So What’s The DA Up To?

See that guy over there? We couldn't locate him.

I’ve just heard from Mark Turgeon, an eye witness in the Kelly Thomas police beating death that he has NOT been contacted by the Orange County District Attorney’s office. You may remember that the District Attorney is supposed to be investigating the horrific incident.

Since the event happened almost three weeks ago, this is rather disturbing. This individual was immediately questioned by Fullerton police so there is no reason that the DA doesn’t have the ability to follow up with a crucial witness.

You may remember that the Coroner has already said that the cause of death is uncertain.

So what gives?



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  1. Tony, you know the Officer you have been picking on as the “Terminator”, Kenton Hampton, has a distinguished service record, and is a professional police officer, who is highly regarded by his fellow officers. He is also Black.

    Your continued harassment of him, on this blog, shows the community just what you are , a racist,and a bigot with a hidden agenda to demean an outstanding officer because of his race.

    Shame on you.

    1. Listen havenobrain, you really should look at the historical context of your target prior to making ridiculous accusations. There are only two races jackass, the decent and the indecent.

      1. Listen dumbshit, I know Tony is of Lebanese descent. So what does that have to do with anything. A racist, is a racist…no matter his country of origin

        1. havenobrain, pull your head out jackass.

          admin first singled out Hampton because we all watched him punch an innocent bystander in the face for filming a cop choke a guy, and then arrested another guy just for saying “that’s excessive force”.

    2. havegunwilltravel, I’m pretty sure admin talked to an eyewitness who identified your distinguished cop. How could repeating that fact be racist?

      Furthermore, does his “distinguished service record” include smacking an innocent kid with a video camera? Cuz we all saw that on tape, too.

    3. I certainly hope all officers involved get their equal share of blame and exposure. I believe the Terminator is just the only one that witnesses have been able to identify at this point.

      If the FPD were more transparent, maybe the blame could be more evenly distributed. Don’t blame the messenger for disseminating what little info the PD has made available.

      Way to play the race card, though. Now go back to writing parking tickets and citing jaywalkers.

      1. 1. Release no information except positive spin.

        2. Cite “ongoing investigation” as reason.

        3. Cooperate to make sure “investigation” is as protracted as possible.

        4. Hope everybody forgets.

        5. Rely on do-nothing DA to do nothing for a year.

        6. Wait for DA report.

        7. Exult in exoneration when DA says not enough evidence to prosecute.

        8. Beat the shit out of someone.

        9. Repeat process.

    4. “Highly regarded by his fellow officers”
      Who all wish their backhanded baton technique was half as effective as this terminix character.

    5. Yeah I saw the white guys face Buddy, obviousely a black officer that hates white people.
      Yeah, a distinguised record harrassing white people? You disgust me, Mr . Black person.
      Or probably jewish, out to kill all white people.

    6. Oh please I’m darn tired of your political correctness, The black on white rape statistics prove, blacks target white women, so I will see color for my own self survival.
      Maybe we will hear some audio to prove that, I’m sure the hateful white hating officer was screaming “kill whitey”, like they all do.

    7. don’t bring racism into it. Just because one of them is black and is accused doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that he was there and is under investigation by the DA/ FBI

  2. What about the other five cops. both white, and hispanic. But, no, it is the Black guy who takes the rap. Tony, what about the other five officers?

    1. What about them? Throw them in the same cell as Terminator.

      What does ‘uncertain’ cause of death mean? Quincy can’t pinpoint the individual blow, or individual impact of head on concrete, that finally caused death? So. F’ing. What. I think a jury will have no problem understanding that being beaten into a coma was not simply incidental to Kelly Thomas’ death.

      Anyone waiting for Tony the Rat and that serpent Susan Kang Schroeder to actually investigate something is delusional.

    2. Sounds like the old Matt “Jubal” Cunningham tactic of changing the subject.


      And Bushla is a racist………yeah that makes sense!

    1. Now you have to resort to name calling because you have no good answer for the terminator beating the white guys face to a pulp, what is his defense going to be?
      Slavery, or maybe the holocaust?

  3. havegunwilltravel is obviously a cop. I find it to be funny that cops have no problem arresting and beating people, but as soon as they are threatend with going to jail they get scared. You cops should be a little less excessive next time.One on One in jail with guys you put away doesn’t seem as promising does it. Take away the gun,taser, stick and five other men, all you have left is man who can’t do it with out the tools. Try squaring up with out the accessories, then lets see how tough you are then.

    1. And his screen name really helps to illustrate the mentality of these half-wits. Forced “respect” through intimidation. Must suck to learn that there are plenty of law abiding citizens who are no where near intimidated, and are losing respect on a daily basis. Good job FPD, way to protect and serve!

  4. I have a cousin with mental illness living on the streets of OC. and if anything happens to him I will stick my cane up havegunwilltravel’s ass and make him buy me a new cane!

  5. Didn’t Rackauckas just get a gang injunction against FTT? How about a gang injunction against FPD next.

  6. Two words. Cover. Up.

    Or is that one word?

    In any case I don’t think stalling is gonna help. The cause of death is certainly certain. Kelly’s Dad had him taken off life support after he had been beaten into a brain-dead coma.

    Or as the Register writers coyly wrote: the struggle continued until Thomas became unconscious.

    1. “the struggle continued until Thomas became unconscious.”

      That bothered me, too. I’m writing a post on the prejudiced way words are used to manipulate public opinion.

      1. The Register says that Kelly Thomas died “after a scuffle with police”. No indication as to the cause of death or the fact that police cracked his skull with flashlights / batons.

        From their article, you’d get the impression that Kelly fought the police, then died of old age sometime thereafter.

        Shameful reporting on the part of the Register. Another reason nobody will miss that rag when it finally goes under.

        If you want to keep up on real events and matters of public interest in OC anymore, you really have to follow the blogs (like this one). Keep it up, Tony.

  7. The D.A. will contact all parties if they handle the investigation. Maybe they are handing it off to the Feds.

  8. To all addressing the comments of havegunwilltravel…It’s hard to have a battle of conscience with an unarmed opponent.

  9. You aren’t going to get any answers until at least a year from now. See: all of the officer-involved deaths in OC.

  10. Eyewitness testimony is a sketchy thing. Recollections change, memory in many cases, memories become influenced and simply time fogs reality.

    Investigators know this and thats why they get initial statements followed by detailed accounts, usually within a few hours or days. Take Nick Adenhardts death, the injured were interviewed at length while stil in ICU.

    So what reason could there possibly be to delay this?

  11. I’ve heard this alot “Kelly was in a coma”. Here are the facts. Kelly was never in a coma. His heart stopped on the way to the hospital (St Jude), and again two more times while being treated in the ER (Once up to 10/15 minutes). After he was somewhat stable, he was transfered to UCI. He never woke up. He was on the edge of death when he arrived at UCI. It was only because of medications and machines that he lived at all for a few days. My point…..The Fullerton cops brutally beat my son to death. As far as “a scuffle with police”, Kelly was forced to fight for his life. He knew that he was going to be killed if he did nothing. Addressing #14 “What about the other five cops. both white, and hispanic. But, no, it is the Black guy who takes the rap. Tony, what about the other five officers?”

    I have alot of information that the public does not. Hampton was identified by witnesses. That is why he is being focused on, not because of his race. I know of one other that I have not heard mentioned by anyone yet, and he is white. I am tracking him down. But what I want to know is, how do YOU know what race the other cops are? You say White and Hispanic. Where do you get your info from? If you want the truth, ask me. I will read this blog daily, so if you want info, or if you have info, let me know.

    Ron Thomas

    Kellys dad

    1. Mr. Thomas I encourage you to message me because I may have some information as well, on tue other hand if Ken Hampton has been identified by witnesses who are the other officers involved? Why not make their last names known so people can have the public knowledge?

  12. So many people with need a quiet stress free just a studio to live in let someone else handle the bills and let them keep the rest of the little cash and they would be fine.
    This wanting to be homeless crap. UGH> I never met someone who is capable enough to reason sometimes ( and not doing drugs) who wouldn’t prefer a place they can be – left alone -and just free to be.
    Too bad NIMBY and no real resources combine to leave them only one bad choice to avoid day to day contacts they cant handle and often to abuses by those who have no skill to handle someone with any major mh disorders.
    Some advocates also support them to not take drugs( and while some are worse than the condition, none in serious cases of psychosis is just stupid) and be homeless more than developing better options. Good help and advice is rare.
    Fullerton has a lot of interesting politics too….
    There may be more to this story all the way around.

    I am sad too that THIS MAKES even THE MOST VULNERABLE FEAR even the good cops.

  13. Thank God for the Daily Mail and KFI radio. Maybe some justice will get done and some public officials will be fired and/or prosecuted.

    I’ve always been pro-law enforcement but now I’m rethinking that. A few weeks back I was stopped by a Fullerton police officer for walking my dog near the train tracks. I was a good 20 feet away and on a grassy knoll but he accused me of walking on the tracks and trespassing. I asked if he saw me do this and he said “Don’t get an attitude with me.” I issued a fake apology and walked quickly away in fear. I had the gut feeling that he wanted a confrontation. First time I’ve ever been afraid of law enforcement. Now I know why. They ARE a bunch of thugs itching for a beat down.

  14. All 6 should be immediately suspended WITHOUT pay. Every one of them! Cops are out there to protect us and if they could not stop the bad ones from hurting us, then they are equally guilty.

    The responsible ones should be fired, charged, with all pensions removed. Pension is life-time pay without working by taxpayers. Why should we pay a bad cop his top salary sitting at home for the rest of his life? We have paid him enough on duty.

  15. The responsible ones’ immediate superior and this chief Sellers should resign immediately or at least after the investigation, without pensions. In Japan, you bow and resign without anybody having to tell you. Here people has no shame, you point fingers up, down, left, and right; just not to yourself.

  16. There is a city video of this incident and it is clear on who did what. The recorders on the officers were on and I am told by officers not involved that it is just sickening on what they did to Kelly Thomas. He was cooperative with officers until Officer Ramos threatened to “kick his ass” with a night stick. officer Ramos then put on gloves and said “these are the hands that are going kick your ass”. Kelly felt threatened and that’s when he ran. this all could have bee avoided if the officers remained calm and professional. I hope the Feds subpoena all officers in the dept, because they are talking to one another about this. I would not trust OCDA, there are several officers from Fullerton who work there and it’s a direct conflict of interest. Look what happened to fullerton officer Todd Major who recently was arrested for18 felony counts and plead guilty to 1 , because dad was high ranking investigator with OCDA.

  17. i cannot believe that commenters are choosing to turn this into a race issue. this is about police brutality, police murder. it is the position these men hold and the “code” that is the problem. race has nothing to do with it. these officers should be tried and sentenced with no leniency because they happen to be police officers. murder is murder! they should also be permanently “retired” due to the fact that no policing agency should ever, ever hire someone with mental issues and imo, anyone who could be so taken over by their emotions as to do this dastardly deed, is not mentally fit for duty. they shouldn’t even be allowed to work as security gaurds!

  18. and lest we all forget, the insensitive idiot who had the gaul to tell this mans father, “he was no rocket scientist”. that persons name should be plastered all over the media as well and he needs to be fired at the least!!!

  19. Orange County District Attorney Office and its cronies are disgrace and snakes guard hen house.
    Never under-estimate the powerful “police association.” Together, they can twist anything. The Fed and FBI are your only hope.

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