Read All About It! A New Blog in Town

A guy named Matt Leslie has started a new blog in Fullerton, and it looks like a pretty good read. It’s called the Fullerton Rag and appears thoughtful and well-written. I am informed Mr. Leslie is the lesser half of recent council candidate, Jane Rands.

This blog will likely appeal to the less febrile and more intellectual Fullerton political aesthetic preference; and I say bravo! The more people who dial into what’s happening in Fullerton, the better.

Be sure to read the post about Leslie playing Monopoly with Don Bankhead. It’s pretty good.

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  1. I’m all out of time to read blogs. A little reading at Matt’s site can’t hurt though.

    1. Thank you JP. Matt’s Monopoly piece is great.

      My own is just my effort to think through how I reconcile my older lefty political positions with my current more libertarian ones.

      1. Jt Fullerton is ground zero for this movement and let’s hope the foundation is laid deep and strong. We have a long uphill battle but no other choice.

        1. Truthseeker – I agree. I hope the Tea Partiers will remember that there were and are “liberals”, “progressives” and leftist-libertarians on board. Don’t paint all of the “left” with one broad brush and view them all as the enemy. Opposition to tyranny, repression, and totalitarianism transcends political-economic ideology, and certainly is more important than partisan politics. Even in the days I might have called myself a leftist I despised Mao, Stalin, Lenin, one-party rule, dictatorship, re-education, etc. Freedom first.

          1. Well said J.T.

            I will always choose the opportunity to do the right thing and exercise my own free will on a matter regardless of what everyone else thinks.

            I hope we all do.

  2. “OC Ragister and Fullerton Absurder you may begin your approach to MG disposal. Upon arrival taxi via runway 5 to terminal 3.

  3. “This blog will likely appeal to the less febrile and more intellectual Fullerton political aesthetic preference”


    1. He probably started playing Monopoly with one of the first games issued (?) and it’s all muscle and long-term memory

    2. (cartoon bubbles of collapsing chairs)- “I can add an illegal water tax on the utilies that I bought..heh heh heh. Where is Miss Fullerton? I’m hungry “

  4. Kudos to Matt (I like to think of him as the other half, not lesser half). It’s always valuable as well as enjoyable to have something with intelligent writing that can interest readers.

  5. Bravo, I knew you you followers could speak at council in civil manner. Even Barry didn’t sound like an out of control individual. Keep stroking them.

    1. The FFFF candidates did a great job tonight, got rid of the water tax!!!! and will raise the water rate!!!!

      1. IF water rates are raised, it’ll be defined and will go towards water issues instead of a general fund aka slush fund to be used as the cronies saw fit.

        I loved how Felz tried repeatedly skirted answering what the monies were used for once doled out to various groups. Thank you, Bruce, for answering. Buck up, Felz, no one’s there to cover your ass and hold your hand anymore.

  6. I know Matt Leslie to be a person who is truly dedicated to trying to make Fullerton a better town through his civic involvement and I applaud his sincere efforts.

  7. stimulating read, I hope it doesn’t get co-opted by Fullerton’s old guard liberals who only guarded their self-interests.

  8. Leslie is good peoples.

    I like a site that self-identifies as a rag and proclaims to speak for ‘some’ and not ‘all.’

    Gracias for giving the blog some shine!

  9. Mr. Leslie’s belief that left and right libertarians will continue to be allies, may have a limited lifetime.

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