Want to Make More Money?

Well, sure you do. Sally can help.

  1. #1 by van get it da artiste on March 26, 2011

    shades of johnston (johnboy)college

  2. #2 by Fullerton Teacher on March 26, 2011

    What about a master’s degree? Can’t I get my Master’s in Education there? I need a raise!

  3. #3 by Chris Thompson on March 26, 2011

    She’s a great actress. She holds up the DIPLOMA just at the right times.

  4. #4 by Fred Alcazar on March 26, 2011

    Where did Mitchell Hovey get his “doctorate?”

  5. #5 by hmmmmmmm on March 26, 2011

    Is Ann Hovey by any chance Mitchell Hovey’s wife?

  6. #6 by Kirk SR on March 30, 2011

    The VCR repair program seems particularly valuable.

    Perhaps I could corner the market in refurbished 1983 Sony Beta machines?

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