LA to Anaheim HSR on Verge of Derailment

Our friends over at the the Voice of OC(EA) are reporting on yesterday’s California High Speed Rail Authority meeting. And if you’re one of the repuglicans or make-work junkies supporting the unsupportable, the news ain’t good.

Everybody now admits that the LA-Anaheim link is the most impractical and least effective segment of HSR. In fact, if it is ever built, it may not be “high speed” at all! Hiding behind euphemisms like “phase-in” the reality is that this segment has been pushed all the way to the back of the CHSR bus.

Hilariously the HSR-ocrats are paying lip service to the Will O’ The People who voted a multi-billion dollar bond to support this extravagant boondoggle. Oh, that’s right. The People. The ones who were given false information at every step of the way and who were never presented with a business plan as required by the initiative. And the People, these miscreants are quick to remind us, voted for a system that would come all the way to Anaheim! No prize for guessing who got the Anaheim language into the initiative.

"A" is for...

And speaking of Der Pringle, he provides the best quote of the article when he cautioned not to use the word “splippage” since it might undermine confidence in the whole gig. Hooboy!

Meanwhile Pringle’s glassy monument to himself, the egregious ARTIC 200 mil bus barn continues to loom in our collective psyche, promising to suck up $100,000,000 of Measure M revenue that is supposed to bring HSR to an expanded Metrolink station. Of course ARTIC does neither, but as we have already noted, that means nothing to the small-town drones on the OCTA board. And this reminds me of a poem:

In Anaheim did a ‘puglican
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Santa Ana, the part-time river, ran
Through suburbs measureless to man
Down to a closed-beach sea,


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  1. Good. People can already ride from Anaheim to Los Angeles on either metrolink or Amtrak. HSR would only shave a few minutes off of that existing ride anyway. I’d be just as happy to catch a high speed train at Union Station, just as I can now with the low speed ones.

  2. Kind of a black eye for the Mayor-for-Hire.

    So then why is Anaheim building ARCTIC?? Anybody on the OCTA Board give a shit about the Measure M funding that’s being poured into this hole? How about building a lane somewhere? Anywhere!

  3. Breaking News:

    The Clerk Recorder is the only County department that is hiring. If we go over the budget we can use our 12D funds.

    Job Requirements:

    None but you MUST be related to Tom Daly or Renee Ramirez or young hot Latina or Asian
    (like Anna and Chantha) or you have contributed to Tom Daly campaign.


    Please dress sexy when you come in to meet with Tom Daly or just bring in a check payable to Tom Daly career politician.

    PS: If you are ugly or not related to Tom Daly or Renee Ramirez dont even waste your time. If you dont have any money please don’t even think about coming in.

    Schedule your appointment now:

    Special Note: Sorry Tom Daly only works 2 days a week from 11am to 1pm. Tom will be going to lunch at NOON and go home after lunch.

  4. Someone should start documenting The Clerk Recorders work schedule.

    There are several reports of this guys poor work ethic (not to mention his womanizing, which I’ll leave aside for now).

    A simple url:

    might do the trick, where staffers could document what they see as dereliction of duty.

    Then we can let the voters decide.

    When Tom calls Martin Wiskol and Matt Cunningham to dispute the findings, it will backfire and bring more pressure (and more hits) on poor Tom.

    Whose got the nards to take this on?

    He’ll either be at work 8-5 or run out of office.

  5. What the hell does this post have to do with Tom Daly? Please try to keep your place on the page and follow along.

    How much time, money and momentum has been wasted following Pringle’s irresponsible vision and lack of business acumen?

  6. Mr. Peabody apparently you didn’t get the message from the blog of Matthew J. Cunningham:

    If we must have high speed rail we should be grateful that a true-blue conservative is there to run it.


  7. Daly used to be the the Mayor of Anaheim. Have you not heard he built the Disney Resort single handedly so this ARTIC thing is something he will want to jump on after it is done. He will not do any of the work but he will show up for the cake candle blowing ceremony right next to Fat Ass Pringle and Dunn. If he isn’t at work he is busy trying to get on this HSR bandwagon. Did i meantion that Daly also invented the Internet??

  8. If HSR was economically feasible we’d have had one from LA to Las Vegas years ago.

    Prop 1A was a ridiculous waste of nearly $10B, that we will borrow with interest, approved at a time we were already facing a financial crisis.

    Follow the money and you will find who comes on top from this swindle of CA taxpayers.

    I can fly to San Francisco for $49 on Southwest if I book in advance. I can barely get from Anaheim to San Diego for that, and it takes three times as long.

    If someone actually thinks HSR will a) be built, and b) be cheaper than southwest, you should have your head examined.

    This is why the free-market is the best way to determine where money should be spent. No one in their right mind would invest their own money in this. But if your career was built on spending billions of money that isn’t yours, and you want to be liked by those who stand to keep large amounts of the billions you give to them, your incentives are skewed.

    This is why CA needs a part-time legislature and those legislators need to be paid less than a living wage. Then they could go back to their real world jobs and real world life when their civil service is over.

    1. DBM Esq., welcome to the blog Friend, your intelligent comments are inspiring, hope you stick around for a while.

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