The She Bear

The She Bear made me do it!

On the eve of my departure for Sacramento to the repuglican convention, I was just about to enter Steamer’s to visit with city councilwoman Sharon Quirk-Silva at her annual St. Patty’s day party and listen to my Friend OJ blogger and entertainer extraordinaire Vern Nelson play the piano (and trust me Vern is quite the entertainer) and who did I see? None other than Fullerton’s biggest sissy – city councilman (by 91 votes) Pat McPension.

At first I thought about going up to him to ask how the Hell he had the nerve to show up at Quirk’s party. After all, this is the same puppet that followed his repuglican string pullers and stuck a proverbial knife in Quirk-Silva’s back on that old Mayor pro-tem stuff.  Remember? But then I thought: it’s not that big a deal – he’s probably use to sticking knives in people’s backs.

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  1. Wow, that’s some nerve, Big Mac showing up there. But maybe they worked it out between them, which is probably worse for everyone.

  2. Tony, you are a good for nothing silver spooner who was born lucky, and thinks that means you earned it. You are one of the most classless people in town. Just because you used to live next door to a lying councilman doesn’t make your political opinion worth anything.

    Go back to exploiting the people living in your houses and trying to make this laughing stock of a blog site look legitimate. You’re a pathetic human being and the funny thing is that just about everyone in town feels that way. By the way, Freida says hi.

    1. You and that silver spoon of yours Tony. Smugly cruising around town in your skull cap. Meetings over microwaved leftovers out of that haunted basement. Eating homegrown passion fruit, vegetables and eggs out of George’s corporate farm. Spending your time and resources fighting for smaller government, lower taxes, education for kids and the public good. Just classless.

    2. Silver spoon? That is hilarious. When our family used to eat out in Fullerton in the 70’s we went to a restaurant where Tony’s mom was the hostess and Tony was the busboy or a dishwasher. I dont know if any of those dirty spoons were silver but that would be as close as he got to a silver spoon.

      In the 90’s he drove some total piece of crap light blue 70’s looking Dodge van that he bought from Don Bankhead I think. Yep, silver spoon alright.

      Just stick to the name calling. You got the facts all backwards.

  3. Good grief!! Somebody woke up on the wrong side of their futon!

    Wasn’t She Bear sitting with everyone’s favorite Flory?

  4. What are you doing at a Quirk party admin? Are you a liberal weenie or is she a huge fake. Or are you looking for love?

  5. Now now #7 we know: K-N-O-W you are not the “real DKMFAN” (there’s lies a hint for you Sherlock Dan)

    Funny thing is, the real DKMFAN has caused so much shit, he’s got Sherlock Dan playing detective to no avail.

    I might have to change the handle before my good name gets dilluted by assholes like you!

    As for Big Mac, the simple answer is:

    IT WAS FREE! otherwise that cheapskate would have passed.

    1. HA HA! The real dkmfan catches the phony one! I’ve been keeping track of both of you for a while.

      This is like the great mirror scene in Duck Soup where Harpo puts on the mustache & glasses to impersonate Groucho, and almost gets away with it…

      Thanks for the shout-out admin, but how did I miss you? You musta got there right after I split, squeezing past that other Nelson.

  6. I was surprised to see Pat there. After he took her endorsement then turned his back on her for the Mayor Pro Tem vote I thought it was classless on his part. Almost like he admits he is happy to accept Sharon’s support so long as she understands he is not allowed to reciprocate on the record. I wanted to be respectful but I admit it was tempting to confront him.

  7. Hey Tony I wonder if that silver spoon had anything to do with the awesomeness of your anti-Sidhu truck?

  8. I remember that old van Bankhead sold Tony. I think he paid 50k for It. Tony was soooo mad when that 50k failed to buy any special favors when it came time to develop Tony’s dream “Slum Lord Land”. That’s when all the voices in Tony’s head started talking all at once.

    1. You know it’s a crime to steal ones identity. I guess since it’s just my nickname it doesn’t matter, however is does make you look like a tool.

  9. I would prefer that Sharon Quirk-Silva and Pat McKinley stay as far apart as possible, lest they accidentally impregnate each other with more big government ideas.

  10. I think we all need to realize that both of those clowns are bad news! Forget about the fact McPension got the OCGOP endorsement and Silva got the democrat endorsement they both have a record of taking what is not theirs! It’s time to tell McPension to leave government and Silva we don’t want her kind anymore, and that is not racist or sexist it’s because of her inability to lead!

  11. Of course you did, Tony. You’re as friendly as can be in person, even to the people you skewer here on your lovely site. You’re a coward.

    Travis is a complete ass, but he’s not a coward. He flips off people he doesn’t like and sticks by his guns. Even your bad hair dye job mentor showed up at Sharon’s thing, pretended to be a good guy and left the moment he got his certificate from Sharon.

    Love your old house, by the way.

    1. Tony Bushala has decided to call balls and strikes as he sees them. Of course it makes people like you nervous. Calling him a coward is a bit absurd. He doesnt hide his name from this site. Rather than call unrelated parties names, why dont you defend the specific actions of Pat McKinley.

      McKinley obviously took Sharon Quirk’s endorsement when he needed it and the second he had an opportunity to repay the loyalty, he cut her loose. There is no denying this. McKinley won by under 100 votes? He could possibly owe his election to Sharon Quirk. Do you think he respected her with his actions?

      Once McKinley proved that he wasn’t man enough to stand for something and support Sharon Quirk all because his admitted masters told him not to, that should have been the end of it. McKinley is a two faced coward and the world moves on. But no. He shows up at her event as if he has been behind Sharon all the way. Sure, none of us noticed McKinley.

      You fail to see the hypocrisy in this? Tony Bushala is the bad guy or a coward? Facts are facts and McKinley can’t deny what he did.

      You have a unique standard for “pretending to be a good guy”. Assuming you are referring to Shawn Nelson in the last paragraph, last I check he supported Sharon Quirk for mayor and mayor pro tem. That’s how “good guys” act. Sounds like he has supported her for a while. At least backed her up when she needed him most. And where was McKinley when she needed a friend?

      Pat McKinley had the chance to prove his metal and acted like a coward when he got the chance. He took from Sharon Quirk when he needed it and didnt have the guts to tell her he would not be returning the favor. Then, after he stabs her in the back, he rolls to her event to hang with her closest supporters and friends.

      Try as you might, you cant blame McKinley’s actions on Tony Bushala.

  12. Whatcha smoking Freidas friend? Travis is not guilty of the crime he is accused of (flipping the bird). Plus this is about Pat McKinley, he who promises them everything and gives..well..nothing. Or ….maybe…did he give her a contribution ?…$99.00 of it would be “under the radar” after all I believe this was a fundraiser for Sharon.

  13. I learned something from this post: Pat McKinley is truly a two face back stabbing bonehead. At the very least it appears the voters are beginning to see his true colors (yella). Hopefully someday justice will prevail.

    1. The She Bear is McPension’s self-published book that is supposed to awaken the inner She Bear in each woman so she can defend her cubs.

      They hand out copies at Chamber mixers, I think. If Quirk has read it maybe she can use some of its techniques on the spineless weasel who took her endorsement, won by 91 votes and then refused to support her for Mayor Pro Tem.

  14. I love the defenders. It’s admin’s fault the chief screwed Quirk.

    I guess when the facts don’t help you go with crazy.

  15. Anon, when the post is about the chief and his treatment of Quirk, calling some one else names is a defense tactic commonly referred to as diversion or changing the subject.

    Now, what is chief’s explanation for his undisputed hypocritical actions?

    1. Yes! And that would be the worst explanation of all for him being there. It would demonstrate that Quirk-Silva learned nothing from being betrayed out of the Mayor Pro Tem office by McKinley just months ago, and may feel that she needs his support in a campaign for her re-election next year. It represents a drift by her toward the sinkhole of the mushy middle that serves no one.

      Better to cut the useless ex-chief loose and go at it alone with the dignity of her principles and at least the better part of her record than depend upon the do-nothing celebrity of a know-nothing council member.

    2. Kirk, Not only did I bother to think it but I assumed she invited him. The point of the post is not that Sharon Quirk-Silva lacks class or loyalty, it is that McKinley does.

      Is your point that Sharon is the bigger person here? If so, I agree with you.

    3. Kirk, the facts are hard to hide. McKinley stabbed Quirk-Silva in the back. Either he’s an ordinary coward or a back stabbing coward, take your pick.

  16. Sharon invited Pat and Aruni and Vicky and who knows how many others..everyone who won and lost in the last election, and she had certificates to hand out for..umm..according to my source, for losing and winning? Stupid ploy to get support for her upcoming race…I mean how shallow does she think these people are? Basically it was a fundraiser. So do not feel sorry for Sharon, she is a big girl and remember, a politician!

    1. Good to see Sharon is growing in office and willing to embrace those who could not support her. It shows real leadership and forward thinking. I, for one, am impressed!

  17. Ah… Chamber Star, Sharon was told by Pat that he would support her…would even vote for her to be Mayor Pro Tem, then he skipped out on her. So now if she shows support for him it is just being a Pat’s Patsy isn’t it?

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