Councilman Bruce Whitaker Not Happy With an Unbalanced Budget

At last week’s city council meeting, city councilman Bruce Whitaker proved to be a steward of the public’s money. While the other 4 had no regard for what it means to balance a budget, Whitaker did! Remember this the old saying, “when the going gets tough the tough get going”.

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  1. $4.5-million short and Julia James & Joe Felz think they can make it up by employee contract negotiations. The water rate hike has a built-in COLA and benefits INCREASE. Maybe they’ll just use the windfall from the franchise tax revenue increase with the higher water rates.

  2. “Didactic” and “inadequate” are exactly the right words for the process used for passing this budget. Whitaker is the only one making sense about the most important job the city council has to do. Bankeahd’s barely audible petulant response (talk into your goddam microphone!) should tell everyone listening how little the old men understand or care about possibly bankrupting our city with an ill conceived budget. Do the work or get off the council to make room for people who aren’t afraid to ask the difficult financial questions!

  3. I voted for Whitaker because I thought he would be a good candidate. In reality, he’s turned out to be much BETTER than I expected.

    We need more people like him.

  4. The comments/questions made by Councilman Bruce Whitaker about the budget were both thoughtful and reasonable. They were the type of questions that any good representative of the city should be asking. Thank you Bruce for doing the people’s business!

  5. Hey Bruce can you tell Tom Daly to stop wasting taxpayers money. Maybe the old fart can sale that building The building has been sitting empty for over 3 years. He can donate the money to the general funds or toward Fullerton budget.

    I was watching the Board meeting today and my question is why the hell does Tom Daly even need 102 positions. The volume of recordings is down and the Fullerton satelite office is very slow. We need to close that office so the county can save $ 7,500 a month on rent and 4 positions. Tom your staff is sitting around doing nothing all day wasting taxpayers money. Maybe you need the positions so you can hire all your supporters and friends.

    Tom we know why you open that office in Fullerton. You wanted to get your name out in Fullerton. But it back fire on you
    and you quit because you had no chance
    against Shawn Nelson.

    1. Yes, but if Nelson runs for congress…whole new ballgame. The 4th District Supe seat would open up again if he won. Daly needs his Fullerton office to make a name for himself once again before he is out of a gummint job.

  6. Daly cant even show up to work. what is he going to do if he becomes Supervisors?

    No wonder the County has no money.

    The Board of Supervisors look the other way just because Tom Daly is elected. What a joke! Tom Daly wasted 2.1 million
    dollars he purchased a run down building and no dare to question him.

  7. Hey, Bruce, thanks for trying, but it’s The Fullerton Way: increase water rates (taxes) and issue tons of traffic citations (taxes) and the folks won’t even feel it.

  8. I thought that passing a UNBALANCED operating budget was unconstitutional illegal in California, not just contrary to Fullerton City policy. I’ve not looked this up (of course) but it is a question which should be asked to the city paid attorney. And then, the unbalanced budget should be revoked-recinded.

  9. Holy unabridged and Iridescent Jebus!

    Blankhead has lost it. Time to call in the white jacket boys.

  10. Ah hab ah cold! Can’ we jes’ gib the libarrie da muddie an’ go hobe now? Whad did Don say?

  11. “Rush to the altar”

    Now that’s an apt metaphor. The City is impregnated with the stupidity of the Three Antique Amigos plus the dummy Sharon Quirk. Better legitimize this thing ASAP. We sure don’t want any illegitimate offspring a runnin’ round.

    1. Yeah, where was Quirk-Silva on this one? Too busy with the library to care about the rest of it?

  12. This post reminds me that I will soon be doing an essay on Fullerton’s political rhizome culture.

    Stay tuned. It’s all about roots n’ stuff.

  13. Bruce will never be happy with the budget or with anything. He’s one of you libertarian fuck nut trolls that complain about government just because it exists.

    It sure is easy to vote No for everything when you know it’s going to pass.

    Maybe if the stars and moon align and Nelson went to congress, Whitaker could run for BoS and we could get another whack job out of Fullerton.

    I wonder what LaTour is doing these days.

  14. Anonymous…blah blah are obviously someone who has no idea who Bruce is or what he stands for. Maybe you should get to know him.

    As for the budget, the City bunches all of the budget issues into one item and expects the council to vote yes or no to them all. Common sense says that they should be voted on one issue at a time.

    Maybe you should sober up and watch the Council meetings with a clear head. After all, “fuck nut trolls” don’t really exist do they? But Councilmen napping on the job, making lewd/sexist remarks at meetings or just being grumpy, maybe they deserve the nickname of “F N T’s” , oh no I forgot, you are probably FPD and support these Councilmen as they are big supporters of your overblown pensions.

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