Ackerman Trying to Sell His Lemons, But No One Wants Lemonade.

I have it on good authority that anti-recall team captain Dick Ackerman has been diligently hounding OC Register personnel to start flogging the wonderful deeds accomplished by the Three Rotten Eggs, Dick Jones, Don Bankhead, and Pat McPension.

Will it work? It’s hard to see how. Two of the three are career public employees with massive inflation-linked pensions; Jones was the drum-beater for the abortive pension spike of 2008 only stopped by Shawn Nelson; Jones and Bankhead have approved of an illegal 10% water tax every year for 15 years; and all three have been reliable water bearers for whatever idiocy was put in front of them by the city bureaucracy.

Ackerman has millions of reasons to fight the recall of the gents who are in the process of handing his client a deal worth millions in government subsidies, but the editorialists at the Register have no reason to promote these clowns.

True, Ackerman is drinking buddies with a couple of the Register social columnists – the same ones that went out of their way to pass on the smears of Ackerman against Chris Norby, and to promote the useless, carpetbagging Ackerwoman.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Ackerman’s efforts to promote the unpromotable, gains traction.

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  1. Well, why didn’t this happen months ago? Why now?
    And why do you have to dig into a newspaper for clippings of accomplishments to promote the shmoes?
    Because they’re arent any that they can think of?

    I always check my hamburgers to see if they’re ok, AFTER I take them off of the BBQ grill.

  2. They gave the city manager a retroactive $35,000 raise a few months ago. I suppose that’s a noteworthy accomplishment.

  3. Well timed. Tomorrow night the Council will hold a public hearing on “Conduit Financing”, Agenda Item 6. City staff and even some council members seem to be trying to spin this into a good thing, but make no mistake, it will cost taxpayers at least $25.5-million and as much as $40-million with interest to build a 95-unit apartment building!

    The agency that the city’s staff report refers to, California Municipal Finance Authority is a public agency created to act as one giant redevelopment financing company. The agency is a conglomerate of cities who need cash to subsidize development. This is another shadow government which, if our City Council votes to join, will burden us with the totality of the Agency’s debt. The 2011 principle owed is $3.5-BILLION!

    Ironic that the “STOP THE RECALL” campaign uses the slogan “Fullerton’s not for sale” considering that Don Bankhead and Dick Jones are responsible for nearly all of the $500-million debt that the Fullerton Redevelopment Agency racked up by giving sweetheart deals to favored developers. topping that list is TRG, or The Richman Group. TRG has retained the legal counsel of Dick Ackerman’s law firm to assist in their attempt to get $25.5-million from YOU, the Fullerton taxpayer. So to borrow the anti-recall campaign’s own slogan, FULLERTON’S NOT FOR SALE!

    1. Go to the meeting. Stand up and tell all. Ackerman’s employer needs to know that he is a liability.

    2. Greg, we should all read this over and over to the 3 clowns tomorrow. Maybe if enough people who say it, they will get it. Well they may not get it but Jones is losing his mind so maybe we can brainwash him.

    3. Greg, Please let us know how we can help you on Tuesday, and also please let us know what we can do as residents to overcome this boondoggle that they’re trying to foist on us.

      1. FL,
        Please attend the Council Meeting (3/6/2012). I suggest finding a seat around 5PM.

        There are several presentations planned including one from OC Water District that will likely attempt to justify “pass-through” water rate increases by blaming MWD and “energy costs”.

        Agenda Item 5 is another taxpayer give away, $41-million, to St. Anton Partners. The Council and staff will tell you that THIS council action will not grant funding to St. Anton. However, if you were a developer, would it make sense to spend $41-million to build this 145-unit affordable housing apartment complex? No.
        (I erroneously stated above that TRG hired Ackerman’s law firm. That was St. Anton Partners that hired the firm, not TRG. Its hard to keep these multi-million dollar boondoggles straight.)

        I encourage the public to speak on both of these (item 5 & 6) as well as anything else. Items 5 & 6 represent a piece of Fullerton’s the $500-million redevelopment debt created in the name of affordable housing and social engineering. This failed fiscal policy will haunt us for generations.

        Points to bring up to Council:
        RDA funds are not “free money”
        The City should not be subsidizing big developers who take no risk
        Both items represent 66.5-million reasons to recall this council
        The money, collectively $66.5-million, could be better spent in other ways
        The $500-million Fullerton Redevelopment Debt could have just about paid to purchase West Coyote Hills!
        If affordable housing is really the issue, why should taxpayers pay $300,000-plus (the average cost per unit) when there are an abundance of foreclosed condos and homes for sale?
        How does the City plan to pay for these when the City is still operating with a $2.5-million deficit in addition to the mounting debt? Is there any plan???

        As a side note, I thought we were told we would hear more from Gennaco. Where’s that report?

        1. Redevelopment is legally dead. Its only function now is to pay off debts, and liquidate assets.

          Creating a new “obligation” is illegal. Th St. Anton giveaway will have to be reviewed by the Oversight Board and the Dept. of Finance.

        2. Greg- where is that report that was furnished to the Water guys, for review? They have had that report, what 9 months now? I could of had a child faster,actually bring a person into the world faster that it takes Joe Felz and cronies to read a report and respond? This correct?

  4. Ackerman is about as useful as the Register. Both are losing sources of revenue faster than they can create new ones. They deserve one another.

  5. $12/month for crossword puzzles and the occasional article where the staff writers still refer to medical marijuana as “pot”. God Bless the Register!

  6. Wait, wait, wait… They had the David Whiting masterpiece done like, what, 6 months ago? That wasn’t good enough?

  7. One thing about slugs.

    Yes, they are slimy and apparently gross at first sight, but the truth is that the lowly slug is basically a garden janitor, if you get my drift.

    Slugs may appear gross and nasty, but they really do help out.

    I’ve been following this blog since Kelly was murdered. Almost every day.

    I would never insult a noble slug by comparing it to a rotten Homo sapiens politician of the Fullerton variety.

    You guys will win this. You will.

    The good people of Fullerton have set the bar high for similar communities, from coast to coast.

    You’re just getting started, I think. The Kelly Thomas murder may very well ignite a quiet landslide across the country, but it’s still up to you.

    The Fullerton CYA carnival is already ridiculous, and it will certainly get worse. There’s no telling what will happen when the (alledged) killers actually go on trial.

    I’m an outsider, but there are plenty of us all over the country, and beyond. We almost bought in the neighborhood last summer, but decided against it. It didn’t feel safe.

    Justice for Kelly Thomas. Justice for us all.

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