Norby on Marijuana Cultivation

According to aroundthecapitol, AB1017 author San Francisco assemblyman Tom Ammiano has this to say; “This sensible change to provide a district attorney with the discretion to charge either a misdemeanor or felony for marijuana cultivation based on local community standards is long overdue. Mandating felony prosecution for every marijuana cultivation charge, regardless of circumstances, uses up precious court resources and state prison beds, and does not differentiate between large-scale illegal grows and mom and pop backyard grows. Nobody will get a free pass, even small backyard growers and trimmers can be charged with a misdemeanor, and some district attorneys may continue prosecuting every cultivation case as a felony. AB 1017 simply provides a district attorney with the discretion to prosecute as either a felony or misdemeanor.”

Now let’s hear from my friend and freedom fighter state assemblyman Chris Norby:
Of course the prison guard union is lobbying for “no” votes. And AB1017 is currently on the assembly floor and deadlocked at 27 aye’s -27 no’s.  Things could change either way in the coming weeks, but don’t hold your breath 🙂 for too long.


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  1. As someone who has concerns about the abuse of any drug, whether it be alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and other hardcore drugs, it is way past time to accept the fact that the “war” on drugs has been a complete failure. Billions have been spent both arresting and convicting these so called felons. Even our military has been used overseas to help control the growing and shipment of these drugs.

    It is time to eliminate the penalites for most if not all drug use in this country. I believe giving each district attorney leeway as to whether a grower of marijuana should be charged with a felony or just a misdemeanor is a very small step in the right direction.

    When freedom is defined by the so called morality of the state, we very quickly find ourselves giving away that very freedom we should be cherishing!

      1. Hi Everyone,

        Medical marijuana patients are taking a shellacking in the California Legislature. We are on the losing side of every legislative bill that will affect us!

        * AB 1300 will allow cities to ban medical marijuana collectives.

        * SB 847 will criminalize thousands of small-scale collective gardeners who are growing on their own residential property.

        * SB 129 which would have ended discrimination in employment for mmj patients has been pulled from consideration because of lack of support. In 2008 the legislature PASSED a similar bill only to have it vetoed by then Governor Schwarzenegger.

        With the state budget billions in the hole and the U.S. Supreme Court ordering California to reduce its prison population, AB 1017, which would have allowed DAs to charge cultivation as a misdemeanor instead of felony and save the state hundreds of millions of dollars as well as reduce prison populations, was defeated 24 to 36. Read more here:

    1. My favorite line: “The public is way ahead of us on this, it should be our issue as freedom-loving conservatives. What bigger nanny state can there be than one that sends a person to prison for three years for growing a plant?”

      Right on Chris Norby, unfortunately most republicans are not “freedom” lovers any more. They are police state lovers.

    2. The first Congressional marijuana legalization bill is now in Congress — please support it!
      H.R. 2306, the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act, would remove marijuana from the federal Controlled Substances Act and limit the federal government’s role in marijuana enforcement to cross-border or interstate smuggling. States would be able to legalize and regulate marijuana, or to continue to prohibit it, as they individually choose.
      Please use our web form to contact your US Representative and your two US Senators in support of this historic bill. Please follow-up by calling their offices too — if you don’t know their numbers (or aren’t sure who they are), you can reach them by calling the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. And please use our tell-a-friend form to spread the word.
      Visit for more information on this bill, and sign up for our email list or paste into your RSS reader to follow the news about marijuana policy.
      Thank you for taking action!

    3. Barry, how can you say, “It is time to eliminate the penalites for most if not all drug use in this country.” Which is absolutely the right position. Then in the next sentence say, ” I believe giving each district attorney leeway as to whether a grower of marijuana should be charged with a felony or just a misdemeanor is a very small step in the right direction.” If you’re a DA, do you want a little “lay-up,” or a “double reverse cradle jam?” I think most would “jam.” They have careers to manage. What we need to do is give all leeway to the Judges which has been glaringly absent ever since war was declared. The worst thing to happen to our civil liberties, since the Patriot Act, was the instituting of “mandatory minimum” sentencing in drug cases (at least on the Federal level). Don’t you think the chickens have come home to roost with pensions, overcrowded prisons and jails?

    4. Do we really want to give some guy like Carmen Trutanich, for example, a lot of leeway?!

  2. Let’s hear it for Norby…. Hell yeah, finely someone with some a clue in Sac City. I would like to see this bill piggybacked with the legalization of public camping and wife beating.

    Let’s see one case of a person in this state in the last 10 years who was sentenced to 4 years in prison for 1 pot plant. I’m calling bullshit on this one.

    1. Let’s see. Two items cooked up by cops to defame Norby.

      FFFF busted the Fullerton cops for leaking the phony domestic abuse scam to Voice of OC(EA).

  3. I know and have known LOTS of people who have had cancer but I don’t know anyone who has used (i.e. “needed”) medical marajuana.

    I know well several people who were-are marajuana users and all of them have been tremendous horrid problems in every aspect of their existence, both for themselves and for everyone who was-is in contact with them.

    I know casually a much greater number of people who were-are marajuana users and they were-are all problems.

    ALL of the marajuana users who I’ve encountered were completely confident of the non-problematic “nature” of marajuana, to the extent that they had zero concern about any ill effects or aspects of the drug, regarding children (i.e. aged below legal majority).

    I don’t know the “good part” of this “important” issue (for Norby) and the “rational” legislation which Norby supports.

    To suggest that legislation can’t or shouldn’t differentiate among cigarettes and alcohol and illegal intoxicating drugs as all merely similar “problems” to be taxed and regulated, is shallow juvenile irresponsible and directly damaging to children and families in modern urban society. This is no more of a “nanny state” issue than placing stop signs at roadway intersections (even on roads way out in the country-farmland, if visibility is questionable).

    The “visibility” of the danger of intoxicating drugs relating to children and family safety-integrity-continuity is not questionable at all.

    1. This nonsense is laughable.

      Marijuana is safer than Tylenol and should be treated accordingly. Nobody is advocating its use or suggesting that it should be available to children, but it just doesn’t make any sense (from a fiscal or moral standpoint) to punish an adult who uses it responsibly in the privacy of his or her own home.

      I know some people who’ve suffered from high cholesterol. but that doesn’t mean we need Big Brother to outlaw bacon.

    2. Rain, seriously you should try a little cannabis. Trust me it wont cause you to kill someone or jump off a cliff. Even though at times I think that (cliff) would be the only thing that would help pull your head out of your back side.

    3. Rain, protect your own children. Don’t fuck me out of my liberty because you think the state is a better parent.

  4. Rain, you really are a ignorant fool. Nicotine and alcohol are “intoxicants.” And both are addictive.

    What’s damaging to children and families are fat-headed parents who procreate when they should have had their tubes tied.

    I hope you did.

    1. Mr. Sipowitz, I believe it was Ben Franklin who observed that: “The sting in a rebuke, is the truth.”

      You react viscerally and wildly to my comments which are based on facts from my own observations which are abundantly supported seconded by the people I’ve known and assocaited with throughout my life.

      Your angry invective against me doesn’t bother me at all.

      I merely respond in order to explain that which is obvious but which an utterly corrupt anti-child, anti-family Communist main stream media which has joined the other anti-family forces (i.e. the Democrat Party and the quisling RINOs and the horrid Leftist propagandist Teachers Union government school system) operating to destroy America.

      Your thoughts are naive and foolish and undoubtedly “popular” with others of that ilk.

      1. “…my comments which are based on facts from my own observations which are abundantly supported seconded by the people I’ve known and assocaited with throughout my life”

        Rain, you have finally written something I can agree with.

  5. The Government should not be in the business of telling people what they can do with their bodies. I know people who have been shooting heroin for 30 years and they are in great health and productive members of the Community.

    I like many others feel the age of sexual consent (18) is out dated and backwards. I hope Norby will also address this issue. The age of consent is 16 in many states. If California were to change the age of consent to 16 the state would save up to 45 million dollars a year. This is what the state spends to house hundreds of citizens whose only crime was to love.
    I hope that Mr. Norby will champion this cause next.

  6. I agree with this too. Dear ex-Sheriff Carona had the right idea (before he became a crook) when he said that drug offenders need to be taken out of our prisons.
    HOWEVER, I know someone on medical marijuana, and all I can say, (judging from my experiences with this person) is that I’d be scared if it were legalized. Imagine the traffic accidents and the agitated fools roaming our streets starting fights after taking hits!
    Can we find a happy medium?

      1. You got it. 😉 Seriously though, the person I know who’s getting their legal stash of medical marijuana is THE MOST AGITATED PERSON IN THE HISTORY OF AGITATED PEOPLE. This person has done some REALLLLY stupid stuff while high too. I mean, hit and run accidents, assault, you name it. I would personally be scared to see this person multiplied by 10,000 if marijuana were legalized.
        However, we’re talking about giving local government the right to decide whether marijuana charges should be felonies or misdemeanors, and I am all for that. I personally believe in rehab instead of spending money on them in jail.
        What channel is Marijuana Madness on? 🙂

        1. Kim, please tell me the last time you read, heard, or know of an incident where a person driving under the influence of marijuana killed somebody, anybody?

          An average of 50 Americans lose their life every day from alcohol related accidents. And most of those people were innocent victims. Furthermore that number does not include the 25,000+/- Americans who died last year from cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol.

          Kim, it sounds like your friend would be an idiot with or without his marijuana. Let’s just hope your friend sticks to weed and not alcohol.

          Lastly, this post is not about making weed legal.

          1. Hey Cheech, something to remember is that collisions listed in the newspapers as DUIs are just that- DUIs. There is no difference made between alcohol, coke, LSD, or dirt weed – just that the driver was under the influence…

            You also bring up an obvious but often overlooked point about idiots being idiots whether stoned or sober. That is very true. I think back to the 1980s and the Cocaine Cowboys and how coke made assholes into f’ing gloryhole asses. Stupid is as stupid does.

        2. Miss Kim, it sounds your friend, aka “THE MOST AGITATED PERSON IN THE HISTORY OF AGITATED PEOPLE” is perhaps medicating with Sativa (herb). Tell your friend to try an Indica. There is a big difference:

          Indica helps the brain produce dopamine which sedates and is used to chill, relax, or increase your appetite.

          Sativa on the other hand will produce serotonin and is used to help activate and stimulate the brain. It could be used before you dance, play an instrument, have sex, ride a pony, stuff like that.

          Like alcohol or any drug, do not get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence.

          Good Luck!

          Dr. Fernando

    1. I don’t need any help being rude to Rain.

      Soon Rain will be telling us how MJ cultivation is a commie-feminist-leftist plot to overthrow Western Culture (note the capitalizations), or, to be more precise Judeo-Christian values.


  7. Cheech,

    Mr. Norby himself said AB1017 would be a step in the right direction towards legalization.

      1. Cheech you failed to mention what happens if you don’t have “the letter”,….. you could go to State Prison dammit!

        A bit stiff considering: a.) our prisons are overflowing, b.) the average cost to house an inmate in a California State prison is $45,000/year, c.) the prison guard union is the most powerful union in the state even more powerful than a locomotive I mean the teachers union, d.) the prison guard unions are lobbying YOU and YOUR State Legislators to keep the penalties TOUGH for pot in order make the case to build more prisons. The cycle of life.

  8. Listen up all you cocksuckers. You’re all a bunch of ignorant fools. I hate you all. If you disagree with me or my alter ego Tony, I’ll call you bad names like “Cocksucker” or “Ignorant Fool”. You have to agree with me and Tony or with Tony and me. You pick the order. I/We are always right and you have to accept it. Even though we are Libertarian fuck nuts, we will not tolerate anyone disagreeing with me/us. You can’t go against me/ us. This is mine and Tony’s blog site or Tony’s and mine. You pick the order.

    Now all you idiot cocksuckers can go fuck off because if you procreate, you’ll be a racist and join a union and build with brick veneer and build meandering sidewalks and paint a mural and be a carpet bagging defender of child molesters who want to restore old movie theaters after you dye your hair with your new gun that you just beat your wife with and will probably try and kill a cop with it but will get your ass kicked instead and we’ll have post your goddamn X-rays on this site to prove that we have no credibility.

    Fuck I hate you all. I hate my fucking self. I need a joint so bad, I wonder if Norby has any weed growing in his backyard. If Norby beats his wife, he might beat me too if he caught me pinching a bud or two. I know he’d win because 90 year old Papa-Sans has kicked my ass before. I could call the cops but they hate me too. I have video of a CHP officer pushing me around. I think Pam Keller could kick my ass if I think about it.

    Now I’m sad. I think I’ll go get a medical marijuana card to treat my depression. Does depression meet the criteria for a card? Who cares, I’ll just tell the doctor that I have a bad case of gas from eating at a new Pho restaurant. Goddamn my farts smell.

    Now what were we talking about?

    1. Based on the content of this post I have concluded, fortunately or unfortunately, Tony Bushala has effectively gotten under the skin of the exact people in this town he has been focussing on.

      I understand what you likely think you are accomplishing with your post. Reading between the lines though is more of a congratulations to the site for all the raw nerves it has pricked. No doubt you are one of the best traffic generators of the site. Keep it coming, I guess.

    2. Another (or more likely one of the same two) GED cops heard from.

      Hollis is right. This blog has really got some of the trough-feeders agitated.

  9. Kim Wolf,

    Thank you for your comments you seem like a logical person.
    Remember don’t disagree with Tony or Travis, or you will be wished into the corn field.

  10. Hollis and Fred are idiots and Joe-Joe just talks alot of shit. Nobody fears this site or the people you put into any public office.

    You guys give yourselves way too much credit for what, we have no idea.

  11. Chris Norby for State Senator who knows more about liberty and RDAs than the dofus from Diamond Bar who is the current State Senator that may represent us in new district.

  12. Cheech: what about this?
    MOUNT HOLLY – A Maple Shade man admitted Monday that he was speeding and smoking pot when he crashed his car on Route 38 in 2009, killing his girlfriend and another driver and seriously injuring a third motorist.Stephen R. Ford, 28, of South Holly Avenue, pleaded guilty in Superior Court to two counts of vehicular homicide, and single counts of assault by auto and driving while intoxicated in the Aug. 9, 2009, accident in Mount Laurel

  13. PEORIA, Illinois — A 17-year-old teen from Glasford has pleaded guilty to DUI following a crash that killed a friend of his Dallas M. Hunter pleaded guilty in Peoria County Circuit Court to aggravated DUI for the accident that took place on Oct. 27, 2010 on Interstate 474. Hunter faces up to six years in prison after pleading guilty on Friday to having smoked marijuana before he crashed his pickup truck

  14. CEDAR CITY — The driver of a tour bus that crashed while transporting Japanese tourists in southern Utah has pleaded guilty to negligently operating a vehicle.Yasushi Mikuni, 26, pleaded guilty Tuesday to three counts of negligently driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance, a third-degree felony, in connection with the August 2010 crash that left three dead and others seriously injured. In a statement, Mikuni admitted he had marijuana in his system when he was driving on Aug. 9, 2010. “I operated a motor vehicle in a negligent manner, causing seriously bodily injury or death to three individuals in violation of Utah law,” the plea agreement states.

  15. Driving after smoking even a small amount of marijuana almost doubles the risk of a fatal highway accident, according to an extensive study of 10,748 drivers involved in fatal crashes between 2001 and 2003. A study by the French National Institute for Transport and Safety Research published in the British Medical Journal found that seven percent of drivers involved in a fatal highway crash used marijuana.

  16. The researchers estimated that at least 2.5 percent of the 10,748 fatal crashes studied were directly caused by the use of marijuana.The researchers concluded that the risk of being responsible for a fatal crash increased as the blood concentration of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, increased. Even small amounts of marijuana could double the chance of a driver suffering an accident, researchers said, and larger doses could more than triple the risk.

    1. Dave’s not here, LET ME REPEAT WHAT I WROTE EARLIER, “Like alcohol or any drug, do not get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence”.

      Good Luck!

      Dr. Fernando

  17. Where’s Dave? and Dave’s Not Here: please wipe the drool off your plexiglass framed GED and thank the Lord for police jobs.

  18. Oh I’m sorry” Where’s Dave” I fucked up. I’m too stoned to read the post. I now see that you were responding to Cheech who wrote:

    ….Kim, please tell me the last time you read, heard, or know of an incident where a person driving under the influence of marijuana killed somebody, anybody?…..

    You see, “Where’s Dave” I’m a total Fuck-up and retard. I cant stand it when people make me look like a fool. I get mad and start calling people names. I’m using pot to try to control my urge to be a dipshit. Thank you for your understanding.

  19. GED GED……I wish, education is overrated just ask Travis for he is a dropout. What a fine example to the children whom he entertains around his home.

    you can’t be “educated” unless you have spent your days “taught” by unmotivated, unlettered lunkheads preaching out of outmoded, useless textbooks full of platitudes, lies, and propaganda of one kind or another.
    Then you get “your” degree. A worthless scrap of paper that may as well have been printed on toilet paper. Ditto all those phony Masters and MPA degrees that serve only to enrich public employees, but that convey no real understanding of anything.

    1. Dude, can’t you come up with something on your own? Oh, right: no original thinking skills.

      BTW, next time Aaron Brothers has a one cent sale you can finally get frames for your Police Academy diploma and accompanying movie poster.

    2. JD, Travis is so freakin’ smart that he leaped ahead of conventional education – like some sort of genius Einstein or something.

      I believe he’s working on a time machine. Maybe you can go back in time and stay in con school.

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