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Thursday afternoon I took a break from work and headed to the Civic Center in Santa Ana, to check out the public protest outside the Orange County District Attorney’s office. About 40-50 people had gathered on the sweltering hot sidewalks on both sides of Civic Center Drive, frankly a larger crowd than I expected given that A) it was hotter than Hell B) it was the middle of a work day and C) did I mention it was hotter than Hell?

The crowd was well-behaved, they took care to gather all trash as they finished water bottles or fast-food lunches, and they were careful not to block the sidewalk or bother pedestrians or bicyclists. Sorry Doc Jones, no lynch mob here. Click here to read the rest of Cynthia Wards awesome article titled: Justice For Kelly: D.A. Do Your Job.

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    1. Can someone explain why Ron Thomas and family got a restraining order against there wonderful peaceful loving son??? Isn’t that what all loving parents do???




    1. Cops are allowed to lie to the public,however, if you misspeak, you go to jail. Usally, it’s called perjury though!

          1. Wow, Really, you were right yesterday about becoming “dumber.”

            Anarchists??????? Really, Really???????? Have you been to the protests?

            Anarchists riot, cause mayhem, and throw bricks and Molotav cocktails through windows.

            “Kelly’s army” peacefully protests, write letters and blogs, obeys the rules, and cleans up after themselves, to boot. We are about as close to “anarchists” as you are to being an “intelligent being.”

        1. I can only speak for myself, but I have no problem with cops using the tools they’ve been given.

          I have a big problem with them using tools they have NOT been given (and are illegal), such as perjury, intimidation, excessive force, murder, etc.

          1. If cops were not allowed to lie, plant drugs, and use excessive force, how do you expect them to win the war on drugs?

        2. I don’t have a problem with law enforcement using the tools they’ve been given. But do those tools include: lying about broken bones, cars being broken into and covering up a homocide?
          really??? you think its ok to do these things????
          Just refer back to the bus video for an clarification of what happened that night. Then refer back to PD’s public responses about the cover up. And for the record, i have very close friends that were told by FPD cops that Kelly broke into cars and cops got broken bones.

  2. Where are you Really???
    We anticipate one of your whiny posts, any minute.
    Oh, I know, you had to go to the store and stock up on more crying hankies didn’t ya?

  3. I’m wondering if “never seen a microphone he didn’t like” Todd Spitzer is thinking about dropping his Supervisorial run (which he could lose to a real Conservative, even with the thousands in union money he’s extracting from his law enforcement pals) and going after TRack’s job?

    To be sure, Spitzer’s gotta hate this guy for firing him and where there’s a vendetta, there has to be some fire.

    TRack’s got no easy way out of this, and if he keeps obfuscating and doesn’t release that video damn soon, the blog and public pressure will mount

    1. Here is the man that I think should be Orange County’s next District Attorney…

      This man is has integrity,honesty, and many years of experience as a senior deputy district attorney that we need to replace the lies,corruption, and incompetence that we’ve come to expect from our current District attorney, Tony Rawcacas.
      We the people need Brian Gurwitz for Orange County District Attorney ASAP!

  4. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it. Props to those who did. And yes, it was sweltering hot that day. I saw a news clip later and there were plenty of people honking in support. Even the reporter said they were honking in ‘support.’ He didn’t say they were ‘harassing’ people with their horns.

      1. Reality ISN’T (and Really):

        If you think people exercising their 1st Amendment Right to protest and express their outrage at police brutality and ineffective government “doesn’t make any difference,” then I suggest you start looking for a new country where that may actually be true.

        Off the top of my head, I can think of: Iran, Syria, North Korea, …

        1. Why would I move to one of those countries when we’re building a safer police state here? Those countries WISH they could do it as well as us – no mind for subtlety at all.

        2. Lol I see someone is just responding as me all the time now. Reality Is that the person posting as Reality Is isn’t me. 🙁

  5. 9-11-2011

    Mr. Ra-COCK-us either Do YOUR j-o-b or

    resign BECAUSE this kelly thomas killing

    by Fullerton dirty cop terrorists with “police

    powers” is not going away. if the dirty cop

    terrorists get a wrist slap or a “NOT GUILTY” via

    the courts, YOU , MR. Ra-COCK-us will pay the

    price. Guaranteed 1-trillion per cent !!!

      1. Wrong on so many levels…

        1) The DA has not said “No,” he’s just dragged his feet and avoided making a difficult decision because he’s a politician.

        2) Even IF he decided against prosecuting the killer cops, people wouldn’t move on since the state AG could still step in.

        3) Even IF the state refused to get involved, there is still the US attorney and the FBI.

        If you are waiting for this to disappear quickly and be swept under the rug, I think you will be sadly disappointed.

        1. The 3 Fullerton repuglicans up for recall and the OC DA are now facing a Democrat AG. Politics is the power that will force the hands in the case against the McKinley 6. Meanwhile the union money is lining up to be used against the people of the State on matter what the outcome

  6. Helloooo Really???
    How have you been? Would ya like to join us in blasting out your beloved FPD with some extremely loud noise makers? I’ll bet you would.
    If you’d like, give me your personal contact information via FFFF and I will send you one. On second thought, to make sure I get the most out of my money, you could meet me in front of the Fullerton Police station next Saturday and i will be glad to give it to you in person. You could have a lot of fun with it. I will even provide you with disposable hearing protectors in case it gets too loud for you.
    Thanks for joining us.

      1. Ah, Really???, your real self has been revealed, you’re a racist!! What a suprise, first you make plain your loathing for the homeless, now you’re expanding your little enemies list. You are not just anti american, you’re also anti humanity. Behold fellow bloggers, this man isn’t even worth the time respond to him.

      1. He lets us get ice from the FPD ice machines, he writes off honking tickets, he comes out to talk to anybody and everybody about any concerns they have, he comes out on his day off…have some skepticism but until you know for a fact he is bad don’t slander him…so far he has shown himself to be a very nice guy…and this is coming from a protester who has been there every weekend…not every cop is bad…just because you throw on a uniform doesn’t mean your personal convictions melt away…i have plenty of family members who are/were cops…even one with the last name of wolfe

    1. And, what the hell does a Captain of the uniform division, (his official job title) do?

      check uniforms to see if shoes are shined? good way to utilize tax money

  7. by ReaIity Is on September 11, 2011

    Why do you have a problem with law enforcement using the tools they’ve been given?

    My oh my, where do I start with that statement.
    FEDUP and I are pro-police, however, we are no longer in favor of the death penalty, because, over the years, too many detectives, along with the D.A.’s, have lied, purjered, and in some cases withheld crucial evidence that would have exonerated the accused. They lock tired, scared people in the interrogation rooms for hours with no sleep, many with NO bathroom breaks, and brow-beat SOME of these people to make confessions to a crime, when all along, the detectives KNOW-FOR-A-FACT, that this partictular person was seen many miles away at the same time of the alleged incident, or could not pull off such a crime, as they do not have the would marks on them from said paticulars. They keep this pertinent information from the jury so that this person will be convicted. It helps clear up cases, and also helps the D.A. in their bid for higher office.
    That is one TOOL that police use. Let’s name the other TOOLS the police use that are misused. Let’s see…hm..the taser is one of those “tools’. In SOME instances, it is used to torture, get even with, and to abuse those who would dare try to stand up for their rights. This weapon shoots out 50,000 volts. In reality, this is a very small amount of energy. You generate over twice that amount of volts when you get shocked in dry weather. The danger here is the AMPS. This is the danger factor in tasers or stun guns. Amps will definitely send many a system in distress if it is utilized for too many times, or the length of shock is extended past factory recommendations.
    Flashlights, are, in my estimation, a very useful TOOL to illuminate the surroundings, and can be used as a short baton in times of dire need.
    Pepper spray is another TOOL that is OVER-used. It is made to stop a suspects direct assault by attacking the breathing and visual parts of a person. This is another one of those tools that is SOMETIMES used as a punishment to those who are mouthy. This is after the person has been hooked. Using pepper spray on a very intoxicated individual, will severly impair their ability to breathe, and should not be used in such cases.
    I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. MOST of these tools that are part of a police officer’s arsenal, are for THEIR safety. However, the misuse of such, can and DO have, in some instances, DIRE consequences to those they have been employed against. Many of these cases rarely make it to the nightly news.
    So, the next time you deal with police, if possible, have a camera to record. Do not get into a conversation with ANY of them, be polite, but also KNOW THE LAW!!

      1. Ah, but ‘he’ is more convincing as you than you are. He certainly has your little choirboy Really??? going, doesn’t he? Whatta putz. 😎

        So, what if I told you I was your unrequested ‘backup?’ Would you buy that? 😉

        Reality Is: a pie in your face! LOL

  8. Merijoe,

    Congratulations. You are on your way to ARMING yourself with knowledge the PD’s of the world do not want you to have or share with others. It might not be a bad idea to also get a vehicle code book.
    Also, I encourage everyone here to go to youtube, and put in don’t talk to cops. It is very informative, and should be practiced if you ever have an encounter with law enforcement. Do NOT ever get fooled by a smiling face though, as this is one TRICK they use to get you to lower your defenses, and give them information that they can and WILL use against you.

    1. You are correct the police force is a gov’t force greater than the MAFIA could ever be. These psychopaths with a badge and sadistic enjoyment of abusing society continue to expand their stranglehold on the public with the support and encouragement of corrupt politicians who raid the public coffers to win their backing.

    2. …how does that go again 9c1copcar? “anything you say CAN and WILL be used AGAINST you in a court of law”. Not “MIGHT BE” OR “FOR YOU”…”AGAINST YOU” in a court of law. That’s why the first thing police try and do when they pull you over is to ask you incriminating and open ended questions like, “do you know why I pulled you over, because they expect you to nervously babble and incriminate yourself. No one EVER talks their way out of a ticket, but they do talk theirselves into one many a time.

    3. 9c1copcar :
      Congratulations. You are on your way to ARMING yourself with knowledge the PD’s of the world do not want you to have or share with others. It might not be a bad idea to also get a vehicle code book.

      Thanks 9c1, I’ll help a bit, here’s a link to the first vid:

      Don’t Talk To Cops pt1
      Also, I encourage everyone here to go to youtube, and put in don’t talk to cops. It is very informative, and should be practiced if you ever have an encounter with law enforcement. Do NOT ever get fooled by a smiling face though, as this is one TRICK they use to get you to lower your defenses, and give them information that they can and WILL use against you.

  9. Merijoe,

    A California Vehicle Code Book, is one that has all the laws regarding vehicles, from license plates, to moving violations. It is another TOOL to add to YOUR arsenal.

  10. Bin Laden, on Tape, Reveals Sept. 11 Motive
    Resurfacing after a year, he cites American involvement in Lebanon in 1982 and says neither Bush nor Kerry can guarantee security.
    October 30, 2004|Josh Meyer | Times Staff Writer; ” In the tape, Bin Laden said the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington had been inspired by his anger over the U.S. role in Israel’s 1982 occupation of Lebanon. But everyone in America knows its really because the terrorrists don’t love us and want to take away our freedom.

  11. Fullerton Lover,

    You are so right. The open-ended questions are meant to get you to implicate yourself for THEIR direct purpose of using such communications against you. Like I said, a smiling face and a cool demeanor, is also a tool used to drop your guard. Do NOT be fooled.

  12. How do they say???

    “I like how you roll” Cynthia Ward.

    I frequently question her politics. But NEVER her devotion or motives. Just like the FFFF CW seems rooted in her desire to make things better.

    Maybe there is hope for “Ed County”, after all it seems like Royce is the only one posting there anymore.

    Thanks Ward for what you do in North OC and beyond.

    PS – Don’t take the pot shots personally, It comes with the territorry!

    1. Thank you Mr. Serra. And I do not take comments personally, If I was interested in winning a popularity contest I would not be a blogger.

  13. ReaIity Is :
    If cops were not allowed to lie, plant drugs, and use excessive force, how do you expect them to win the war on drugs?

    You meant to say lose the War on Drugs!

    1. Quit fighting the worthless war on drugs, we can fire half the Fullerton PD either.

      Come to think of it, we can just fire them anyway.

  14. a dirty fighter is a person who throws sand into the eyes of his or her opponent before throwing a punch. OC DA Rackaucus hopes to win his fight to exonerate all 6 FPD officers of murder by throwing the sands of time into the eyes of the court system. This is why he takes an unreasonable amount of time to release toxicology and medical reports that directly connect the FPD officers to Kelly thomas bludgeoning death. couple this fact with fullerton city council’s hiring an “independent ” investigator of the Kelly thomas beating. do city council members Bankhead, Jones and McKinley along with McKinley’s water boy the executive director of the orange county human relations commission rusty kennedy believe fullerton’s “independent” investigation will supercede the other independent investigation by the FBI? Rackaucus, Bankhead, Jones, McKinley, water boy rusty have no shame or qualms using tax payer money to buy themselves respectability with the public with their “independent ” investigation. These notorious 5 must be politically isolate, and targeted for removal from public office because these 5 are a menace to the community.

      1. fullerton city council did not consider hiring an independent investigation until the kelly thomas beating death by the FPD. Extrapolate!

  15. Someone CLARIFY the record then..
    I got in trouble for CLARIFYING IT

    I used to say.. Not one prosecution for misconduct in 15 years.. but then people pointed out a case that was tried against the cops and WAS DROPPED.. DA said they were liars and perjurers .. SO.. charge them then.. don’t do that…

    Then I changed it to NOT ONE CONVICTION in 15 years.. how many police officers does this guy preside over?

    I say it is not one conviction in 15 years.. can anyone please tell me I am wrong

  16. Really???(HERO) I must apologize, I forgot to add to your list of enemies, it now includes anarchists and the mentally ill. Obviously Kelley(FOE) was responsible for his own death because not only was he homeless(FOE), but he was mentally ill(FOE) and caused his own irreversible coma by assualting the FPD(HEROS). Look up “ethnoid bone” on the internet and tell me logically how Kelly caused the fracture of this bone in his own skull. Now are anarchists(FOES) also godless(FOES), commies(FOES), or are they just anyone who doesn’t agree with you? I haven’t heard the word anarchist since old J. Edgar Hoover(HERO) owned the FBI, and since Richard Nixon(IDOL) was president. I am just gonna get counting Really???as your little list grows.

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