fear not aggression……keep up the good work FFFF!!!!!

    1. I wouldnt ever say someone doesn’t have a chance. With a jury anyone can get off.

      You are right about family though. Family will never admit their little son did something wrong. Even the hardest of criminals.



    We were made to be courageous
    We were made to lead the way
    We could be the generation
    That finally breaks the chain
    We were made to be courageous
    We were made to be courageous

    We were warriors on the front lines
    Standing, unafraid
    But now we’re watchers on the sidelines
    While our families slip away

    Where are you, men of courage?
    You were made for so much more
    Let the pounding of hearts cry
    We will serve the Lord

    We were made to be courageous
    And we’re taking back the fight
    We were made to be courageous
    And it starts with us tonight

    The only way we’ll ever stand
    Is on our knees we’re lifting hands
    Make us courageous
    Lord, make us courageous

    This is our resolution
    Our answer to the call
    We will love our wives and children
    We refuse to let them fall

    We will reignite the passion
    That we buried deep inside
    May the watchers become warriors
    Let the men of God arise

    Seek justice
    Love mercy
    Walk on
    Be with your God

    In the war of the mind
    I will make my stand
    In the battle of the heart
    And the battle of the hand


    1. Lisa dear, it would behoove you to give credit for this to the musical group (Casting Crowns) and the songwriters: WEST, MATTHEW / HALL, MARK

      We were made to be courageous
      We were made to lead the way
      We could be the generation
      That finally breaks the chains

      Did you have their permission to post this without giving them credit?

      Have a blessed day, Lisa dear

      1. Casting Crowns is distributed by Sony which is represented by the RIAA. I wonder what Sony/RIAA thinks of Friendsforjay violating their copyright by illegally hosting/sharing an mp3 file of one of their songs on the site?

        According to their host [link]:

        Prohibited Uses. Users may not:

        (a) Utilize the Services to send unsolicited e-mail to third parties. Furthermore, Users may use the Services or software programs provided by Company to send e-mail only if Users ensure that such transmissions fully comply with all applicable regulations, rules and laws, including, without limitation, the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act of 2003
        (b) Utilize the Services in connection with any illegal activity or any activity that would otherwise violate any applicable regulations, rules or laws. Without limiting the general application of this rule, Users may not: (i) utilize the Services to copy material from third parties (including text, graphics, music, videos or other copyrightable material) without proper authorization; (ii) utilize the Services to misappropriate or infringe the patents, copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights of any third party; (iii) utilize the Services to traffic in illegal drugs, illegal gambling, obscene materials or other any products or services that are prohibited under applicable law; (iv) utilize the Services to export encryption software to points outside the United States in violation of applicable export control laws; or (v) utilize the Services in any manner that violates any applicable regulation, rule or law.

        RIAA Piracy Report Form:

        Sony feedback form:

        RIAA/MPAA 24 hour Tip Line: 1-800-662-6797


        1. I’ve never been prouder to be a snitch. Sent, Sent and Called. It annoys me that the Cicinelli’s are using such a beautiful song for such an ugly man.

    2. I saw this poem in Reader’s Digest the other day, I likedid it. I thought I would post it for all to see, cause it’s good and makes my point. It say’s God and warriors in it.
      Will someone please read me Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight before bed?

      I like pudding cups.

  9. Somebody call the white coat guys with the butterfly nets. This chick –or whatever — is clearly crazy.

  10. This time a year ago, on July 4, 2011, Kelly Thomas was a BUM hanging out near the bus station, bothering people and probably lifting door handles in the Slidebar parking lot to see what he could steal out of those cars — as he did the following night.

    Meanwhile , all of you guys and Ron Thomas (his dad) and his mother were enjoying the 4th without him, not giving a damn about Kelly. Going to your parties, bbqs, fireworks, etc … while Kelly was laying around alone in the streets like an abandoned dog.

    How many of you would have invited him over to celebrate with you? His own family wouldn’t even do that, they turned their backs on him and abandoned him to the streets!

    The truth is none of you cared about the BUM then, and none of you do now. Just admit it … if he were still alive today how many of you would be including you in your 4th of July celebrations? The answer is NONE. Not even HIS OWN FAMILY would!

    1. Lisa, your derogatory all caps “BUM” tells me all I need to know about your upbringing. You’re an elitist. A hypocrite, and I will go out on a limb and guess your blood is thick with Archie Bunkerisms.
      I digress.
      Perhaps we WOULDN’T invite him to our backyards barbeques. But there are PLENTY of people who gave him money or food on a regular basis because he was a Human Being. The fact that he was a “BUM” doesn’t lessen the impact that 6 thugs disguised as “peace officers” brutally, willingly, knowingly beat another human being to death. To say this community didn’t care about the “BUM”before the murder is ignorance (on your part, of course.) Many people in this town knew Kelly by name. I saw him on the steps of the old post office many a day and would sometimes offer him money, unsolicited. To say his family abandoned him his also ignorance, because I’m guessing by your behavior you are more than familiar with mental illness. You are defending MURDERERS, Lisa. Men who were all willing to allow themselves be caught up in an act they all knew was an exhibition of their own sickness. Their allegiance to this city, state and country to uphold the law completely forgotten in a mob mentality moment of blood lust. And you know what is creepier than this particular beating, Lisa? This was the one they were CAUGHT for. We all know it wasn’t their first. Deep down you know it too. How soon before the chickens came home to roost in YOUR coop, Lisa?
      So please, just shhhhh. Just be quiet. You’re embarrassing yourself. Shhhhhh, Lisa.

      1. Be nice to Lisa. She is family. She loves Jay and wants him to be free. Lisa he might get a year in jail but he will be home soon after the trial. Take your meds and pray.

  11. Be “including him” in your celebrations I meant to type — the answer is none of you would care about him if he were alive right now.

    1. Why can’t Kelly Thomas come to my Fourth of July Party/BBQ tonight?? Oh, that’s right….your husband murdered Kelly!! I’ll be feeding the homeless tonight, and every night, in Kelly’s honor. What will you be doing Lisa?? Will you be trying to think of more excuses why you think it’s ok for “peace officers” to murder someone?

        1. #46 J.D. Ron Thomas probably is NOT feeding the homeless… TONIGHT, but he HAS DONE PLENTY FOR THEM and I`m sure will continue to!!! What have YOU done???? Obviously you and ”Lisa” should get together, you two make a good pair, even IF ”Lisa” isn`t a female!!! You two could`nt understand what the ”Thomas`” have been through, and could not care less. There is a place one day for people like you two. If you can`t see in the video, that Kelly was brutally MURDERED, by these rotten cops, ( who are SUPPOSE to ”protect & serve” ) then you …. AND ”Lisa” (?) are just plain sick, and there is absolutely no use in talking to you anymore. The cops DO HAVE REASON TO BE VERY FORCEFUL, IN SOME CASES, BUT NOT TO THIS EXTREME, AND ABSOLUTELY NOT IN THE KELLY`S CASE, BUT YOUR VIEWS ARE UNDERSTANDABLE, WHEN ONE CONSIDERS …”THE SOURCE”, IN WHICH IT COMES FROM!!!! You & Lisa,,,, what a duo!!!!! ( sick-o`s) I just wonder how you two would feel, IF you had a loved one on that video. God forbid, but if it WERE to happen, THEN….. WHAT would you be saying???? REALLY, think about that!!!! Would those rotten cops STILL be justified in YOUR MINDS??????? Now, let`s at least lay off the Thomas family, okay??? They have been through way more than their share, without having to ,hear from sick-o`s like you two!!!!

        2. If you honestly would like to know about all of the many things that Ron Thomas has done, and is doing for the homeless and for the mentally ill, and if you would like to know how YOU can help, you really should come to the vigil tonight. Today is the one year anniversary of Kelly’s murder by “peace officers.” The vigil will be on the evening of July 5th, at Kelly’s Memorial at the Fullerton train station/transit center. See you there. And, John Doe, it would be really thoughtful of you to bring some food for the homeless.

  12. Dont laugh at Lisa. JFA always gets mad when you laugh at mentally ill people. Help her. JFA would preach that.

  13. The placement of the two that still need to go is so ironic. Bruce being just right of center is perfect. Our representative form of government works wonders when we are awake. Please folks keep talking it up out there in public and stay healthy. What a great 4th this year and maybe next year we can have our own fireworks.

  14. Lisa comes on here to get the free press for her website, where she begs for money to help prevent justice from happening. She is lucky that Bushala and company do not believe in limiting free speech like all her cop buddies’ websites. While her ignorance and disregard for human life are disgusting they all serve as motivation to help bring justice against all six officers who beat, pinned down, electrocuted, asphyxiated, and bashed in the head of Kelly Thomas while he begged them to stop. We already know Cicinelli and Ramos are done brutalizing citizens and will be lucky to escape prison alive and sane. Wolfe will also never work again. The coward of a chief Sellers stepped down before he could be implicated in the cover up and the current chief will soon be out. The three council-men who attempted to cover up and justify the murder have been recalled. But there are still three (not counting the watch commander) other coward accomplices who failed to uphold their duty to protect and serve. If you feel it is a cops duty to not let their mentally deranged, sadistic partners beat a subdued man to death, please sign the first petition. 20,000+ have signed it already, which is about 1,000 times more supporters than these disgraces to the uniform have. The second petition is to bring this issue to the president. Regardless of how you feel about Obama, getting this issue national attention can only help the cause. In the time it takes to argue with a mentally unstable, soulless person, you can sign two petitions and forward them to a few friends. There is no better way to let freedom ring than by helping bring about justice for the voiceless.

  15. Thank you Lisa. It’s “PEOPLE” like you that keep me fighting. As long as there is a blow hard like you around I will be fighting for justice. Justice For Kelly!

    1. Yeah she just energizes the righteous indignation that is going to empty that mental hospital over on Commonwealth Ave so we can turn it into a government building that is choc full of people that serve the community and not themselves.

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