Will the School Board Support Tax Increases?

One of Chris Thompson’s first challenges on the Fullerton School Board may be to oppose the approval of a resolution by the Fullerton School District to support the extended tax increases in California.

The district typically has supported anti-taxpayer, pro-union resolutions like this forwarded by self-serving organizations like the California School Boards Association. With the highest state taxes and entitlement expenses in the nation, let’s see if this 5 of 5 Republican School Board has nerve to insult our intelligence with this resolution.

View the CSBA measure

9 Replies to “Will the School Board Support Tax Increases?”

  1. Let’s hope they do not have the disdain for the taxpayers that the unions would like them to have. Anyone supports a new tax on that board and the Friends need to start thinking recall.

    1. Why would Thompson not support a new tax to pay for his new health insurance and pension that is funded by the tax payers?

  2. The unprincpled faux “Republicans” on this board are definately stuck between a rock and a hard place. Please shine a little light on the outcome of this since I never bother to go to those boring meetings.

    1. The fact that those meetings usually start with 45 minutes of handing out gold starts and group hugs is enough to dissuade all but the hardiest of critics.

  3. Whereas, ex-city councilperson and teacher for fullerton school district,Pam Keller, continued to receive her teacher’s salary though she did not teach, instead acted as head of Fullerton Collaborative, a nebulous entity that does not benefit students
    Whereas, I as a property owner who pays taxes will not support increasing taxes when the fullerton school district wastes its money on Fullerton Collaborative

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