Freedom Friendly Flunky Fs Up

This post is a story about the City of Orange. Why is it relevant to Fullerton? Because the antagonist of the tale is none other than Matthew J. Cunningham who loves to pontificate about all things freedom-friendly, posing as he does as a champion of business and free enterprise, and property rights, yada yada yada; a typical OC repuglican, in fact: we all know now that Cunningham was pulling down a hefty six-figure income for many years from the ultra-liberal Children and Families Commission.

Cunningham’s loud brayings on all things conservative maybe even helped him get appointed to the Orange Planning Commission by Orange Councilman Jon Dumitru. But, alas, talk is cheap. Here’s Cunningham voting to shoot down a proposal for a cafe owner to have a live music until (gasp) midnight. Watch Mr. Friend of Freedom in action:

It also transpires that Cunningham and his wife have been lobbying in Orange, too. And that doesn’t look very good for somebody making discretionary decisions on behalf of the public of a city.

And in a rather stunning display of disloyalty Cunningham refused to support his patron, Dumitru, in his run for mayor last fall. In fact the little woman chipped in a hundred bucks to Dumitru’s opponent, Carolyn Cavecche.

It would appear that Mr. Dumitru has finally run out of patience with his appointee and has asked him step down. Word in the Orange Plaza is that Cunningham refuses to go quietly, perhaps believing he has the three votes necessary to remain on the commission despite the fact that he was personally selected by Dimitru. The F-you to his boss has instigated an effort by Dimitru to force the City Council to vote on the matter. Here’s the agenda item at this week’s council meeting.

Will Freedom Boy stay or go? And will he quit harassing business owners in Orange? Stay tuned for the fun!

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  1. Hah! Cunningham is a champion of property rights, unless its the property rights of the “wrong” kind of people (you know, those dirty scoundrels who play acoustical guitar music.)

    What a blow hard.

  2. Ahhh…Karma is a BITCH!

    For the folks who associate themselves with Cunningham do now?

    George Patton once said, “Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.”

    Is Dumitru pulling a Patton? We will find out soon!

  3. It’s not lost on me that Matt will champion the causes of those who pay him to…..but, run quickly for cover when things crash and burn:

    Jon FLASHman’s loss for OCGOP vice Chair.
    Meg Whitman (need I say more)
    Prop 8 (legally speaking)

    He disappears for days at a time, but I find it most ironic, as pointed out here and at OJ by another, that Midnight was an ungodly hour, that holds true for live music too, but not for his drivel which he often publishes after midnight.

    Matt is a tool. His and his friends are being exposed for the FRAUDS the are.

  4. Damn, that jackass is an AUTHORITARIAN.

    The space is small therefore Cunningham’s Law appertains and freedom flies out the window. Those people MIGHT cause problems. Just like gun owners and Young Republican Idiots MIGHT cause problems.

    Freedom friendly? Now that’s funny!

  5. People are just dying to go to a place to hear live trumpets.

    Now there’s a real jackass. If I lived in orange I’d put the blame on Dumitru for letting this clown anywhere near a decision making process.

    1. I’ll help out. While pretending to be be Mr. Conservative he had a huge contract with the unaccountable Rob Reiner Commission doing things like Facebook updates and listening to the radio and handing out toothbrushes to poor kids. At $200 an hour!

      Of course he never bothered to tell any of his pals at GOP central what he was up to since 2006. Probably figured they wouldn’t be interested. Boy was he wrong!

      1. Thanks for the explanation. I’m sure that gig didn’t sit too well with some of the GOP Faithful and yes, it does seem pretty hypocritical. If you try hard enough you can rationalize anything.

        Even though I am “ultra liberal” myself, I had to vote against prop 10 as a completely fraudulent deal.

  6. First let me say, JUBAL doesn’t look nearly as gay since he shaved off the dick bumper!

    but I digress……Matt may score a reprieve here, albiet a short lived one (and not exactly carreer preserving).

    You have to believe that the Mayor will repay Mr. Salcido, err I mean Cunningham with a stay.
    Whitaker is a given, he was the one holding John Lewis balls when Matthew learned to lick them. Matt and Fred are “REALLY CLOSE”!

    So the wildcards: Tita Smith, whose Brother is the Vicar of Priests and was FURIOUS when Jubal outed the victims of the child rape scandal. he is said to have objected vehemetly to the FREE TUITION deal/reward the Cunninghams recieved for the disclosure. In addition, she has been known to consider Matt and “smug wannabee” Could be a NO.

    Now Denis Bilodeau is a real wild card. This guy by all apperances is completely upward mobile, has no deep allegiences. He could along with Smith and Jon D send JUBAL to the showers. (hopefully not the same night I am working out!)

  7. #14, you forget Matt PUBLISHES
    The questioning Catholic Blog:

    Are you saying this guy would say one thing and then undermine that same comment in another fourm to gain attention?

    That would make him a hypocrite, some might call him a whore.

    You have to be mistaken, there is another guy from Orange with Four daughters, and who is a “Conservative Republican” who wishes Heugh Hewitt was Catholic.

    Somebody call Gustavo!

  8. Jerbal must be a real pathetic loser.

    This Dumitru fellow gives the guy a role in city government, then it doesn’t work out and this Jerbal guy tells Dumitru to stick it.

    Where I come from this type of behavior does not get tolerated.

  9. There’s a guy dressing for success. Looks like a bum. Don’t they have some kind of dress code at the Orange Planning Commission?

  10. Pathetic. Matt, you’re an authoritarian stammering, cowering wuss, a charlatan. No freedom lover in that clip…. A fitting sound to end such clip of video is the sound of a toilet flush.

  11. What is he looking for on his desk? Notice how shifty those eyes are. He cant look in one direction for more than a second.

    This was interesting but does not even come close to the fun Art Pedroza used to have with this guy about 18 months ago. All the old Jerbil caricatures were hilarious.

  12. There’s more than one blogger on here that has complained about live/amplified music and that it is disruptive to the neighborhood.

    Where do YOU draw the line with live/amplified music?

      1. Right, except you’re banging your head against the wall trying to differentiate between the effects of live/amplified/indoor/outdoor music.

        How about this: if you bother your neighbors with noise, you get cited until you stop. There are nuisance laws if it goes beyond that, but they wouldn’t even be necessary if abusers actually got cited repeatedly.

        But the categorical preemption of activity that may not bother anybody is unfair.

  13. What an ungrateful person. Jon appointed him and he should be able to un-appoint him as well. I guess Matt thinks he has his three votes locked up and wants to rub it in Jon’s face. Just stand down Matt.

    1. Well, maybe he still will. He’s got a few hours left.

      The idea of having a council majority deny you the ability to select your own representatives undermines accountability from electeds. The ones who are willing to go this route had better get ready for the same thing done to them when the time comes.

  14. Word out of Orange is that Mr. Cunningham has submitted his resignation – but not effective immediately. Word out of Orange is that there’s a big Pringle project coming up and Cunningham wants to vote on it.

  15. I am shocked that the award winning journalists at the Liberal OC have not written a single word about this. Matt Cunningham is the “right-wing noise machine” and Dan is said to be “challenging” it.

    Perhaps Dan can get an exclusive from Matt the next time he is having cocktails with him at “Suite C”.

    Until then I guess we can count on more attacks on Santa Ana Democrats, Art Pedroza and myself.

  16. This rodent needs to resign now. Trying to hang on so he can carry the water for Pringle at one last meeting will not be tolerated.

    Hit the road Jerby and don’t come back.

    1. Skywalker, I heard that Jurble cut his own throat and resigned, but effective after he votes on a Kirk Pringle project in Orange that needs a rezone later this month.

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