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    1. Sorry for my boss. He was premature. Again. Still dreaming of Shawn Nelson.

      Oops! Back in the front pocket I go!

    1. Kim, are you a FFFFer or not? You seem like a nice girl. You should go find other friends that won’t tarnish your future.

      1. Yes, play nice, turn a blind eye, hum a Disney tune ignore the misfeasance and overcompensation of your “servants” and you will will have an untarnished future in Fullerton.

        Well, it’s not going to be like that anymore Mr. or Ms. anonymous.

        1. Kim,

          What’s so funny? I commend you, travis, chris thompson and tony for using your real names.

          You don’t strike me as being a nut job like the others. And by the way – I don’t know if you’ve noticed but most of the minions here don’t use their names. Why don’t you ask Tony to introduce you to them.

          Tony is always looking for someone with credibility to blog on his site. He thinks it will get more credible readers.

          Once you go down this path, you can’t go back. Just saying.

          If these are your buddies… have fun. I’m sure your parents have told you about choosing your friends wisely.

    2. $18,000,000 of Fullerton property taxes are diverted each year away from the general fund (ie police & fire) and into the hands of bond brokers and certain RDA anointed developers.


  1. BRAVO!BRAVO!, ENCORE. However the downside of Norby’s proposal will deny Pam Keller(oh I forgot, she’s toast) and Quirk-Silva’s free trips on a prety yacht paid for by private developers who lobby for fullerton’s redevelopment monies.

  2. Oh is Norby leading the charger or jumping on the band wagon of someone elses bill. I didn’t see his name next to AB26 or is it SB26 or what exactly is it that I’m doing?

    The only thing Norby could lead the charge on is how to batter your wife and not leave any marks or where the best bush to sleep under in Santa Ana.

    1. I think he was sleeping on the grass…wherever he landed when he passed out. The Santa Ana homeless pretty much have the bushes reserved.

  3. If the Gov. signs or does not veto these two bills, then I would say that is probably the end. It will get fought out in the courts, but as long as the bond holders get paid, the banks, and financial heavy hitters will stay out of the fight. People forget that RDA’s are creatures of the state. If the State says they no longer exist, then there is no one to pay except the bond holders, and the state can take on that responsibility. The poison pill in the legislation is cute. If you sue, then you lose the right to issue debt, so even if you win–you lose.

  4. what would this “plan” mean in terms of dollars and cents to Fullerton’s RDA:

    Redevelopment supporters have been jockeying hard to save the $5.6 billion annual economic development program, and today upped the ante when they released a list detailing the financial hit each individual agency would take under a plan crafted by majority Democrats.

    That plan, codified in two pieces of legislation passed by lawmakers last week, would eliminate the $5.6 billion program, then force redevelopment agencies that “want to live on” to give some of their money to schools and other local programs. The thing is, the legislation doesn’t offer a nice, clear formula to figure out how much each individual agency would owe under the new program. Instead, it sets out a complicated formula based on each agency’s proportionate share of existing redevelopment dollars…….

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/nov05election/detail?entry_id=91402#ixzz1PsTOJuzy

  5. Anyone know the status on redevelopment? Is it dead? Alive but on a ventilator? Where are we at?

  6. Silly Travis, you wrote “you you”, you nasty yellow toothed dropout, check your spelling asswipe.

    1. Aw, c’mon, GED, you can do better than that!

      By the way, how did you fool the instructors at Police Academy V into believing you got over the wall on the obstacle course?

      Oh that’s right! They’re cops, too, and couldn’t find their asses in the dark!

  7. Cummissioner Travis, how much money does the City of Fullerton spend to accommodate your learning problems, A good source tells me the Planning Commission agenda is transcribed into pop-up books just for you?

  8. “..and if (Redeveloemt) hasn’t worked..” we will end up with a downtown full of bars, tattoo parlors, unlicensed clubs and a lingerie/sex toy and video shop. It’s difficult to find fault with Norby’s reasoning here.

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