More Fringie® Fun! Best Video 2011

How ashamed can one dog get? I haven’t felt so embarrassed since my mistress had my masculinity removed. Ouch. Thanks to timely reminders from some helpful Friends, I add two late entries to the Nominees in the category. They are ten and eleven. And I predict they will gain immediate support for the award.


Still images are fun and artistic, but there’s nothing quite like a little moving picture to stir up some good, clean fun. And in the popular Fringie® category of Best Video, the Nominating Committee had lots of submissions from which to choose. Some have been nominated for their auteurship, others for their comedic value – intended, or otherwise. Enjoy.

1. Back in the innocent days of May 2011 it looked like the most action this blog might see in2011 was a little fun in the sun. Here’s our admin doing a tuck and roll, Glamis-style. His ctitics will note his head goes into the sand, but that’s better than having it go up his backside a la the Three Dead Tree Stumps.

2. In June we discovered an amusing video by some entertaining FJC slackers who could tell useless architecture when they saw it. And that puts them way ahead of trustee Molly McClanahan and her pals at Fullerton Heritage. Also notice the appearance of aggrieved FPD trolls in the comments thread.

3. In July we shared the video of Fullerton cops in action, featuring Mr. Kenton Hampton beating up an innocent witness, Veth Mam, for the unforgivable act of video recording the incident. We discovered later that Mam was actually prosecuted and absolved of attacking the cops! Hampton and cohort Frank Nguyen lied on the stand that Mam had jumped on some cop’s back. No charges of perjury from the DA. Hmm.

4. At the end of July we shared the first video of the Kelly Thomas murder, a shocking revelation of the extent of the damage inflicted on the homeless man by a gang of Fullerton cops. 940,00 people have watched this video.

5. In mid-August the weekly protesters took to the streets in a defiant march from the police station to the spot in the Transportation Center where Kelly Thomas was bludgeoned to death by members of the Fullerton police department. For an hour the streets of Fullerton really belonged to us again. Power to the people!

6. In mid-September KFI radio hosts John and Ken invited Fullerton citizenry to honk at FPD HQ in protest of the ham-fisted tickets handed out by Andrew Goodrich, Barry Coffman & Co. And honk they did!

7. Sleepy Bankhead becomes an unintentional movie star.

8. Confusing our tax dollars with handing out candy to kids is nothing new for Doc HeeHaw who’s been doing it for 15 years. Here he is handing out millions of simoleons to the anti-reacall team leader, Dick Ackerman!

9. Will you please shut up!

10. Watch Fullerton cops orchestrate the Tickets for Honkers Scam (see Nominee #6, above) and enjoy union president Barry Coffman harassing a law abiding citizen. And especially notice the last bit where Mr. Desk Cop can’t find the pen hole in his own shirt. I wonder if this is symptomatic issue for Mr. Coffman. Arf!!

11. And here’s an artistic take on Mr. Goodrich & Coffman, courtesy of a creative Friend. Excessive horning? WTF? That’s stupid even to me and I’m just a dog!

Of course the most important video of 2011 is still not available for public inspection. That’s the video WE own. The killers have seen it; their bosses have seen it; the DA and his minions have seen it. But for some reason the people’s elected representatives are still not permitted to see it – denied by the people who ostensibly work for them. We now know that’s just a sham. The cops run Fullerton and thanks to the incompetence of Jones, McKinley and Bankhead they run it any damn way they please. But that’s coming to an end.

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  1. #6, 7, 9 are my pics as funniest videos

    Im missing my favorite funny video- that one of the rotund cop/union hack handing out a ticket to a honker while smirking and dreaming of donuts

    but of course, pic of the year for video, would have to be #4, may Kelly RIP -and thank God this was captured on video and shared.

  2. I couldn’t watch #4 again. Too heartbreaking.

    #7 & 11 still make me laugh. What a jolly old soul, that empty Bankhead. And Jones, well…will you please shut up? It wasn’t a question; he was being just plain polite.

    #11 is hysterical.

  3. Mayor Quirk-Silva to hold open office hours

    Fullerton Mayor Sharon Quirk has announced she will institute open office hours at City Hall starting in January for citizens who wish to meet with her to discuss issues of concern.

    The mayor will be available to meet with citizens from 4-5 p.m. Wednesdays.

    The open office hours will replace the mayor’s “Time to Catch Up” public outreach programs, which are held from 4-5 p.m. the second Wednesday of the month at Steamers Café in downtown Fullerton.

    Any citizen wishing to meet with the mayor during her open office hours can either just drop by the City Council Office at Fullerton City Hall, or call the office at (714) 738-6311 to make an appointment.

    Appointments will be limited to 15 minutes each to allow the mayor to accommodate as many citizens as possible.

    The mayor will also be available to speak to civic groups such as the Boy and Girl Scouts and youth organizations. Arrangements to have the mayor speak at meetings may be made by contacting the council secretary at (714) 738-6311.

    The Mayor’s Office is located on the first floor of Fullerton City Hall, 303 W. Commonwealth Ave.

    Persons requiring special accommodations to meet with the mayor are asked to notify the council staff prior to coming to City Hall.

    1. “The peeing on your leg” has officially started, let the raining begin.

      what a vomit inducing load of excrement. She deserves a Fringie cup filled with bovine poop so she has plenty to dish out to all those who come to visit her at her new open hours. Tthe majority of Fullertonians can see through her charade when it is time to cast a vote. She is a wannabe Loretta Sanchez, God help us all.

  4. Number 8. That is just so typical of the idiot Jones handing away millions and crying that he doesn’t have more money to waste. And then trying to blame SCAG for what he is doing.

    Ignorant, shameless, crooked, wasteful. And there you have it: The Three Blind Mice.

  5. This is off topic, but I just finished reading an article in the OC Rejister Re: Laura’s Law. It caught my eye initially as it used a photo of Kelly Thomas in the headline. There was no mention of him or his case in the article which I found disturbing. It seems they are using him as some kind of example of what happens to the mentally ill if they don’t take their medication.

    Wait, wut?

  6. I just noticed there was a mention of him in the article, guess I missed it. It is still disturbing to me that there is the implication that if Kelly just would have taken his meds he wouldn’t have been murdered by the cops.

    1. It’s funny how the diversion crowd will seek to paint us as trying to leverage Kelly’s “tragic” incident (they can’t make themselves say killing, or murder) and yet the Boohoos are perfectly willing to exploit his death for their own agendas – mostly feel good commissions and loopy Medical Nazism.


  7. Police Beating of Kelly Thomas in Fullerton, CA


    The comments are still filled with rage and disgust. This will never change.

  8. WTH?!?! Where is the video of Pat McPension when he said it was ok for cops to molest certain “types” of woman?

  9. anybody know JOEL ROSEN? i think he is an ex-employee of fullerton. now he is spreading his corrupt practices at buena park city hall.

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