The Sea Turtle Strategy

Their odds didn't look too good.

Some creatures in Nature’s realm need to mass produce their potential offspring. It’s a numbers game. Sea turtles lay thousands upon thousands of eggs in desperate hope that at least a few will return to the sea and grow up to be happy sea turtles.

In politics, the act of desperation is reflected in blind mailings to all voters in the vain hope that a few voters will respond. Yes, it sure is desperate. In the reptilian campaign to save the scaly hides of the Three Dithering Dinosaurs desperation has set in, all right. You might call it a last gasp.

Here’s a very expensive mailer they just sent out to everybody, anybody, trying to get folks to rescind their signature on the pro-recall petition. But they have zero idea who has signed the petitions. Talk about desperation! Just to show how inept the Three Sluggish Sloths’ handlers are, they even sent one to – Tony Bushala!

If you happen to get one of these in the mail you can do the Recall a favor. Write in: Go Screw Yourself, Ackerman, and mail it in. See, Pat McPension, the kook who hired all those crooked Fullerton cops, and who makes almost $20,000 a month in retirement, has to pay for the postage!

Recall Reply Mail Contest!

Show the anti-recall committee your creative writing skills by scratching something fun onto their reply cards. Take a picture, upload it to and post it in the comments before you mail it away!


95 Replies to “The Sea Turtle Strategy”

    1. Looking at the anti recall photo reminded me that Tony is a very well off man but you’d never know it. He’s not some suit wearing, botox face, toupee wearing, fancy dressing douchebag who wouldn’t give you the time of day.

      He is a common man who you can walk up to and have a conversation with. That’s what I always admired about Tony. He’s rich but human.

      1. I’m in total agreement with your assessment of Tony’s character. Extremely approachable and no pretensions whatsoever.

  1. Cruella DeMayor and McPension have voted for and “supported” each other throughout the years. They are tight like former mayor dick jones trying to pass through a doorway.

    The facts are all laid out here and that is why I love this blog.

  2. Every time that I am surprised that they raise irrelevant issues with Tony, I wonder why they are not smarter. But I just can’t think of anything else that they can possibly say. “Look at all we’ve done for Fullerton…?” Let’s see:

    – Illegally tax our citizens

    – Raise salaries and benefits to the stratosphere

    – Secretly attempt to retroactively spike the pensions of staff

    – Expand redevelopment thereby reducing available funds for public safety, infrastructure and education.

    – Support cops regardless of their behavior

    – Remain silent about how union power has enabled civil rights violations

    – Quiver at the thought of engaging in real pension reform

    These guys are literally worthless as leaders. They have no choice but to make up goo about how Tony is trying to take over the council.

    1. Thank you Chris. I agree 100%. When I saw this mailer in my mailbox, I knew that Ackerman and Royce were desperate to try and undo the momentum we have built with the recall campaign. And trying to frighten voters in Fullerton with a smear campaign line about someone buying Fullerton is despicable. They should be ashamed. They arent, but they should be.

  3. Lemme get this right, they’re asking people who have already signed to remove their name?

    …Don’t they realize that the people who have already signed are very pissed off and fully aware of what they signed?

    …or maybe Im missing something

  4. This appears to be a preemptive strategy to rescind FUTURE signatures as well. They conveniently left out a place to date the postcards. Thus, if you sign the petition at a future date forgetting you mailed the postcard back, your signature will be void. Do I have that right?

    These cards ought to be voided because they lack a place to write in a date. Look at it this way, if these three survived the recall but subsequently faced another recall effort, I wouldn’t put it past these idiots to attempt to use the postcards twice.

    1. Yeah I don’t think this could happen. They don’t have pockets deep enough to have a court fight over whether a BS mailer is a proper legal venue to so this sort of thing

    2. And couldnt this open the door to massive fraud?

      If they somehow knew someone filled out the real petition couldnt they then fill those anti-recall cards out on the behalf is that person?

      Whats stopping them from filling it out as “Vernon Dozier”, Chris Thompson, etc?

      1. I think their wording on the mailer is just as deceptive. The yellow text at the bottom reads:

        “If you would like to remove your name from the recall petitions complete each of these cards and mail them today.”

        To an uninformed person, this is made to sound like everybody’s name is automatically on the petition, therefore you must mail in the postcard to stop the recall from going forward. They are attempting to exploit oblivious people here.

        1. This thing is bizarre . I have seen alot of dirty tricks but this one really smells. Desparate people do stupid things. Too much blue label and lipitor gang. Go eassy on that stuff will ya?

  5. Anonymous :
    Lemme get this right, they’re asking people who have already signed to remove their name?
    …Don’t they realize that the people who have already signed are very pissed off and fully aware of what they signed?
    …or maybe Im missing something

    Favorite remarks overheard at the recall signature gathering table…
    “I wish I could sign that recall petition 30 times!”
    “I don’t live in Fullerton or else I would sign.”
    “I just received an anti-recall mailer, and it reminded me that I haven’t signed the recall petition yet”
    “That Don Bankhead’s comes back from the dead than Freddy Krueger ever did”

  6. It took all the maturity I have not to write something obscene on these cards. I wish they would attempt to address anything else in stead of constantly picking on Tony Bushala. Can you say red herring? It just shows that they can’t even begin to address any of the real issues and concerns that have Fullerton residents so desperate to recall them.

  7. …I also noticed that they have a phone number to call if you’d like to request more postcards.
    1(714) 397-3409

  8. Brittany, you are right. Every time the three relics come under fire for anything, the standard, generic knee-jerk response from their pitiful defenders here is, “Well what about Tony?”

  9. Fullerton Lover, let’s blow that number to Kingdom Come.

    Send it in to John & Ken and request they read it on the air. lol

  10. They might “Stop” Bushala. But, what about the rest of us? I guess we don’t count? The Anti-Recall should read “Stop Fullerton Residents, Who Don’t Agree with US”.

  11. OMGoodness… I just got this in the mail today.. I already filled them out with my own “slogans”.. I can’t wait to spend their money…

  12. On the old days before computerized postal machines I heard opposition would glue pennies to the cards because the campaign is charged by weight. Not that anyone here would be that petty and mean spirited. As an Anaheim resident I can’t sign the petition, I spend half my time in Fullerton, shopping, getting hair cut, etc and wherever I see the petition tables I also see people signing and cheering on the volunteers. Not once have I seen anyone decline to sign. Keepmupmthe great work!

  13. Curses and drat, I didn’t get one. I guess Libertarians are viewed by them as being against government even if it did something “good” (yea right). I would have signed it and dated it then head to my local super market the next day to sign all three petitions again. It was such fun the first time.

    Wait, does one returned card take your name off of all three petitions. The Registrar of Voters should invalidate it for that reason.

    Hmm, since I said the word “invalidate” just how does the Registrar of Voters “VALIDATE” the signatures on the card. And if they can’t what would stop the “Three Blind Mice” from having a”Card Signing Party” for the Kool-Aid drinkers?

  14. I wrote “Joe Sipowicz”, “Mr. Peebody”, and “Jan Flory’s Dog” on each one! Ya think they’ll figure it out? naaahhh….

  15. If I had a hundred properties or so in one city, it is quite reasonable that the tenants would cause code enforcement to come out so they could argue for lower rent. That game gets played all the time by renters who lack morallity.

    I wonder how many complaints the Richman Group has recieved from their tenants about code violations. Richman Group is teh 8th largest appartment owner in the U.S. and they just got handed about $10,000,000 to build a 6 story affordable monster in Downtown Fullerton. It’s on Wednesday’s Planning Commission agenda.

  16. They might be using this as a demographics research tool. Isn’t it curious how they want the postcards returned to THEM as opposed to the City Clerk?

    I’ll bet you that the people who sign the postcards will be flooded with extra anti-recall literature that is sensitive to their personal socioeconomic status. For example, If for whatever reason they discover that wealthy Asian residents are against the recall, the strategy will adapt to reel in wealthy Asians.

    I suspect they are struggling to identify which socioeconomic groups are for/against the recall outside of their own cliques.

    Just my $0.02

  17. I can’t believe they sent this out. It raises more awareness than it will accomplish with ‘recanting’…. Oh jeez…..

    1. Great idea and you can easily find boxes in your local grocery store, restaurant, etc. If you don’t have bricks or large chunks of concrete handy, bricks start out about 75c at home depot.

      If you’re strapped for cash you can fill several empty soda bottles with water, put those bad boys in a box, seal it and tape the label on top.

      Funny Fun Fun.

      …or you can write something funny on the back of the cards just in case the USPS rejects overloaded or heavy Business Reply mail and discards it junk or waste before it reaches it’s destination.

        1. Yep, former postal employee here with almost 20 years as a carrier and later as a window clerk. I’ll call one of my former co-workers on Monday who works in the Bulk Mail section. The return postage also said first class which is up to 13 oz. Anything over bumps up to the Priority Mail range. I’ll check to see if that’s changed. If still the same, tape the card onto a larger envelope and stuff it with blank sheets of paper, weekly store ads, whatever. I wish still had mine to mail in! More on the on Monday…

      1. I KNOOOOW, cg. I’m a registered Republican and I didn’t get one either! And I’m creative! 😉 These folks are missing a masterpiece on some post cards!

    1. I wonder if they’ll withdraw is his petition simply based on his name 😀 also who processes these cards?

      Did they hire temps or are they just using “in house” help.

    2. Love it! Especially the man up part at the end. The Anti-Recall leader, Larry Bennett, is an individual that I personally know to be a pompous arrogant ass. This syccophant doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone but his own narcisstic self and forever licking these guy’s boots. Larry Bennett is also the current Fullerton Planning Commissioner that was recently hoisted on us by Pat McKinley as a favor for Larry Bennett serving as his Campaign Manager in the 2010 elections for City Council. It should also be noted that Larry Bennett was also F. Dick Jones Campaign Manager for his last two City Council elections. Can you say Good Old Boy of the Three Blind Mice? Thought you could.

      1. Here’s a link to Larry Bennett’s business located in Placentia. Can someone please tell me why a professional financial advisor is currently serving as the head of the Fullerton Planning Commission other than political payback from McKinley and Jones for serving as their Campaign Treasurer for Fullerton City Council.

  18. Really a desperate move that is far more likely to advertise the recall than repudiate it in the minds of voters. Which Ackertool sent out this Hail Mary anyway?

  19. This does seem like something that would backfire on them for many of the reasons mentioned in previous comments such as an ommission of reasons why to keep them on the city council, people that didn’t know about the recall (with these flyers, they will), etc.
    Hiking up their postage costs has me ROFLMFAO! You all rock! Great ideas.

  20. Reality Is,

    It appearts that Florida Officer Discipline system could be manipulated by the same agency in alleged violtation.
    Probably not much different from most of the ‘do-nothing’ action that takes place in most LE agencies.

  21. In regards to an Anonymous post above regarding postage/postal questions, a few suggestions.
    Do not put a return address on your package. The boxes will be too big to fit in the p.o. box. After one or two show up, the anti-Recall folks are going to get wise and start refusing them. If the packages/boxes are not picked up or claimed, it will come back to you. If you put someone else’s return address on it, well, then I will let you figure that one out.
    Be prepared to take whatever you attach the cards to the local post office in order to mail them. Leave the box on your front porch and the mail man may not pick it up.
    If you desire person to person interaction, please take the returnable cards the anti Recall folks sent and take them to a local post office. You may speak to a clerk or a manager and ask if it is okay to attach the card(s) to a brick, box of rocks, etc…..Weight limit on any package is 70 pounds. You might also ask how the postage is going to be charged to the recipient………

    1. The return postage is an agreement, I’ll check with my former co-worker who still works in the Bulk Mail section but once it enters the postal system, they will be charged, whether they accept delivery or not.

      The cards do say first class which goes to 13 oz so keep it at that.

      1. You are right its agreed and once it is scanned/entered they will be chraged and as strapped as the postal service says they are, you betcha they want their monies. By the way isnt this sorta thing illegal? Teetering on voter intimidation?

  22. THAT HAS TO BE THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING I’VE EVER SEEN. Who’s the genius behind this piece of brilliant campaigning?

    I’ve NEVER seen this type of thing before.

    What? was there a rush of people saying they wished they’d never signed the petition and if only there was a way they could take their sig back?

  23. Responding to someone above asking if a postal employee or family of one is on here, here is my response that I just posted above directly to them:

    Yep, former postal employee here with almost 20 years as a carrier and later as a window clerk. I’ll call one of my former co-workers on Monday who works in the Bulk Mail section. The return postage also said first class which is up to 13 oz. Anything over bumps up to the Priority Mail range. I’ll check to see if that’s changed. If still the same, tape the card onto a larger envelope and stuff it with blank sheets of paper, weekly store ads, whatever. I wish still had mine to mail in! More on the on Monday…

    Bulk Mail is different in that you have to set up an account. Once the replies are in the system, they will be charged whether they accept the items or not. I’ll check on if this applies to larger items with the cards attached to them.

  24. As for the contest…drat! I put my cards in the mail before I read the blog. But they did have a few good messages on them, including: “Thanks for paying the postage so I could tell you what idiots you all are for insulting Fullerton residents with this!”. I’ve been encouraging people that come to my recall table to do likewise and all loved the idea! A few had already done it. lol

  25. So, for example, I could attach the card to a small bottle of water and write on the other side “Why are you illegally taxing this?”

    Just a thought.

  26. I love you guys. I live 100 miles away, but I think of you as my neighbors.

    People all over the country are watching you. The constant, peaceful pressure you are applying to the dithering monsters currently in control of your fine city is inspiring.

    I visit this website at least once a day, and all I can say is BRAVO!, and congratulations on a fine job. If every city and town had a similar website up and running, our country — and it still is OUR country for the time being — would be in far better shape, and far less corrupt.

    Thank you.

  27. You ffffers are idiots!!! You are acting like little school children. Didn’t ffff send out mailers too???? So what is the difference???? Oh that’s right you fffffers are abunch of whining sniffling hypocrites!!!’

    1. Let me clarify a few things for you, pea-brain. FFFF sent out no mailers. The Committee to Recall the Three Withered Wanks did.

      The difference? The Recall committee mailers were effective!

      P.S. the word is “sniveling” you illiterate assclown.

  28. This is a link to the city of Fullerton web site for the list of donors to the Anti-Recall effort.
    I sort of understand why Pat McKinley’s campaign fund Manager, and leader of the Anti-Recall campaign, Larry Bennett, would donate $1,000 of McKinleys campaign money to the Anti-Recall effort, however I don’t understand why a towing company in Anaheim named, Quick Service Towing, would have invested over $1,500 to fund the Anti-Recall campaign?

    1. …I was an honor to finally meet you at the memorial last night for Kelly Thomas. Here’s another path to that link for info. on City Council candidate, and if that doesn’t work, I get to the link by first going to the Fullerton city web site and then I go to “Departments” then “City Clerk” then “Campaign Statements” then “460 forms”

  29. “An act of desperation” is the most flattering way to refer to these mailers. There are legitimate criticisms that can be made about Tony Bushala and this blog, but none can be found in these mailers. The “Anti Recall” establishment types are shotgunning unrelated half truths to make a false argument. They do all this so they can protect their own. As someone who is often critical of Tony and FFFF, I say with all sincerity, that without Tony and this blog, very few people would have ever heard of Kelly Thomas or the corruption in city government … AND most certainly two police officers would not now be facing charges for the crimes I believe they committed. If you get within one foot of that mailer you will detect the smell of fear. Because FFFF brought attention to Kelly’s murder fear now clings to Jones, Bankhead and McKinley like the smell of cow shit permeates Norco. For this I thank you.

  30. Suggestion: Round up those “Anti-Recall” postcards and mail them in with words WHY? Once all of those cards are turned in…the Anti-Recall Committee MUST pay for that expensive “Business Reply Postage”, which is around 70 cents for each card.

    DO IT FOLKS….Bankrupt the Anti-Recall Committee!

  31. Not only do you guy’s claim your out for intelligent government and transparency, you silent opposition to your website. Wow Joe, your a real winner… I definitely take your slandering post really seriously now.

    1. stop spamming, lazy pooter-no one is saying you cant say your piece-even though you are stupid, but stop saying the same damn thing, we arent blind over here.

  32. Those officers are American Citizens and still deserve due diligence under the law. Innocent until proven guilty is a Constitutional Right. There is enough support garnered here and enough media attention to weigh a fair trail. The FBI is involved etc… If you are mad because they are still employed rightfully so but uphold the same principles you are claiming to fight for.

  33. Fullerton3 :
    Not only do you guy’s claim your out for intelligent government and transparency, you silent opposition to your website. Wow Joe, your a real winner… I definitely take your slandering post really seriously now.

    No one want to “silent” your opinion, just pointing out that when you tell everyone how juvenile they are to use names, and then turn around and paint everyone here with the same brush as “goons”, well that’s just plain stupid and theres no way around that without lying. So in effect, I guess it’s true that we are all about keeping it honest, thus intelligent.

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