The Fringies® Continue. Worst Vote 2011

Another popular Fringie® category, Worst Vote, once again had the Nominating Committee sifting through reams of material trying to separate the ridiculous from the sublimely ridiculous. The effort was herculean, and by herculean I mean mind-numbingly depressing. And so the Committee, exhausted and babbling, climbed into a dune buggy and drove off into the cold desert night with nothing but twelve bottles of Thunderbird® and soda crackers.

Anyway here’s what they left behind.

1. In November the Fullerton City Council really distinguished itself, buying 200 special raincoats to keep their police force dry, even though the force only consists of 140 cops, only a few of which would ever be on duty in the rain. They spent $17,000 on that outlay, almost $90 per, but hey, sometime you’ve got to say that money is no object. The vote was 5-0.
Faith and begorrah, 'twas a blessing to be Irish!

2. In July the Fullerton School Board voted 4-1 to hire a huckster named Rudy Ruetigger to be their management retreat’s motivation speaker at $2000, a real bargain. Maybe the bargain basement price was due to the fact that the SEC was nipping at Rudy’s heels. None of the Trustees who supported this extravagance seems to have been the least bit curious about why six-figure salaries plus benefits wasn’t ample motivation for Fullerton’s educrat class.

Me 'n my aliens are about to stomp you.

3. In December the Three Hollow Logs on the Fullerton City Council elected one of their own, Pat McKinley, to be the back up face of Fullerton as Mayor Pro Tem. Well this is perfectly appropriate. McKinley, who makes $20,000 each and every month as a retired public employee is a poster child for runaway pension abuse in California; his insulting and ignorant comments about Kelly Thomas’ injuries, and his jaw-droppingly embarrassing views on sexual battery perpetrated by his policeman make him a perfect symbol of an entrenched, sclerotic, gerontocracy.

Try me, you' like me!

4. In August, as the pressure of world-wide scrutiny mounted, the City Council voted 4-1 to hire an outside contractor named Michael Gennaco to avoid doing needed to done: an immediate house cleaning. More wasted dough. An accompanying action was to create a task force on homeless issues, chaired by Rusty Kennedy, friend of cops throughout OC. The creation of this committee was the rudest diversion of all, suggesting that the real issue wasn’t an out-of-control gang of thugs, pickpockets, perjurers, and killers roaming the streets of Fullerton in police uniforms.

Heh, heh. Nobody laid a glove on me!

5. Also in August the Three Hollow Logs needed to prove they still had potent f-up mojo and awarded a multi-million dollar subsidized housing project to the clients of the guy who would become the Recall defense team leader, Dick Ackerman. Ackerman’s client St. Anton Partners who is slated to get millions of public money jumped all the way from eighth place into the driver’s seat. The Age of Miracles is not over!

6. Back in March the Three Tree Stumps voted to try to hide Redevelopment assets from the State, because, let’s face it, these so-called conservatives are hooked on government central planned boondoggles like a junkie is on black tar heroin.

7. The Fullerton School Board granted furlough days to their teachers instead of a comparatively small pay cut. Trustee and union jock strap Janny Meyer opined on face book, and we were there to share her illiterate boo-hooing.

Not ready for prime time...

8. Away back in April the City Council gave “acting” City Manager Joe Felz the permanent job without ever having engaged in a search. Three months later Felz would wilt like an old leaf of lettuce in the sun. Joe probably figured the job would be a breeze. After all his predecessors Chis Meyer and Jim Armstrong got away with murder (figuratively). His police force wasn’t so lucky (literally).

Well, Friends, them there’s some pretty bad votes. Feel free to share your opinion.


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  1. The mind reels…all of this and more happened in 2011. I can’t begin to choose between them. You’re on your own on this one. At least none of these awful decisions escaped the notice of this blog.

  2. Who’s in charge over on commonwealth? Come on now who is really in charge over there? Looks like it is still unclear.

  3. …too tough to choose between so many deserved nominees.
    I have to ask anyone that might know, what the heck was going on a couple of weeks ago during the City Council’s intra-council vote for Mayor?
    Doc Jones was rattling on about a car allowance provided to the Mayor, however a fellow resident told me that all the hullabaloo was because the car allowance was considered financial gain, and Hick Jones was pulling a sort of political Hail Mary by challenging the car allowance so he could become Mayor once again?
    Does anyone else know anything about this or can expand on what I was told by my another Fullerton resident?
    If Doc did indeed attempt a Hail Mary on 4th and long, I mean waaaaaaaaaaaay long, and not want to relinquish his tiara as Mayor of Fullerton after his disastrous performance last year, I’d have to say that Doc Jones would be my nomine.

  4. My my my, Houston I think we have a problem in Fullerton.. Something needs to happen immediately.. McKinley as Mayor Pro Tem only goes to show us that the 3 bafoons are and will always vote together to protect the corruption they have created in this city..

  5. STORY TIME from: Why is the FBI taking so long on this situation! Tap, tap, tap, Agent Slacker and Agent Slow Poke, remind me of a 1996 Disney script that I worked on, in which Agent Greasemy Palm and Agent Extor Tion grabbed a high school kid out of boarding school in Switzerland to get ‘friendly cooperation’ from her mother, the amazingly beautiful Mrs. Lookatme-Isitanywonder-I havethe-thirdhighest-payingjobontheplanet. Mom, (third from the top under the worlds most successful smuggler), told all of the details, on her former employer; who had already been busted (so what’s the difference); consequently mom was promptly deposited at DeBeers, by her new ‘friends’ at FBI Headquarters, for reintegration into society with new job skills, (such as diamond smuggling, oops I mean grading) and there; she spilled her story at a Christmas party, (on video), including the part about Agent Extor Tion demanding that if mom wants to know where her kid is she should buy him a new SUV, (which is still registered in his name). The evil Carolyn Troll then exclaims: That video went out in stocking stuffers, containing thumb drives, to everyone (who I know) in DC, which is a lot of people since I was born there: The url address gets activated if anything happens to me, or if Agents Slacker and Slow Poke don’t pick up the pace, here in Fullerton. You don’t have mom or her daughter now, do you? Well, I’m just saying those white hats are looking a little dingy; you might think about spiffing up your image. That’s how the story goes, anyway. -Carolyn

  6. I conjecture when I do the political math and arrive at this equation and its disturbing sum; ex-Fullerton police chief and current Fullerton city council member Pat McKinley is politically vested, as is his fellow council members Jones and Bankhead, in Fullerton Redevelopment Agency’s commitment to using tax dollars to unfairly compete with the private sector in developing housing projects for low-income Fullerton residents.
    “A prior partnership between the City of Fullerton and The Olson Company resulted in the development of a pioneering transit-oriented, residential live-work community adjacent to our Transportation Center in 2007. In 2010, in a new partnership with the Fullerton Redevelopment Agency, the company will build a 34-home community, affordable to moderate income buyers on a nearby site in the Richman Park area, dramatically accelerating the ongoing transformation of that neighborhood.”
    —ROBERT M. ZUR SCHMIEDE, Executive Director, Fullerton Redevelopment Agency, City of Fullerton”
    Throw into this equation the variable, Rusty Kennedy who is the CEO of the Orange County Human Relations Commission(OCHRC) and now heads the band-aid on the beating death of Kelly Thomas by Fullerton police officers, the Fullerton Task Force on the Homeless. Pat McKinley is a long-time colleague of Rusty Kennedy because McKinley served as the only member of law enforcement on Rusty’s OCHRC. The OCHRC promotes itself as a government agency committed to protecting the civil rights of all people especially when those civil rights are abused by law enforcement. In essence the OCHRC sets itself up as a clearing house for OC communities’ complaints of police abuse of their civil rights.
    Considering the long history of civil rights abuses committed by the Fullerton police when Pat McKinley was this town’s police chief and a member of the OCHRC board, I find it odd that it took the beating death of Kelly Thomas last July (2011) to reveal that then Fullerton Police Chief McKinley and Rusty Kennedy did not make public the systematic civil rights abuses by their hometown’s police force .
    And so I wonder why Rusty Kennedy the social justice warrior would not make a stink about fullerton cops molesting women they have arrested, perjury, false arrest and now murder?
    Maybe it is just me working the political math wrong but I inserted another variable into my equation, the Kennedy Commission.

    Our Mission
    Working for systemic change resulting in the production of affordable homes for Orange County’s extremely low-income families.

    The Kennedy Commission is a collaborative of community members that advocates for the production of homes for Orange County families earning less than $20,000 annually. We strive to develop solutions to housing needs, affirm the dignity of families with low and extremely low-incomes and to unite communities across Orange County to support the development of homes that are affordable to all residents.
    The Kennedy Commission originally convened in 1995 as an all-volunteer organization. Formally incorporated in 1999, the Kennedy Commission was named in memory of Orange County resident Ralph Kennedy, a pioneer of affordable homes and human rights advocacy. Through our extensive network, the Kennedy Commission works at the local, state, and federal levels to provide education on housing needs and to help create public policy that results in the production of homes that are affordable to those earning less than $10.00 per hour.
    It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3
    The Kennedy Commission accomplishes its mission of creating housing opportunities by sponsoring the following programs:
    1.Professional education and collaboration.
    The Kennedy Commission serves as a “one-stop shop” for professionals involved in creating housing opportunities. We keep our members informed of key developments in the industry of affordable homes through e-mail updates and monthly meetings.

    2.Policy research, development and advocacy.
    The Kennedy Commission works to impact policy that will create additional housing opportunities in communities throughout Orange County. Our work in this area has resulted in the production or approval of more than 3,500 affordable rental homes–homes that would not have been possible without the Commission’s leadership. The Commission also works to educate local voters about the housing crisis.

    3.Community involvement.
    The Kennedy Commission makes it a priority to involve those that are most impacted by the housing crisis in its work. We also sponsor a “housing hotline” which community members can call for information about opportunities for affordable homes.
    The foundation of our work rests with our committed and compassionate volunteers, Board of Directors and staff. We welcome the active participation of both those directly affected by the shortage of affordable homes and other interested community supporters.
    We invite you to join us in our efforts. ”
    The Kennedy Commission is named after Rusty Kennedy’s deceased father, Ralph, who after being unceremoniously laid off from his aerospace job, in the 1960’s, awoke from one of his noon day naps and became gainfully employed as John F Kennedy’s doppelganger.
    the woman, on the Kennedy Commission website, holding the sign stating yes on housing is Rusty Kennedy’s daughter.
    I will let the readers do the math.

    1. Van you have way to much time on your hands! You realize that after the first paragraph you lose at least 95% of the readers!

      1. Actually, I was rushed for time . I knew when I pushed submit , what I wrote was disjointed. Consider it a work in progress. Meanwhile, ponder this; why would the Kennedy Commission label persons making $80,000 year salary as moderate low-income and thus qualify for new homes built in collaboration with private home builders and public funds(Redevelopment funds.) Maybe I’m wrong in my assumption, but it seems that those promoting these absurd numbers and ratings were/are determined to get money back on their investment. then again, this is just my conjecture

  7. This isn’t even a contest. The sheer scale ($9 million if I recall correctly), good-old-boy back-scratching and total detrimental impact of the St. Anton/Ackerman gift (vote) shames the other entries. This vote epitomizes why we need to bring an end to electing know-nothing former public employees with a dishonest “R” next to their name for the sake of believing that it equates to conservative governance. It also stands on its own as moral and practical justification to recall and replace these thieves of private labor. I can only work toward and pray for their replacements to be MORE committed to small government, fiscal conservatism and commitment to civil rights. Our job is not done upon qualifying the recall election.

      1. An’ ‘taint’ reall money anyways, h’its jus’ redevelopment money! An’ y’all kin jus’ suck on it anyways, cuz we already done it! Watch’all gonna do now, recall us? Ha ha ha ha!

  8. Gennaco is not going to deliver the results wanted or needed, he has a proven track record of delivering condesention and placation.

  9. Sort of relevant to the post, but thought I’d post anyway:

    Living normally begins as an attempt to do your work well and ends with being branded an enemy of society -Vaclav Havel

  10. The city council voted to buy raincoats!
    That is the last straw.
    It is a crazy example of goverment waste.
    They could buy 10 raincoats and the officer could take turns using them.
    What a bunch of morons.
    Where do I sign the recall?
    For a dog you are a fuckin genius.

    1. “They could buy 10 raincoats and the officer could take turns using them.”

      Yes, what a shockingly simple idea. My guess is those coats are designed to grow legs and walk off.

      1. JFD, you need a tummy rub!

        Let’s not get petty here. While these are expensive raincoats, I’m fine with buying new raincoats. How old are the ones they had before? Did the city of Fullerton justify the purchase in their staff report? If so, what was the justification.

        Now what really irks me is seeing the poinsettias planted in downtown Fullerton. That is a waste of $$! Damn things will be pulled out again after the 25th!

        1. They don’t even have space to hang up 140 raincoats for their active cops (counting the ten or so on paid or unpaid leave pending investigation). This is ridiculous on every level. I vote for the raincoats.

  11. Where is communism now that we need it? I just mean, sarcastically, to say, that all of the above information flying around on this site makes it clear that it’s too late to hold on to the hope that anything is going to work under the circumstances (of corruption) in this democracy, we may as well throw in the towel and go communist, or Marxist at least; Marx’ theories were evenly applied to the one percent and the 99% (communism is a guarantee of the redistribution of wealth, AKA free housing: Seriously 50% of the children in Fullerton are hungry. And about ten thousand people are homeless. Not good. -Carolyn Throwsupherhands

  12. In the future, all city purchases will be approved by Tony Bushala. That Way, Tony Bushal’s vendors can profit and and Tony can get a little piece of the action as well.

    1. Keep on this track my friend. Little is more validating to the cause than the No-Recall camp having to conjure up every talking point out of clear, imaginary vapor.

  13. Joe Felz is a nice guy, but is clearly in way, way over his head. Having him doing the negotiations with unions is like leading the lamb to slaughter.

    Picking him without even doing a recruitment was absolutely incompetent and dangerous. This is your worst vote of 2011, hands down.

    1. I think Unions are a thing of the past. They had a purpose long ago. See how the Unions have helped the USA now. Many jobs are moving out of the country, that’s what the Unions have done for us. Even you say the words “leading the lamb to slaughter”. That’s what unions have done for us. How many items in your home that say “made it China?”.
      BTW, I was raised in a Union Family.

  14. Fred Alcazar
    Dec 18 – 4:03 PM
    Haha! Apparently human biology is not necessary to get a GED.

    No Tony, I do believe you were created when gravity caused you to ooz out of your mother’s anus and drip into the glory hole at that location you united with an egg and the Tony Bushal legend was created.

    DT, No more trashing family members of people you don’t like!

      1. Please stop. Each time you publicly ask the admin to ban them you’re only encouraging them to post even more crap.

      2. Waaaaahhhhhh! If you wan that off the. There would be no blog!!
        You are the kin of idiot who buys a house next to train tracks then complains about the noise!!!! Moron! Block this!!!

    1. Well folks, now you know what you’re fighting against. Entrenched power backed up with a dirty little sixth grade intelligence.

      This is the Fullerton Establishment Brown Shirt at play.

      1. Harpoon, you nailed it. There is no moral or intellectual foundation for anything these cretins do. They are completely worthless. They are just wasting air space.

        BTW, I got 75 signatures today.

        1. JFD, would you mind asking someone when you get the chance why they don’t understand the power of Google and and how you can find out things from 2002-including seeing that someone endorsed your mistress back then? Did they just endorse your mistress to win you over? 😉

  15. I say, let them stay. It just enforces the truth. And why are they bashing Tony? They should be making comments on Fullerton residents. But, McPity, Dick, and Sleepy are all residents too. So be careful what you say.

  16. O.K., all of the cop cadets and cop cubscout kids (AKA snipers) are officially late for dinner, and or up past their bedtimes, on this site, if you must go into police work, at least do it with a reasonable amount of sleep, and without being late for dinner. I know that you are late for dinner, because you are getting cranky, go!

  17. My friends and I have noticed that there is some very funny teen humor on this site. We tried making adult comments, but the teenagers do not get it or know how to respond, so, we decided to just meet the standard set by them, rather than setting one of our own. Which worked about as well as you can see from nipsey’s comment: not at all. -Carolyn

  18. I am out of my eliment, what does “tween” mean? Is it a combination of tweet and teen? Perhaps John Sands has signed onto my account and is pretending to be me, ha, double ha. -Carolyn

    1. I can wish I was tween!!! I am just a old lady now. Life sucks when you get old…. I had my grandson all weakend, boy that kidded my butt….

  19. Wow! So many from which to chose, so little time.

    Fullerton considers amending liquor law
    Orange County Register, The (Santa Ana, CA) – Sunday, March 2, 2008
    Author: BARBARA GIASONE ; The Orange County Register

    “”There’s been too much lawlessness[referring to DTF]; we’re not the Wild West anymore,” Councilman Dick Jones said Friday. “We can’t tolerate this in this city .”

  20. Jane H :
    What about this? Ramos looks pale and defiant.

    I hope it’s because Manny finally realized what a piss poor example he’s been for his children. Once that sinks in I hope he realizes what a piss poor example he’s been for law enforcement officers who’ve suffered because of his actions.
    Once tha sinks in I hope he realizes how many our childrens lives were affected when they watch a video of him beating someones son to death as he pleads for his daddy. Once that sinks in I hope he realizes how many sleepless nights Kelly’s family has lost because Manny couldn’t remember that we are ALL innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and that his job is to keep the peace and be a peacemaker, and not to be the town bully that gives my children nightmares.

  21. Let’s not forget the confusing, accident-causing left turn signals installed in Fullerton. Has anyone yet figured out the sequence(s) and what they mean?

    I would bet the company who designed them return at least some of our money in the form of campaign contributions to our Council.

  22. Defense attorney John Barnett says charges will be dropped at the March preliminary hearing. Hahahahaha……..

  23. Recall Yes & No Reality Check

    Two sides – both with plenty of cash – are at each others throats and spewing the kind of overblown rhetoric that has become commonplace in recent elections.

    The campaign to recall councilmembers Don Bankhead, Dick Jones, and Pat McKinley was launched by local developer and blog host Tony Bushala and recently elected FSD boardmember Chris Thompson. The counter campaign Protect Fullerton-Recall NO! was launched by the three councilmembers and their supporters through a campaign company in Anaheim.

    The expensive mailer sent out by Protect Fullerton – Recall NO! committee references a Fullerton Observer article.

    While the article (see page 9 of the Mid Sept. 2011 issue at did point out that Mr. Bushala, an avid redevelopment foe, had a below market rate redevelopment deal from the city – it failed to add the interesting detail that the deal was signed by then Mayor Don Bankhead. To be fair it must be mentioned that one councilmember can not pass such a deal. Council decisions are made by majority vote. The mailer is filled with other unsourced allegations and half truths.

    The expensive mailer from Bushala’s recall group is also full of unsourced allegations and claims offered as “reasons” to recall the three councilmembers. “They are in the process of doubling your water rates!” appears in large capitals. Water rates are going up but it is not the fault of anyone sitting on the council. The claim is made that “They’ve used corporate welfare to enrich their friends and supporters” but no details are given.

    The mailers and websites of both the pro and con recall camps apparently expect citizens to just “believe” claims without backup.

    Both camps accuse the other of using huge money to buy elections. In this claim they may both be correct. In the last election, Bankhead and McKinley were backed by out-of-town developers based in Willows, northern California ($26,824); the police union ($40,521); fire union ($14,248); and Chevron ($2,700 each). Bushala, himself a developer, spent $16,405 to oppose McKinley; $22,618 against Roland Chi; and $15,170 against Aaron Gregg. He contributed $4,900 to the successful campaign of Bruce Whitaker. (For exact figures check out “Follow the Money” campaign disclosure info in past issues of the Observer online at

    1. Hey the local PD guys had their yearly Christmas dinner at the Summit House last Friday night. Does anybody know who won “Supervisor of the Year”?

        1. I heard it was the same superviser that was supposed to be supervising the officer that was a drug addict and was fired for stealing from the department right under their noses. Can anyone shed more light on this?

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