Norby Hires New COS

According to our old Friend, Allan Bartlett (who apparently has had his posting priviledges at Red County restored), our Assemblyman Chris Norby has hired a new chief of staff to replace his old one. The new guy is named Bryan Lanza, who may count as his main claim to fame resigning from Abel Maldonado’s staff when the latter RINO went along with a big Demo tax deal.

Now, I’ve never heard of a government employee of any kind resigning on a matter of principle, so if it’s true, good for him.

20 thoughts on “Norby Hires New COS

  1. Maxine Walters

    That’s strange, I would have guessed he hired some smoking hot piece of ass. Maybe a little Asian girl who speaks little English and knows little of the domestic violence laws of this country. Someone who could take a punch, but still love long time. A Chief of Staff like that is hard to find.

  2. Dalton

    Maybe the new guy will hide the liquor and keep him from sleeping in the park?

    This District deserves better than Chris Norby and his personal issues.

  3. Dalton

    And repair the relationship with John and Ken — that’s too good a media connection to have ragging on your drinking and marital problems when you could be a consistent and often heard voice for the Conservative cause.

      1. Curmudgeon

        No Rudy, one just falls asleep on the courthouse lawn when one’s run out of campaign funds to pay for motels. Everyone does.

        1. Park Service

          Heart problems, diabetes, bloodpressure… Lots of medical reasons for a nap in the park. Does a person need a reason to take a nap in a park?? Does a person need a reason to climb a mountain? Do you need to have everything justified before its ok with you?? You must be single…just sayin’

  4. Been around a while

    Anyone ever wonder why an Assemblyperson needs so many staff that one of them must be named Chief in order to have an office pecking order? Your tax dollars at work —-

    1. Anonymous

      Have you ever contemplated the size of the state bureaucracy that Norby’s clan must navigate? Do you expect Norby to dismantle it all by himself?

      1. Curmudgeon

        My expectations of Norby are very low. Miniscule, in fact. He accomplished little as a County Supervisor, and so far, even less as an Assemblyman.

        He can procreate, so that’s something.

    2. Tony Serra

      Because thats who REALLY runs things in Sacramento. Do you really think Norby (or anyone) could roll in there in January of a given year, in his case midway through a term and learn the goings on of an institutution like the California legislature?

      This is the BEAST Flieshman, John and Ken, George Skelton and others won’t talk about. (Fools like Wiskol and Mikedick just play locally), but spend a month on J street, one quickly learns who runs California. It’s not Chris Norby, Lou Correa, Don Wagner or even Jerry Brown.

      The electeds vote for who the STAFFERS tell them to vote for and WHY. The why is easy: $$$$.

      FFFF and other civic minded organizations can spend countless hours reviewing SOS donations, but if the money flows through the Capo’s and not the Don……Who’d ever find out.

  5. td watcher

    And to think that this guy was going to be the clerk-recorder. Almost makes Tom look good except Norby can make a decision ans has more balls than Daly ever will.

  6. Been around a while

    Tony – the points you make are those often made by those who see term limits as a big mistake – a state elected does not have time to gain knowledge and history to be effective, so it is long term staff that carries the day. Is that your perspective?

  7. Tony Serra

    We didn’t need a law to enact term limits, a natural device was in play: VOTE THEM OUT.

    Alen Specter, the ultimate insider got chased away last election, even after switching parties.

    Get people to vote and term limits will be a non-issue.

  8. compton

    The legislature should actually be expanded. Most main stream non partisan experts agree, term limits should be abolished as well. I wouldnt wanna be affiliated with John and Ken. Virtually all of their solutions are terribly misguided, including the part time legislature


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