18 Replies to “More Redevelopment, More Pedestrian Booby Traps”

  1. If I’m not mistaken, that looks like a Silk Floss tree that’s caus’n the curb to make its way i n t o that sidewalk. I mean who would have k n o w n better than a landscape architect who likes m e a n d e r i n g sidewalks, golly Louie that’s strange.

    You mean the c i t y owns Costco’s parking lot t o o ?

  2. One question (seriously). If Tony Bushala built a curb that terminated a foot in to a public sidewalk, what would the city do to him? I’m thinking arrest for misdemeanor tresspass.

  3. Meandering sidewalks are fine in Irvine where people walk for the sake of walking (exercise).

    In Fullerton, people walk with a destination. Especially people on Harbor Blvd. Any meandering is a hindrance and therefore stoopid.

    More idiocy and wasted space from our government certified central planners.

    1. On the other hand, sometimes it’s the restaurants that meander, not the people, especially near Harbor Blvd! When the hell is Flortentine going to return the sidewalk they stole from us?

  4. That’s bullshit man. Some heads need to roll for that fuck up. Tony sue them mother fuckers and make it all better.

  5. The blog trolls are getting more bitter every day. I smell desperation. Admin, you must really be sticking it those union trough feeders.

  6. Fullerton Redevelopment owns all sorts of things, just like the army in Pakistan runs bakeries and other businesses. It’s just another racket that will expand as much as we allow it to grow. Of course, they had to officially give it all to the city in order to keep the state government from auctioning it off, so I guess Redevelopment doesn’t really own it until the city conveys it back to them. Watch for that one coming up any time now.

    Oh, and you petty foul mouthed trolls, why don’t you either post comments pertinent to the story or get start your own blog about how much you hate admin? This blog is about argument and counter argument, not illiterate sniping.

  7. Ummm first of all ..why does this area need a curb? Taking it out would be the smart thing to do, seems like it was just an added expense that created a useless piece of ..well that too but it is a hazard indeed.
    Lets look at Valencia near the corner of Brookhurst, popping sidewalks abound!

  8. Aw c’mon, that’s a gentle unobstructive curved sidewalk. Show us the really ugly behind the police station or alongside the Wilshire Promenades–preferably with two parents, a stroller, a tot, and a dog on a leash trying to navigate it to achieve our wonderful retail-free downtown or a charming restaurant.

    1. Feronia, “Show us the really ugly behind the police station or alongside the Wilshire Promenades…”. I remember a post about that sidewalk. A little help here admin?

  9. Thank you Travis. You’re such a well educated, qualified planning commiss for the fine citizens of Fullerton. You’re such an inspiration to all us under achievers. Thank you thank you thank you for being so great. Bruce you made a great selection on your little baby. You have to be so proud of him

  10. Seriously? Meandering sidewalks is all you fucking idiots could come up with? With all the problems in the world, this is one that needs to be brought to our attention.

    What’s next, you guys spotted some aphids on a City owned bush.

    I know a guy that works at the Improv, maybe he could get Tony and Travis a job telling jokes cause this shit if fucking hilarious.

    Keep up the good work.

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