Fullerton Arboretum Makes the News

Among nearly unknown local governmental agencies, the Fullerton Arboretum Authority must rank pretty high on the list. Its 26 acres are tucked away between the CSUF baseball fields and the 57 Freeway.  And according The OC Register, here, the Authority failed to reveal salary data of its employees as required by John Chiang, the State Controller. They faced a $5000 fine.

Arboretum staff claim they have no record of ever receiving the notice from Chiang. Which is either an indictment of Chiang, the USPS or of Arboretum Director Greg Dyment’s front office. But apparently they have contacted the Controller’s office and are off the naughty list.

The topic caused me to visit the Arboretum website. Although I couldn’t find a list of the Authority Commissioners on the website, I discovered that there is something called the OC Agricultural and Nikkei Heritage Museum on the grounds and that there is actually a “civil rights in California” exhibit at this facility. Civil rights? That seems like a pretty long stretch for a botanical garden, although the connection with Japanese WWII internment is clear enough. Still, I’m wondering what the connection is between a botanical garden and Nikkei history in the first place, other than that Japanese-Americans were farmers and nurserymen – as were lots of non-Japanese.

Anyway, as a joint venture between the City, the Redevelopment Agency, and CSUF it might behoove us to learn more about the operation of this government agency.

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  1. Interestingly, the City’s website has an Arboretum Commission link. It takes you to the Arboretum website.

    It’s almost like they don’t want the public to know who’s on the Commission

  2. I used to go to Arboretum but I had to give it up. There always seemed to be some sort of amplified sound booming in from CSUF athletic fields. I actually started walking around the Freeway side for the white noise.

  3. Molly Mclanahan used to be an Arboretum commissioner, so I’m sure everything is well run.

  4. Hey, this is where I meet with the boys to plot my next hate calls to Carlos Bustamante. Sean Mill is my friend and I hate anyone he tells me to

  5. Hey, this is where I meet with the boys to plot my next hate calls to Carlos Bustamante. Sean Mill is my friend and I hate anyone he tells me to

  6. I think there is an echo in here??
    Seriously, has anyone tried calling the City Manager..he should know things like who is on the commission?

  7. Yeah Man, let’s call the city manager. Then we can all smoke a fatty and get some ice cream. Great Idea Z Boy.

  8. Since when is it not okay to have a botanical garden and a museum have a symbiotic relationship with one another. Can’t think of any off the top of your head. Sounds like you’re not into CSF baseball either. And you even from Fullerton?

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