Sponsor the Recall With Your Signature Today!

Thank you, everyone. As of 2:50 pm, we have more than enough signatures to get the recall started today.


We have completed the drafting of “Notice of Intent to Circulate Recall Petition” for Pat McKinley, Don Bankhead and Dick Jones.  We need to gather 20 signatures of FULLERTON RESIDENTS WHO ARE CURRENTLY REGISTERED TO VOTE IN FULLERTON for all 3 notices THIS AFTERNOON.

If you would like to be one of the proud “sponsors” of these initiatives, please come by my office between NOON and 3:00 PM today.

These signatures must be collected in a matter of a few hours.

We will need your current, legal Fullerton residence address, your legal name and your signature.  We will be confirming your voter registration in real time as you come to sign.  Again, please do not jeopardize the legality of these documents by asking to sign if you are not a legal resident of Fullerton and registered to vote IN FULLERTON!

Thanks for helping us in this historic Fullerton event.

Directions to Bushala Brothers, Inc.

78 Replies to “Sponsor the Recall With Your Signature Today!”

      1. Wow! You must be part of the cover up. At least have the courage to use your name. Trading insults anonymously is just as cowardly are the actions of the scumbags who murdered a defenseless citizen.

  1. We got what we voted for and you have to do something..Justice for Kelly Thomas is very important to all of us. Do not let them get away with most terrible crime of century.
    Stop telling China, North Korea, India, and Pakistan what to do with their polices. Simply Outrageous

  2. Do you have the signatures you need yet? And/or are you gathering as many as you can get? I am in, want to sign but if not needed than I won’t make the trip. Please advise

    1. Obviously they want to serve the council today. Probably during the John and Ken Show I’m guessing.

      GO FFFF!

  3. PLEASE if you can get down there, go, do not wait to hear back. This is critical timing folks. Wish I could sign, I am an Anaheim resident. Fullerton voters, please get down to Bushala Brothers!

  4. I really wish I was a resident of Fullerton. The city council needs to go! They are making the city of Bell look like Angel’s

  5. Just signed, at this point I’d say he needs 5 more! Just a guess, 2 others were right behind me. He’s right out front!

    1. I would be far more worried about the mental health (or soul) of someone who finds the police conduct in this case acceptable.

    1. Exposing the incompetence of Blankhead, HeeHaw and McPension will be a public service. Besides the election can be held with the Coyote Hills Referendum.

    2. Seriously, did you complete elementary school? Or did you just go straight to the police academy while the rest of us were learning to speak and write English?

        1. Go write a parking ticket, Ofc. [email protected]#t.

          Maybe we wouldn’t have these kinds of problems if we expected our boys in blue to hold some kind of education. We just keep hiring these one-eyed illiterates who know how to use a taser but apparently don’t know how to use an apostrophe.

  6. So, let me guess, Bushala is going on the radio to present another rant about why we should all hate government, but will offer zero in the way of alternatives or solutions.

    This is a destructive action.

    While I may agree that some changes may need to take place, I think I will wait until I can see which option being offered to me is better than what I have before I start demanding change.

    1. “While I may agree that some changes may need to take place, I think I will wait until I can see which option being offered to me is better than what I have before I start demanding change.”

      This is perhaps the most meaningless nonsense ever posted on this site. And that’s saying something.

  7. Tony, couldn’t make it today. My dad was more than willing to go down and represent. Thank you for your efforts Tony, you have our family’s support to drive these rascals out.

  8. @lana I can name you about 5,000 Fullerton residents who would be a better alternative to the representatives we have right now.

  9. @CH123….

    Just one or two who are willing and seeking to actually take the job would do.




        1. So we have ourselves one candidate…..

          There are elements in Fullerton politics that have a field day going after this guy, but still it is definitely a different approach than that taken by our current representatives.

          Now we just need 2 more and we will actually be making a choice rather than running around with pitchforks and wasting resources to show off some bloggers political muscle.

          1. I think someone like him is exactly who we need right now. Honestly, I’ve been considering running as well. I think there will be a lot of people who are outraged enough by what they’ve been witnessing to step up to the plate when they may have been hesitant to do so in the past.

  10. Tony great work YOU ARE FULLERTON let’s get this shit cleaned up ASAP….I am all in. Good job you and your team!!

  11. I’m with you #51 Regis — I would love to sign as well, but I can’t. I live in San Diego. We have killer cops down here too.

    There are many other things we can do that need to be done to win justice for Kelly.

    We all live in Fullerton now. The krazy-killer-kop plague is everywhere, and growing. It’s high time to slap it down to hell and gone, and Fullerton is now Ground Zero.

    Fullerton, I love you. Keep the faith, keep your wings, and watch your butts.

  12. Agree with SDLocal. Kelly Thomas, unfortunately, has become, and will be the poster boy for police reform across the country. This IS a plague. My opinion is that most cops really don’t become cops to “serve” and “protect.” The only ones I trust anymore are the firefighters and the EMTs… at least they save lives and don’t take them.

    Heard about this on NPR earlier and was outraged. Terrible police work and terrible follow up police work. A big FAIL for Chief Sellers… what a disconnected loser. My condolences go out to the family.

  13. I agree with Airhead # 58…and add if you think they treat you like trash, try being a low-income tenant living in substandard housing!! They have nothing but excuses.

  14. Gonzo, Esq. :
    Go write a parking ticket, Ofc. [email protected]#t.
    Maybe we wouldn’t have these kinds of problems if we expected our boys in blue to hold some kind of education. We just keep hiring these one-eyed illiterates who know how to use a taser but apparently don’t know how to use an apostrophe.

    You’re giving him way too much credit Gonzo.

    Someone with his kind of intellectual capacity (or lack thereof) was clearly trained in taser use with a manual containing no words, but instead, drawn on construction paper with crayons varying in color along with McGruff the Crime Dog doling out encouraging thumbs up on every page.

    The instructor also most likely had to speak in a monosyllabic manner…avoiding the use of big words such as “rules of engagement”, “use of force continuum”, “restraint”, and so on.

  15. If you successful recall, there is NOBODY left to run Fullerton City and Orange County…Then you have to pay huge pension, generous salary, health insurance, etc for the rest of their living life.
    If find guilty, can we send these politicans to jail?

    1. Remember, even pensions become courtroom fodder during city bankruptcy hearings. Not saying Fullerton should go bankrupt, but if it happens it wouldn’t be all bad.

  16. The Supervisor Coroner Deputy Needs To Be Recalled along with everyone else who is covering this evil up

    The Chief, DA, Mayor, Council and Many Cops

  17. Fullerton must stand up and unite…Recall is legal and possible before these crooks destroy everything and hide behind curtains with nice salary, huge pension, generous health insurance, etc and Untouchable.

    On Tuesday the Wisconsin recall elections begins in earnest and the recall votes, the largest number ever held in U.S. history. The recall elections scheduled in July an August 2011 stem from public outcry. Turnout is expected to be much higher than in nonpartisan or special elections: Six Republican senators face recall elections on Tuesday, with two Democratic senators defending their seats on August 16. A third Democratic senator held his seat in a recall vote.


    1. Vern, The first disqualifier is membership in a public employees union. Both your folks are public pensionaires in the making. Sorry but no go.

      1. Well. At this rate, maybe you guys WILL have a shortage of willing candidates. Was Jane one of my “no go” pensionaires or are you referring to Jesse?

  18. I just saw City Councilmen Pat McKinley speak on CNN this afternoon 8-10-11 about how the eyewitness accounts are “flamboyant” because it’s impossible for 6 men to beat one man simultaneously then he goes on to make excuses about how Kelly Thomas’ injuries to his face, the one’s that are seen in the pictures published in the papers and on the internet, were not severe enough to kill him. He reiterates how facial injuries don’t result in death and how because the coroner hasn’t determined cause of death we should not jump to conclusions and allow due process. His reason “I’ve had my eyes bloused a few times himself … and facial injuries are not life threatening.” This is unbelievable to hear from a city official during such a sensitive time and everything else that fell out of his mouth were not just nonsensical but it reeked of tacit approval of the behavior of these men and thats not just dangerous but criminal in and of itself.

    No one I know wants a witch hunt or a public lynching of these officers. What we do want is a fair and impartial investigation to occur and the appropriate people brought to justice and held accountable and the remainder to lose their jobs and we do not want to see a repeat of what we have seen through out this country and that is extreme police force to be a permissible and acceptable behavior.

    I am in NY but if there is anything I can do to put pressure on your city, county and police officials then please let me know, I will do all I can to help seek justice for Kelly Thomas.

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