Saturday’s Protest Will Be The Largest Yet

There’s another rally in front of the Fullerton police station on Saturday to seek justice for the police beating of Kelly Thomas.

I’ll bet we will have upwards of 1,000 participants this time. See you there.

Kelly Thomas Memorial Rally and Protest
Saturday, August 6 · 9:00am – 3:00pm
Fullerton Police Department, 237 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA

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  1. My dad fell in love with Fullerton the first time he visited in 1936. After WWII he and my mom settled here to raise their family, 5 children who all attended Fullerton schools. He had such love for this city…he was a successfull businessman, proudly served as President of The Chamber of Commerce, his Rotary Club, he was Man of the Year…and so on. He never wanted to leave this city-EVER. He died here. I am so glad he didn’t live long enough to witness the moral degradation that has befallen Fullerton over the past month because it surely would’ve killed him! He instilled the same pride in me, I am heartbroken to see it all falling apart. My pride in our city is seriously tarnished. No one, mentally ill or not, deserved the brutal beating Kelly Thomas received. The Police Department and The City Council are keeping quiet to save their ass. Our civic leaders need to do the right thing, stand up for our city, speak up to our city or step down.

      1. Why would he be embarrassed to have a daughter who his thoughtful and articulate (as opposed to your parent/guardian who must wonder why his/her spawn seems unable to post anything other than ignorant, flippant responses)???

      2. Don’t feed the trolls. Ignore them so their time posting hateful comments can be a waste of their time.

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      3. JOHN DOE is speaking pig. The only language to respond to him is the one that he understands. OINK OINK!

        1. These guys cannot be real police or even know real police because EVERY one of their posts is damaging to honest law enforcement. They must be cop-hating trolls.

      4. Your must either be in law enforcement or related to one of these animals. All think your sh…t don’t stink.

    1. Patty, you couldn’t have said it better! In regards to Thomas’ past record, he didn’t deserved this.. this is a unarmed man detained for questioning, the end results, he was cold blooded beat to death. These officers quote on quoted “feared or their lives” is a poor unjustified excuse. Any officer, man or woman, big or small, dumb or smart, is in any fear of their lives of one “unarmed” and “detained” placed in cuffs person with FIVE other officers present during a situation, to go as far as invovling a 6 to 1 beating beacause of being in fear for their lives, SHOULD NOT be a law enforcement officer! Its uncalled for and there is not a single excuse to that would give any reason to say this entire situation was in the right of these officers. My favorite protest sign couldn’t say it better also and it best fitted to how I feel about this, “I support the police, but not this time.” To all this makes it even more unfortunate of a mess, is there’s many “good” police officers all around that deserve to wear a badge everyday, and even for those man and woman, they’re going to be stereo typed and they don’t derserve that either. So overall Fullerton Police Department has made a mess for themselves and most likely for others, and no one fault, not even Kelly Thomas for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, but these these 6 officers and their higher authority and their poor choices and poor morals in hand. I hope this won’t be another slap on the hand situation to these officers, I hope justice is paid and these men should be locked up for 25 years to life or put to death, and if put to death, it should be done exactly how they killed Kelly Thomas, beaten to death!

    2. Our Fullerton leaders will not stand up for our city. They are buying time.
      These Fullterton leaders will not step down because nice salary, huge pension, generous money, and power.
      Polices are untouchable. City Councils have to beg for it. This is not leadership.
      Unless we recall them

  2. An orange county DA investigator has greatly reduced the resolution of the original video and tweaked the contrast. The copy of video they plan to release will be extremely pixelated and darkened.

    I can only tell you that the DA investigator is a high ranking member and did this on a personal computer.

    1. He has this super powerful video machine that no one else has that can change anything he wants on a video.. hilarious!!
      See how he never answered you?

      1. john doe :
        He has this super powerful video machine that no one else has that can change anything he wants on a video.. hilarious!!

        Are you being sarcastic or just that stupid?

    2. An orange county DA investigator has greatly reduced the resolution of the original video and tweaked the contrast. The copy of video they plan to release will be extremely pixelated and darkened.

      I can only tell you that the DA investigator is a high ranking member and did this on a personal computer.

      Can you say RICO?

    3. Why has the governor not requested an investigation by the CBI? Has anyone written or called the gov’s office? Not that he should actually need prodding to perform the job he was elected to do. Has anyone heard if any FBI have arrived in Fullerton?

  3. Check out the 8/4 Adam Carolla Podcast for his take on all this..Fast forward to 23:00 in order to skip the irrelevant stuff

  4. Good story Lars, i don’t anything about the paper but the story is pretty compelling!
    i also liked the radio story from PBS!

  5. Trying to get to the protest tomorrow. Do the ones joining the protest need to bring their own signs and or post to hold them with?

    1. It would be helpful to bring your own sign, they are easily made with a piece of posterboard. This is the best way to ensure that what you want to say will be seen/heard. Signs are not required to attend, you can come and just be a presence. If you want to attend the candlelight vigil from 8 to 10 pm that evening, some candles will be available, but again, bringing your own is the best way to ensure you have what you want. A tapered candle pushed through the bottom of a paper cup to block the wind is a good idea, or even one of those battery powered candles that does not drip or blow out is good.

  6. @#2 John Doe: He wouldn’t be embarrassed by what I wrote, or I wouldn’t have voiced my (emotional) opinion. But thanks for yours.

  7. Just heard councilman Whitaker in John and Ken. He sounds like a good guy who cares about the people of Fullerton. I trust him, but don’t think I trust Silva

  8. Wish I could be there tomorrow!!! I hope thousands turn out. That would send a message to FPD, the DA, and to the american public.


    1. I live in SC and I thank u for what you are doing. My brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age thirty. He held down a very good job until he decided to stop taking his meds and he disappeared for a week. We were able to convince him to commit himself, but his mental recovery was ten-fold after having been off the meds. Two years later he committed suicide, as he couldn’t bear the stigma and humiliation of it all. The movie A Beautiful Mind is about a schizophrenic professor who overcomes this illness and is proof that this illness can be controlled…we must help others like Kelly and my brother.

      1. aw HB in SC, My heart goes out for you too- I think people will be looking at the homeless and mentally ill differently after this-I know I will.

  9. Tony…(admin) if there is anything people can do outside of your community and state, let me know. You people of of fullerton are in the fire and is sickens me that hardly anybody outside of LA or CA now about this story.

    Just trying to ensure justice is done!


  10. no need to be scared, arm yourself with cameras, tell your network of friends and family of your specific fears, maybe put a video recording if you feel some dirty cop terrorist is out to do you harm. Also if your city allows a broad 2nd Amendment right, arm yourself, THE REAL problem with a gang like the police union is that they feel invincible, when this kelly thomas case really gets rolling,

    “Fullerton police union” will be equated with words like, psycho cops, dirty cop terrorists with “police powers.” mentally ill cop with one-eye, etc.

    A note to the police union: this is not Rodney King, you murder a white unarmed innocent kid YOUR dirty cop ASSES are going to PRISON,

    like they say in prison, two types get killed : CHILD molesters & DIRTY COP terrorists with police powers( convicted)

    1. You’re right about the police union power. The premise of unions is to fight management to achieve power. This used to be necessary in the U.S., a hundred years ago, but today there are sufficient workplace safety laws, minimum wage laws, an economic safety net in the form of welfare, food stamps, AFDC, and countless other government programs, and, of course, ample trial lawyers waiting to assist a worker with a grievance. Unions still have a potentially legitimate role in, say, China, but in the U.S. they are obsolete.

      So why are unions still active in the U.S.? They survive because of laws to protect union organizers, enacted 50-100 years ago, have created an organization that by law can force people to join its ranks. Union management is drawn from people who still believe the system requires major upheaval. They are the people who resent working hard, they resent competition, they resent the “privileged,” they are more likely to be in conflict with their bosses and their harder working colleagues. Unions exploit and nourish an us vs. them mentality and they bring out the worst in human nature.

      Combine the power, the agenda and the rhetoric of legally protected union organizations with the power and solidarity of law enforcement officers who carry guns and are authorized to kill people. Combine the natural stress of law enforcement with the us vs. them mentality that defines unions. And consider this in the context of the public sector, where unions use taxpayer’s money (in the form of the dues deducted from government payroll) to elect the politicians who constitute their managers. In my opinion, the core reason for police corruption, and government corruption in general, is because we have allowed the unionization of government.

      To regain citizen oversight of police organizations and to effectively root out corruption there and throughout government is to make government unions illegal.

  11. We all live in Fullerton now. The psycho killer cop thing is everywhere, and has gone on way too long.

    Fullerton is Ground Zero.

    We’re with you, all across the globe.

    Keep the faith, keep your wings, and watch your butts.

  12. #22. I agree with you about Silva. The “sock collection” kind of mad me wonder about her. It sounds like she thinks we are all a bunch of uneducated citizens.

    1. I don’t know anything about Silva, but homeless people really do appreciate socks. It’s something we don’t think about much, but warm cushioned feet probably means a little less suffering when you live on the streets. Good quality cushioned walking socks that last, like the ones at REI, are definitely something the homeless can’t afford on their own.

  13. This story has become nationwide. I live in Delaware and this story has been all over our news…. just thought you should know!

  14. Go FFFF- Give her the benefit of the doubt. Could it be that what has happened has stroked the conscious of some who want to try to make a difference. While living on the street,dragging a bag of socks around is highly unpractical,it’s the gesture of a real need being met. If Ron Thomas and others in the future see fit, this could be an opportunity to establish many changes for the homeless problems. Money doesn’t answer all things,but it’s well placed money that can make a difference between a sidewalk and a warm bed. Be a part of the solution,not the problem. Cut the lady some slack.

  15. Okay this is for anyone who questions Kelly’s parents dedication and love for him. You have not walked a mile in their shoes and have zero right to question them.

    Besides those comments have nothing to do with his murder. Kelly’s mother said that Kelly’s nose was broken, check bones were broken, his skull was shattered and I am certain other serious injuries including his windpipe crushed.

    Nowhere in the academy or in police re-training does it state that an effective arrest control technique is to repeatedly bash a suspect in the face and head; IT DOES NOT. You are supposed to use the least force to effectively place a person under arrest. You mean to tell me that 6 trained officers could not place a malnourished 135 lbs man in cuffs.

    Just for that fact they should not be on the force, but they murdered Kelly and should be treated just like any other murder suspect. I am sure some thought, oh it just a zicho homeless person that nobody will care or miss. I am sure this isn’t the first time a possible suspect has gotten beaten in this department or any other across our country. If you witness abuse don’t just walk away, be a witness because who knows next time it may be you or your mother, father, brother, sister and other family and relatives.

    It’s not a matter of whether this is murder, but rather of the six what are the degrees of culpability.

    And for anyone that doesn’t see this as a murder; you obviously don’t know RIGHT from WRONG.

    The police chief should resign and so should the three councils and city manager and any other manager that is covering up. Some should also be charged with accessory after the fact.

    The moment Kelly was injured those officer should have been placed on leave/arrested and an investigation should have opened for police brutality. That would have been the minimum. Once Kelly died, it should have been a MURDER investigation. PERIOD.

  16. One witness on the bus video said that Kelly Thomas was in the ambulance for around 10 minutes before it even left the scene. Why aren’t the paramedics responding with information. Do they work for the city? The first responders have a lot if information. The anonymous caller to the radio station said blood was splattering on the other officer arriving later in the massacre who allegedly was trying to handcuff an already unconscious Kelly. With all the trauma to the head and neck,was one of his main arteries slashed? There was a lot of blood on him even after he was hooked up to the ivs and things in the picture his dad has posted. My comment and question is what about the first responders,what do they say?

    1. I’ve been asking these questions for a week. I wish these people would come forward. I wonder what was said to them. Were they intimidated?

  17. For those saying this is a National story…it has been all over our news is BS. I live in MPLS the 13th largest media market and our local channels have not said a word about this.

    Yes very few media pockets are informed but it is not enough. F$#% I just watched 3 hours of national News tonight and not one station has commented on this. FOX News…nothing…..HLN News nothing…… MSNBC…..nothing…..WAKE THE F UP PEOPLE!!!!! This needs national coverage and National OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the city of Fullerton I can understand how the non stop blogs and local coverage can make you think this story is being heard nation wide..but you are mistaken… IT IS NOT!

    We have do get more national meida attention witch will lead to more pressure!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. JLK- May I suggest you drop a nickel to someone in your area. Even some churches have newspapers which in turn have news media connections.

    1. Ripplewine… you make no sense.

      This community thinks a fire is being lit…and yes it is in Fullerton and the surrounding communites. However come over to my state or Wisconsin or Michigan or Ohio or Florida……… No one knows about this story. NOT A GD THING.

      “What that really happened”…….. Good luck fighting this with out any national support

      Again just trying to give all of you a perspective outside of your city and community…

      RIP Kelly Thomas.

      Have another drink Ripplewine if you think this story is going National or International. And yeah my brother-in law in russia knows about this story……

  19. Vernan Dozier- The witness in the video said they didn’t leave right away that “the man was in the abmbulance for about 10 minutes” How soon the ambulance arrived wasn’t told.

  20. The story has been featured on Yahoo News, CBS, CNN, NBC, BBC WOrldwide, Huffington, Drudge Report, New York Times, and those are just the ones I know of. Plus, of course the tens of thousands of You Tube hits. I even saw it mentioned on Craigslist in Massachusetts. So even if it hasn’t made local news, yes the story has gone beyond Fullerton.

    1. How dumb are some of you??? Yes I understand that all national networks have picked up this story for a second or two….WHAT i am trying to get across is that it has no national drive. Look at the Rodney King Beating which looks like a school yard fight compared to what Kelly Thomas suffered. However his case led the news for F’n months of the bat…NATION WIDE.

      get a clue….there is no National Coverage in any revelant way…………… i’m tired.

      I’m just as outraged as all of you but it seems to me that you are blind to the fact there is no coverage outside of your state…..CNN has tried.

      Just trying to help spread this story….

      1. You seem to forget that the story was picked up in the UK before anyone else got wind of it. The ultra corrupt OC Register put out a bland story about it

        1. @Chuck

          MY POINT EXACTLY…..

          by the way the UK story was pretty brief and non factual.

          I’m just trying to help but all you guys want to do is keep it in Fullerton….. I;m just trying to get more awareness out about this story… that no one knows about outside your community and those who have happened to be by a tv when they show a 2 second clip of the story.

          Sorry…just trying to help.

  21. Residents of Fullerton: this is our fault, for not voting. We have all become complient, why are these people in control? Because we gave them this control. SHAME ON US…..Why does the city counsil sound like a bunch idiots, because we voted them in. The police force is out of control, because we let it happen. LET’S TAKE CONTROL BACK TO THE PEOPLE…..

  22. … simply can’t understand why those 6 men is in jail as suspected killers..

    How can those men go free on the street?

  23. Tony Bushala loves the homeless except for all the times he called the cops to have them kicked out from behind the back of his slumba village headquarters.

    1. I guess everything is relative. The Fullerton Police love the homeless too. Except, of course, when they beat and kill them in the back of the bus depot.

  24. You guys should get together a task force that will follow FPD officers whenever office and video tape any interactions they have with the public.

    If asked why, just tell them that you want to make sure they aren’t going to kill anyone today.

    1. They love California Penal Code 148 (a)(1)

      …This extremely vague and unconstitutional law allows police officers to grab and arrest you for little or no reason.

    2. Yup. Also, have you heard that videotaping an on-duty police officer is already illegal in three states? And that they may take that to the Supreme Court?

  25. Agree with JLK. Non-local coverage is slim. ZERO coverage on the Central Coast. When the video comes out it will get play. Keep up the effort.

  26. Dear Orange County District Office and Sheriffs Dept.;
    Our honorable Fullerton polices and Justice System in Orange County are under attack by “lynch mobs.” They demand “Recalls” of our city officials and “Resignation of our respectable Police Chief. They prevent us from doing our “Protect and Serve” jobs.
    We did offer a generous $900,000 for quiet settlement. Our Justice System in Orange County is constantly under fire. Everything is under control during the past 3 weeks.
    These “lynch mob” plan to have an illegal rally this Saturday. If it is possible, please ask Chinese or North Korea Government to send their troops in to protect us.
    Sincerely yours;

  27. I am a cop in Los Angeles. Those who call themselves RETIRED POLICE OFFICER or are active duty folks, how about sticking together?

    I don’t think any of us were there during the incident and to second guess another cop, hmmm, that would never fly where I work.

    There is a difference between a police officer and a cop. Anyone that passes the test can wear the badge, but not everyone can be a cop and deal with the savages on the street.

    Whatever the guys in FPD did, whether wrong or right, it is not up to us that decides. You can protest all you want, but, at the end of the day, you are not in the arena.

    1. I’m not sure if you are trolling or not but if you aren’t trolling, you are full of shit.

      Part of the problem is this whole feeling that you don’t second guess another cop? When did you guys turn into Jesus Christ where you are beyond reproach? None of us were there during the incident but millions of arrests have occurred where the suspect wasn’t beaten to a bloody pulp. Of course the video isn’t being released because it would be the final nail in the coffin for all police leadership, three council members, and the freedom for 6 cops who had the same god complex you seem to have.

      You and people like you with this same above the law god complex are the problem. Unfortunately for you and your friends the days of getting away with murder are ending.

    2. Are you living on the same planet, THINBLUELINE? What part of the evidence do you need to reconsider?

      – Six cops, one guy.
      – Cops have guns, tasers, body armor, combat training, and clubs.
      – Guy is 135 pounds, unarmed, not drugged up with meth or something that gives him allegedly superhuman strength.
      – Cops beat guy for several minutes while he is face down on the ground. Guy dies.

      Maybe it’s time for you guys to do some “second guessing.” Even the most repressive police states in the world cannot withstand the seismic force of a population that has concluded the government is their oppressor. Syria is recent proof of this concept. The point is you will not make your jobs easier policing the “savages” in Los Angeles or anywhere else in America if you think you can avoid “second guessing” incidents like this. For practical reasons, if not the compelling moral ones, police officers need to come forward and disassociate themselves from this horrific misuse of power.

    3. Hay, maybe they were “just following orders”, right, thin blue dick?

      Fuck you! No one is above being questioned. Yeah, the savage streets of six cops beating a mentally ill man after he’s down.

      Fuck you and every apologist Nazi like you, you shit.

    4. The problem IS sticking together when as an individual, you should have the backbone to stand up for what’s right. Maybe you, Thin Blue just can’t handle the moral pressure, succumbing to peer pressure.

      The point of the thin blue line if you research history originated from the Crimeon War where the Thin Red Line protected civilization from barbarians, later to be adopted by modern day cops and firemen. Considering all the corruption by individuals and those as a group by LEO’s, society has a right to speak up and question, hopefully honest cops even more so.
      There appear to be a lot of holes in that line.

      BTW, I have served both as a cop and a Marine. Both oaths that I took were to protect and serve, never to stand by and cover for your buddy, so save your lecture for someone else.

    5. well stated thinblueline….its easy for ignorant people to talk and rant and rave but half these people couldnt hack it as a cop. There is a mole in FPD leaking out info on his fellow collegues…sickening

    6. So, to you, EVERYONE who is not a cop is a savage criminal? No wonder less and less American  citizens have trust in the entire ‘Law Enforcement’ community. If capable you might want to think on that.

  28. Maybe have everyone bring food for out homeless? If 1,000 people show up and bring clothes or food what better way to honor Kelly?

  29. your are brain dead THINBLUELINE, “wrong or right, it is not up to us that decides.” If you think you are dealing with savages on the street, then you should quit right now. No one forced you to become a police offier; you can quit right now. A man was visciously beaten to death and you say that former and current cops shouldn’t speak out. That’s what makes people like you thrive with your corrupt, rogue ways.

    I wish you the same fate that befell on sweet Kelly Thomas. Everyone that believes Kelly’s life had no value to feel and relive every time they go to sleep every blow, every pain, every fear, every suffering that Kelly felt that night. Sweet Dreams.

  30. Have fun protesting in the heat. Fullerton cops won’t even be there. Victim was white so no one cares. His family are worthless trash and they just want money. They could care less about their son. Dad was a deputy for 5 months. He got fired. He’s trash too. Have fun picketing. I hope you talk smack and get arrested and shot with beanbags and gas. I will laugh at you. Get a clue. No one cares about your silly protests. Bring water. 🙂

    1. #69 Never mind that 6 cops killed a guy. Never mind the fear and distrust this engenders in Fullerton residents who generally love their city. Never mind the total and complete violation of an individuals (criminal or not) civil rights. I laugh at YOU, you boot licking, dick sucking fascist. Go fuck yourself and stay the hell out of my community.

    2. Was this a case of an EYE for an EYE? What was done to you will always be taken out on someone weaker? That man had his brains bashed in at the hands and feet of FPD. Watching from New Hampshire…

    3. It seems that you cared enough to post your ignorant blabber. I think it is painfully obvious who the worthless trash is here OneeyedNut. I will be sure to applaud the Police as the beat you down and will not spare another thought for your worthless life.

  31. Dad always said don’t talk back to the police or run from the police. This transient drug addict ran and died.

    Fact. If no one talked shit to the police or disrespected them and didn’t run from them, there would never be any problems with the police. Teach that to your kids.

    Police carry a gun, taser, baton, and pepper spray for a reason. They don’t have to be assaulted to use force. So don’t talk shit or run and we will all be fine. Talk shit and run, you get what you deserve. Just like Kelly. And to u papas, if you kick ur kid to the streets dont be surprised if he dies. Deal with it.

    1. Unarmed homeless people do not deserve to be beaten to death by the 6 shitbag cops of the FPD. Thankfully the 6 have been removed from the streets, but Fullerton residents now get to wonder if a similar culture of violence remains in the police on duty. This is the distrust that remains due to the laughable yokel of a mayor we have and inbred good-ole boy nepotism between certain city politicians and police officials. Way to fuck you community in the ass FPD!! I’ve lived here most of my life and now can be proud of your professional conduct when I tell people where I’m from. People are LIVID about this and are not going away, no matter what. Clean house or get your clocks cleaned.

    2. That’s right, “stop resisting” is the 21st century version of sanctuary to police officers.

      His body is twitching when we hit him, obviously resisting.

    3. Hey Cop, how about I drive around just a little above the speed limit, just enough to get your attention. Pull me over and… Surprise!

      F the PD

    4. Another ignorant post. My Father always said “Better to remain quiet and thought a Fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Thanks for removing all doubt!

  32. OneeyedNut :
    Have fun protesting in the heat. Fullerton cops won’t even be there. Victim was white so no one cares. His family are worthless trash and they just want money. They could care less about their son. Dad was a deputy for 5 months. He got fired. He’s trash too. Have fun picketing. I hope you talk smack and get arrested and shot with beanbags and gas. I will laugh at you. Get a clue. No one cares about your silly protests. Bring water.

    I said
    I will bring your mom!!!
    bitch ass pig lover.

  33. Live n Learn :
    Dad always said don’t talk back to the police or run from the police. This transient drug addict ran and died.
    Fact. If no one talked shit to the police or disrespected them and didn’t run from them, there would never be any problems with the police. Teach that to your kids.
    Police carry a gun, taser, baton, and pepper spray for a reason. They don’t have to be assaulted to use force. So don’t talk shit or run and we will all be fine. Talk shit and run, you get what you deserve. Just like Kelly. And to u papas, if you kick ur kid to the streets dont be surprised if he dies. Deal with it.

    Yes people
    If you see a cop drop to the floor and put your hand behind your back.
    But first drop your pants and have the lube ready.

  34. Live n Learn :
    Dad always said don’t talk back to the police or run from the police. This transient drug addict ran and died.
    Fact. If no one talked shit to the police or disrespected them and didn’t run from them, there would never be any problems with the police. Teach that to your kids.
    Police carry a gun, taser, baton, and pepper spray for a reason. They don’t have to be assaulted to use force. So don’t talk shit or run and we will all be fine. Talk shit and run, you get what you deserve. Just like Kelly. And to u papas, if you kick ur kid to the streets dont be surprised if he dies. Deal with it.

    That’s funny, because my Dad always said that respect is earned, not given.

    Probably goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway…my Dad can bench press your Dad.

  35. ” You shall not murder.”

    Deuteronomy 5:17

    This six cops will eventually get what they deserve. This incident will live with them for the rest of their lives and this bloody picture will be with them every time they close their eyes.

    Karma is coming to get you pigs.

    What a disgrace. FPD 6 ruined not only the lives of Kelly’s family but also their own. Now YOUR family has to live with your stupidity and inhumane actions. Selfish!

    Nothing is going to happen because Fullerton is home of the Klan which most of them COPS.

    1. ” You shall not murder.”
      Deuteronomy 5:17

      …yes, but NOT “Karma”. Karma is a term used in Eastern religions having no connection to the One True God and His Word.
      Those involved must sincerely repent and seek the One True God’s forgiveness.
      Adonai Echad means The LORD is One;
      Echad = One, as in a compound Unity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)
      It is not Karma those involved have to fear. It is God’s wrath and judgement and eternal punishment.

  36. It’s sad that the FPD and FPD officers handled this so poorly. These six murderers have caused a ruinous lack of trust to take hold of the people in Fullerton. Not only are those with the blood on their hands responsible, but the rest of the department, leadership, etc are as well for being so opaque about this.

    I have always given the FPD the benefit of the doubt, and I’ve been let off once as a screwball kid by them. However, it seems like they are now more deserving of ire than the Brea PD who have long had a less flattering reputation. I’ve got no beef though, Brea PD once let me go on a speeding ticket because I was nice and admitted I was speeding in a new car.

    Fullerton city leaders (Jones, Bankhead, McKinley) and Chief Sellers need to go, NOW. Conflict of interest abounds and Jones is hard to take seriously anymore.

    I own a nice piece of property here and I pay a corresponding chunk of change to the city in taxes. I am beyond appalled at the arrogance and lack of transparency of the FPD. Instead of acknowledging the crime committed by its officers and moving immediately to rectify the situation, re-instill public confidence and move forward with justice like professionals, the FPD has chosen to portray itself as the corrupt, backwoods yokel, two bit organization it NOW IS. It’s very sad that our great city has been forever tarnished by a corrupt, brutal and crypto-fascist police department.

    And I’m a fuckin’ right winger…

  37. Idaho, if you can’t be there then please write a letter or send a postcard or fax the DA. That’s what several of us intend to do here in Washington. My brother is severely mentally ill and we aren’t even sure what with because he refuses to go for an assessment. Our family is always worried that he will meet a similar fate.

    I would sue the city as it is the responsibility of the police department is to attain the best possible candidates – ones who are going to be honest and who are going to uphold the law. I would also sue the individual officers in civil court. Ultimately this was their decision and they should be held accountable. This goes beyond excessive force. This was murder, plain and simple. And anyone who covers it up or attempts to should be charged as an accessory.

    My own police department has been having issues with beating people. It’s time to send a message. For Kelly, and for every citizen across this great nation that this is not okay and will not be allowed to continue.

    1. You might be better off sending letters to your news stations letting them know to cover this story. Although anything you could do would be awesome!

  38. I’m a police officer. An embarrassed one right now, cause of what Fullerton PD did. No one, badge or not, has the right to do what they did to that man.

    1. Good for you, Officer. You need to help clean out the thugs and corruption in your agency. My adult son is bugging OUT of SOCA today. We now fear the criminals, the Dodger fans, and now, The Police. If we do pass through the LA / OC area again, we are staying within the jurisdiction of the CHP.

    2. Thank you for writing and thank your for your service. And may God Bless all the GOOD police officers throughout the land! I hate to hear people blaming ALL police in Fullerton and elsewhere because of this. I’m a public employee (non-law enforcement) and I know I am tired of hearing how we are ALL lazy and greedy.
      God blesses and judges us as individuals and based on our personal relationship with Him. He alone is the Judge. It is not our place to condemn the innocent due to emotional frustration.
      God flooded the earth but spared Noah & his family. God punished Sodom & Gomorrah but spared Lot & his family.
      If I was at your protest my sign would read, “Resign and Repent, and may God Bless the GOOD police”.
      Shabbat Shalom – Peaceful Sabbath!
      (Jesus was a Jew).

  39. I have read several insightful posts by health care professionals detailing the dificultiesfaced by people who suffer from schizophrenia and thank you for shedding light upon a subject that not to much is known about. Educating is a firt step. Can someone shed some light upon the mindset of the officers involved in this brutal beati murder of Kelly Thomas. What kind of disconnect from reality that caused them to think they could get away with such a heineous act of brutality. It cant be a simple act of thuggery or so called “machismo” because what kind of man would abandone his homein fear, as I have read several of those involved have shacked up in motels. Is this a sort of mental illness or just plain cowardice?

    1. why do people snap and kill others for cutting them off? they call it roadrage but I still havent figured why that would cause someone to take anothers life-maybe they are just non-evolved fucked up wild animals who have anger issues and a chip missing in their brains

  40. I I hope with all my heart that this story is going to be international because it’s a horrible example of what becomes our world : ONE neoNazi government, with the right of killing anyone and any people, when they want and where they decide it.
    I am living in France (Europe)

  41. Watch this video:

    It shows undercover police in Canada trying to turn a peaceful protest into a riot by posing (badly) as masked protesters. They are caught getting ready to throw rocks so their fellow cops can move in and crack heads. Fortunately, the real protesters spot them pretty quickly by their idiotic costumes, surround them without hurting them, and keep them from acting violently. Ultimately, the other cops move in to pull their costumed compatriots out of the crowd. (Notice that they all have the same boots.)

    This is a warning to watch out for agent provocateurs who will try to turn a peaceful protest violent to give the cops an excuse to break it up and discredit the protesters. If you see anyone who looks like they might be trying throw something or start a riot DO NOT HURT THEM. Don’t take the bait! Be calm and ask them to leave.

    1. Thanks for posting that, I admit I was starting to see the same potential and then tried to talk myself out of that train of thought, wondering how paranoid I was getting. But given the pro-Police sock puppets posting their “justifications” for the beating on every comment board they can find, it is only a matter of time before someone makes out peaceful protests to be the “lynch mob” that Jones says we are. Everyone be safe out there, and if a problem presents itself, BE PEACEFUL and LOVING at all times. We are here to pay our respects to Kelly Thomas and support his family by bringing attention to this issue in a public forum. We are NOT here to bring our own sense of justice to the situation.

    2. Thank you for sharing..Canadian police provocateurs disguised as protesters and trying to start a riot is a good lesson to learn.
      Watch out for Orange County Sheriffs and undercovered cops to stir up and create more chaos, so they can blame on you.
      The world is watching Fullerton every minutes. Time to get rid of these crooks for good.

    3. If you see anyone wearing masks, covering their faces or carrying weapons POINT THEM OUT and MOVE THEM ALONG!

  42. I just saw a news report that the 6 swine on “paid vacation” are costing the dept $76,000 per month – that works out to be an average earnings of $12,667 per month each!

    How the hell can these cops be making ~$152,000 per year? That’s outrageous!

    1. @# 106 > it is because they are including the additional salary for the 6 replacement officers.More low life bottom feeder “UNION SCAM ON THE CITY OF FULLERTON”!!

    2. In the name of Transparent, demand to release full salary, pension, health plan, overtime and many benefits…You will be surprise how much you paying for these villians.
      Your Blood May Be Wiped Clean. The Truth Shall Remain the Same.

    3. The police are not getting $12,667 per month each. The $76,000 per month that they are costing the FPD consists of their pay, plus the over time being paid to officers who are having to pick up those open/uncovered shifts. Yes, I’m sure the FPD officer who are getting the overtime are enjoying the pay, but they are also missing time with their families and being persecuted for something they didn’t do. Not all of them are bad, some of them have families to.

  43. An Open Letter To The People That I Serve:

    What do you want me and my fellow fathers to do about this DIRTY situation in Fullerton??

    May I suggest we water that tree of liberty now!!

  44. Kelly Thomas was just peacefully sitting on a bench. No one saw him breaking into cars. The phone call alleging someone breaking into cars may have been falsely set up by the police to get rid of vagrants. Kelly only ran because the police were scary and threatenin­g, and he had schizophre­nia. Six police savagely and incessantl­y hogtied him, slammed his head on the concrete curb, beat him, stomped him, drop kneed his nose and throat, tased him 6 times, and when the taser stopped firing, used the butt end of the taser pistol grip to repeatedly hammer Kelly’s head until blood spurted out all over. Not knowing why he was being savagely beaten by the police, Kelly pleaded for mercy, for God. Kelly cried out for his Dad, whom he loved and respected, to help him in the most desperate and ultimate moment of his life, until he fell silent, and the pummelling of his limp carcass continued even after he fell into a coma. The police bragged about their conquest of this defenseles­s soul the next day and continued to work on patrol up until one month after the killing, only until they were placed on paid leave after Kelly’s dad had the courage and will to stand up for his dead son and demanded an investigat­ion. The police chief and DA investigat­or are good friends and are trying to cover this up and hoping it will all blow over. The mayor, city manager, and members of the city council that had proposed “cleaning up” the downtown of vagrants by looking the other way and allowing the police dept. to use whatever means necessary should also be held accountable. The medical examiner is delaying his autopsy findings of murder. The video that zoomed in on the murder is being kept secret. They should all be fired and put in jail and be made an example that this type of brutal police killing of helpless, defenseles­s persons should never ever happen again in our civilized society.

  45. Dear merijoe you correct in your satement,i do have a son that also suffer the same mental illnes,also same age started in 20s,is very painfull for parents to deal with this no cure for them only medications, all of the mental illnes persons are very gentle and nice they just can cope with real life. this brutal killing have left heart broken,seems like sociaty wants to get rid of them every time i see my son i see kelly looking for help they cant find , this police officer are trained ot kill ,like if they were in war no compation for fellow citizen they all should be jailed alone with his cheif,mayor and the DA.pure excuse. crestline,ca

    1. #136 by AMERICA has become a Police State! on August 6, 2011
      Please sign this petition:

      Done, done, and done! Cannot thank you enough for that link, America. I will send follow up snail mails and phone calls, but thank you again.

      All the best,

      PS: Forgive, but I corrected and improved couple places before sending mine. Good work though, not legal brief, but ‘good’nuff for government work.’ (a very old expression from when I worked construction 😉

    1. I hope the WikiLeak and Anonymous getting there before they destroy all the reports and manipulate videos. Then turn everything over to FBI.

    1. Despite all the genuine cop bashing, here, cop trolls and other agendad trolls, one thing seems to have slipt the consciousness of police across America since the 1950’s. Without the constant support of the general population, even with the support of corrupt politicians, police will not be able to long survive on the streets unsupported by WE THE PEOPLE. There are places in both LA and NYC where cops fear to tread. What happens when ALL neighborhoods across America stop respecting and protecting police with our support? Cops have continually acted like a gang unto themselves (with a different set of laws just for them), shunning participation in regular civil discourse with the average citizenry, trying to make EVERYONE fear them, not just lawbreakers. If they feel isolated, it is their own doing with blatant attitudes that everyone is guilty, just some haven’t been caught yet. You can’t keep treating your friends like garbage and expect them to continue liking and supporting you, regardless how indispensable YOU may think you are. If cops treat me like an unapprehended criminal, why should I call for support when one is attacked or murdered right in front of me? I can just turn my back on them as they have turned their back on Kelly Thomas to support their murderous brethren. Don’t call YOU when I need help? Don’t look to me for support when you are surrounded by a dozen toughs you have beat up when arresting them in the past. What goes around comes around. America’s police need to do some serious fence mending with the general population because those fences are in sad repair.

      The police think WE need THEM. I think they might have that relationship confused. Just sayin.’

    1. OC register is good for 2 things. 1) Lining cat litter boxes. 2) Lining the bottom of bird cages. 3) Kindle to help to start BBQ fire. Oops! Well whatta do ya know,there is actually 3 things it’s good for.

    2. I loathe and despise the Register; always have. But what in this piece (which isn’t a commentary but a report) deserved to be slapped down. All I could see anyone objecting to is that the reported called the protest “peaceful, but also loud and angry.” that’s a perfect description of it, particularly the last 15 minutes.

  46. The TV and print reporters had left the protest by the time I got back today, around 2:30 p.m. No scorn intended: they each had been there several hours and by that time the protest had dwindled from 500 or so people, to about 150. But I went back to see how a large protest in front of a police department disippates. I must admit to observing one of the most surreal experieces of my life. Around 2:45, one of the most vocal bullhorn users (a woman affiliated with Truthseekers) marched over to the balcony overlooking the police department’s succulent-laden, Mexican-art-festooned courtyard. And led a series of chants that lasted about 15 minutes. The chants varied from “What do we Want? Justice. When do we want it? Now,” to reciting each of the Mckinley 6’s names, to one that sounded suspicously like “Kill Cop Killers” only to rapidly shift into “Jail Cop Killers.
    As this was happening, people wielding protest signs descended down the courtyard-steps and began laying those signs on the ground before two locked double-doorways (which, I think, lead to the PD’s gym) or fastening them in the doorways handles, or planting them in the succulent gardens.
    It was fucking weird. I have never imagined in my 25 years of living in Fullerton that 150 people would basically surround the courtyard of the Fullerton Police Station loudly condemning actions they feel are criminal, or that people would be so bold as to walk right up to a doorway and lay down signs.
    It was moving, and stirring and a couple of times I even choked up. This is my fucking city. And these are pissed off people demonstrating their dissatifaction with one of that city’s most powerful entities.
    Making it all the more surreal is that, with the small exception of one cop who walked out of the first floor public entrance doorway and looked down on the sign-laying, there was not one single peep from the po-po all day.
    But it was also a bit disconcerting. I don’t want to second-guess or make light of, or traffic in cynicism, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that a lot of the people there in that late hour, most of whom were in their teens or 20s had, for the first time, the opportunity to get really close to a police station and not be afraid of being run off or arrested or fucked with. And while I’m sure many of those people felt passionated and indignant and outraged, I’m also sure that a few of them thought it was really cool to, for the first time in their lives, stage a picnic protest on the FPD’s front lawn.
    Does this post sound contradictory? Does it both praise and berate? Does it not really have a conclusive, unqualified argument?
    Absolutely it does. Because that was my honest reactiong to being out there today, one of the most significant days in the history of the city, a day in which the people were allowed to protest and get in the face of a police department they feel doesn’t understand them.
    But one I can’t help but feel some of the protesters don’t understand either.

    1. Mr. Boo – WELL SAID.

      It’s on the news in South Florida. We’re watching this closely. People in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach are sick of the psycho gestapo cops killing our people.

      Fullerton is ground zero, that’s a given.

      Your brothers and sisters are there with you. I’ve personally shown this video from my phone to tons of people here in FL. They are outraged.

      We’re with you in spirit. Thanks for giving the phone numbers.

      Will be calling and voicing my outrage.

    2. In my above post, I said a woman was affiliated with Truthseekers. I was on meth at that time. I mean to say, she was affiliated iwth OATHKEEPERS. Even though she wasn’t wearing an oathkeeper’s shirt (I counted six people at the protest who were, and there was also a vehicle parked on commonwealth that was obviously an official Oathkeeper’s car, since the name of the organization was plastered all over it) I talked to her afterwards and she said she was part of the organization even though she “didn’t come with anyone else.” But she helmed the bullhorn the largest part of the day. And she lives in Laguna Hills (I know this, because I asked her). And I’m just wondering what people might think if they knew the most vocal, organized contingent of yesterday’s protest came from the rank and file of the Oathkeepers. If you don’t them, look them up.

  47. Truth: There is a difference between a riot and a revolution. And A civil insurrection is somewhere in the middle. But riots are stupid. You’re rioting against the people who have far better guns and far better organization and are better equipped to fuck you up than you are to fuck them up. Save the riots for your anarchy support group. Real mean don’t riot. They plot. And then they act.


    1. @# 147> the cop that did most of the damage was white officer Hampton was an accomplice as were any of the silent cops. spitting out racial shit is a skin head disease be mad as hell protest until all the creeps are in jail.we should start demanding the video that was taken from one of the citizen he took close up video.And was taken by one of the responding cops it was taken from a local real estate agent according to an on site eye witness.why has this video not been returned

    2. Get Them Koons
      August 6, 2011 – 7:37 PM Reply

      You work with Kenton, don’t you? Do you ever call him those names to his face? Or, are you too cowardly for that also?

    Please remove these racist cops post.
    they are trying to tarnish the good people of fullerton

    1. Emailed FFFF already. Starting to be disappointed with FFFF for not addressing this garbage. Maybe others should email also. I’m not going to donate to the recall if this sort of filth isn’t confronted by the admin–and I am VERY lenient about angry postings, but not this garbage. I stopped posting with my full name because of it.

  50. Do you people think that these council members actually care about Thomas Kelly? NO! they are just using this as political moves to get votes. They dont give a crap about homeless people. Or this dead man for that matter. This has all become a political scandal to get officials elected into spots that they otherwise would not have. The 6officers didnt murder this man, the family chose to take him off life support. Its sad that this man had to go through this, however, look at what you people are doing….pulling addresses and harassing neighbors and friends so they know these officers live in their neighborhoods. you all are creating more havic then help. Do your peaceful protests and speak your minds, that is your right as American Citizens, but be adults about this. Use your anger in a positive way to make a change. EVERYONE that was involved in this incident is suffering. You think these 6officers like that it came down to having to use force to subdue someone. No, thats a risk they take everyday when they put on that uniform. These officers are underpaid for the shit they deal with. Let the justice system do the job its intended to do. Innoscent until proven guilty. And stop using this as a political means to get into positions…

    1. The father is making it worst of all. He is the instigator and egging on all these people on in the name of money, not Kelly. It is sad how he is using his son’s name for his deep pockets. Shame on you!!


    2. “The 6officers didnt murder this man, the family chose to take him off life support.”

      Is there some contest about who can make the most asinine post, because if there is you’re a contender.

  51. assemble , build community , support , be civil , be strong, plot, think ,, move forward, ,

    weed out , , choose battles wisely, intelligence , come together , remember , do not forget,



    1. Amen. Justice system is always right. Right? Jury. Always right. Leave it in their hands so no one gets hurt. 🙂

  52. @ 149> there is still a video that was shot up close by a Fullerton real estate agent why does he not get his property bake he was pretty close to the scene these cops have some pair of Balls TAKING PEOPLES PROPERTY TO SQUASH THERE GUILT


    “On August 2, all five were put on paid vacation while a biased and thoroughly corrupt “investigation” continues.
    Six members of government savagely murdered a man, and continue to walk free and take a vacation because the government allowed them to escape criminal charges, the government has cloaked them in civil immunity, and the government has encouraged cover-ups through falsification of police reports, and use of excuses such as “the law is the law” and “if he had kissed the ring followed orders he wouldn’t have been beaten.” The system has not failed Kelly Thomas. The system was designed so that police can kill with impunity….”

  54. The blood may be wiped away; but the truth shall remains. You can dry clean your honor uniform or even wiped off from your faces. Blood stain has memory. Sometime you have a choice. Sometime you don’t. It is easier to start all over all trying to clean up.
    The past start to catch up with the rest of Fullerton Police Dept., Police Officers Associations, and their Untouchable gang.

  55. The interest in this event is giving it’s last gasp. While the protesters surrounded the FPD, the cops were inside, laughing at the low numbers of the turn out. They know the history of these public outrages and they know they only have to sit it out until the 15 minutes is over. Yes, it seemed for a second that with the national publicity, this case would become the next Rodney King, but the media has realized that they’ve squeezed every angle out of it and are already off to more fertile pastures. A protest without rocks and bottles is a big yawn – they want blood and violence.
    Like all passion, we become self centered and believe that, because everyone we know shares our beliefs, that the public at large does. Yes, they were horrified initially, but already they are on to the next thing.
    I thought, when I saw the hacking threat “now we’re starting”. But that turned out to be a big blow hard too. And hackers, after all, are seen as criminals themselves by the general public – not someone’s support we court.
    Do we really think that this death will be the catalyst for anything at all? Do we believe that the scores of previous police violence cases didn’t also have their share of outraged citizens and protesters? Who also, by the way, believed that their case was the turning point.
    Why do you think the average cop is so fucking smug? Because he knows all this. Here and there an asshole will be kicked off the force and life goes on. The system is huge. It’s fucking gigantic and so much more powerful than 500 people chanting outside a small town police station.
    Even the mega cases like Rodney King, were only huge because of the violence that followed the verdict. And, the perception of the average American is that if the rioters are the kind of people the cops have to deal with, then they deserve little sympathy when they get their heads cracked. Has the LAPD changed dramatically since those days?
    No folks, we are a tiny minority, and even on this board, I see the interest waning, with few new posts. Perhaps we need to realize that this is the country we live in. We do not hold the power and like the Russans as they were consumed by communism, it will slowly dawn on us that our voices are inaudible blips in the orchestra of background noise. And, like the Russians, we realize that we only have the amount of power granted to us. Perhaps a polititian will be recalled to be replaced by another, supposedly better one. Egypt rejoiced at the pulling down of their leader and now it is dawning on them that the power that is on it’s way will be even more tyrannical – and the media has already had enough of the Egyptian story, and they had camels, forchrissakes charging through Tazir Square. A motley crew of 500 is chump change for CNN.
    Sorry to be a party pooper, but this ain’t the ’70s. We are well behaved and passive. Those of us mature enough to have goten the message know that the security cameras that might have caught Kelly’s murder also catch license plate numbers and we know that there will be no safety in numbers when the FPD begins its pay backs (as though Kelly found safety in numbers as he was being killed). There may be those with nothing to lose who will stick their necks out, but most people own homes, business, have children in schools and find ourselves needing to kiss the blue asses to maintain a somewhat smooth passage through life. They have held the power since centurians bashed the skulls of beggars in ancient Rome.
    I’m on the East Coast, and despite the news coverage, I haven’t yet run into anyone who has heard of this story, and next week Kelly Osborne’s next rehab stint will be a bigger story than Kelly Thomas’ death. You may prove me wrong, but I doubt it.

    1. @ And The Truth Is

      Your post serves as a good reminder that most become complacent to incidents such as these. After initial outrage, they get caught up in the minutiae of everyday life.

      That is exactly how the Nazi party was able to go from an obscure political group to turning that country into a police state where citizens had no power but what was given them.

      What Fullerton’s police and city government are doing right now is similar.

      They ARE trying to wait this out. They have not released the 911 call, they have not released the video footage.

      Only by being aware of this and acting on injustice as it happens can we keep the US from further sinking into a police state where police can beat you and kill you at will for whatever reason or no reason at all.

      How well do you think the Open Carry law would work in Fullerton?

      It’s legal to open carry your firearm according to California law but in Fullerton you’d probably be shot on sight.

      The Fullerton six need to be indited for whatever crimes are applicable. The police brass that have been minimizing this need to be replaced and on up the ladder to the mayor.

      Remember, they picked a homeless guy because they figured no one would care and say “good riddance”.

      Next time it could be whoever they choose.

      People need to stay focused on this incident and not let it go away.

    2. SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU BIG PUSSY AND STAY THE FUCK HOME This is our fight and does not concern you. You are a loser, we don’t need a history lesson from some POS out of down depressed cop lover. This is FULLERTON you stupid FUCK!!

  56. Stand Up??? You are accurate. You picked up on the …ONEEYEDNUT……Is he the one eyed pig(one of the six)……..????

  57. @AndtheTruthIs

    Well I am on the East Coast and I have heard of this story…
    Was this a case of an EYE for an EYE? What was done to you (oneeyednut) will always be taken out on someone weaker? I believe Cincelli has brain damage to carry on such a savage beating. Kelly Thomas (also a human being) had his brains bashed in at the hands and feet of FPD. Watching from New Hampshire…

    1. @Suzane

      Yup, you and I. Quite a movement isn’t it? Most of the rest of the 300 million are out enjoying as much freedom as is granted to them while hating Obama or the Tea Party or the New York Yankees. We accept the confiscation of our money, property, reputations and freedom and life goes on and we feel a little more bruised and less powerful. Face it, the extent of our power to change anything extends in a 2 foot radius from our own bodies. Into the vast police thug unions with hundreds of thousands of members? You’re fucking kidding me!
      All the million man, mom, whatever marches on Washington produced nothing, and this will?
      This wash-out demonstration will be the last. Interest in Kelly and his murder has reached it’s peak. If media interest from Australia (my aunt who lives there emailed me after she saw it on the news there) to Germany couldn’t bring out more than 500 people, put a fork in it….it’s done.

      1. TRUTH you depressed POS this is a local issue that does not concern you find your meds take a double dose today and get some rest WE don’t need your support

  58. I would like remind those folks from other parts of Southern California who would like to join us in our weekly Saturday protest in front of the police station, that the Fullerton train station is only two blocks away from where we protest, and I actually heard a fellow protester yesterday say that the conductor on the METROLINK let her on for free yesterday because he wished he could have gone to the protest himself. If you are from not from Southern California and would like to attend, I know that AMTRAK has service directly to Fullerton from anywhere in the entire United States.
    Still think we’re going away? I for one have only just begun to fight and not because I’m a “cop hater” it’s because I’m a freedom lover. The fact that this happened just a block from where our city of Fullerton had celebrated our freedom from oppressive tyranny the night before the beating makes me this crime even more egregious. I and other like minded people won’t rest until justice prevails and these officers are charged with violent hate crimes just like any other US citizen would and should have been.

  59. @ Mark

    Yes it is a local issue. The national interest has had their fill. You couldn’t muster enough locals to stick their necks out and now you’ll become just another pimple on the asses of the FPD and city. Keep dreaming buddy, we were all young and idealistic a one time. Perhaps this is the catalyst, one can dream anyway. Now this POS is going to take his med LOL

    1. You underestimate Fullerton’s fringers. There have been moments in Fullerton history where outsiders have accomlished more with far less than this.

      I predict change.

  60. Missouri Police Taser Boy With Broken Back 19 Times .
    The news is full of these stories which go underreported by the national media.
    I hope Kelly’s death will not be in vain and bring some much needed changes.

  61. Not a single counterprotestor showed up to support the FPD. Most of the drivers passing by were honking in support. Those folks live in Fullerton. Very telling.

  62. @Truth fighting for American liberties by waving signs, commenting in writing and expressing anger is not rioting in the streets or setting fire to bldgs-
    Here in America you have to show some balls, and getting in faces, in groups to show who’s the boss is necessary or you get tyranny and taken advantage of instead of justice and respect- and thats just not acceptable to Americans-not anymore
    Here in America having a heart and compassion for a neighbor and showing support when they’ve been wronged by govt is considered human and thats who most of us are. This is an American issue because it happened on American soil and comments like yours show the European complacety and willingness to “just obey” like good little children-something we are not going to stand for, ever. your comments about what Americans should or should not do- from somone who obviously has no heart, doesnt understand the situation in Fullerton or know the American constitution/ declaration of independance and is not a citizen here are not going to be entertained as anything but garbage or as you say, rubbish

  63. @merijoe

    Nonsense, Meri, I’m an American, living in America, and no, there are far less incidents like this in Europe (other than former communist countries perhaps). If people choose to show their respect and outrage, awsome, but believing that it is any more than that is naive. Fullerton has, what? 135,000 residents who obviously didn’t care enough to show up, and with apathy like that you’re going to continue to be taken advantage of and the fat asses behind the FPD walls know it. Take a look at the cases against cops which have been successful – there aren’t many are there? Cyclops already has his pension from the LAPD. He can continue to live quite well on that. Within a year, he’ll be just another fat fuck walking the street and no one will even recognize him. The police have encyclopedias full of alibis and justifications to use in court, and Sellers will still be there next year, or in another senario, terminated, with pension and living high on the hog, laughing at you. Cops don’t care about the opinions of citizens. They believe their fat GED having asses are superior to yours any day. While you were out with your signs, they were barbequeing and boozing it up with their blue buddies and sneering at your efforts, because they already know the outcome.

    1. 11,000 signatures will cause a recall. It will be a small turnout and then we shall see. A new council majority will fire Sellers, appoint a citizen police commission, and clean out the stable.

    2. I’d say that there are many more angry residents who just weren’t able to make it to the protest. Did you see all of the countless people enthusiastically honking their horns in support? All I need to know is that this protest got people I know who have never protested in their lives before to come out on the street and wave their signs. This won’t go away anytime soon.

  64. @Truth, you are most like correct about “While you were out with your signs, they were barbequeing and boozing it up with their blue buddies and sneering at your efforts, because they already know the outcome” – they think this will work out for them-not this time-not this fucking time… not this time. The system didnt fail Kelly, the system was set up to give these monsters immunity from any prosecution for criminal activity, but the outrage is growing and will not allow this BS to happen anymore than another holacaust would happen again- those uniformed animals are going to be in for a surprise-so, I say, barbeque it up boys

    1. I was @ 7/30 and 8/6 Protests the 2nd one was way more people and way more energy. The old “we will just wait them out trick” is NOT working in Fullerton….we have EFT Effort-Focus-Toughness that is the differance this is our city and they goons work for us they are on our dime You are so right the systen is set up for no leadership / acountability / failure. We have the numbers and the energy, only a smal few committed can bring big change 80/20 Rule

  65. As a family member of a mentally ill person, I know that the training police departments give for interacting with brain disordered people is very uneven. It appears that Fullerton PD is woefully lacking as those officers should have known how to detain with killing. I think 6 women civilians could have done a better job that these officers. There is simply no excuse.

  66. On the John and Ken show podcast for Friday, 8/5, 6 PM hour, minute 12, there are allegations that the officers were heard to say that Kelly was going to get a beating, this time. If anyone heard such comments, they should report them to the FBI – I hear the Denver office is nice this time of year.

  67. Protect & Serve has no meaning when officers decides to use excessive force. This was a execution no more to get rid of a homeless person. A hate crime just as bad as a Giant fan getting beaten badly by a Dodger fan only this person died. Police Chief should be replaced quickly for lack of training on a mental illness person. If 6 cops cannot take down a person with beating the crap put of him, they should not allowed to be peace officers!

  68. I’ll be at the next one, and I’ll bring others who care. This is not going away and will only grow from here.

  69. This is more common then the public knows. Police AND judges are involved in MURDER, theft, fraud and abuse of seniors, veterans, children and people like Kelly. Usually video is not available and officers LIE and change the facts. Produce stories that the victim had a gun, assaulted them etc. is a documented case of a dead senior by a judge Aviva K. Bobb who profits off sending seniors to probate by perjury, fraud and manipulation to drain their estates. Victims of all these crimes are forming support groups on Facebook I suggest everyone look for more victims on facebook our page is at we can NOT let the Kelly Thomas MURDER be forgotten, we must demand these officers ALL of them be prosecuted NOT by local courts who they worked with. They must be prosecuted just like we would be had we murdered anyone. They are now on PAID leave just like vacation. STOP THE INSANITY

  70. The police WILL retaliate against the “uppity” citizens, any time now. Be aware of the following: 1) Park your car absolutely legally, and document it. They WILL ticket every car in an “uppity” community, deserved or not. This is a middle of the night thing. 2) DO NOT drive if you have consumed ANY alcohol.You will be arrested. 3) If you have a drink at home, be sure your car keys are PUT AWAY, and not on your person, in case you are contacted by the Police at home. They will feel your hood with a gloved hand, find it warm, use your key as evidence you have been driving, and arrest you. 4) You put a bumper sticker on your car, or a sign on your house, in favor of something the Police Union is against, at your own personal risk. 5) If your community votes against the Police Union’s wishes, expect TRIPLE retaliation, until the bums are swept out.

    THEN, the FBI results start to come out, and the Federal Prisons start to fill.
    If you have something to say, get the hell out of town NOW, and tell the Feds someplace else. More people will die before this is all over.

  71. # 50 “Vernon” Um…sure…. I was one of the EMT’s that tried to save his life asshole, he was in our ambulance for 17.34 minutes due to the sargeant being a slow turtle to come and investigate the scene, he never came so we left.

    1. thank you -be hypervigiliant with yourself-have you spoke with the FBI yet? keep anything you might have in a damn safety deposit box. Anyone else speaking or spoke yet from the ambulance or from the hospial? agains thanks

  72. I like #202’s title “PoliceChiefGone”.

    Good prediction, hope it comes true.

    Yes, thank you for posting that note. I hope anything else you know gets to the FBI or DOJ.

  73. They can call you to jury duty and leave work and show up.. I think bosses in the area need to allow their employees OR screw it.. these people that want to picket and demonstrate. do it on a WEEKDAY.. when all the business is going on downtown and such..

    they will be redassed babboons and want to taser and throat chop you and pulverize you because it will be a busy day and such and there you are.. in their face..

    do it 110% by the book.. if they tell you to go across the street.. don’t resist but let them know your cameras are being broadcast wirelessly so even if they confiscate it the feed is stored elsewhere.. beat them at their own game

    Sadly.. HUMANS in general are cowardly and suck on apathy.. IF WE were truly evolved.. CALIFORNIA would bring in the national guard and bust up the whole police force.. but Humans have not evolved into much more than consumers for the wealthy and fodder for the canons.. anyhow..

    NOT ONE of those councilmen or women have ANY respect for you citizens whatsoever.. they let those beasts put badges on the very next day..

    Where is Girlyman Arnold when Californians need protected?

  74. #202.(policechiefgone),,,Is there anyway you can contact the FBI,or a National News Station wil this evidence….NBC News might be a good news station…

  75. People, please see what has taken place with Kelly as just the tip of what is really going on. Its not only Police but the court system. The police are the strong arm of the court, there are even worse villains in our courts. The legal bar is corrupt and supports the crimes and criminals it licenses. Los Angeles Superior court judges are almost all accepting bribes, please see for the story. When good people stand up against what is going on they are attacked, jailed and shut out. See the story about an attorney who spoke out about the robbery, murder and abuse going on. This is done to our fathers and mothers when they get older, to steal their estates. We don’t get to see it since it is done behind court room walls. The Kelly Thomas MURDER was caught on video (thank god) or it would have all been hidden even more. The JUDGES will now side with the police, help them cover it up. We must all see that there is something even more evil going on.

    1. I completely agree with you. Just look at GOOGLE NEWS links for this story – STILL barely any coverage .. nestled in SoCal
      There is a big brotherhood out there and you don’t step the line or you might get jackboots on your throat too like the homeless deserve

      the sicknesses of our brothers and sisters are our sicknesses too
      Mother Theresa
      Thich Nhat Hahn
      JC – The guy most of these cops and council members go to church and give thanks to

      ^^Those people tried to show us the right path but Big Money/Power sort of doesn’t promote Love

    2. The big picture Mr. Gettinger.. well said.
      I have sat by and read, watched and listened to this story roll through my home city of Fullerton for over 3 weeks now and have seen the best of it’s residents and the worst of it. I now feel it time to reach out to those of a thinking mind. I know I will see many of those whom still believe that this Democracy affords them the ability of free speech and opinion voice retribution to these ideas and truths. Today it does, but as we speak our beloved Constitution has been hijacked by a group of Terrorist that have gained control of what was once the most powerful government in the world. This issue that we as a city have found ourselves having to debate and rectify is exposing the very thing that has developed over the past 2 decades as a country. It will soon be evident that the case of Kelly Thomas is exactly the path that this “NEW WORLD” government is intending it to go. My friends & neighbors of this fine city, and those within the sound of this voice take heed. The Revolution may just have found a starting point, and that point is Fullerton, California in the Good Ole USA!!!!
      God guide us and give us strength to defeat the powerful forces at work.

  76. IT Doesn’t matter ,, how much we shoot the shit in here

    ( and it does matter)

    but it doesn’t make me feel better, like actually physically, going out on saturday, I felt different after, FREEER , better , ,\


  77. oh , and i would like to respond to #212 , as he said ,, please see this as the tip of the iceberg, ABSOLUTLY ,, it is not just 6 bad cops , fired , sentenced to a few years and everything is finE,

    IT IS a systematic SYSTEMatic problem , and evil , no ? what is than,

    beast system mad dog , coppers , pill popper , fat sloppers.

    but anywaze ,

    planted drugs , planted drugs , in the jail , beaten friends , pissing blood , scared for nothing , harassed, grouped , fondled, lied , covered truths , CHANGED PEOPLES LIVES,

    not just once , not just twice, but , many , many many times. = (

    WTF!!!! ,, I MEAN REALLY ,, what does it take?

    what is it going to take?


  78. Its obvious that damage control is already being paid for to companies who promote positive image. This story is now trying to portray it as “Fullerton PD was not trained to handle mentally ill people. Had they had the training perhaps this would not have taken place. I’m appalled how you can come to any other conclusion other then MURDER and abuse of power to what took place.

  79. Can somebody please let me know when the next protest is? Will be coming from Sacramento.
    Dont let these crooks get away with this Fullerton!

    1. Invite all the homeless and tell them to assault the cops. That way maybe the cops will shoot back and we will lower the homeless population even more. Garbage.

  80. THINBLUELINE, I cant believe you talk about not questioning your colleagues. That is done every day in all business environments. What puts police officers above the law where they are not subject to questioning, training, improving their skills? If your brother, sister, son, daughter, mother died in the same fashion that Kelly Thomas did I believe you WOULD be questioning YOUR colleagues. As for those individuals calling us “trolls”; you’re morans. You must think you’re Charlie Sheen and he is not anything to be pround of.

  81. This will not be tolerated and the eyes of justice will bring those responsible out from their ranks. Though the damage will always be greater than the punishment, we must see to it that this never happens again.
    I believe a requirement for on going officer training should be mandatory, 20 hours per month of anger management. That’s 1 hour for every shift with those working directly in the public forum and 10 hours for those personnel working with inmates.
    When you put any human being in a confrontational position, whether it’s a cop or your average Joe. You are disrupting the mechanisms within their brain. I’m keeping this short ~ This has a great impact that has been seen in trauma survivors for decades.
    There was absolutely no reason this should have escalated to the point that it did. It is reflective that additional officers showed up to the seen and immediately began to participate in the same cannibalistic behavior.

    These men are not fit for service and charges for involuntary manslaughter should be brought against each one of them. So that this never happens again.

  82. is there any twitter or live stream coverage of the protest today? i’m all the way across the country and would like to follow the protest but the news seems to ignore this extraordinary story.

    thanks for this fine blog and to all the writers, protesters and activists peaceably standing up and demanding justice for Kelly.

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