The Double Standard

A public service announcement...

We all know there’s laws for us and there’s laws for cops. The sort of stuff Fullerton Police Department members have been busted doing lately, or accused of in court proceedings would land you or me in jail. For a long time. It’s hilarious to listen to the FPD apologists bemoan the “lynch-type mob” of protesters that want answers before the official cover-up, er, investigation is over, thus denying our fine officers “due process.”

The latest example of the double standard that exists is the revelation that the Kelly Thomas killers were permitted to view (and review, and review again, one surmises) the taxpayer-owned video that shows the killing. This is just fine and dandy according to interim Chief Kevin Hamilton because it helps our boys in blue refresh their memory as they cook up and orchestrate plausible accounts of what they did. But it is not okay for for the public to see the video because it might color the recollections of eye-witnesses!

The same crapola is going on with the request to hire one Michael Gennaco to come into Fullerton and have a look around. Forget the fact that this is going to end up costing the taxpayers the better part of $100K. The real issue is why the City is embarking in this direction when the so-called investigations by the FPD, the DA, and the FBI are ongoing!

We are not permitted to seek answers while these alleged investigations are ongoing, and yet the Three Blind Mice (hopefully Whitaker and Quirk-Silva are smart enough to vote no) are willing to instigate yet another “investigation” at the same time.

It seems very clear to me that the Gennaco hiring, and the attempt to make it appear as both an emergency and some sort of reform action is nothing but a PR gimmick to make the City look like it is finally doing something proactive in the wake of the Kelly Thomas homicide. Of course it’s nothing but a cheap trick to try to stem the tide of public relations disasters that have befallen Fullerton since the image of Kelly’s battered face and crushed neck went globally viral.

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  1. Juries are just loath yo convict and oviuosly guilty cop, I wonder if it is because they will get a beat down and their lives ruined. Put me on the jury and someone is going to prisoner or a hung jury but they will not get an aquittal.

  2. Just another way to give their buddies a job or more liers to back them up legally.
    The old “One hand washes the other”.
    In regards to the police chief taking sick time because of his Killer Klown Kops, he was more likely than not frustrated before the incident because he was looking for a reason to take a Medical retirement since he was not a patrol officer he could not make up a phony injury like “Too may Fartitus”, so he took the vacation he had coming then “Medical” to milk the system.
    Typical Killer Kop.

  3. Oh!
    Another thing, my buddie who works for Slidebar told me that the police told the manager that they should not talk to anybody regarding Kelly Thomas, that they should make not comments, and everybody
    said the will comply with officers because they know they will hold it against them later if they do not.
    My buddie remembers Kelly, he said he was around but never gave anyone a problem with their cars.
    So Slide bar employees!!! come out come out wherever you are!

    1. Just like Nazi gestapo or a scene from Godfather, leaning on witness to keep quiet or else. Gawd, thats horrible and should not be tolerated in America or anywhere, This should have media crawling all over it.

  4. oh ,, and , Shawn an OWNER of the slide bar , has ALWAYS HAD , police buddies hanging around the SLIDE BAR , EVEN BEFORE when it was the HUB , and he owned it, always free coffee and drinks for the cops. AND , allegedly shawn is the son of some big wig in some place around here.

    so , it is fitting , that slide bar made the call that KILLED Kelly Thomas.

    and if it was a fake call , or if it comes out that they WERE in fact coached to make calls like this , than that may open a whole other can of WORMS or the shit bar.


    1. I believe a Slidebar owner, Sean Francis, was one of the first and most aggressive participants on Facebook in the effort to ‘out’ the names of the officer/criminals involved in this mudereous beatdown of Kelly Thomas, so I’m not quite sure how that fits with these Slidebar conspiracy theories that keep popping up here on FFF.

    2. Hey jackass sean is no longer the owner of the slidebar. And when it was the hub sean allowed the homeless to drink free coffee & also recive there mail there. So get your facts stright. It is well known that slidebar made the 911 call and the had been told to say that cars were being broking into to get the cops there faster. But sean is long gone. blame the Gm now josh he is the one who made the call!

    3. if the FPD coached employees of Slidebar to lie and say Kelly thomas was breaking into cars to get a faster response or any police response to Kelly being in close proximity to Slidebar, then this is a hate crime legally defined by federal level ADA and state level Unruh Act. Mental illness is a disability, not a crime

      1. from what heard the GM of slidebar josh was the one who coached his employes to get the cops there faster.

  5. link above ,

    yes this actually DID HAPPEN ,

    04/23/2003 09:50 PM ID: 29947 Permalink
    Police Suspended For Farting In Victims Face

    Four Police officers in Fullerton have been suspended after humiliating a woman they had been called to help. The officers believed that the woman had attempted to commit suicide, upon arriving at the woman’s house she was apparently unconscious.

    One of the officers is said to have squatted next to the woman’s face and farted saying: “This ought to wake her up.” As it turned out the woman was not unconscious and was playing possum.

    The woman refused medical attention even though paramedics arrived at the scene. The 2 officers who participated in the humiliation were suspended for 60 hours, the other 2 were suspended for 12 and a half hours.


  6. The only people those cops and the city of Fullerton should worry about is a Jury

    THIS TRIAL will be moved to another city or state as it should be.. it will hopefully be a Federal Trial..

    Your whole town is corrupt and neanderthal like ..

    ^Why? How long did it take to get the murderers badges off of them yet the whole police department knew about it..

    How long did it take after city council members knew to get the murderous cops taken off the streets

    BUS drivers were more courageous than your whole city council and law enforcement

    I will bet the EMERGENCY ROOM AND AMBULANCE TEAM know and are fucking AFRAID of your Police Dept.. so they haven’t spoke up about how badly beaten Kelly Thomas was

    Was it all done as a scratch your back for

    ^^ the sicknesses of our brothers and sisters are our sicknesses too

    Michael Jackson gave us one of the greatest songs ever
    Man In The Mirror

    Big Money doesn’t want you to focus on reality.. they have been writing the world script for too many years.. when will HUMANITY do something to stop them..

    There is ONLY ONE WAR

    Ultra Wealthy vs YOU

    1. “BUS drivers were more courageous than your whole city council and law enforcement”

      True. A courageous and quick thinking bus driver calmly collected testimony near the scene from his passengers. This driver had nothing to gain financially by his actions, but risked losing his humanity by not acting to do what he could when confronted with injustice. Why isn’t he being honored before the next city council meeting?

      1. good point, except Pam Keller’s Fullerton Collaborative and its efforts to help the mentally ill, homeless of Fullerton will proably be honored at Fullerton’s city council

        1. You’ve been posting that for almost 2 months now but you offer no proof that he was fired or explained the reason.

        2. so fucking what? who gives a shit other than you? I dont care if he washes dishes at a chinese restaurant…and i dont care if he only served 1 day as a deputy and was fired the next day-you moron-he has my respect, you hateful hefer

  7. By viewing the tape the perpetrators could establish what they could and could not get away with fabricating or omitting in their report(s). This is the real issue. The police report should not be accorded any credibility in court or by the public or press.

  8. thats good


    i don’t even think the t shirt needs to say more.

    anD it is a SNUFF FILM , right?

    1. If the folks at the FBI doing the investigation work and live in Orange County, you’re not going to see much of an investigation.

  9. ya , 19 ya , that is what i am thinking too.

    that when and if ALL the other VICTIMS of FPD come forward and TOGETHER help to raise awareness AND a CLASS ACTION SUIT, we might be able to make REAL CHANGE, and take enough money to buy property to turn into FULLERTON FARMS , for the homeless and those who have homes.

    and while we are at it , probably save some lives and find INNOCENT men and women who are in prison , AND give them the fairness the FULLERTON COPS DENIED THEM , by planting drugs , or making false accusations resulting in convictions, RESULTING IN VERY DIFFICULT LIVES.

    now is the time to do this.

    unfortunately it took a real TRAGEDY TO WAKE US UP.


    1. Problem is that all the stories are made up and lies. Just like any anti group, they make up lies to get people to listen. Then after they file suit or are called to a deposition to testify under oath, they panic and bail out of the whole show. So it’s all just a game. Big game of lies that will never become anything official.

  10. WTF ADMIN , i just posted and , it didn’t post , and then i re wrote it , and it didn’t post again ,,

    my format was not too crazy,


  11. The rumor was when Bankhead retired with a “medical disability”, it was because he could not keep his fat ass in a chair at his desk.

    Ask the folks at the Chamber of Commerce who was able to lift that 25# silver ingot with one hand. “Oh my back”.

  12. Isn’t the Gennarco (sp) inquiry a look at the ENTIRe police department’s policies and procedures? THat’s not what the DA or the FBI is looking at. I’m not saying that it’s still not a pr move, but it is a different investigation altogether.

    1. Actually it appears to be a moving target. But anyway you slice it, it’s a deliberate diversion and an attempt regain relevance for the City Clowncil.

  13. as for that , that might be good , to have someone come in a INVESTIGATE THE WHOLE FPD ,

    right , sure , thats worth 80 k i think that would be good.

    because , thats true the FBI and the DA are only going to look at the Kelly Thomas case ,

    good point , MR Boo

    1. It’s just a big scam and waste of money. Gives the look like the city is doing something. He will make some recommendations on policies and procedures but nothing will change. The policies and procedures used by Fullerton are used statewide by police departments.

  14. More information needs to come out about Slidebar. If whether the call came from there, if it was a valid call, if the owner is being told to “hush-up” etc. People need to Boycott Slidebar and the the O.C Register until they want to come out with factual/ unbiased stories. It won’t be until they start losing money will they realize what they SHOULD do.

    1. I can’t agree more. There is too much cover up in the Kelly Thomas case that continues to seep out. Slidebar is the new age cop hangout, especially Fullerton PD. I wouldn’t mind if that “Bro-Ho” hang out closed up shop. As for the Register, I would hope people would cancel their subscription and then tell them it is because of their lack of true coverage over Kelly Thomas. Maybe things would then change.

    2. …I took a look at pictures of the Slidebar from a link that #15 posted, and it appears that the Slidebar looks like the outlawed 80’s bars which were long on cheap drink specials, and short on food. Bars like these are typically discouraged by most cities, especially bedroom communites like Fullerton, and makes absolutely no sense for the city council to be issuing these guys a conditional use permit? These conditional use permits are typically heavily weighed towards police department recommendations which would explain the boot licking by management towards our police department. We also all know that these cheap drink specials do nothing but encourage these young drinkers to lose all of their inhibitions, money, and ultimately their good judgement, so this means than when they leave the Slidebar they’re like shooting fish in a barrel for the police to apprehend for drunk driving arrests… and the rest ultimately enter our bedroom community chocked full of homes filled with unsuspecting children in bed sleeping.

      Fullerton Residents: Who do you think is paying the TRUE costs to our community to run the Slidebar?
      The only organization that will listen to the public and can help get the attention of the Slidebar is the California Department of Alcohol and Beverages and Control.

  15. @MeYou :
    Do you live on a compound in Idaho?

    I would like to ask you and all of humanity a question

    Do you know the USA and Britain and all countries can use satellites that can read your newspaper while you are etc..

    Then why did we allow Colin Powell to say a compound in Iraq was suspected almost guaranteed to be mobile bioweapons labs etc.. THEN Later after murdering tens of thousands of Brown Iraqi citizens we are told it was just a Kurdish Bakery

    The fact he is free is a fact we have stopped evolving

  16. The Fullerton Savage :
    By viewing the tape the perpetrators could establish what they could and could not get away with fabricating or omitting in their report(s). This is the real issue. The police report should not be accorded any credibility in court or by the public or press.

    It is frightening they tricked us into allowing this to go in many departments

    If they cannot be relied upon to keep control of their minds during any confrontation then the badge needs to go.

    1. All police departments allow it. Most of it involves dash cams. Not many times police have immediate access to other videos. So this is nothing different at Fullerton. Standard procedure.

  17. Re: Genaco contract. Training & Procedures?? More PR

    Morals and ethics cannot be taught!!

    Back to the sloppiness of the Recruiter, McKinley in this case.
    If it is relevant, as at this point, hopefully there are legitimate investigations.
    Look at procedures later. Do not muddy the waters.

  18. @chiken, ur post arent listed in order bcuz they dont make sense regardless what order u put them. Its also unfair to target a business who has nothing to do with
    what happened. A citizen who witnessed a crime called police. Period!…As for sean he has never given anything free to the cops. Sean has always been fair to me and hes someone who started with a coffee shop and built that in to two very successful business’

    1. Who witnessed the crime? Whose car was broken into? Where was the broken glass? Where is the report on the burglary?

    2. “A citizen who witnessed a crime called police.”

      Really? Who witnessed the “crime.” Where is the car that was broken into? What is its license plate #? Where’s the broken glass? Where is the police report with the list of stolen stuff?


      Goodstink has been peddling BS so fast for so long the only thing we can see of him now is his dirty snout.

      1. It was a call about transient dirty scum looking into cars acting suspicious. That’s all they needed.

  19. Look at the title of Mr. Gennaco’s office alone. “Office of Independent REVIEW.” It does not say office of “Independent Investigations”. All Mr. Gennaco’s office is going to do is review materials provided to them. They will not do work that was intentionally overlooked by investigators, or tighten up shoddy, incomplete work done by other investigators. Mr. Gennaco knows how to prosecute a case. He does not know how to investigate one. There is also no one assigned to his office with the investigative experience level needed, nor the “Green light” to conduct an investigation and let it go wherever it takes them. Mr. Gennaco is an L.A. County employee hired by the L.A. County Board of Supervisors. Do you honestly think he is going to side with the Thomas family and not the Fullerton City Council? LACO Supervisor’s Mike Antonovich, Zev Yaroslavsky, who is also a former L.A. City Councilman has known retired LAPD Capt. Pat McKinley for decades. Wink and a nod.

    When Michael Gennaco was with the AUSA’s office working in the civil rights division, neither he nor any of his colleagues ever prosecuted a case involving civil rights violations in which the victim in the case was white. The AUSA’s office will be the first to admit; White people do not have federal civil rights in cases of government abuse. Those are prosecuted on a local level only. Federal Civil Rights investigative prosecutions are for minority victims only.

  20. Fullerton needs a good Riot…to obtain Justice for what these PIGS did…otherwise this will fade away like everything else…who’s Casey Anthony?

  21. Shawn Nelson is one of the owners of the slide bar. Shawn Nelson hired Cheif Sellers. I smell a rotten connection.

  22. To Tusabes- sean opened up a coffee shop and then a couple bars. The entire time BRAGGING about how he has FPD “in his pocket”. That’s a fact… He would always brag about giving them free shit and getting them laid in exchange for preferential treatment. Then Sean got hooked on major drugs, ripped off his partners and split town.

  23. Orion should change his name to moron
    @chiken, lol. Not mad ur entitled to ur opinion. I would just hate for someone to be afraid to call in the future in fear of retalliation

  24. @get real, sounds about right but he never had anyone in his pocket. Im sure he did brag and say that stuff. Not praising the guy. Hes made mistakes just like all of us have

    1. Thanks Tusabes, you seem like a nice guy but a bit naive. Sean Francis did get preferncial treatment. Certain FPD employees did receive free coffee, food, drinks and sex with his employees in exchange for that treatment. I used to work for him and saw it first hand. And I would hardly call doing coke, crack, speed and ecstacy a few mistakes like “all of us have”. FPD does have a few very rotten apples, obviously not all of them.

  25. The thing is, cops are so used to thinking of themselves as ‘the good guys’ in their ‘us versus them’ world, that they really, quite honestly, don’t see anything wrong with looking at the video while cooking up the best story possible in their reports. Hey, maybe they got a little carried away, but another troublesome crazy dirtbag is off the streets and won’t be coming back. That’s how they look at it.

    This mentality starts with the years they spend policing the jails, where a large percentage of the inmates are mentally/socially deficient in one way or another, before eventually working their way up and being let loose on the streets. Only the best, most professional, and best educated officers, make it through that process with even a small intact remnant of their objective belief in the goodness of humanity.

    We all see things through our own lenses and filters. It’s our past experiences, and the way we live our lives every day, that most strongly influences how we look at any given situation. In this case, the experience of the cops, and law enforcement in general, is that the end justifies the means in a dark, scary world of good against bad. This is why they see no double standard in their approach to who can see the video and who should not. They feel they are right, they know they are right. They are the good guys.

  26. Unions.

    The days of Joe Friday are far behind us.

    Today we have union members that happen to be police officers.

    1. I am a member of a public workers union. I have never smashed a homeless schizophrenic man’s face into concrete repeatedly while fading him.

      Please put the blame where it belongs. A dysfunctional police department, sadistic thugish officers, a corrupt and incompetent city council.

      1. Tasing autocorrects to fading I guess. Anyway, the police union sounds unbelievably corrupt but please don’t put all the blame on unions in general. Thanks!

  27. When are we going to require education for police officers? I’m sorry but 4 years in military is not equivalent to a 4 year degee. Militar are conditioned, where as people with degrees are educated. We do not live in a “combat” zone, so why do we need that mentality? There are more calls for SERVICE (civil calls) than combat calls. The one-eye cop was an ex-marine. We live in CIVILIZED society not a war zone. You can’t “train” rationale.

    1. I agree, education is key to getting better cops out on the street, and I think that is beginning to happen. My neighbor the OC deputy sherrif has a four year degree from one of the most prestigious schools in the UC system. And my sense of him is that he probably a pretty good, humane cop, despite spending almost six full years at the beginning of his career gurading in the OC jails. At the least, a college education gives one a sense of knowing what one doesn’t know; it’s all about perspective. Too many undeducated cops lose theirs, or never had a normal one to begin with.

    2. To: Educated Office

      Good point! My neighbor’s kid got a B.A. before applying to the LA Co Sheriff’s Academy. Most police have a high school diploma. While I believe thay all should have some kind of college, I’m not sure having a college degree will fix the problem of aggressive and unbalanced people (mostly men, sorry) joining law enforcement as long as the psychological (macho) culture remains. I think one facet of that culture is an “us vs. them” mentality, as if they are literally at war — with us. I know there are different kinds of psychological examinations that applicants undergo, but I can’t imagine that they are helping to weed out the bad ones BEFORE they are hired.

      This is a truly scary situation, to me anyway.

      1. You know what college does…it helps with rationalizing situations. It helps with critical thinking, understanding different people, their ideas, their culutre, etc. Being a police officer is a PROFESSION, what other profession do you know requires only a G.E.D? The bravado has to stop, the US vs. Them mentality needs to stop. Educated, critical thinking minds don’t think like that. There is a more diplomatic approach to law enforcement because of educated people’s ability to COMMUNICATE. There was a study that was posted on one of these blogs from Michigan University, that showed officers with only a G.E.D were 35% more apt to use excessive force than those with a college degree. I will try to find it and re-post. As for ex-military hires…are they tested for psychological issues? No. Or tested for PTSD? No. This is scary. It’s because many of the higher ups (who are ex-military), hire their “brothers” in military (brotherhood) to keep this trend going.

  28. According to a spokesman at POST (cop training in California) There are approx 50 cops in California missing one eye and about a dozen missing a limb. Fullerton has two cops with their eyes missing. That darn ADA

  29. Fullerton has a population of approx 150,000. The most blogs/post on this site is 561…thats a percentage of .00374(not bad for a GED).. I think I’ll wait to reserve judgement until all the facts are in like the rest of the community.

  30. Tusabes …many who read this dont comment probably 1 out 100 that read the articles comment probably not even that many …so put those numbers in your pipe and smoke it you sped student.

  31. Lol..sorry i could have put that last comment together a little better….but thats not easy when you have kids using you like a human jungle gym hehe…but what i was getting at, is that most readers don’t leave comments…me and just about everybody in my city read our daily newspaper online but nobody really bothers leaving comments…but i know there are people as far as Europe following this blog, and i know that it gets quite a bit of traffic from everybody here in the U.S. who are interested in this case.

  32. Eddie

    Thanks for your support this past Saturday [at the rally]–I am the guy that spoke with you a couple of times and told you that I would leave you a message

  33. ..think of the old story (I don’t know how true it is, just something that I have heard for years) about how the NYPD hired detectives for the I.A. (Internal Affairs) Division, that whenever cops were found on the take, that they had two options: Criminal charges and an almost guaranteed conviction, or I.A.D. …that is why the I.A.D. detectives may be good @ their jobs, but aren’t respected much outside their division (and why there are no ‘street cops’ in the I.A.D…no leg work to be done, it’s all paper chasing).
    With all due respect to the good cops within the FPD (I’m sure there are SOME!), the O.C. Sheriff’s Office and the residents of Fullerton, I propose a sanction on the street officers. Take all the ‘disgraced’ officers from other departments across the nation, and appoint an auxiliary police force to POLICE the POLICE. An entirely independent and outside (read ‘impartial’) agency of cops from NYC, L.A., Chicago, Boston, Detroit, and other major cities, and appoint them overseers of police that, tragically, cannot be trusted with the duties expected of them.
    We would hear cries of ‘unfair treatment’ and ‘insults’ and ‘tyranny’, when all they would be bemoaning is the loss of the opportunity to release aggression on the skulls of innocent citizens, while we would be comfortable in the knowledge that we can sleep soundly knowing that our streets, though they have roving gangs of armed killers roaming them, are a little safer since there are like minded individuals policing them, and dispensing their own form of ‘cop justice’.
    Is this idea promoting violence, or calling for blood? No, it isn’t because the officers if the FPD would only suffer brutality if (and only if) they dispensed brutality, not for the heinous crime of being hungry, homeless and mentally ill.

    1. Would be nice to have something like that but it won’t ever happen. No money. Police are down 35% nationwide. Crime will get real bad very soon which will give activists a chance to handle police work on their own as they desire.

  34. Open your eyes. This isn’t a big deal. If this was a big deal you would have more people pissed off. You have a small group of anti government activists protesting and demanding change. Big deal. It happens in every city. If this was a big deal you would have thousands of people around, you would have Jesse Jackson and other off race activists, you would have political people, actors, etc all demanding change. Normal people realize what this was. It was a nut job transient who people wanted out of Fullerton anyways, who ran from the police, fought them, and got what he had coming. Simple. Now the family that abandoned him wants millions. For what? His future earnings? LOL joke.

      1. Thank you admin. Sock puppets are my pet peeve. Bad enough folks don’t have the stones to post under their own names, but posting under multiple phony names to look like more people share your delusions is just sick.

  35. The insults and narrow-mindedness of some posters isn’t the worst thing that has come out of this tragedy…
    If anything, they are just as guilty because it is ignorant people like themselves who condone such behaviour so religiously that public sentiment reaches such an all-time low. Just like those 6 murderers made a whole department of officers, and in fact an entire city government look bad, this fool is making the people appear to be blind cattle.
    O.K, let’s play the devil’s advocate for him and play it out for him in two very different (but evidently very possible) scenarios:
    His scenario:
    A nut job transient who people wanted out of Fullerton anyways is approached by an officer and accused of a crime, he is guilty so he tries to run, but is caught, tries to fight, is overtaken, is beaten into a coma and dies five days later as a result of the injuries sustained.
    Our scenario:
    An American citizen (where being a ‘nut job’ isn’t illegal) is approached by an officer and accused of a crime, whether he is guilty or not, whether he ran or not isn’t clear, but what is clear is that he is overtaken, is beaten into a coma and dies five days later as a result of the injuries sustained.
    See? There are differences in the two, but the devil is in the similarities, and they both end in the same result.
    I don’t care, and I don’t think I’m alone in saying this, if Kelly Thomas was running, fighting, or winning a fight with six cops, I don’t care if he was burglarizing (though there is no supporting evidence of it) cars or body-slamming them, or if he was 7 foot tall and it took SIXTY cops to ‘subdue’ him, the fact is that he was beaten to death blatantly by police who are trying to cover it up, and if those responsible aren’t held accountable, then we no live in America, and freedom, juvenile posters, is not free..There are 18 year old kids dying overseas to protect the kind of life they believe in, and to be murdered on the street in front of a crowd of witnesses and have that murder go unpunished is NOT one of those freedoms.
    So, please, do us all a favor, and if you want to appear tough, stick to tripping the fat kids @ school. Take caution, though, they just may grow up to be vengeful, hate-filled violent cops, as is too often the case, and the cycle will start anew….

  36. Agian I stress the person who posts here useing multiple names is the best PR for the pro K. Thomas movement. Any rational thinking, compassionate person is going to read his gas and not want to be aligned with his/her group of 1. I have been to other, smaller, websites with threads re. the K. Thomas murder and the same tactics are being employed there as well, in a vain attempt to supress, minamize or even villify the victim of the events of July 5.

  37. Jack in #96 post-awesome, intelligent post! We all have to do our part to suppress the stupid and ignorant posters!

    1. what night is ladies night? all the swine will be there looking for drunk skanks. they got the DL supremicist tattoos

  38. #74 by Educated Officer on August 15, 2011

    When are we going to require education for police officers? I’m sorry but 4 years in military is not equivalent to a 4 year degee. Militar are conditioned, where as people with degrees are educated. We do not live in a “combat” zone, so why do we need that mentality? There are more calls for SERVICE (civil calls) than combat calls. The one-eye cop was an ex-marine. We live in CIVILIZED society not a war zone. You can’t “train” rationale.

    Agreed Marines are baby killers… and worse..Texas Tower shooter,,, Marine….JFK Killer Marine……and the death count goes on.

  39. And re: Police Brutality and Police Corruption in Chicago

    A federal judge has ruled that former Mayor Richard M. Daley can be sued for alleged police brutality conspiracies that happened under former Chicago police Commander Jon Burge. The July ruling by U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer applies to just one of several lawsuits filed in the brutality cases, and it means that attorneys for the plaintiff in the case, Michael Tillman, can begin proceedings to depose Daley, said an attorney for Tillman. Daley has been named in three other brutality lawsuits stemming from the torture and abuse that Burge is believed to have perpetrated years ago on dozens of African American men in Chicago — many of whom gave coerced confessions. But as they did in the Tillman case, the city moved to remove Daley from the lawsuits.

    The Tillman case marks the first time a judge has ruled there is reason to allow the Daley to remain in the lawsuit, Taylor said. In this case, Pallmeyer ruled that Daley could be sued on the conspiracy claims that Tillman has alleged.

    Tillman served nearly 24 years in prison for a July 1986 rape and murder before his conviction was vacated and the charges dismissed by a Cook County special prosecutor in January 2010, according to the court filing. He received a certificate of innocence from the Circuit Court of Cook County in February 2010.

    Tillman brings a host of claims against the police officers, police supervisors, and prosecutors involved in his arrest, conviction and prolonged confinement, according to the filing.

    “We were extremely pleased by the judge’s decision to hold Daley in the conspiracy allegations and consider it to be a significant victory in the long and ardous struggle in the police torture cases,” Taylor said.

    Attorneys for the Plaintiff have scheduled a Sept. 8 deposition, but the city has filed a motion asking Pallmeyer to reconsider her ruling.

  40. looks like i have an admirer,

    chicken eats food and then goes chicken poop,

    you are a little off, Mr. food.

    chxn scratch

  41. well , because someone was killed, and the establishments comment or action has been zilch,

    and when a precious like is taken , it is un fixable \

    thats why it seems to seem that they are covering it up, smart guy…

    chxn nja

    1. Well if it happened again in any city in the US it would happen the same way all over again. That’s what the DA’s office is for. They review the cases and file the charges.

  42. when the things got boiling in egypt , the people camped out and , the government killed and shot them.

    when the syrians wanted freedom and justice bad enough they camped out and came together and demanded regime change.
    .they too were shot and killed

    when the first americans told the crown to fuck off, the crown killed them.

    will we see the american government begin to put down, kill or disappear , its own citizens?

    i wouldn’t be surprised, be on your toes people.

    they want a fight, they want to label you as TERRORIST, and throw you away to some secret foreign prison and torture you …..

    they want a riot ,, don’t give it to em.



  43. I’m posting to multiple threads. I’m pretty fired up about this.

    What if two officers had his legs pinned down, one officer had his torso pinned down, and two officers were bashing his head and throat? (only five because, the sixth named officer did not participate in the murder/manslaughter.)

    In this situation, there would only be two officers who were doing the actual “beating” and three officers who were helping to make the it much easier.

    So yes; in the case of Kelly Thomas, there may have only been two officers that actually did the fist, knee, object (butt end of tazer) bashing, the other three officers who held him down and didn’t jump in to stop the madness should also face the fire.

  44. absolutly, david if you and i held someone while a third person smashed his face in until he died, you and i david would go to prison for a very very long time.

    and so should all of them

  45. Jt :
    I am a member of a public workers union. I have never smashed a homeless schizophrenic man’s face into concrete repeatedly while fading him.
    Please put the blame where it belongs. A dysfunctional police department, sadistic thugish officers, a corrupt and incompetent city council.

    evil gains strength while good men stand still.

    Do you go to work and not tell allll of your peers about these murderers and the political system that abuses the citizens of Fullerton?

    If you do not then you are just as guilty

    1. What? I’m talking about it all day long. I’m at all the protests. I have no idea why you would assume I’m “standing still.”

  46. Hi There :
    Well if it happened again in any city in the US it would happen the same way all over again. That’s what the DA’s office is for. They review the cases and file the charges.

    Fullerton, CA is a cesspool

    THREE WEEKS to remove the badges of MURDERERS

  47. Having once been beaten by a police officer on the east coast, I can only imagine the terror this man encountered. The police officer in my event kneed me in the groin, after placing his revolver on the counter stating lets go you think your tuff, seems he didn’t like being told his mom dated local monkeys. Poor choice of words, though I do remember what a person sows they also reap. Justice may be slow in coming but each dog soon gets their day. These officers hopefully will see jail time with population….. $$

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