Joe Felz In Wonderland?

This won't turn out well...

A quick trip to Fullerton Stories reveals a statement by Fullerton City Manager Joe Felz that claims the City never made any “settlement offer” to the family of killer cops victim Kelly Thomas, who was brutally bludgeoned to death by six members of Felz’s police department on July 5th.

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

This is just about the shabbiest deception the City has tried yet; verbal hairsplitting to try to dodge the fact that your scumbag lawyer Bruce Praet presented “unofficial” proposals (oh, no not a “settlement,” that can only be authorized by the Council) to the family of the victim. Well, goddam, that’s a distinction without a difference! Felz, shame on you for running this turd up the flagpole, and shame on some stooge named Davis Barber at Fullerton Stories for accepting and propagating this ludicrous trash as pertinent to anything. Maybe now Felz thinks no one will we be inclined to ask who was responsible for authorizing Praet to contact the family in the first place. Was it you, Joe? Or did you even know about it?

Probably the worst part is the not-so-subtle insinuation that Ron Thomas, Kelly’s dad has been intentionally misleading the public.

Soon there will be nothing but a grotesque smile...

Up until now I was willing to give Felz the benefit of the doubt – that he was just some poor former museum director dufus in waaaaaay over his head. Now it would appear that he was either completely out of the loop (bad) or, complicit in a nasty plot to discredit the Thomas family (worse) and protect the assess of some crooked cops.

He needs to go, too. Now.


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  1. This post was so good that I had to read it twice. I was kinda dragging this morning, but this article was better than my morning cup-a extra strong coffee.

    Thanks, keep up the great work!

    1. I read the article and it actually made the lady council member look even worse.

      Turns out she shipped that homeless woman off to Sacramento. Great job getting her some socks!

      1. there should be an investigation how one eye cop got hired at fullerton pd without passing his eyesight. he clearly does not meet the standards of becoming a police officer. where is the investigation???

  2. It’s a good thing you attached a link to that story, because I almost believed you! Joe is a good guy and very well qualified for that position.

    1. Wrong. From the beginning he was too deferential the the cops. As a guy who got started handing out volleyballs at the rec center he probably figured he needed to get in good with the tough guys.

      The total PR melt-down has been a total disaster. Fullerton is the laughing-stock of the Western world. If he had any brains he would have got way out in front of this immediately. Instead he got steamrollered – first by the cops and now by the public.

      Of course the three horse and buggy clowns on the council are in the same boat with Felz. They’ve decided they are all going to tank together, it seems.

      1. Spot on. You don’t get to be a member of the inner circle without the understanding that you will play the game (code of silence, code of obfuscation, deniability and denial). Knowing the kooks that had to approve of this guy getting the position tells you everything you need to know about him. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  3. Felz may be a good guy, whatever that means. But he is not qualified for the City Manager position. He was a Parks & Recs director.

  4. Davis”Fact Check, please” Barber slick website Fullerton Stories demands way too much personal info from commenters, why does he need so much of our personal info before allowing an innocuous comment to a banal story? However, Barber seems to have no problem fact checking the tales told by Fullerton city manager Felz. I guess journalistic integrity is a hit and miss matter with Barber

  5. Before we give too much credence to what Mr. Thomas says, we should perhaps examine if there is any truth behind the rumor that contrary to being a retired Deputy Sheriff, he resigned in lieu of termination after only five months with the County…..

    1. Hi Tony Rackauckas.

      …Why am I not suprised that you’re spending more time looking into Mr Thomas personnel file than investigating the thugs who beat his son to death.

        1. Talking smack about officers. Jimminy, if they would quite stealing, popping pills, sexually assaulting and murdering people we’d shut up immediately!

    2. Hey cop he was made an offer. Unofficial or not it was pretty detailed and the fct that they listed each family member and even agreed to pay for kids college is crazy.

      You’re obviously an idiot aren’t you. Learn to read then comment.

    3. Yep. Pops was no deputy. He got fired. He threw his drug addict son onto the streets. Now he wants to make millions and act like he cared about his poor son. Joke.

      1. Does any of this change the fact that 6 cops beat a homeless man to death?

        When you’ve got the video that proves you’re innocent feel free to join the conversation, until then stop with trying to slander someone’s good name.

        1. What comes out in the wash is the blood on Hampton’s sleeves. But the stain of murder is indelible.

          Suck on that, tool.

      2. @PopsIsANut, Your ignorance is overwhelming.

        Kelly was unabatedly and violently assaulted while he was screaming for mercy, while he screamed for God and for his dad to HELP, HELP, HELP!, while he was lying flat on the ground, while he was being sat on by three officers who Tased him repeatedly, while he was kicked, beaten with nightsticks, and at least twice knee dropped on his face and throat, while he was surrounded and beaten by 6 armed, bullet proof vest wearing officers, who were most likely amped up by Roid rage.

        The beating continued even AFTER Kelly was motionless and unconscious.

        STOP blaming the victim. The officers did NOT follow proper arrest and control techniques. It is NOT a proper arrest and control technique to beat and restrain someone’s head.

        Your pathetic attempts to justify the horrific murder of Kelly Thomas just go on and on and on, ad infinitum.

        Only the guilty parties to this grievous crime give any credence AT ALL to your pathetic defense of the indefensible. .

      3. @PopsIsANut, YOU are the biggest, most ignorant joke,

        Per your IGNORANT JOKE of a statement: “He threw his drug addict son onto the streets. Now he wants to make millions and act like he cared about his poor son. Joke.”

        Now, learn some TRUTH:

        In order for parents to get their adult child hospitalized for longer than 72 hours, they have to sign an affidavit or a restraining order stating that the child/adult is not able to live at their home. This is in order to show that the mentally ill person is “gravely disabled” and that he has nowhere to live, and that he cannot provide food, clothing or shelter for himself.

        If the parents don’t do this, then the doctor and the court appointed advocate will often say that the person is NOT “gravely disabled” since they have family who will/can take care of them, and they will then release them back out onto the street, after just three days, which is long before they have had adequate treatment. Three days is not nearly long enough to get someone stabilized on meds or to change their meds, or to get them eating properly again, obtain cognitive behavior therapy, or anything else. “Gravely Disabled” status is also very often a necessary step in the process of obtaining a conservatorship for a mentally ill loved one. It is a very difficult process, and often times seemingly impossible. Signing such a statement, and not allowing your child to come home, is one of the most heart and gut wrenching things that a parent must do, but if you talk to a mental health attorney, you will learn that they will advise you that it MUST be done in order to get involuntary, inpatient treatment and confinement. PLEASE take a NAMI course so you can understand this more clearly.

  6. From a story on KTLA’s website today about Bruce Whitaker joining Sharon Quirk-Silva in seeking the resignation of Police Chief Michael Sellers:

    “Whitaker claims he was told late Thursday afternoon that Chief Michael Sellers and others are just waiting for the public to calm down over Thomas’ death.”

    Who said this to Whitaker and who are the “others”?

    1. Sellers is going to have to wait until hell freezes over, or until justice is served to Kelly’s murderers and accomplices, before I “calm down.”

  7. The BART video was released and used, the King video was released and used, the video of the Ohio cop shooting the motorcyclist in the back was released and used, videos are released and used as evidence in a trial everyday. I smell more coverup.

  8. Is there a protest scheduled for tomorrow?
    People are asking on the OCR comments section, can you get the word out? Thanks!

      1. I cannot open it because I do not (for various reasons) have a facebook account.
        Would it be possible to have the infoermation on this website as well?

  9. They’re holding the video because they’re testing to see if it will be leaked, if its not they will either destroy it or heavily edit out key parts.

    1. Looks like you’re onto something Chuck…

      La Times Article :A video at the center of an investigation into the death of a homeless man killed in a confrontation with Fullerton police shows parts of the altercation, but key elements were obscured, according to a law enforcement source who reviewed it.

      The source, who spoke to The Times on the condition of anonymity because the case was ongoing, said the surveillance recording from the Fullerton train depot shows six officers struggling with the man, Kelly Thomas.

      But the source said obstacles obscured the “quality and angle” of the shot and that it’s hard see whether Thomas was restrained and what was the full impact of the officers’ actions.


    yes ,

    the cameras , are there to document what happens.

    they are there to be used ,



    and we should remain forcibly peaceful ,, until THEIR, reports do come out ,

    then JUDGE how transparent the reports are,

    and if not satisfactorily transparent,




  11. If the video is released there would be 25,000 people at tomorrows protest.

    Next weeks protest should be at the DA’s office!

    Two choices: 1) transparent government or 2) no government!

    What a load of bullcr*p the DA’s feeding the public saying they don’t want potential witnesses seeing the video. Video doesn’t lie, people do.

    1. Nope they don’t. We clearly live in a police state. We pay for them to install cameras so they can watch our movements. They didn’t anticipate their own tools would capture their goons committing murder. If they release the tape, the police’s attitude that we are lambs to the slaughter will be obvious. They will drag this out as long as possible in hopes everyone will eventually forget. The fact it hasn’t been released despite all the hue and cry speaks volumes about how savage it must be.

      At least the dictatorships in the Middle East are honest about what they are.

  12. yes ,,,, transparent government or no government,,, good , idea, same idea the FOUNDING FATHERS had, right?


    one eyed nut, is this the killer himself, one eyed Jay

    who else would make a name and call himself the one eyed nut, and then go and pick on a little chicken,

    what a reject,

    enjoy your fear. ?1>@>$>.5/!

    ps maybe you will loose your other eye one day.

    blind piggies
    find time to reflect.
    while wallowing in your cell.
    how painful for you.


    c h x n

  13. oh ,,

    AND By the way ,,,


    AND a bunch of other shit,, oops ,, heart race , alkaline sick stomach, worry worry , worry , you all loose, if the system doesn’t collapse ,,

    and i am willing to bet, its not ready to crumble just yet,

    time ,

    C H X N

  14. oh ,, and here is a thought,

    MAYBE ,,

    the reason they are not releasing the tape,

    is because ,,, they destroyed it, maybe the dispatchers , or the THEIF ,, I mean CHEIF got the call from , one eyed willie to hit the OH SHIT button and DELETE, AND now the people who helped AID AND ABET the officers , now find them selves worried sick.

    actually kinda sad = (

    maybe if the people covering up , came forward and spilled the beans , they would feel much better, and probably get a much shorter sentence, maybe even be out by next Christmas,


    thats what you get for playing for the wrong team, i guess..

    just a theory,


  15. I whoheartedly recommend ” Friends for Fullerton Future” to White House, CA Governor Office, and the rest of country.

    I do have one simple question for our community:
    How did these crooks staying on power in Fullerton and Orange County for too long? We do not just recall, but prosecute to full extend of the laws.

  16. You always record your conversation with polices and city officials. Some concrete evidence to protect yourselves later.
    Orange County and Fullerton City banning the use of videos for many good reasons. Kelly Thomas will never rest in peace if there is no video evidence and your support.
    It is enteprise criminals with licenses. We have to unite and prosecute these criminals, starting from the top.

  17. Free smart phone app we must all police the little piggies now that have been discovered what communists enthusiast they are they are combatant with helpless citizens.lets allow the swastika on there uniforms so every one knows to run like hell for your life my depend on it.

  18. City is taking over, by receivership, a man’s property on Malvern; they believe he is not managing it properly.

    Can we get a receivership established for our city? The state maybe take over? The majority of the council apparently are incapable of proper management.

  19. Check out the “When Worlds Collide” editorial. Another smear. He interviews the douche bag owner of The Slide Bar, the douchiest bar in the region. The cops have surely responded to more bro on bro violence in that bar than issues from the homeless. Hack Good Old Boy PR pretending to be journalism.

  20. In fairness, though, that “When World Collide” was more focused on a pretty personal experience that the writer in his own family concerning mentall illness. I thought it was well written. But why the need to bring the Slide Bar’s take on Kelly Thomas and his father is beyond me. Of course they didn’t like Thomas, or any other homeless person, since their very existence on the planet is anathema to a self-inflated, full-of-itself, relentlessly self-promoting bar that, fullerton locals know, really sucks. The staff probably antagonized Kelly every chance they could get. He’s entitled to his opinion, but what about the scores of people who have shared a differnet view of Kelly, as someone quiet, shy and non-intimidating?

  21. and the reason Fullerton Stories sets parameters on people desiring to post on its site (parameters like real names, etc) is because they don’t people printing the home addresses of police officers, calling women council members sluts, and basically filling threads with anti-social bullshit. (I, actually, LOVE the anti-social bullshit that trolls drop on a lot of FFF’s posts, becuase I am fascinated by how social media is really just a reflection of our true personalities in the real word–once an idiot, always an idiot–but not everybody does. And that can drive other people from reading threads and those posts that actually have something interesting and pertinent to say, as opposed to just mindless rubbish designed to rile up people.

  22. Boo, it is a smear masked as a personal editorial. Lots of people have experience with family members with serious mental illness and most are not violent. Also, lots of people have had experiences with Kelly, overwhelmingly non-violent. Thus he used his own experience and the douche bags comments as a way to smear Kelly. He knows he can’t do it outright. The OC Bood Old Boy is smarter than most.

    Not sure what you mean by “antisocial,” that pathology more accurately describes the Fullerton 6. As for your Jungian duality theory, I am sure online personas are whatever that person wants them to be. Most of the time they are how people want to see themselves (see Secondlife or Facebook) versus some inner true self shining through.

  23. Lastly Boo. The Slidebar has a crowd as smart as the Jersey Shore cast. The owner was one of the great OC douche bags to break out. You know the cops get called all the time to deal with bro on bro fights. Point is, the “healthy” customers of that bar are far more violent than the homeless or mentally ill in Fullerton. How he could have missed that irony smells of a smear attempt.

  24. good pull on Jung, jb. And are the healthy customers of the bar more violent than the cops in town, or is that what you meant by the “mentally ill?”

  25. would someone please explain to me why the OC Coroner’s office is saying that it can’t determine Kelly Thomas’ death until the toxicology results are in to determine what substances, if any were in his body?
    What does it matter if he had alcohol in his blood, or marijuana, or speed, or PCP, or Nyquil or Oxyconton? would that really be a factor in making his body being more suspectible to a horrendous ass-kicking? I really want to know if there is a genuine medical concern to this, or is an example of law enforcement (the coroner’s dept. in oc is under the auspices of the DA) desperately cluthing at any straw in order to further impugn Thomas’ relationship. “Well, he was likkered up and wouldn’t go down after the first head to the curb, so we had to keep at it.”

  26. Did anyone stop to ask who called the cops about alleged breakins of cars? Perhaps the owner of the Slide Bar who hated Kelly Thomas?

  27. The owner of the Slide Bar should be forced to sell his business or the legion of Bushala’s buttholes will boycott and make him sell. Tony loves the homeless except for all the times he call the cops to have them kicked out from behind the back of his slumba village headquarters.

  28. Dear Friends for Fullerton’s Future;
    Similar to your philosophy, we whoheartedly “supports candidates and causes that promote intelligent, responsible and accountable government in Fullerton and Orange County.”
    How did these corrupted city and county officials sitting there and running circus all these years?

  29. Chief Sellers:

    “I have always told my Officers that we have three jobs,” he said. “Our first step is to save lives. When lives are not at stake, our next job is to protect life. When that’s not an issue, our job is to help improve the quality of life for our citizens, and that is done through community-oriented policing.”

  30. Time to admit we are no longer in a recession but a depression. This whole country right now is a ticking time bomb, our culture, society, etc. We are the new Roman empire, and we’re doomed to fail-unless people wakeup and start to take action to protect it. I almost wonder if another war might even break out.

    How to thrive in America? Become a politician or cozy relationship with politican, vote yourself a raise, vote yourself better benefits, enjoy all the perks from tax payer money. When re-election comes up just lie, lie, lie some more. It’s American politics at it’s best. Ninety eight percent of the adults in this country are decent, hardworking, honest Americans. It’s the other lousy two percent that get all the publicity. But then, we elected them.

    This is happening on our own soil: City Manager Joe Felz, City of Fullerton and Orange County with cronies and powerful unions.

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