Mayor Jones Speaks!

This weekend one of our Friends caught up with Mayor Dick Jones as he was exiting the library gala. This fellow was one of the folks protesting the police beating of Kelly Thomas a few hundred feet away. Apparently the protesters wanted the Chief, or anybody in authority, really, to make a public statement on the issue.

And so our mayor offered us this elegant excuse for the city’s stonewalling, before shuffling off to his vehicle: “You don’t start talkin’ about things if you’re trying to get the answer.”

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  1. GD, who would say something so f-ing stupid but Fullerton’s jaskass Hillbilly Mayor: “You don’t start talkin’ about things if you’re trying to get the answer”….. WTF?

  2. It is embarassing that California sent so many jobs to Texas and Fullerton is left with a Mayor who is from Texas.

    Send the buffoon back to Texas and the jobs back to California!

  3. Jones is a civic leader? He makes the time and effort to celebrate the needless expansion of a public library(I thought those things were extinct with the advent of Kindle and the internet) and wont take the time to make a concerned comment about our police force that beat a homeless man to death? Where is the courage, intelligence and integrity in Jone’s civic leadership our city needs to fix the FPD?

  4. Politicians must go into politics because they can’t do anything else. And it’s me that’s unemployed. Why aren’t heads rolling or at least trying talk to the community about it. FFFF keep up the good fight.

    1. For sure! Meanwhile Bruce Whitaker has the integrity to articulate the outlandishness of this whole predicament. You’d think ol’ Dick would have enough of a dick to comment on the tragedy of the situation, let alone the apparent stonewalling that’s going on. Good lord, at the very least he should be able to do that!! Instead he’s running away from comment, afraid he might say something wrong!

  5. You heard me! “You don’t start talkin’ about things if you’re trying to get the answer, don’t run around nekkid, cuz that’s what yer pants’r’fer, water’s fer drinkin’ an’ whiskey’s fer fightin’, close the winder’s cuz the skeeters’re bite’n.” Ah could go on all the live long day with them old songs from Texas…we had such a good time sing’n at camp…

  6. What kind of party demographics do you have that lead to that bafoon being elected as Mayor? Does he put codine in the water around election time and hypnotize you into voting for him? Or does he give booze to everyone entering the ballot box? Perhaps he is that one thing you do every time you get drunk which leads you to, the next day, say every time, “I will never get that drunk again”.

    1. He’s a Republican and an incumbent. He loves the Chamber of Commerce, out of town developers and the public safety unions, and they all love him right back. That’s all he needs.

  7. Aeolus :
    What kind of party demographics do you have that lead to that bafoon being elected as Mayor? .

    Aeolus, I’m sorry to say but we have two party’s here in Fullerton, dumb and dumber.

  8. I believe the Fullerton Observer(FO) endorsed Dick Jones and has been an ardent fan of councilman Jones. Fullerton is fortunate to have the FFFF because it counter-acts FOol silly opinions masked as news.

  9. Absolutely craven. This man has so little class that he can’t even be bothered to speak to a concerned citizen. Dick Jones should not be taken seriously as a public official. He’s a joke mayor. Anyone with any sense of responsibility for his city would have at least issued a statement on behalf of the mayor’s office expressing sympathy for the victim’s family and promising an investigation into the death of Mr. Thomas. Recall, now!

  10. I think it’s sort of telling that he’s got a hot looking gold digger wife next to him that looks like she’s banging everyone in Fullerton but him.

  11. Jones needs to be walking around with a bicycle helmet. How does this tard get re-elected every term! Everyone needs to show up to the city council meeting this Tuesday and demand an answer from our elected officials.

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