Sure We’re Mad. But Are We Terrorists? Really?

We get lots of mail. Here’s a tasty tidbit of misplaced anger at our efforts here at FFFF.

Subject: Promoting Civil Unrest

Tony Bushala

Your CNN Interview says it all! Personal Accountability is a must and it does not fall only upon our City Officials.  It also applies to YOU and your staff.  To go on national news, distort facts, and fill in the blanks on what you perceive to be the truth promotes an atmosphere of distrust and civil unrest.  What you call your mission contradicts your own actions.  Your predictions, along with many, is perhaps a self fulfilling prophecy

Those officers who may have gone out of line will be held accountable.  If you were a police officer (which would be impossible) and working in Fullerton that night, you would be on Administrative Leave now after being prematurely accused – meaning without ALL facts known.  Councilman McKinnley was correct when he said that it would not be possible for six officers to use force all at the same time.  The truth will most certainly come out.

Those previous incidents involving police misconduct have been dealt with and those officers were held accountable.

You promote the video tap of the Fullerton Incident to be shown to the public, yet you admit that showing such incidents have the potential to create civil unrest.  If that is the case, you advocate a good riot for the sake of irresponsible transparency for the citizens of Fullerton?

For the sake of all of your followers lets look at your agenda, which is for the most part, promoting TERRORISM – Accomplishing your mission “Accountability” through “Fear” – potential civil unrest.

I would be more that willing to debate you on this issue.  I challenge you to respond and I will be happy to verbally engage with you.


Well, “Jim” I accept your challenge to “verbally engage with you.” Please call up CNN and make the arrangements. I am so there.

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    1. Things may be closer than they appear.


      “For the sake of all of your followers let’s look at your agenda, which is for the most part, promoting TERRORISM – Accomplishing your mission “Accountability” through “Fear” – potential civil unrest.”

      Read between the lines, did he mean:

      For the sake of all of us, let’s look at our agenda, which is for the most part, promoting TERRORISM – Accomplishing our mission “Accountability” through “Fear” – potential civil servitude.

      If only the general population understood Psychological transference, then they would understand that when a person points the finger, that person has three pointing back at the self.

    2. This guy is obviously related to the FPD. Riots will not happen and let me tell you why. We are not stupid. Fullerton citizens are not going to give you a reason to go against them again.

      Kelly was murdered and you know that.
      Such a simple case shouldn’t be taken so long to be investigated unless there is a cover up being prepared and you know that.
      The six bastards didn’t show mercy and you know that.

      So, are you still trying to say that what they did was justified?


      The truth will be revealed but not by the hands that are in charge of this cover up. That is for sure.

      BTW you should check the dictionary for the meaning of terrorism.

    3. So … persistently seeking the full truth about a horrific incidence of police brutality is promoting civil unrest? These people that criticize Tony Bushala are either willfully ignorant of this country’s great history of civic activism and even revolt or they’re simply un-American. Listen morons: Not only is our right to speak our minds and peacably demonstrate for redress of grievances guaranteed in our constitution, it is our duty as Americans. If you would prefer to live in a police state, you might do well to buy a one-way ticket to China, where you can passively and submissively live out your dream as a subject of authoritarianism. But … don’t expect the Tony Bushalas of the world — and all the other true patriots who follow the Jeffersonian advice to petition their governments –to share in your perverse dream.

      1. The Taliban came to power by resisting the illegal and immoral invasion of their country by the now-defunct USSR. The United States supported them.

        We’re resisting the illegal and immoral invasion of our rights and privacy by the police.

        BTW, one question mark is always enough.

  1. I’d say Jim has some anger management issues to work out, but I’d love to see him on air. Maybe Rick Reiff’s program? He’s in desperate need of new blood — which does not mean David Nazar did a bad job on the last Inside OC program — in fact, he did a very good job IMO.

  2. Are you kidding me? I have been following this case and reading on it daily. And yes, I have also read this blog daily for any updates.
    I really truly fail to see where Mr. Bushala call for honestly and accountability to the officers involved is an act of TERRORISM.
    All I want if justice for Kelly. Some measure of peace and justice for his family. They deserve at least that. If that makes me a TERRORIST so be it.
    You get him Tony!!!!

  3. This guy has lost it. He loves being protected from the world he lives in. Thank God for this site others 1984 would be alive and well in Fullerton.

    1. I have heard stories about this personality type traveling abroad. This type is terrified of Mother Nature and the great wide open spaces out there in the world. They like staying in a controlled environment, and are always suspicious of foreigners even if the person is genuinely nice.
      Seems that they retire at 55 after 30 years of gravy work, buy a boat to island hop, then sometimes they tough it out for about 6 months then end up getting nervous and want to go home, and sometimes at the cost of the tax payer of course.
      The world sees then all over.
      “The Law of Raspberry Jam: the wider any culture is spread, the thinner it gets.”
      Alvin Toffler

  4. if its the same asshole Jim that comments here every once in a while-claiming the same bullshit, trying to say that keeping up this line of talk will bring harm to the families of the animals, he just did that on this sunday trying to incite his religion- I am convinced he is a friend of the cowards and their families and is trying to be their mouthpiece – I asked him how anyone could support a person who shows no mercy to someone screaming for his daddy, crush their throat and crack their skull open while the person is unconcious-never got a response-I am curious about that though, that would be directed to the wives of the cowards. I also would like to know if hes blind and hasnt seen the picture or the tapes.
    It sounds like this assholes same pious, know it all, scolding tone- fuck him, pignose

    1. always on this blog. She is probably a fat sloppy pig herself (literally). She has no life but to be on this blog all day long and talk bs. Give it a break.

      1. That’s just rude… Can you not post a substantive reply to Merijoe’s post rather than posting an insult?

    1. No, this guy is a terrorist. Trying to terrify the public into servitude so he can get his retirement.

  5. The first thing you need to get straight is that the cause for Justice on behalf of a dead man beaten does not have followers but LEADERS. WE EACH STAND ON OUR OWN in this quest. The the shameful six are followers; not ONE of six Officers could stand alone and say “ENOUGH! THIS IS WRONG”. They are the terrorists who have cause unrest!

  6. Jim needs to ask himself, if these 6 weren’t cops, would he really be waiting for all the facts to be known? And Tony is doing quite the opposite of Terrorism, he is simply using his constitutional right to demand justice. Where is the terrorism in that? And even if the releasing of the tape causes civil unrest, why would it be Tony’s or any protester’s fault for that, when we just asked for it to be released? The only people accountable for any civil unrest, if there will ever be any, would be those involved with the beating and lack of leadership in the FPD.

    1. There is no shortage of people feeding off the corpse of the old industrial era. Now the public is evolving in a postindustrial era, so the feeders are screaming now that they are out in the open.

  7. We’re back to the double standard.

    Ask for transparency and accountability from the officers and you are inciting a riot. Meanwhile, they lie to the public repeatedly, watch the video to get their story straight, take Pat McKinley’s uninformed view that 6 officers could never take part in a beating as gospel and they are just protecting the public.

    Stop asking questions Mr. Bushala! You are not behaving and it is causing the police to have to actually justify their behavior. Such things will not be tolerated.

  8. I agree. Jim is most likely related to a police officer or a friend of one. I tried to have a discussion about this with the wife of a Brea PD officer and her response: “But did you know he was schizophrenic and not on his meds?” Huh??? So that means he deserved to die at the hands of police? Go, Tony!

  9. Jim, I think you are the same “Jim” that I have REPEATEDLY requested to stop posting because you just keep embarrassing yourself more each time you do. I know it’s you because there is the same illogical thinking here as in the other posts. Don’t you read responses? Nothing you post gets a positive response. Have you no self’respect? Like I responded in an earlier post, there is no more evidence to be seen or investigation to be done to reasonably conclude that Kelly Thomas was outweighed by hundreds of pounds and who knows what kinds of weapons. He was DEFENSELESS! Ther is no other conclusion to come to except MURDER and the people need to have justice to ensure this does not happen again. What are they hiding by not releasing the tape? I’ll tell you-the TRUTH! I would advise you not to debate. You’re not smart enough and are definitely in the minority.

    1. Keep posting Jim.. These people don’t like to hear you cause you make a lot of sense. It’s always the same haters on this blog anyway. You have freedom of speech just like the rest of these bozos!!

      1. Don’t schizophrenics sometimes hear voices in their head, are paranoid and think people are out to get them. It starting to sound like some of the people, in local gov, have the same symptoms.

    2. Keep posting Jim.. These people don’t like to hear you cause you make a lot of sense. It’s always the same haters on this blog anyway. You have freedom of speech just like the rest of these bozos!!

      1. Yes and post the same thing twice if it makes you feel like you have double the support :0)

    3. but its him against all of us. how heroic. defenseless makes bullies happy. crying is fuel on their fire. and of course bragging how you beat a defenseless pup makes you a real hoot with your butt buddies in the shower

  10. There’s just no pleasing some people, but maybe this will help: Jim, I personally promise not take part in any riot, or encourage others to do so. But I will continue to exercise my right to peacefully protest the way this case has been handled.

      1. When the negatives outweigh the positives they will leave. Considering how these “public servants” have feathered their nests, it will take quite a bit, but it can be done. Public humiliation is a powerful motivator.

  11. This “Jim” sounds an awful lot like a guy who was posting on this blog a couple of days ago, refering to scripture to make his point, and calling people hypocrites that did not agree with his views. That “Jim” sounded like he had gotten into the sacrimental? wine! and now this, hmmmm….hows that hangover “Jim”?

    1. It sounds like this guy was using the Lord’s name in vein.

      For all you simpleminded bible thumpers, Vein means=vanity=self=selfish=self-centered = ego centric=
      Using the lord’s name in vein isn’t just a cuss word; it’s a lot more than that. It is self-serving.

  12. If I may, I will take the Savage pledge also…

    I personally promise not take part in any riot, or encourage others to do so. But I will continue to exercise my right to peacefully protest the way this case has been handled.

    JIm, Because I have many questions and requests; that makes me a terrorist? I don’t care who you are (or married to, or tip back a beer with) you won’t stop people from continuing to press for answers. You should be ashamed of trying to shame Mr. Bushala’s efforts.

    I don’t watch CNN, but I will for this debate.

    1. Jim may have an undeflated over sized Ego. People like that are always seeing the enemy. Its all fear based.

    2. “terrorist” =newspeak for “communist”. somebodies always coming to get the ones in power. makes em quiver and call for more clampdowns. and for your own good jim, just keep your twat on the porch

  13. Isn’t pretty much everybody who’s in jail prior to trial being held without having “all the facts” known? Ergo, maybe these cops should be in jail. Or something.

  14. Who the hell is rioting or even suggesting that? no one on this site is-so where’s that coming from?
    Jim’s been watching to much TV coverage of London

    1. I hope I get to meet you one of these days, merijoe. I’m a fan.

      Rioting has popped up a few times on FFFF. I was flamed at least once or twice for mentioning it.

      Will it happen? No. Not likely. It’s not our way. It’s not the high road.

      We’re trying to preserve our SoCal lifestyle, not burn it.

      The FPD is the problem. The FPD, and all the PDs in California and beyond. And the City confederates who protect them.

      The story is worldwide — thankfully — but Kelly’s murder is still a local event. Light is shining on the idiot asshole Fullerton city council, there is no faith in the DA — no faith — and the FPD is in full-blown CYA mode to the point of absurdity.

      We know what happened, we know who did it, and we know who was murdered.

      The case is pretty much closed.

      The FPD beat Kelly to death.

      He didn’t die from anything other than the fucking beating he suffered from the FPD.

      It’s lawyers and bullshit now. That’s all they have.

      Stay on point. Justice for Kelly Thomas.

      1. Hi SD – you’re too kind- come out to the saturday protests- i love when the little piggies come out of their pen and stand and watch us protesters – 2 were standing together by the side of the station like 2 chimps at a zoo waiting for visitors to look at them

        Jim is a jackass-i bet its the same one as yesterday- the website (if its up) should be streaming the council meeting live with comments from the residents.

  15. Jim was debating back and forth with me yesterday after I took offense to him calling Mr. Thomas names and then signing off with “God Bless”.
    Jim said that he goes to a local mega church which he wouldn’t name, and I was thinking that with the lack of any local religous leaders or entity mentioning their position or views on the Kelly Thomas beatdown, that maybe we could have Tony and Jim debate their positions in front of the congregants and residents for a “teachable moment”? Might even help the church to raise some needed funds to distribute to our local homeless population as well. I see no losers her except for Jim if he let’s everybody down and backs out.

    1. Well since this Jim might go to a mega church, I do hope Tony takes the time to mention to Jim a man he might have heard about;
      a man who was born in a barn, once said he has no place to lay his head, went without food for over a month once, was told he was crazy and died unjustly in the hands of the authorities.
      Though I never got to see what happened to this man on film, I have heard there were a lot of eye witnesses, maybe that won’t be enough to convince Jim that what happened to this particular man was wrong…..but ask him what he thinks anyway.

  16. Thank God our trusty PD / DA are up on the wall, protecting us from ourselves by withholding public information. We adults of Fullerton shouldn’t be exposed to subject matter that might offend our delicate sensibilities.

    Thanks, Jim, for that half-witted defense of censorship.
    Thanks, Jim, for that half-witted defense of government censorship.

  17. There is so much violence that parents bring their children!!!

    At this Saturdays protest I saw the cutest thing, a little girl, about 5 or 6 years old who made a little sign herself, and was carrying it in the protest.

  18. To reiterate a point I’ve posted previously, in a case like this, the TRUTH is our biggest ally, and the biggest opponent of those who want the truth covered up.
    For Jim and the others who think like himself, I want to clarify something: The word ‘terrorism’ has multiple definitions. One of them is, according to Webster:
    ter·ror·ism [ter-uh-riz-uhm]
    :a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.
    So, in a non-violent way, we are such, in that we are ‘resisting a government’. Webster never clarifies what level of government is being resisted. Before you get yourself excited and want to run to the presses, ‘remember that the same philosophy was shared by a voiceless group of ‘rebels’ in what would become New England, circa 1776.
    the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
    I do not live in Fullerton, but you can bet if I did, I would be in a ‘state of fear..produced by terrorization’. Particularly if I were homeless, and mentally ill.
    We proponents of Kelly Thomas’ case aren’t the bad guys. The bad guys made themselves known on the evening of July 5th 2011. We are the ones crying for justice, and truth to prevail, we are not the oppressors, we were the oppressed and I am sorry Mr. Thomas had to lose his life in order for it to be said, but we, the People, in order to form a more perfect Union, will be oppressed no more.
    By their force, and their weapons they drew that blood that started the war, but the citizens of Fullerton aren’t fighting with brute force, superior numbers, or Tazers, they are fighting with the voice that can’t be ignored because it won’t be silenced, that is practicing a Constitutional Right that promises ‘That Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.’

  19. CNN thought publishing images from Abu Gahraib served the public interest with no chance to inflame.

    But when a union is involved, any release of such will inflame.

  20. And what the fuck is wrong with “civil unrest?” It doesn’t mean people are going to grab guns or pitchforks and pillage the Slidebar. (Or any other downtown business.” Civil unrest doesn’t necessarily translate into violence. It could be, uh….protests, blog posts, impassioned debates about what the fuck is going on in the city these citizens live in. For my money, I think the more “civil unrest” the better. as long as people don’t make stupid decisions and unduly antagonize the people with guns (as in, throwing rocks at them or burning down their cop-shop) it’s the kind of Democracy-in-action that this country should be proud of.

  21. And re: Police Brutality and Police Corruption in Chicago

    A federal judge has ruled that former Mayor Richard M. Daley can be sued for alleged police brutality conspiracies that happened under former Chicago police Commander Jon Burge. The July ruling by U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer applies to just one of several lawsuits filed in the brutality cases, and it means that attorneys for the plaintiff in the case, Michael Tillman, can begin proceedings to depose Daley, said an attorney for Tillman. Daley has been named in three other brutality lawsuits stemming from the torture and abuse that Burge is believed to have perpetrated years ago on dozens of African American men in Chicago — many of whom gave coerced confessions. But as they did in the Tillman case, the city moved to remove Daley from the lawsuits.

    The Tillman case marks the first time a judge has ruled there is reason to allow the Daley to remain in the lawsuit, Taylor said. In this case, Pallmeyer ruled that Daley could be sued on the conspiracy claims that Tillman has alleged.

    Tillman served nearly 24 years in prison for a July 1986 rape and murder before his conviction was vacated and the charges dismissed by a Cook County special prosecutor in January 2010, according to the court filing. He received a certificate of innocence from the Circuit Court of Cook County in February 2010.

    Tillman brings a host of claims against the police officers, police supervisors, and prosecutors involved in his arrest, conviction and prolonged confinement, according to the filing.

    “We were extremely pleased by the judge’s decision to hold Daley in the conspiracy allegations and consider it to be a significant victory in the long and ardous struggle in the police torture cases,” Taylor said.

    Attorneys for the Plaintiff have scheduled a Sept. 8 deposition, but the city has filed a motion asking Pallmeyer to reconsider her ruling.

  22. I agree. And look — we have protests (every Saturday), FFFF it the King of blogs these days, and Kelly’s story is growing, every day.

    The murderers and their confederates thought this story would be long gone by now, but it isn’t.

    I agree with you. Civil unrest is our weapon against police state despotism. I’m with you.

    And you’re right about the rocks and fire bit. 100%.

  23. the murder of kelly thomas was murder 1 intentional-those cops drove up to him and yelled that they were going to kick his ass-
    first of all he they had him trapped if they were able to drive up to him and say that
    second of all he was a PARANOID schitzophrenic (and they knew it) what did they think he was going to do when they threatened him like that? he was unarmed, of course he was going to try to run-can you imagine how he must have felt with that paranoia coursing thru him, not on meds and a couple big authority figures yeliing that they were going to kick his ass? those monsters knew that would get him to run, they wanted to have an excuse to kill him and cover thmselves-what do you think lawyer friends?

    1. They wanted an excuse to kill him…..What a jugment from a person that does not get her A…. off the computer to get something done until it makes her feel good…….WHere were you when Kelly needed food and a warm bed to sleep.. Oh Ya lets judge……. Eating her freshly made food and sleeping in her warm bed and telling everyone else how disgusting that homeless man was she had just seen on the street… WHO ARE YOU TO SAY WHAT THEY WHERE GOING TO DO?

  24. Some people just don’t realize the police brutality that happens all the time. At some point, a thug-like criminal mentality has taken over ,not just in O.C., but everywhere. That said, THANK YOU for all that you are doing. Keep the pressure on! Get these rogue cops off the streets, not just for Kelly, but for anyone else they would harm . Bring these murderers to justice!

  25. My heart hurts for all those that suffered and still suffer because of the tyranny/cover up and lies brought forth by the hands of those facist monsters in blue, for no reason- the majority of the time the incident is so covered by those Nazi pigs and their covering mob bosses that we never hear about it or hear about it years later-Not anymore-yes the fight is for Kelly and those other nameless faces- fighting for change and our rights as Americans

  26. Jim this is not about you, so no debate. The focus here is “Justice For Kelly Thomas.” Actually you and some others should be damn glad that this website exists. Whether you agree or not with the topics and comments, it allows people to vent and release some understandable frustrations. The atmosphere of distrust has been
    brewing for a long time, I think we all can agree to that.

  27. If not for the public outcry, those cops would no doubt still be on active duty and nothing would be done.

    And since when is it terrorism for people to peacefully assemble, address their City Council, and exercise their First Amendment rights?

    I guess those rabble rousers in the colonies who got us independence from England were terrorists, too, by this logic.

  28. Well, I have followed this story every day for some time now, all the way from Minnesota, so I have no local “agenda”. But this “Jim” seems to have an agenda. He is the type who thinks along one track and holds to that viewpoint no matter the circumstance. You will never be able to convince him that that the people have a right to feel outraged over what happened to Kelly Thomas. You will never convince him that no excuse the FPD could come up with would ever justify what Kelly looked like in his hospital photo. Nor will he ever admit that a search for a possible stolen item would be worth the death of an unarmed man. We need to ignore the “Jim’s” of this world and save our energies for those who need us.

  29. “…Those previous incidents involving police misconduct have been dealt with and those officers were held accountable.”


  30. I don’t even understand half of the stuff this guy is saying. FFFF never advocated violence or civil unrest. We are mostly educated people here in Fullerton… there will be no unrest.

  31. “Your predictions, along with many, is perhaps a self fulfilling prophecy”

    What a dumb line. Jim-bo is one of those people that uses stupid cliches to basically say nothing. WTF does that mean?

    …just another dummy trying to act smart by including useless sentences.

    Ben F.

  32. “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”
    — Noam Chomsky
    Gee Jimbo where I come from – words matter-

  33. Everyone,

    Don’t even pay any attention to trolls like Jim and the other guy named “Reality Is.” They are deliberately trying to divert us from the core issue of rogue cops who MURDERED Kelly Thomas. At best, they are trolls who are trying to upset people for their own amusement. If you look at “Jim’s” posts, you will see that he is deliberately making statements that he knows will anger people – like “wait until we have all the facts.” And of course, the FACTS are that at least 50 witnesses saw 6 rogue cops viciously beat an unarmed man to death. The FACTS are that the police who beat him to death were allowed to watch a video of it while writing their reports. We already know the facts. Yet “Jim” (if that is his real name) keeps making provocative statements to try to dillute the focus of the blog and this message board.

    The other guy with the screen name “Reality Is” (I’m sure most of you know who I’m talking about) is even more antagonistic.

    BOTH of them are at best trolls. At worst, I think at least one of them, or maybe both, are friends or family of these cops. And they’re deliberately trying to hijack the message boards to take attention away from what happened to Kelly Thomas.

    They’re doing that so that if someone comes to this website and reads the blog, they’ll see that all the comments are just arguing and it discredits all of us. That’s what they’re hoping for…that we all just look like a bunch of raving idiots.

    Don’t lose focus. Ignore the trolls. Don’t reply to them, because trying to reason with them is pointless. They aren’t hear to debate with us, they’re here to try to clog up the comments. Let’s stay on topic. Post links to news updates about the case, any new videos that shows up on YouTube, etc.

    Tony’s blog is getting a lot of attention, and we have a huge chance to do something powerful. Let’s not mess it up.

  34. Ron Thomas would EASILY get elected into office. And if I lived in Fullerton, I would vote for him in a heartbeat.

    But I don’t think he could handle the stress of campaigning, at least not for a while. Right now, I’m sure he’s dealing with so much anger and trying to get justice for his son that he probably hasn’t even really had a chance to grieve yet.

    1. Sure he would- but why did he not but as much effort in trying to keep he’s son alive when he had the chance and not let him roam the street. This does not excuse the officers action but stop making a hero out of the dad and mother that called police on numereous occasions to get their son off their porche because he would not leave.

  35. Dear Jim,

    You’re as stupid as McKinley. Tag team. There is no evidence in any video that I have seen that all six cops were simultaneously beating Kelly.
    read #27 at this blog:
    Who Says Six Cops Can’t Beat A Man To Death?

    Friends for Fullerton’s Future supports candidates and causes that promote intelligent, responsible and accountable government in Fullerton and Orange County
    Friends For Fullerton’s Future

    Kelly Thomas Police Beating

  36. #75 Chris. You’re right. I spoke to Ron Kelly today. He can’t start grieving for his loss until he see this situation through, both criminally and civilly. Hopefully the FBI is moving forward rapidly…

  37. FFFF, Why do you keep saying that the cops that beat this guy to death are rogue? Why make that assumption? Have the majority of the non-rogue cops come forth to support your blog and rallies? I think not!

    1. Good one, fullerton citizen. Bravo.

      The barrel is rotten. There isn’t a good apple remaining.

      You know, Fullerton may have been given a fabulous gift, thanks to Kelly.

      This may be an opportunity to fumigate the Fullerton city goobermint, and maybe, just maybe, Kelly’s death will launch a nationwide trend towards smashing police corruption and brutality.

      A high hope, but you never know. We have to do this sooner or later. I say sooner. I say now.



    but they will say that it is = (

    watch out friends,

    this is BIGGER THAN WE KNOW.

    ninja chxn

  39. and yes , Ron Thomas for . city manager , police chief. or whatever position he thinks would be best.

    one love


  40. Cops today are the biggest cowards of all man and most will pay an eternity in hell for it. When you are going to arrest an unarmed man put away the guns and tasers they really are not needed, especially when theres always 20 of you bastards.

      1. No opinion on anyone other than “Jim”. He certainly is a coward. Come forward Jim. We would love to have the debate you so graciously offered.

  41. Jim is probably Jay Cincenelli or his lawyer lol…that letter is so full of bs that this guy jim must’ve felt like he’s had the ultimate dose of metamucil after writing that turd.

  42. @hi there…wasn’t he laid off from work…im pretty sure he was with a few others because of lack of funds…my uncle was one them around that time i believe.

    1. No, we don’t ban idiots and trolls unless they really step over the line. This zit is posting under numerous names such as “Reality Is” and “Obviously.” This information is useful because it means there are fewer cops trolling that you might have suspected.

  43. Anyone using the word terrorist anymore should be completely ignored! I for one, am tired of hearing the word anymore. Its affect tp get your point across simply does not work, period. We will not give up, we will not go to sleep, we our the voice now and have always been. Fact is fact, a man laid in a hospital bed, in coma beaten to death. The last people who were hitting him were the police. Hitting above the neck area is not trying to subdue it is meant to injure and/or kill. The city council refuses to move and mock their Constituents in way that is unacceptable. It is still “we the people” last I checked. It is our duty to keep these folks in check. Thats what we intend to do. With that said, take your terrorism and shove it straight up your ass and let the real people do their work. Jim should continue to get comfy on his sofa safe behind his keyboard like the rest of the trolls.

  44. You can believe that if that video exonorated the police…. it would be all over the world by now. They are probably talking to the DA to see how they all can spin it so it makes sense for them.

    You have a dead citizen and a police force full of thugs. Clean house.

  45. Control Freak :Things may be closer than they appear.
    “For the sake of all of your followers let’s look at your agenda, which is for the most part, promoting TERRORISM – Accomplishing your mission “Accountability” through “Fear” – potential civil unrest.”
    Read between the lines, did he mean:
    For the sake of all of us, let’s look at our agenda, which is for the most part, promoting TERRORISM – Accomplishing our mission “Accountability” through “Fear” – potential civil servitude.
    If only the general population understood Psychological transference, then they would understand that when a person points the finger, that person has three pointing back at the self.

  46. So………….we attack parents of the dead-Hi there, are you part of the Westboro baptist church? if not they need people of your ilk

    1. # 104- Amen to the part about Ron and politics- yep he would be good,and frankly I think that scares you-LEL ( laughing even louder)

  47. it bugs me that this the posts on this board , change order..


    terror terror terror your a terrorist , he’s a terrorist , the usa is THE big terrorist, she’s a terrorist, brown people are terrorists , christians are terrorists , the chinese are terrorist, the muslims, the radicals, etc etc etc for so many lineS.

    bottom line is you don’t know terror, yet.

    because the actions of this country , we probably will know what terror is, because when this country acts so horribly out in the world , and propagandizes itself as the LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE. the land of democracy , and law, and then goes out there and beats its citizens and bombs the brown people , occupies foreign land for agendas so secret no one can figure out why we are constantly at war,,

    someone eventually is going to say we cant ask them to stop , we cant take them to court , they have killed my father and stolen my land, I AM RUINED, might as well burn their country down, or blow it up.

    and HOPEFULLY WE THE PEOPLE , can take back our country ,, and show the people of the world , THAT AMERICANS ARE NOT PIECES OF SHIT just the ones that govern us. HOPEFULLY we can show the world , that we have some huevos , and can stand up and TELL OUR OUT OF CONTROL WAR MACHINE,,,, ENOUGH , STOP,,, NOW!!!

    and i feel it is almost too late,, the world views us , as pathetic fat , sheeple , that are too interested in bullshit , to really care about the ACTUAL matters at hand .

    we need to show the world , that we will not stand for a corrupt government, a brutal police force, or any and all of the atrocities that have been committed in the name of the USA, , and if it has to start in fullerton then so be it.

    if egypt can do it . so can we.

    terror is as terror does


  48. Hello FFFF Bloggers

    This is the same “Jim” that sent the comment to Tony Bushala. I will have to say that he has done an outstanding job with this website. It certainly gives a forum for people to vent their frustrations.

    Maybe my fellow bloggers can answer this question; What good would it do for the citizen’s of Fullerton to have the surveillance video aired by the media?

    If it shows that the police used excessive force and beat Kelly senseless it would serve only to create more anger and outrage – as it did in the Rodney King incident. We all know what happened then and there is enough anger and frustration now.

    If it exonerates the police, the majority of the public will most likely think the video was doctored. Most of us have already made up our minds about this. Either way, it wouldn’t serve any purpose other than continued disdain for the police.

    Even Tony said that releasing the video could cause civil unrest. Those were his words, not mine.

    Most people believe these police officers are guilty – perhaps they are. Definitely not all six, maybe two. If so, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allows.

    Maybe using the word “Terrorist” was a bit strong and I apologize to those of you who took great offense to that. But lets be honest – airing this incident would only create more animosity towards police.

    Continue with the recall. Many of you believe it will change things but I doubt it.

    John and Ken (KFI) literally spearheaded the recall of Gray Davis. What good came out of that?!?! The Terminator was terminated.

    When all of this is done and the criminal and/or civil trials are underway I will have that debate with Tony – I promise all of you that.

    When ALL the facts are laid out on the table and when the truth comes to fruition, I will debate Tony only on the truth, not on opinions or assumptions.

    Take that for what its worth.


    PS – BTW, I don’t know who this other Jim is.

    1. “perhaps they are. Definitely not all six, maybe two.”

      How the hell would you know? Were you there?

      “airing this incident would only create more animosity towards police.”

      Good! Brutal murderers deserve our animosity!

      We WANT “ALL the facts laid out on the table.” – Including the video and audio.

    2. so you have already decided what and how the debate is conducted. the moderator decides that and not you, if you know what a debate is

  49. You stride through this thread like a colossus, keeping the masses enthralled with pearls from your fiery intellect i.e. …”dumb as dirt”, ….”couldn’t even”, …He’s a loser”… Well, I guess…And then as a coupe de grace…” LOL” “Hi There”, you have been heard by the posting community and have been found to be wanting…stop resisting, stop resisting, Bye There!

  50. Did you see the La Times article today? Fullerton denied the public records request for video and the officers names. Like I said you can’t push them around. You have no power.

  51. but really
    what u gunna do
    are different thoughts about what is, and what isn’t
    now an act of TERRORISM

    oh ya ,

    i forgot it has always been , hasn’t it?

    hola federales cabrones,


  52. the little oinkers are running scared when the final results are in and all the low bottom feeders are convicted the world will be in a much better place and if Ron Thomas was fired how do you morons equate that to the 6 murderers? The FBI is going to show you how they deal with corrupt law enforcement enjoy your donuts now you FAT ASSES. all you corrupt maggots who desguise your self as FBD your going down.Go to your local video store and rent your self a copy of Serpico. The Rico act was re written for all your sorry fat asses.Where corruption exists, the widespread existence of a Blue Code of Silence among the police can prevent the corruption from coming to light. Officers in these situations commonly fail to report corrupt behavior or provide false testimony to outside investigators to cover up criminal activity by their fellow in violaton of the Rico act

    say hi to BUBBA FPD is San Quentin State Prison bound!

  53. Please remember this about our fellow bloggers like Jim. Compassion flows also towards our enemies. It may not benefit them directly, however it will benefit you.

  54. hey ,,, !



    #105 by FBI on August 16, 2011
    Hey CHIKEN
    You might want to watch your back. You need to be investigated – seriously


    chiken is operating as CHIKENs do.

    ” operativ e ” got a joke ?

    and you know the sad part about it is ,, I actually do have to watch my back , living in babylon, ohhhh , he used a word.



  55. hey ,,, !



    #105 by FBI on August 16, 2011
    Hey CHIKEN
    You might want to watch your back. You need to be investigated – seriously

  56. I am just as outraged over the police beating of Kelly Thomas. However, I also think it’s a sad day when Bushala is on CNN, acting like he represents all of Fullerton. My first reaction when I saw him on TV with statements was, “OMG, what an idiot!” I was NOT impressed and felt that it showed Fullerton at a new low. Am I out there in the public eye, catching every particle of stirring dust to make a tornado… And I’m not saying it doesn’t need to be done. But pleeeez, could you get a better spokesman? At least Chris Thompson can articulate. I like your push for transparency and accountability, but the way you go about it, hurts your creditability. Admin is better off left behind the curtain. Let a spokesperson with some creditability do the job. This whole Kelly Thomas tragedy has brought embarrassment and shame to our fair city. But having Bushala attempt to represent the populus is another tragedy. This will I’m sure be followed by the usual suspects on this blog with their usual tit-for-tat rhetoric. Take this as constructive comment….Tony, no more interviews – please.

    1. I’m not sure what part of “OMG, what an idiot” could possibly be construed as “constructive”, Pleeeez feel free to show us how it’s done and speak out yourself…..would it be too much to ask; maybe try not calling people “idiot” in the process? thanks

  57. Oh, and as I further read through the comments here, NOTE: I am not and have never been affiliated with any police department. So not everyone that doesn’t get on your train, comes from law inforcement.

  58. Jim is probably a PR flack for the cops. I’d ignore him. He can’t tell the difference between civic responsibility and terrorism, anyway. He should move to Iran.

    Kelly Thomas was murdered.

  59. Thanks Jim, I agree with your comments. i wish more people would think rationally, wait until an investigation is finished, and not take it out on all the other good and honest police officers and employees in the city of fullerton. If people would step back and wait for an answer, they will get it when the investigation is finished. Until then they are hurting themselves by disrupting the city services they take for granted. It agravates me to see the people looking up to the Bushalas. Before they vote to put the Bushala groupies in office, I hope they realize they are supporting the largest corporation of slum lords in the City. Someone should shed some light on their business practices. Power creates greed.

  60. its obvious this douchebag has never been jumped… he can’t beleive that six officers could have attacked Kelly at one time?! i can’t believe a woman slept with his father to birth the idiot that wrote this letter?!

  61. the only terrorists here my friends are the Fullerton Police Dept and many other millions of crooked police. Too bad they don’t know they should behave like the cops on that tv show “Adam 12” with full respect to its citizens. Honestly, the proper and civilized way to handle this is for a mob of people to go to the homes’ of the officers and eradicate them. This is what our forefathers would do. This is why citizens must be able to open carry handguns; so that we can police the police. I would have stopped those cops that day and so would have you. This is how a civilized society operates. I AM civilized to carry a gun; not you unqualified paid off cops.

  62. Tony should clean up he’s home before trying to go after someone else…. He clearly has everyone on this blog fooled. He out there hugging Mr. Thomas but yet where was he when he passed Kelly on the street. Did he offer him one of his companies slum lord housing units? or did he help build low cost housing for the mentally ill. The answer is NO he is doing all this to get he’s name out to benefit he’s Company. Tony help is needed before a tragedy happens not after. Get the snow out of your nose and stop trying to get your 15 minutes of fame.

  63. Let me answer you…… I am the Aunt of Manuels children and I can tell you that they love their dad and for you to mention he’s kids shows what a low life you are… Yes Karma is a bitch…. So just don’t let it kick you in the ass.

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