Irony Meter Needle Jumps Into Red

Over at the big protest in front of the Fullerton Police Department, an arresting sight caught my eye. It was a banner hanging on the rail over the sunken court at department HQ.

Does this apply to the homeless?

And speaking of arresting, perhaps it should have read “Fullerton Police Alert: if approached by FPD assume a fetal position and hold your breath. Otherwise you will be targeted for resisting.”

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  1. FPD has become the dumping ground for Pat McKinley’s LAPD rejects. The officer crime wave is not a coincidence.

  2. Wow these politicians are using anything they can to get you people all ryled up. Its amusing to me that they use a simple banner to tie it to the Kelly incident. If they were so concerned they would help the homeless people that I see on the streets everyday still since the incident occurred to have a place to go. But no, they are just looking at their political agenda….does no one see this?

    1. Nope, the only thing to see in your post is a very inept attempt at deflection, nice try Goodwrench.

      They are concerned about an out of control, unaccountable FPD, that lies and covers for sadistic, sociopath pigs that murdered an innocent handicapped man by beating him to death.

      No one wants to see your fat ass lie about the facts and circumstances or hide behind your fake investigation.

      Why is your bullshit investigation taking so long you overpaid leach?

      1. What I find particularly disturbing about the way this case/investigation is being handled is that we’re being told that investigators are waiting for the results of the autopsy and toxicology studies on the corpse. However, in this case, since Kelly Thomas was alive and under intensive medical care for five days, the results of the autopsy and tox tests are likely meaningless. It’s known with certainty that Kelly Thomas died because he was taken off life support due to a likely irreversible coma. What is usually of interest from an autopsy is the state of the person during the interaction with the police. In this case, the autopsy will tell the state of the person after five days of intensive medical care. The usual playbook in a case like this is for tox test to show some sort of drug or other abnormality and for the police to get an expert witness to say that that’s what contributed to his death. The doctors who treated Kelly for five days know with certainty what the impact of the beating on Kelly’s physical state. No autopsy data can override that. I suspect this is why Ron Thomas is so confident that there is a capital murder case here. He’s holding this data like a trump card.

        1. Another attempt to stall, delay and obfuscate, waiting for it all to blow over, so they can get back to doing what they do best without any bothersome public scrutiny.

        2. Pat McKinley is an idiot. everything he is saying makes him sound worse and worse by the minute. “im guessing” “you cant get six guys beating on a guy at the same time”? these are ridiculous statements from this council member. to top it off, he was police chief in charge of hiring these people…? Fukllerton, you have a problem….

      2. You need to get a clue. It was probably at the most 3 cops involved. Base your BS on the facts, now your distorted mind.

        You have no clue how it works. Fullerton isn’t doing the investigation you idiot. And if you think a death investigation takes a few days you are smoking the same crack that Kelly was. This will take months.

    2. I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that advocating to keep homeless people from being harassed and murdered by pigs wasn’t helping them.

    3. For those us us that help out how and when we can is it ok if we still dont want the police killing the homeless or stealing from citizens?

  3. First step in helping the homeless: protecting them from police brutality.
    Second step: help out at a soup kitchen.
    Third step: help provide clothes and shelter.
    It’s not rocket science or politics; just the right thing to do.

    1. They are dope addicts. Why don’t you let them live in your house so they can steal all of your stuff and rape your wife? That will help them greatly. Get a clue. There is no money in this country. Homeless are the bottom of the barrel. dope addicts.

    1. Agreed. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – MLK, Jr.

      I think my favorite sign from the whole protest was one that read: “We are Kelly Thomas.” So well put.

  4. I like how people turn this into a, “well why didn’t you help the homeless?” This has nothing to do with helping the homeless. This has everything to do with a HUMAN BEING, a CIVILIAN being punished by police officers so severely that he lost his life. This is not a homeless issue, this is an abuse of force issue. This is a civil rights issue. This is a MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE, OF A MAN, THAT WAS KNOWN BY THAT POLICE DEPARTMENT TO HAVE MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES, ” a man beat into a coma by 6 officers after pleading for his life. This is the issue. Being homeless has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. These officers didn’t think Kelly had a voice, they thought wrong.

      1. I understand what you are saying, however it is irrelevant to this death. Him being homeless for whatever reason is irrelevant to why the police beat a HUMAN BEING to death. The police knowing he was mentally ill, makes it that much more worse. I don’t care if he was black, white, mentally ill, a little person, or had 3 legs. Kelly was a human being. Period.

  5. As reported on FFFF by Travis Kiger 9/7/09, back in 2005 two FPD cops had been caught on tape while beating a young man. (see original post below). One of the officers involved was John Cross, head of the powerful Fullerton Police Officers Association.

    IRONY — Cross was eventually fired by then Police Chief Patrick Mckinley. Afterward, Cross filed appeals that were denied by the Fullerton City Council, which at the time included Bankhead and Jones.

    Posted by Travis Kiger in Behind Closed Doors, Big Brother, Pat McPension on October 7th, 2009

    Officer misconduct cases are usually handled behind closed doors, hidden away from the public who are ultimately the victims when cops go bad. Recently a document slipped out from underneath the curtain and gave us some insight into Chief McKinley’s department, which had a habit responding to officer misconduct by looking the other way and pressuring victims to stay silent — demonstrating brazen contempt for the rule of law.

    Officers John Cross and Gregg Nowling were caught on tape in the 2005 beating of a young man who was pulled over for playing his music too loud. Fearing outrage, the department refused to release the recording to the public. Nowling resigned, but John Cross was the president of the Fullerton Police Officers Association (the union), so he decided to take his chances and ride out the punishment that was sure to be nothing more than a token admonishment from his friendly boss, Chief Patrick McKinley.

  6. In 2002, two Inglewood police were captured on video punching a developmentally disabled 16-year-old in the face and slamming him onto the hood of a patrol car. After two juries deadlocked in the criminal case, it was dropped. A civil jury later awarded the officers $2.4 million for being unfairly disciplined.

  7. In 2002, two Inglewood police were captured on video punching a developmentally disabled 16-year-old in the face and slamming him onto the hood of a patrol car. After two juries deadlocked in the criminal case, it was dropped. A civil jury later awarded the officers $2.4 million for being unfairly disciplined.

    1. If the city did what all you losers wants in this case, they would also pay these officers millions for violating their rights. The process is in place. If the city steps on it, they will pay. Let it runs its course.

  8. Just like the rap song… this post is just as dumb. Anyone could have pointed that out… actualities is what the people of Fullerton should be focusing on, not stupid stuff like a sign outside the PD. Who cares? We want to know more about the incident… can’t ffff get any witness interviews? Something other than this rhetorical garbage?

  9. This story is heart-wrenching in so many ways. May Kelly rest now in peace, and may his family find the comfort and understanding they need. I truly mean that.

    Having said that, it appears everyone is ready to condemn the Fullerton Police Department without the investigation being completed. The video I saw does now show, by any stretch, all that occurred. It only shows the scene from a distance with comments from the crowd as to what they believed they were seeing. Again, until the close up video from the city is released, and the full investigation concluded, we really don’t know all that happened. One thing we are sure of is that Kelly passed away. One day he is here, and the next he is not. Anyone who has lost a family member, especially in an unexpected and violent manner, will understand the pain his family is now feeling.

    Force is an ugly thing, and that is why it is so easy to view this and presume the worst. Although most experts in force incidents will remain objective until all the facts are in, as a father, I don’t expect Ron could possibly have that same objectivity. He lost a son, and he must now reassess everything he has ever done, or might have done.

    The problem is you have activists rising up for this cause, largely based on the inflammatory speech of KFI’s John and Ken, forgetting that it is their job to make money for themselves and their station. I have no doubt if, a few weeks earlier, John and Ken were out for an evening in Fullerton and were accosted by one of the homeless, they would have had a show screaming about the “hobos, tramps, and vagabonds that are left free to roam the streets of Fullerton”, decrying the “mentally ill excuses,” and demanding that the police “start doing their job!”

    So now we see comments of the most filthy and depraved kind being posted on blogs regarding this incident. I won’t repeat them. We have all seen them. Supposedly civilized people. And the home address of at least one officer involved has been released, putting him at risk, as well as his family.

    I have a serious question that needs to be addressed. I’m sure we have all heard Mark Twain’s quote, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” (Remember Bruce Lee was only about 135 pounds.) So what’s my question? When Kelly was younger, prior to him ending up on the streets, did his father, Ron, teach him martial arts? Did they spend many years together training, as father and son? Was Kelly an expert fighter, well-versed in ground fighting and escapes from holds? Was he an expert in escaping from “arrest and control techniques”? Did his father teach him all this, never expecting his son to use his skills one day in this way? Simply because one is on the street does not make one forget all he has learned, especially if he mastered the arts possibly taught by his father. Now add Paranoid Schizophrenia, delusions, and being off his medications to the mix. Is it possible there is more to this force incident than we know?

    Selections from the entry addressing Ron Thomas on the ATAMA website:
    “The Japanese call Jujitsu “The ultimate Martial Art”. It is also called the gentle art because once mastered, it takes little effort to defend yourself … Some of the techniques that are taught are throws, joint locks, escapes, chokes, ground fighting, multiple attacker defense…This class is taught by former U.S. Army Ranger and Orange County Deputy Sheriff, Sensei Ron Thomas, Master Instructor of the West Coast Jujitsu Club. Sensei Thomas started his Martial Arts training in 1973 …He also specializes in and teaches arrest and control techniques for law enforcement…”

    No, I am not making excuses, but only posing the question. I, for one, am willing to wait until the facts are in. May Kelly rest in peace.

    1. Once again, A violation of one is a violation of all. We become his voice now because now he has no voice. This is not against the PD as a whole but the ones who are silent and to the ones who spin the truth. The longer the PD & the council members remain quiet the more the truth can be dug out. Their loss! People have questions and are receiving no answers, reciepe for disaster. I wathched

      1. Watched the OC DA spokesperson on CNN she has seen the video and when asked what she thought, she almost became human but caught herself. Watch for yourself.
        She saw something that is not favorable to the policemen who murder Mr. Kelly Thomas. You can see it in her when she is asked. If it favored the police any way they would have had it out very quick. If the dots start getting connected something even deeper is coming out. I believe that it has started. Facts not rumors.

  10. there really isnt helping anyone who decides to be homeless. i thought i still lived in a free country. even homeless animals get picked up and cared for. the sad thinng is if these cops had decided to kick and taze dogs or cats, what would left ofthe police station would still be hot enouh to make s’mores.
    the posts that break my heart the most are the ones that infer it’s the jon q. publics fault because we didnt do enough to feed kelly thomas.if kelly thomas and other homeless were dying of starvation then i might feel guilty over the way he died. they are dying violent deaths and now these deaths are occurring at the hands of those who are charged to protect and serve.

    the only guilt i feel is from the knowledge that all i would have done is videotape and yell at the police to stop. that is a sad reality. not as worried about the beat down as i would be of legal sanctions. of course if it were MY son i would have already taken care of business. the people that stood there and yelled as well as the bus driver who was aware enough to ask some thoughtful pertinent questions sould be commended.
    i also think we should see the city video. i dont give a rats behind if there is an investigation. the police saw it and allegedly used i to collaborate their stories. it’s already ‘tainted’ so imho it is not being released because it is incriminating to the police officers involved. how about the DAR tapes? dont you think if those tapes(i know they are flash drive)contained kelley thomas making any type of aggressive statements we would have heard those? what those tapes will provide is the proof that all the shizo kid can do that can audibly be percieved as resisting is him screaming for his father to help stop his life from being snuffed out. for cring out loud you could hear his screams on a crappy cellphone from 50 feet away. what do you think it sounds like over the DAR? worse than the worst horror movie ever made.

    the guilty always lawyer up. right boys?

  11. why hasnt cop #6 name been released? Why are they keeping that name under wraps….Probably because he is the anonymous informant that is giving people inside information. Probably doing this to protect his own ass….

    1. Ron Thomas wouldn’t know if he knew martial arts or not. Ron abandoned him years ago. Papa needs to stop the pity game. He deserves nothing out of this. His son was 37 and living off us the tax payers. Papa did nothing for him for years. Justice will prevail against two cops if the jury decides that way. If papa gets millions it’s a complete joke.

      1. @ 44 papa wants $$ . Well Fullerton cop piggies want graft and drugs what did you bottom feeders do for him seems your drug buddies at the slide bar were not happy with him around well guess it wasn’t such a good idea to murder this poor soul the upside for you maggot cops is it is said that you get great drugs after you service BUBBA and his inmate friends.NOT WINNING!!!!

      2. Yeah Kelly was living large on tax payers, with his.. Wait, what did he have exactly? Nothing? Apart from his life.

  12. Start arming the homeless .. lol

    Pretty sad world that finds a way to blame the homeless for being brutally murdered by the people we PAY TO PROTECT US ALLLLLL

    How any city member of any sort allowed those beats to wear badges for near 3 weeks? after murdering a citizen in front of others..

    ANY WITNESS to this has the right to sue for trauma.. those are people paid to protect us.. can you imagine how frightening that must have been to watch them murder that man brutally leaving a pool of blood there and then snickering about it and bragging about it and able to put a badge back on the next day.. nobody cares enough

  13. GetAClue :
    You need to get a clue. It was probably at the most 3 cops involved. Base your BS on the facts, now your distorted mind.
    You have no clue how it works. Fullerton isn’t doing the investigation you idiot. And if you think a death investigation takes a few days you are smoking the same crack that Kelly was. This will take months.

    Incorrect, this is proof that there are 0 good cops in fullerton!! if there was 1 GOOD cop these 6 murderers and their “chief” accomplice would ALL be behind bars or shot resisting arrest. this incident proves that the ENTIRE fullerton pd consist of either CRIMINALS or COWARDS!!!! the bus driver has more guts and integrity in his foot than all the members of the criminal fullerton pd put together!!! The average citizen has less to fear from the gang-bangers than the cops!!! People no longer ask, “Where’s a cop when you need one?”, they ask “Where’s a pedophile, pimpin’, drug-dealin’, gang-bangin’, AK47 packin’- just as long as he’s a cop killer- HERO when you need one? Or 2 or3?” THAT’S how bad scum like this has dishonored the uniform and the badge. Self-proclaimed “good cops” covering for the “donut sucking, FAT blue line” are “Typhoid Marys” responsible for spreading the disease of the putrid cancer epidemic of rabid corruption in the misnamed “justice system”. The self-proclaimed “good cops” need to grow some guts and do their duty to eliminate the 7 rabid dogs and their ilk—or be eliminated with them. THAT is the ONLY way to restore respect and confidence in “officers of the peace”. p.s. If YOU are neither the mayor or the chief— then the crack YOU’RE smoking is between their cheeks.

  14. All the excuses mean nothing when you see Keely’s face after the incident. There IS NO reason for that sort of injury. If the so-called video reveals the police did the right thing (it would have been released to support this). Further officers are put on paid leave, if any doubt something is wrong they do that.

    The honest, good officers are most likely waiting for their turn to speak with outside agencies. This happened when Los Angeles Airport Police had a huge scandal, almost every officer in the department got interviewed, many told the truth against other officers. What people need to understand is that officers who work day to day with each other don’t want to rat on one another. This is a cause for concern, its not their loved one, its their job at stake. I don’t agree with this but this is what often happens.

    The other side is the judges involved locally are the same judges who rely on these officers for their own protection. They can’t be objective. Same problem with the judges as the fellow cops. Often the brave, good people are not rewarded for standing up for what is right, when everyone finally does they’ll start to get on the band wagon. Sadly these are not the hero’s, cops are really NOT hero’s. They want others to think they are, carry the gun, badge and demand respect (not earn it). Cop jobs draw the mentally ill (psychopaths) who are charming, lie well and are ego manics. They’ll run in the face of danger but do a good job pretending to be brave. This incident is a good lesson who cops really are (not all of them) but a good deal of them abuse their power, have huge egos (want to boss people around). The threats of “put that phone away or go to jail” is a threat and totally unnecessary. Its just ego and police not wanting evidence of what they do. If this was not true then why are almost all police cars equipped with cameras? When evidence is good to protect them they welcome it, when its against them they don’t want it. As civil servants they don’t have that right but wearing a gun, having an ego and badge they abuse their power.

    This is a murder investigation however those on trial are not being treated as you or I.

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