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The proudly ignorant discount the value of words. To them, people who use words to convey important ideas are contemptible. Their brainless brayings are pitched as the voice of the common man, the voice of common sense over intellectualism. Think: Don Bankhead, Pat McKinley, and F. Dick Jones.

Others are more savvy. Slightly.

Following in the footsteps of Dr. Josef Goebbels they are well aware that words do convey meaning. Powerful meaning. These mouthpieces are not particularly articulate themselves, but they know what Fullerton’s Three Blind Mice won’t admit. Words convey meaning; propaganda is power.

It is particularly annoying when an institution that represents itself as an independent, Constitutionally protected entity breezily and contentedly goes along with the bullshit a government promulgates to mischaracterize its criminal malfeasance.

And so we come (finally) to the Orange County Register, a pathetic collection of  intellectual flotsam and jetsam, stranded on the beach as the tide of journalistic integrity and competence retreated forever. Composed of sad nitwits like Lou Ponsi, Jim Radcliffe, and David Whiting, this diminishing band of high school newspaper stringers bravely soldiers on, regurgitating the banal nonsense peddled to it by city hall press releases and chamber of commerce newsletters. That’s all they can do, and their paltry livelihoods depend on it.

Ever since the story broke about the homicide of the mentally ill homeless guy, Kelly Thomas, at the hands of the Fullerton PD, the dim bulbs at the Register have fallen all over themselves to pass along a vocabulary intended to diminish the story. First, of course, is the outright stoogery of the tool Whiting. More subtle is the way Ponsi and his ilk have used language to subtly portray as fact the utterly nonsensical.

First it was a “scuffle” and a “tussle;” a veritable pillow fight that went on until Thomas (somehow) “became unconscious.” As the the truth emerged and the hideous images and eyewitness testimony have been revealed, the Defenders of the Faith have decide that well, maybe, just maybe, it was an “altercation” or even, perhaps, an actual “fight.”

A fight. Yes it was a fight. As a Fullerton PD goon’s knee crashed into his windpipe Kelly Thomas fought for air. Then he fought for life itself as six animals beat the life out of him, or stood to the side and watched as it was done to him. Were they laughing as they smashed the Taser handles into Kelly’s face? Register readers will never know.

The animals that murdered Kelly have their own demons they will have to contend with, if, in fact, they are capable of feeling any sense of guilt or remorse at all. But I hope that a particularly low circle of Hell awaits those who, when they had an opportunity to disseminate the truth, decided to join the gang of killers; and did so under the perforated shield of “impartiality.” They are cowards and thieves. They have robbed the public of the truth.


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    1. If it is ok with the Thomas family someone should link that you tube/You’re killing me! video to the current and every upcoming comment section in the oc register comment section that is writing about Kelly.

  1. Finally, someone with a brain writes for the change that has escaped my summation for years. This will bring change… keep up the good work English Major.

  2. Hey all you outraged, Be warned…This police corruption, police brutality thing is not going to go away from California soon!

    California Government, and certainly the County of Los Angeles Courts- if not the Fullerton Courts as well – have blood on their hands.

    If the police in California beat you up you need to file a California Government Claim. See link below


    If you do not file a California Government Code Claim after 6 months you cannot file a case against the police, or the other California Government Entities and THEN YOU CANNOT PURSUE A LAWSUIT.

    In some cases in County of Los Angeles Santa Monica if you have a case against the police and have not filed a California Government Claim – the California Court can pretend to have a hearing – but it is a set up for police brutality – like a back alley – and the police beat you up further for reporting their corruption as well as the Government Entities’s corruption. And the County Courts don’t care…

    See: http://cache.zoominfo.com/CachedPage/?archive_id=2999255&page_id=40502187&page_url=%2f%2fwww.copcrimes.com%2fsantamonica.htm&page_last_updated=10%2f1%2f2000+3%3a11%3a50+PM&firstName=Laurence&lastName=Rubin

    Note: the Sheriff Deputy who was not the sheriff involved – even though County Sheriff Lee Baca says he was – was convicted in Federal Court in 2008 in a different matter.

    1. Seems like the race of those involved was very important to the compaintant in the second link. Bringing race and politics into every situation always taints it.

      1. No Boycott Slide Bar

        The race was very important to Santa Monica College, the County of Los Angeles and Sheriff Lee Baca since these Government entities were trying to make it a race issue when it was not a race issue – it was a Santa Monica College Police Corruption issue.

        That the victim was white and the Santa Monica College Police Officer Ron Marable was African American was besides the point and a diversion away from Santa Monica College Police and Official Corruption – so as to keep the College SQUEEKY CLEAN – WHEN IT WAS AS DIRTY AS HELL.

    1. Wow.

      So, if I happened to get stabbed, shot or had a medical issue during the times they disabled those towers I couldnt call for help.

      I’m pretty sure what they did violates federal law but …they’ll get away with it.

      1. Exactly. The coppers told the BART to shut down the cell towers. they will get away with it because MaGovt. does nothing wrong because too many people DEPEND on her for those pensions, parties, and Porches. Oh, and promotions!

        Anyway, Infringement of rights… infringed upon every day by egomaniacs who think THEY know whats best for YOU…

        …kind of like Ron Thomas’ right to see the video NOW!

          1. The very reason cities are going into bancruptcy is the abuses of the pension system by city employees – principally police and firefighters. They have robbed the coffers for decades and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

  3. I spoke to Ron at the bus station on Aug. 5th to advise that he have a private autopsy conducted- he said that would not be possible as Kelly’s body (RIP) has been cremated….

    1. I’m sorry to hear this. I’ve advocated a private autopsy here in a couple of comments and also at the OCR. Casey Anthony might be looking at life imprisonment right now if they hadn’t done their own autopsy.

    2. I was wondering if their has been a memorial or funeral service? I also thought it would be nice to have a funeral procession here in Fullerton for Kelly just like police officers get when they are killed in the line of duty.

      1. #mr. boo wrote “The person doesn’t write for the Register.”

        Sorry but that’s just wrong. The author, Steven Greenhut is a longtime contributor to the Register’s Opinion section, and in fact has been a front page feature columnist in that section whose work I’ve enjoyed for years. The OCR’s editorial view has always been rooted in libertarianism, making their whitewashed reports on the beatdown murder of Kelly Thomas all the more confounding.

    1. That’s the Register I have known and loved. The OCR of liberterian founder R.C. Hoiles, the late great Alan Bock, and Steven Greenhut, not the OCR of David Whiting and the hack reporters that have been issuing apologia after apologia on this issue thinly disguised as news.

  4. Is the mayor an MD? For real?? How the hell did that happen??? He will end up in jail with the rest of them. Many of Fullertons’s finest will serve time according to my FBI (sources). Big time cover-up.

  5. English Major, well done and well said. I totally agree with you on this. And I am not sure if any of you saw this or not. There was a letter that got into the Register asking for the resignation of Sharon Quirk-Silva on Tuesday and praising Chief Sellers. The problem with the letter was that it was an outright lie…claiming that Quirk-Silva voted for the Chevron development of Coyote Hills. That letter should have never been published or at the very least a disclaimer claiming that the person that wrote the letter was either lying or did not have the facts straight. Where were the fact checkers on that one. The Register has become useless. And since when do you put an Op-Ed piece on the front news page? What nonsense. Thank you FFFF for being on the cutting edge of this story and holding the responsible party’s feet to the fire on this one. Don’t give up people!!!

    1. Yes, I saw that, too. However Quirk did support the massive entitlements for the awful Jefferson Commons and the equally awful Amerige Court.

  6. Thank you for that! Every time i read it was a fight, or an altercation, i cringe. Kelly Thomas was beaten by 6 thug cops. They beat him until he died, simple as that. The Register can spin it any way they want, but that’s what happened. Thank God the FBI is involved, maybe we will get the truth that way. In the meantime, thank you guys for keeping this going.I’m driving up from San Clemente in a bit. We must stop these criminal cops! Justice for Kelly Thomas!

  7. Actions and video witness are powerful than words and reasons to Fullerton Polices and politicans.
    When Fullerton polices and officials smell blood from your nostril, they are going wild and out of control. Begging will only make it worse like dumping fuel on fire on these cops.
    ‘Please, please, please God, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,'” and screaming and then yelling, “Dad! … Dad! … Dad!”in his last breath and desperation from the heart?

  8. welcome to America. Whats taking place in Fullerton and at the OC register is an exact replica of the entire country.

    Cops, bolstered by fear and multiple tv shows that depict them as heroes, never as villians, abuse and terrorize the populace.

    Journalism, once thought of as a noble profession that served the interests of the community and, more importantly, the principles of fairness and impartiality, have become whores, penning stories that do none of the above, and only serve an agenda that benefits the elite.

    Make no mistake, this is no accident nor is it an isolated incident. This is our system. The elites feed us propaganda through the tube and every other medium they control (thank god for FF.org), and the cops are their personal police force, beating and arresting and incarcerating the middle and lower class at an alarming rate, turning us into a police state that locks up (oppresses) more of it’s citizens than any other country on earth.

    While it is miraculous, encouraging, refreshing, wonderful, to read an article with the anger and tone that the situation merits, and the encouragement and support from the community, this is one battle in a very large war.

    And it all started with little Kelly Thomas. Who knew he would grow up to be the catalyst that galvanized our societies anger and opened our eyes to who our real enemies are? Thanks Kelly. Your death will not be in vain.

  9. the OC register had the gall to say Kelly Thomas was in a fight with the FPD. No where is “with” and “fight” shown in the videos or said by the eyewitnesses

  10. Ron Thomas had his son cremated… that’s intresting. I would think, since he doesn’t trust the police and the DA, he would have wanted to have an independant autopsy done.

  11. van get it da artiste :
    the OC register had the gall to say Kelly Thomas was in a fight with the FPD. No where is “with” and “fight” shown in the videos or said by the eyewitnesses

    you don’t fight 6 officers unless it is a fight for your life

  12. Those cops knew they were murdering Kelly Thomas and they even got the local establishments to help them in their thirst for blood

    This is very nazi like .. go around to local businesses and make sure “group X” gets reported for false shit so we can beat the fuck out of them and teach them a lesson


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