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  1. holy shemoly! you are the new bob dylan!

    “well the mayor even tried to hush his fathers grievin
    said heres 900 thousand lets just call it eeh-venn”

    what a wonderful creation.

    1. The Ballad of Kelly Thomas – by Julian Porte

      Well a man named Kelly Thomas was sitting on a bench
      When he was approached by two law men,
      resisting arrest, they beat him down to the floor,
      he cried out for help, so they beat him down some more

      He yelled out for his father, he yelled for them to stop
      but it was a slow night at the precinct, so they dispatched four more cops,
      their clubs and their fists were wailin’ in the air,
      when Kelly’s eyes turned over, they just didn’t seem to care

      There was evil in their eye’s and blood on their hands,
      so the people standin’ round were too afraid to help this man,
      when they finally took a break from beating in his head,
      they sent him to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead

      Well No one knows why they murdered Kelly Thomas,
      Cus the evidence that night is sitting up in the DA’s office,
      the mayors telling lies and the chief just won’t be honest,
      Ooh my God, do these men even have a conscience?!

      Well the mayor even tried to hush his fathers grievin’
      said “here’s nine-hundred thousand, lets just call it even”
      when I heard the news, you know I couldn’t believe it,
      they snuffed a mans life for no Goddamn reason

      Well some things are forgotten when wicked men prevail,
      but this time the publics voice is not for sale,
      So I hope those men are listenin’, hope their faces turnin’ pale,
      cus we aint stoppin til we put em’ all in jail!

      Well who killed Kelly Thomas?
      Who killed Kelly Thomas?
      I said who killed Kelly Thomas?
      Is it the mayor who’s just not being honest?
      Is them down at the DA’s office?
      Or was it the six men who beat him down unconscious?!

  2. Mr. Julian Porte – How appropriate your talents are! I had chills go up my spine when I listened to this song. I know that Kelly is tapping his foot to the beat from above. You do sound like Dylan. Are you going to patent the song? I’d love to post on my FB Wall. You have a kind soul and I appreciate your music; the lyrics nail it on the head. Love the phrase quoted above! WOW

  3. I have to express myself – I grow sicker and sicker as more is revealed. Is anybody feeling the same? I am afraid to cross the city line of Fullerton. I know Fullerton is a fantastic town, great people, only with a corrupt government. I do business at The Courthouse and now I look at everybody through paranoid glasses. I am afraid for my family and friends as well who frequent the city. What if my daughter, deaf brother, or unstable brother-in-law get pulled over? My brother would never hear “keep your hands on the steering wheel” or “Behind your back”. He is in downtown Fullerton daily going about his business and life. He is not homeless but could be in the wrong place at the wrong time. What about the business owner that may have been in on the phone call to the PD? I hope that person does not feel responsible. He had no control over the Shameful Six’s actions. God help us all.

  4. At yesterdays protest, I listened carefully to Julian jam with heart soul and I would like to add the company he keeps are as good as his righteous music.

    1. Mr. Admin —

      Would you mind if I blog this song over at the Weekly with all the proper credits/links?

  5. Julian, put this on itunes and/or Amazon and I’ll buy it.

    Prefer Amazon but up to you.

    Excellent song and very nice gesture.

  6. Very talented and great voice….way to use this incident to try to get a record gig…..or make money….just another person trying to benefit from this incident.

    1. Yeah millions made. Shit, we were in the gold plated hot just yesterday ont the island bought with the royalties. You should havebeen there VRD! Give it a rest troll.

    2. VRD – what are you thinking???

      Julian’s song is a great tribute to Kelly Thomas and all the craziness that has come from the 6 Fullerton cops beating him unconscience, him passing 5 days later, the city trying to cover it up, the lies that have come from the police trying to make Kelly look like he deserved what he got, the 5 weeks from today of protesting and fighting to keep this in the news (because if we don’t they will have won), every day something new…

      1. Julian was handing out his CD’s not charging for them, although I would pay for it!
      2. The family loves the song and appreciates Julian’s feelings and emotions about Kelly being put into words and music.
      3. I hope he becomes famous!!!!!!!

      Who do you think is trying to benefit from this?
      We are trying to get JUSTICE for Kelly and have those bastards at FPD and City Hall admit they made a BIG mistake and continue to do so; and they will have to deal with the consequences that are to come.

  7. You know they may not get the officers for murder…however, they could charge them with mayhem. Mayhem resulting in death, turns into the Felony Murder Rule. Then again there might be some law protecting officers against mayhem.

  8. I have made a video for Kelly using this song, look for it on Youtube later tonight. It’s in the making as I type this. I am making it in order to spread Kelly’s story; People watch on youtube, spread to facebook, etc. I hope Julian doesn’t mind, it’s for a good cause which is justice. All credit goes to him, amazing song. I will name the video “Ballad of Kelly Thomas; Protest video.” please help spread it as soon as it is up.

  9. My God!!! When I woke this morning I had this thought of how great it would be if Bob Dylan wrote a song about Kelly Thomas, like he wrote “Hurricane” for Ruben Carter. Great job Julian. Could we get a live performance at the next rally? Thank you for this.

  10. Great Song! We have to keep the public pressure going because they really want to pretend it never happened. I agree, this song will get play.

  11. Can we invite Julian Porte to sing Ballad of Kelly Thomas at trials so judge and juros can hear the people voice? Is it admissible?
    Spread the words out..Silence is equivalent with Guilty.

  12. Speak from the heart and the people will listen. Let’s use the power of music to spread this story and sometimes a catchy song is a great way of keeping the public’s attention on a critical matter.

  13. No one should give any Fullerton Police any respect or obey their commands until the Police Chief is fired and the people trust the Fullerton Police agian.

    IF they try to pull you over, DO NOT STOP. Call 911 and request a State Police Officer to meet you and observe the stop.

    The pricks will kill agina.

      1. By the way, when you call 911 from your cellphone guess who they’re going to transfer you to?

        Fullerton PD.

        1. Perhaps they will, then ask them to stay on the line and monitor the stop – they should be able to hear what is happening at least.

      2. California does not have State Police?

        Interestig. What do you call the “State Police”? Highway Patrol perhaps, smartazz

  14. Excellent song, Mr. Porte. Thank you very much for your contribution.

    Hope to see you out there every Saturday playing loud and proud until there is some justice for Kelly.

  15. “Do these men even have a conscience?” Good questions. Guess not. I do and I support the brave reporters for Fullerton’s Future.

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