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    1. I asked Hues on saterday if i really believes that the booking photo of kelly was real and he said ” oh, yes….

  1. SD-I hope to see you there, I’ll be across the street from the PD on the corner of highland and commonwealth near the bench

  2. We need to get Fullerton’s community and students to get involved. The case was shut before it is open. Nothing will change with current Fullerton cops and city officials.

  3. Dog and Animals are better value than innocent humans in Fullerton and Orange County….
    Federal jury says Chicago law enforcement must pay $330,000 to a family after officers shot their dog during a home raid that turned up no illegal activity.
    Thomas Russell, then 18, opened the door to his home in February 2009 to find police officers with their guns drawn. He asked if he could lock up his 9-year-old black labrador, named Lady, before letting the officers inside.
    Police refused the request and came into the house, the lawsuit said. When Lady came loping around the corner with her tail wagging, Officer Richard Antonsen shot the dog, according to the suit, which alleged excessive force, false arrest and illegal seizure for taking the dog’s life.
    The cops handcuffed Russell and his 16-year-old brother, and eventually charged Russell with obstructing their operation. He was found not guilty. According to NBC, the jury awarded $175,000 to Russell, $85,000 to his little brother, and $35,000 each to the brothers’ parents. The officer who shot the dog owes $2,000 in damages, and his supervisor owes $1,000, according to NBC.

    1. That is sick, the guy that shot the dog should be in prison.

      If that asshole killed one of my black labs I would have a hard time not shooting him in the head.

  4. London and Israel won’t take it and neither will we! We hope to see justice for Thomas Kelly and unknown victims before cancer getting to me.
    I would rather let cancer takes me away than Fullerton cops and city officials. Please God.

    1. @ Jane: Thanks for the link. I read some of their stuff and watched some videos.

      I think that a few Fullerton Citizen’s should form a watch group going around VIDEO TAPING every police interaction. Especially, on Friday and Sat. nights around the bars. That would put even more pressure on them and possible get some “juicy footage” of more violations. But, more importantly, if the cops know that they are being videoed and watched be other witnesses, it will help force them to act professionally!

    2. Also, I wanted to copy & paste a reply from that article that really hits home for me and says everything I feel.

      Prisonwithoutwalls says:
      August 19, 2011 at 7:12 pm
      It is time for North American citizens to wake up and understand that there is now a “guilty until proven innocent” attitude among police.

      If those people were wearing denim and leather when they attacked someone, they would be called a “gang”. Instead, because they wear uniforms, they are called “police”.

      Speak out against suspensions with pay for police. Hold them accountable to the same laws that we must obey. There should be no double standard, police are not above the law.

      It is shameful that you can be detained, assaulted, humiliated, kept in jail, lose your job, and worse simply from watching police, recording them, or even speaking to them, if they don’t like it.

      I know of one case where a man who has never committed a crime has lived in terror of police for 23 YEARS because of defamatory data in the police database system. We are a police state, that’s for sure.

  5. Cops are always win in courts. Orange County’s Judges and DAs always believe in what they said, included lies and treachery. These cops using “the truths” to cover up its lies tactics. It is always work on their favorites.
    Fullerton cops and politicans are very afraid of camera, especially video phones around them. They can charge you a felony or anything they want. Be careful.

    1. “Orange County’s Judges and DAs always believe in what they said, included lies and treachery.”
      That’s because the police unions have them in their pockets. “Endorsement”, “Campaign Contribution”, “lobbying”, etc. are just disguised terms for bribery and corruptions.

      1. Powerful police unions are corrupted at all levels. Orange County judges and District Attorney Office suppose to protect us as well. Orange County and Fullerton City are Enteprise Gangs with licenses under “Protect and Serve” flag.
        I want to be cop, politican, and lawyer in Orange County when I grow up.

  6. And I’ll be across the street supporting the fine men and women of the Fullerton Police Dept. Kelly Tomiss resissted arrest plane and simple.

    1. Kelly Thomas, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, was approached as he sat on a bench, and he was THREATENED. The officer told Kelly that “these are the hands that are going to kick your ass” or a statement very close to that, according to insider information that has been released.

      The officer intentionally escalated the encounter with Kelly, who was well known to be suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. Officers receive training in how to handle the mentally ill and officers are trained to DE-escalate encounters with the mentally ill. Instead, Kelly was terrorized by vicious threats.

      Kelly was afraid for his life, and he tried to defend himself by running away from police brutality. Kelly had a right to defend himself against police brutality. And, the officers proved that Kelly’s fears were absolutely well founded- since they murdered him.

      Kelly had good reason to be very afraid of the out of control, sociopathic, most likely steroid amped up officers who were threatening him that night.

      As it has been stated before, It is not necessary to restrain someone’s head. Officers used excessive force that resulted in death. In my opinion, the officers are guilty of torture, cruel and unusual punishment and murder.

      Kelly’s murder was no accident. The officers intended to cause great bodily harm (which resulted in death) and the officer’s threats go to prove premeditation.

      In my opinion, there was very likely a conspiracy going on between the mayor and the police chief and local businesses. In order to rid the town of the homeless and to “clean up” downtown Fullerton they likely decided to severely beat up and make an example out of someone such as Kelly- in order to let all of the homeless people know that they are not welcome there. That is premeditation. How about it? Does anyone have inside information to back up my theory?? I believe there are videos of the mayor at a city council meeting saying that he is going to get rid of the homeless in downtown Fullerton.

      The continued Tasering, hitting, kicking and bludgeoning of Kelly, even after he was subdued and not resisting, and while he was face down and hog tied, goes to show excessive force.

      The continued bludgeoning, Tasering and knee drops on Kelly’s nose and throat even after Kelly has already been rendered unconscious shows that the murder was willful and deliberate.

      At some point, you know that if you smash someone’s head into the curb, and you keep bludgeoning his head with the butt end of a Taser until blood is spraying everywhere, and you electrocute him enough times- that person is going to die. If you beat someone this severely, you are intending to kill him.

      No, I’m not withholding my opinion until after the trial. If we all had done that, Sellers wouldn’t be on medical leave right now, the six officers would still be out patrolling the streets of Fullerton and the FBI most likely wouldn’t be investigating.

      Now if we can just get a D.D.A. to investigate who is NOT best friends with Chief Sellers and get an honest internal investigation by the FPD.
      I know. Dream on.

    2. Resisting arrest doesnt give the Police the right to bash your face in and beat you to death! Being arrested and charged for resisting arrest would have been understandable. But cops commiting MURDERING this guy,no way is that justifiable. Cops are not above the law!!!! What the cops did warrants time in PRISON! FOR a very long time!! If six cops cant restrain a 135 pound man, they are incompetent!!!! SEND THEE COPS TO PRISON,that is the right thing to do!!!!

    3. Even if he did resist, which I’m not saying he did, if I understand what you said, then you would have kicked his legs out from under him, you would have slammed his face into a concrete curb over and over and over, you would have hit and kicked him, you would have beaten him with nightsticks and tazered him at least six times, and then when the batteries in your tazer died you would have beaten his head and face with the butt of your tazer until your arms and hands were covered in his blood and all the bones in his face were broken and smashed, then if I understand you, you would have drop kneed him in the throat crushing his windpipe. So for being afraid and running a few feet of pushing you away, which is probably all he did, YOU would beat him to a bloody brain dead pulp, as good as dead? Aren’t you just the best kind of human being?

  7. Fat Gut Dumbass :
    And I’ll be across the street supporting the fine men and women of the Fullerton Police Dept. Kelly Tomiss resissted arrest plane and simple.

    Would you admit that a Rodeo Clown could have subdued Kelly Thomas and not murdered him in the process?

    Your GoonSquad is going down

    1. Define drive, none. Do you mean drive IN to participate, or do something else that I won’t ask because I honestly don’t want to know but will anyway because I’ll be standing right there.

  8. Let’s get a HUGE turnout tomorrow and let the police know that WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED UNTIL JUSTICE IS SERVED. Tell your friends, your family, your acquaintances, hell – even your enemies. Let’s keep this ball rolling!

    1. Injustice Everywhere

      National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-23-11
      Posted: 24 Aug 2011 12:51 AM PDT
      Here are the 23 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, August 23, 2011:

      San Francisco CA police in the above video are being accused of using excessive force on female protester at end of protest against BART police [3] bit.ly/qvwjN9

      2 Seaside Heights NJ cops accused of arresting 2 men on video, above, and beating one of them after shutting off the cell phone videotaping them. Apparently because one of them was videotaping one of the officers. [0] bit.ly/pBGMLt

      Syracuse NY cop gets unspecified discipline but no charges after caught on video, above, slamming a cuffed man into his cruiser [1] bit.ly/nYQY4U
      Ottawa ON sued by man alleging cops beat him, stripped him, then tried to crush his testicles against cell bars [3] bit.ly/oQYRD4
      Burlington ON & Halton ON cops accused of excessive force by judge dismissing case against man who had arm broken [3] bit.ly/p9zAFP
      Chicago IL cop in SOS scandal sentenced to probation in plea to false report about warrantless raid caught on video [0] trib.in/nn0iMp
      Corpus Christi TX cop found guilty of indecency with child for groping a 12yr-old girl during an ATV ride [0] bit.ly/nf0wKC
      Rockaway Beach OR cop who coached softball team arrested for encouraging child sexual abuse & other charges [0] bit.ly/px1aBb
      Madison NJ cop pleads guilty to child pornography charge for asking what he thought was 13yr-old girl for nude pics [0] bit.ly/ob04r2
      Los Angeles Co CA sheriff reaches tentative $900k settlement w/family of woman who died after released from jail [0] lat.ms/r5GLpI
      Craven Co NC deputy sentenced to 60days jail after pleading to charges over fatal on-duty 100mph crash [0] bit.ly/renjWO
      Regina SK cop charged w/assault on unspecified allegations that he used excessive force on a man in custody [2] bit.ly/nYqZhf
      New Britain CT police capt faces new allegations of sexual misconduct raised during testimony in suit by other cop [0] cour.at/rm22Cm
      Colonial Regional Police PA cop charged w/assaulting his estranged wife in custody dispute in front of 9yr-old son [0] bit.ly/qVAMKN
      Palm Beach Co FL deputy arrested for allegedly smuggling contraband into jail in exchange for stolen debit cards [0] bit.ly/r22ewv
      Moorehead State Univ KY cop indicted on shoplifting charges along with wife accused of stealing from Walmart [0] bit.ly/p29rfJ
      Midwest City OK now-retired police major charged for falsely claiming 2.5hrs overtime when GPS showed he was home [0] bit.ly/pKdP3v
      Redding CA cop suspended after arrested on suspicion of drunk driving while behind wheel of city-owned vehicle [1] bit.ly/qZrO3L
      Tucson AZ cop arrested on drunk driving, agg assault & other charges after rear ending another car while off duty [0] bit.ly/nn7J6z
      North Muskegon MI cop who also works for Roosevelt Park MI gets suspended sentence for crashing into home while DUI [0] bit.ly/qGCyyT
      Pittsburgh PA cop on paid leave after charged w/insurance fraud and related crimes involving off-duty accident [0] http://bit.ly/nXtlDa
      Gage Co NE deputy arrested on drunk driving allegations after being pulled over for speeding while off duty [0] bit.ly/q8cGsH
      Turner Co GA sheriff resigns & pleads to violating oath for giving pal’s wife pot from evidence to treat cancer. Honestly, I didn’t want to add this one since my wife’s dad died of cancer and she would tell me how marijuana was the only thing that seemed to help him with the pain. But, it is a plea to a criminal charge so I have to add it like any other criminal case. [0] bit.ly/oDTUhX
      Before I go, I had a bit of time to make to variations of bumper stickers based on the “If you see something, film something” poster I designed since a couple people said they were interested in that. I’m not sure if I’m happy with the design yet, but it’s what I was able to do in the time I had. Let me know what you think.

      That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

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  9. “AMERICA has become a police state”- I agree with your idea of going around filming police activity in Fullerton. Perhaps if this was done in larger groups the police would not be able to intimidate the citizens and confiscate their cameras like they did in the Kelly Thomas case. Hopefully advances in technology will make it feasible for citizens to easily monitor police arrests in the near future. I believe accountability for corrupt police officers will only be brought on through repeated civil lawsuits.

  10. then logically, we need a third party, titled “no longer an establishment cash cow”, for too long, we, taxpayers, have been herded by the proud and the powerful, our public servants, into their personal vision for a better place evidenced by the increasingly intrusive laws, statutes, oversight commissions, agencies. Every level of government loves to prod us into submitting to their benevolent authority. Yet, if we question their actions more of our tax dollars are used to buy more experts and officials to tell us we can’t think for ourselves. Instead, we, the tax payer, must submit to the experts “independent” thoughts. Inevitiably, the experts consistently absolve our masters, the proud and the powerful, our public servants, of any wrong doing. Law is the matrix of civilization and when it is corrupted our social contract with our representative government becomes null and void and we the people are left with the grotesque Pat McKinley, Rusty Kennedy, Michael Gennaco who use our tax dollars to cover up the murder of a disabled, homeless man. But , we the people, have the streets, we have protest, we have thoughts that we may express to passerbys on the streets of fullerton. As the street person, kelly thomas was killed on Fullerton’s streets, so justice only will be brought to his killers, the FPD, by protesting it in the streets. Push back! (sorry for the animal metaphor, I take it form Orwell’s Animal Farm)

  11. What would the best way to do when you see Fullerton cops and Orange County Sheriffs? Take as simple advice from Forrest Gump

    [When bullies from school start chasing young Forrest]
    Young Jenny Curran: Run, Forrest, run! Run, Forrest!

  12. Running from the police is what got Kelly in trouble to begin with. If he had simply cooperated and followed officer commands none of this would have happened.

    1. Birdbrain, we American citizen’s have a Constitutional right to resist an unlawful detention. Kelly’s detention was unlawful. They had zero probable cause to detain him. See Elk v US!

  13. Lol@ the guy who thinks Kelly Thomas deserved to die because he didn’t obey commands properly. You would think trained professionals would have the intelligence and restraint to not beat someone senseless for not following orders. Keep blaming the victim and showing sympathy for the murderers, regardless they will pay for their crimes against humanity in many, many ways.

    1. Kellys only crime was insubordination, and probably not even that being that he was being provoked according to witnesses at the bus stop.

  14. @Stan, Kelly ran because the officer brandished his baton and made threats to Kelly. The officer said, “These are the hands that are going to kick your ass.” or a very similar statement, according to inside information, taken from the voice recorder that the officer was wearing at the time of the attack on Kelly. They didn’t observe Kelly doing anything illegal and the search they did on Kelly’s backpack was illegal. Items that were found in Kelly’s backpack were things that Kelly had found in the trash. Kelly was terrorized by the officer’s threats; he was afraid for his life and he tried to protect himself from police brutality by running.

    Kelly suffered from paranoid schizophrenia to begin with, so that made him even more frightened and much less clear thinking than a person who is not mentally ill. The officers knew who Kelly Thomas was and they knew he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. If officers had talked to Kelly and asked him questions, instead of threatening him, Kelly wouldn’t have run and then the officers wouldn’t have had any reason to attack Kelly.

    Officers are trained how to De-escalate encounters with mentally ill people; instead, the officer INTENTIONALLY tried to intimidate Kelly and he INTENTIONALLY escalated Kelly’s fear. In my opinion, the officer INTENTIONALLY provoked Kelly into running and I believe this was premeditated murder.

  15. @john doe, some of it is hearsay on my part; however, there ARE witnesses, and their testimony will be admissible in a court of law.

  16. It is too bad that 95% of the Cops give the good Cops a bad name! I’ve done ride alongs with LEO’s and in the past supported them unconditionally as the good guys – no more, as I have seen and heard about the huge numbers of LEO’s who terrorize the public I have come to see that I have for all of my life discounted the cries of the weak who have claimed that the police have been abusing them for a long time.
    See http://www.injusticeeverywhere.com
    As long as all these guys stand together to protect the bad apples – they all deserve to be treated as bad apples – not worthy of our respect, trust or any authority over us. I think that every community needs to know who their officers are in advance of these incidents so…..

  17. I want to know why the press, continue to falsely report Kelly Thomas’s death, this is today’s except fro AP and I have read the same false adjective repeated in other reports:

    “For Fullerton, things began spiraling out of control on July 5, when Thomas got into a violent fight with police officers who were responding to reports that someone had been burglarizing cars at a downtown transit station. Thomas, who suffered severe head and neck injuries, was taken off life support on July 10.”

    Why don’t they report that Thomas was fighting for his life not “Thomas got in a violent fight with police officers”

    It pisses me off that these nimrods who report in AP etc. are just flojos.

  18. Thomas Kelly is still with us. His spirit wandering around Fullerton City Hall, Police Dept., and crime site. His soul will never rest until justice serves. Death man cannot do anything and he needs our helps. Fullerton community needs your helps.
    We will not let his death go to waste. Together we will get it right for Thomas Kelly and our children.

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