The 2011 Fringie Awards® Are Coming!

Yes, Friends, it’s that time of year again when we announce the nominations for the 3rd Annual Fringie Awards®, followed by the decisions by our esteemed selection committee.

Announcement of the nominees in all of the exciting categories will commence on Monday, so be sure to stay tuned for all of the fun.

If this doesn’t make you want to go lift your leg on a Fullerton fire hydrant or city councilman, then there is definitely something wrong with you.



34 Replies to “The 2011 Fringie Awards® Are Coming!”

  1. JFD, I hope you are planning to show some respect and kindness to our city council. This year’s been tough on them.

    1. “I would like to see a new department mission statement: Peace of mind in the community.”

      ~Pat McKinley

      The Orange County Register-April 17, 1997
      Author: Barbara Giasone: Fullerton News Tribune

      My vote.

  2. admin :
    JFD, I’m so looking forward to The 2011 Fringie Awards!
    I’ll never forget what your former master did to my son, you poor little innocent dogie. Absolutely despicable.

    You gotta be kidding me???? All that crap for kids riding their bikes on a vacant lot?? That’s beyond absurd! Flory would fit in very nicely on the board of directors in my HOA. They are always hassling someone for some petty reason. I can’t believe she thinks your kids had something to do with the stolen car! Jan needs a new hobbY!!

  3. “A small percentage of our population is criminal, they just take up a lot of our time.”

    ~Pat McKinley

    That’s obvious.

      1. Nominations are chosen by the Nominating Committee that meets over beer, pretzels, and peyote brownies.

        The winners are chosen the same way.

        Suggestions from the Friends will be taken into consideration for Special Fringies©. To learn more simply search on the word and review previous nominees and winners.

        1. Beer, pretzels, and peyote brownies. Three of the major food groups right there.

          Many years ago a dear friend of mine had a little peyote ceremony for himself. Seriously. He was totally into the spiritual part of it; I figure he was hoping for his own journey to Ixtlan, but all he did was vomit and go to sleep. It makes me LOL to this very day.

          I don’t know why I shared this, but I’m chuckling while I’m typing. He was so disappointed. Man, that was funny. Poor old dude…

        2. I nominate the entire city council including the city attorney and the city mgr for giving the nod to some independant attorney to offer ron thomas $900 grand get lost money and proclaim his dead son was no rocket scientist, then do the Bart Simpson “I didnt do it” shuffle when asked who gave the ok for this. Maybe an honary award should go to Bruce Praet-that attorney

  4. Someone needs to whip up a big branch of peyote brownies for the poor FPD. Like the guy at city council said, don’t call them names! Give them a cookie. On second thought, anybody have the recipe for mescaline donuts?

  5. I was going to nominate someone who the blog scathed earlier this year, but instead, I’d like to nominate Reality Is.
    Reality is has been a steadfast commentor since the beginning of the Kelly Thomas case. Admitting early on in comments that he’s in law enforcement and even admitting that he has arrested Rodney King before, he steadfastly stands behind the boys in blue, never deviating from this.
    I would like to nominate Reality Is for this reason. Clearly some cops f’ed up here, and law enforcement has never realized this. Therefore, Reality is Fringie and deserves the award.
    Reality Is may or may not be a Fullerton resident, but let’s not let that stop us. Reality Is focused on Fullerton right now, and to me, that’s all that’s necessary to say


  6. If there is a catagory for the loudest voice, who does nothing to back it up, Chris and I are shoo-in’s. We talk a good game!

    Shit He doesn’t even live here and he spouts more bullshit than the OCR and VOC(EA) combined!


  7. Merijoe,

    The “entire City Council” did not authorize a settlement offer. I was shocked to be provided an online copy of what appeared to me to be a $900k settlement proposal with an expiration date at the bottom. During subsequent open session Council Meetings and in the media, I have asserted that no such authorization had been provided. My recollection is that at least one other Council Member openly expressed disgust with the unauthorized “offer”.

    1. Bruce, the fact that that happened without council knowledge (or at least without your knowledge) should have caused heads to roll. They didn’t.

      And that perfectly well reflects why there is a recall.

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