Nelson Makes It Official. Sort of.

Norberto Santana over at the Voice of OC(EA) has keystroked a post here, in which 4th District Supervsor Shawn Nelson of Fullerton has said he’s in the race for a newly drawn Congressional district that includes most of his supervisorial district.



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  1. Yeah, well, he’d better clean up that HR mess before he rambles off. Just one accomplishment at the County would be nice.

  2. On a daily basis Shawn is uncovering waste and inefficiency at the county. In Fullerton he personally stopped a retroactive pension spike. The guy is flat out smart, anti-collective bargaining and incredibly persuasive. Not to mention the fact that he kills it with one liners. This guy belongs in congress. Congratulations Shawn.

    1. “On a daily basis Shawn is uncovering waste and inefficiency at the county.”

      Really? Like what? Some concrete examples, please.

  3. So, who goes after his BOS seat if he leaves? Bruce Whitaker? Bushala?

    Shawn DOES need to get the HRD situation cleaned up at the County — but having tainted Mauk and the HR Director on yet another committee isn’t the best way to go about it. I’m counting on a good lawyer to see through the roadblocks and misinformation these two clowns will produce.

  4. County Clerk: do you really want some examples or are you just being snide? I’ll will put in the research but tell me now if you will be unhappy no matter what the result and we can both do something else with our time.

    1. No. I’m serious. Put in the research. I’d love to have someone quantify the “waste and inefficiencies” the 4th District has uncovered and corrected.

        1. I don’t know who richard geere is but “daily basis” means there should be close to 365 examples to choose from. I’d settle for five or six examples!

  5. I would like to see Shawn Nelson Or somebody investigate and stand up to Tom Daly for wasting taxpayers money.

    Look at his extra help budget the past 4 years . I know the Public/County will be in shock to see how much money he spent for extra help. How can he even justify hiring extra help staff when the volume of recordings is low.

    Daly abuse taxpayers money when he purchased that run down building for Archives. He spent 2.1 million dollars for the building and its been sitting empty for over 3yrs. Bushala did a detail report on the run down building and the Supervisors did nothing about it.

    Investigate his 12D funds. Follow the money. If you think HR is a big problem wait until you see how much Daly has spent using his 12D funds (29 million dollars since he took office) to cover his spending spree. Ask for receipts and what the money was use for.

    He gave his assistant Renee Ramirez 30% raised the past 3 years. Why is her name not on the HR list from CEO?

    Dont forget he gave Bret Barbrie $48,000 taxpayers money for doing nothing. Bushala again wrote a great story on Bret Barbrie and again the supervisors did nothing.

    Daly is all about himself and hiring his friends and supporters. He can easily contibute more money to the general funds.

    1. Can someone please investigate Tom Daly so that Debbie Sanchez will stop using every single FFFF post as an excuse to beat me?

  6. Spock, what the hell are you smoking?

    Cynthia, I was just going to check meeting minutes but if someone else has the info at the ready, get them going.

    Finally, what does Tom Daly have to do with this post?

    1. Who is Cynthia?

      Please “check the minutes.” Take all the time you need. Five or six is all I ask! That shouldn’t be too hard for a whole year’s worth of daily effort.

      1. Hey guys, what happened to the five or six examples of cost savings and efficiencies?

        Hell, at this point I’d even take one!

        By the way, maybe Chris Thompson or richard geere can explain why the 4th District office budget went up 7% from last year. That sure doesn’t look like a savings to me.

        1. Did his office have the lowest expenses of all the supervisors? Budget and expenses are not the same thing by the way.

  7. RG, “what does Tom Daly have to do with this post?” Nothing, other than the fact that the County is violating state law when every time the BOS votes to allow Daly to spend 12D funds on things that are not permitted by law to be spent on.

  8. Looking forward to some good debates! Shawn has (for the most part) been great at the local level, but some of us would like to hear more about his positions on issues of nat’l importance. How will his fiscal conservatism apply to questions like defense spending? Will he stay true to his libertarian streak when it comes to things like the DOMA and the War on Drugs?

    We might finally be experiencing a new day after the long, dark Royce era. I’d sure like to see a conservative candidate who will keep us out of unnecessary wars, reign in gov’t spending, keep the state out of our bedrooms and our minds, and not just bend over to appease the evangelical base.

    Be our guy, Shawn!

  9. This is a man who has profited handsomely from defending the worst of society. From pedophiles to murders. Hasn’t done a thing on the BOS of any importance. Legally changed his name to avoid a association with his scum bag defending law firm. Caved to NIMBYs and killed desperately needed jobs in Fullerton when the recession was at its worst. Was strongly and vocally endorsed by the bleeding heart racist Deb Pauley. Did nothing to condemn his “friend” Tony Bushala’s completely unnecessary harassment of Harry Sidhu’s wife. And to top it all off has to dye his hair. So much for the “anointed one.”

    1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’ll give a dollar to anybody who can find a single criminal case that Shawn Nelson personally handled within the past year.

      Even if he had, what the shame in that? In this country, everybody is entitled to a vigorous defense. If you don’t like it, Iran is supposed to be lovely this time of year.

      As we’ve all seen in the last week, sometimes the cops are the real criminals. Competent defense attorneys are the last line of defense against the abuses of Cary Tong and the like.

      No apologies here for “defending the worst of society”.

    2. “Did nothing to condemn his “friend” Tony Bushala’s completely unnecessary harassment of Harry Sidhu’s wife.”

      You mean knocking on her door to find out if Sidhu really lived on Lucky Way in Anaheim – his third address in a month?

      It was necessary and it wasn’t harassment.

  10. Hey Joe #28. I see you’re looking in the mirror again having a conversation with yourself. Now tell Tony to behave while you’re at it.

  11. Compton, most of what you post is opinion (that I don’t agree with) but you can’t argue the Shawn Nelson has changed his name. He has been Shawn Nelson at least since elementary school. Who do you think he used to be and when?

  12. Nelson’s real name is Robert Shawn Nelson. Look up his name on the California Bar website. He has used it so long and it’s part of his real name so it’s no big deal. Good old hairball Harish Sing Siduh on the other hand has tried to anglicized his name to make it more English friendly and less Indian.

  13. I try to avoid posting but I can’t help but participate in this one. My legal name is Robert Shawn Nelson. Named after a grandfather. I have answered to “Shawn” since the day I was born and have never gone by any other name under any circumstance. Sort of like Ross Perot having the first name Henry.

    1. Shawn Nelson, Happy belated Fathers Day!

      My legal name is Anthony Nicholas Bushala, but I’ve been called “Tony” from day 1.

      Anonymous, I don’t believe it’s wrong for a person to want to anglicize his/her name. I have a friend who’s birth name is Sarkis Joseph Khoury. He ran for congress against Ken Calvert and used “Joe Khoury” on the ballot.
      Joe was a political science professor at Riverside College and an expert on the middle east. He would have been a trillion times better than Calvert who has turned out to be much like Gary Miller, one of the most corrupt member’s of congress (

      1. Miller was exposed last time he ran and the people still voted for him….he won by a land slide. There. Plus I don’t think that folks in Yorba Linda will like Nelson as much as they miller. Remember, this is only a Fullerton Blog read by many, but the pockets in the Hills of Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills are way deeper then the ones in Fullerton.

        Shawn Robert or whatever, good luck, get Miller out of there.

  14. anyone have any thoughts on Congressman Miller running for that seat the way it is looking. I ask for two reasons.

    One: Miller would be able to get the votes that matter from the high areas of voters from Yorba, Anaheim Hills, Brea, and La Habra Heights (i think they are included in the map).

    Two: people from Diamond bar spoke in strong favor of joining Diamond bar in the La Habra/Fullerton congressional district as well as other districts.

    Tony, pull out your wallet because Robert is going to have a hard time with Miller. I mean look at the last goon that ran against him….and that guy was loaded, not saying he was smart, but miller did very little campaigning, and the other guy had t.v. ads, radio, the works, rallys, kids, babies being kissed, everything, I think even Royce showed up to an event or two of his…….comments, questions, check books, credit cards…..stay tuned for Robert’s first lost in history.

    1. won’t even get Gary Miller 2 votes. FYI, Diamond Bar is not in Nelsons new district as proposed.

      North County folks aren’t too fond of war promoting, draft dodging, bailout voting, patriot act extending, corrupt LA CARPETBAGGERS like Gary Miller.

      Nelson’s no “goon” and he’s probably the only elected official in this county and maybe even the country who does not take a pension for his public service.

      No sale here.

      1. Nelson signed up for the most geneous pension on Supes until his hypocrizy was exposed. Think he’ll turn down the pension Congress gets? Nope. Tony must be wetting his pants to own a potential congressman.

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