Doc Scissorshand

Here’s a fun image captured by the journalists at Fullerton Stories:

While only a few hundred yards away outraged citizens were protesting the police-bludgeoning death of Kelly Thomas, Fullerton’s liberal and repuglican elite were feting themselves at the opening of the new library wing.

Friends, you are invited to provide your ideas for a picture caption in the comments section.

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  1. I can sorta see those old fashioned Law and Order Republicans wholeheartedly ignoring the plight of a man beaten to death by the long arm of the law.

    But aren’t those Libs always yackin it up about Human Rights and such?

    Given context, this photo is disgusting.

    1. Liberals have always been a finicky bunch when it comes to which downtrodden group they will rally behind.

      Take babies, for instance. On one side of the vagina, you’re entitled to free food and healthcare for life. On the other side, they’ll give your momma the option to abort your ass into oblivion.

  2. I’m certainly an “old fashioned Law and Order Republican” but I’m absolutely opposed to every penny of the horrific waste perpetrated by the RINOs of the Ed Royce cabal, and I am similarly absolutely opposed to criminal action (and complicity all the way to the top, if not from the top, all the way to the bottom) by those who SEEK AND ACCEPT THE HONOR of public service (including law enforcement).

  3. Yee haw, y’all. I got me a big ol’ scissors an’ ah’ll snip off one a your’ns appendages if’n you ain’t more respectful-like.

  4. Here’s a caption:

    “The political leadership of Fullerton had shrunk so much in stature that even a normal size pinking shears looked enormous.”

  5. I stopped by the protest early then wandered through the library. Sure enough, all the limousine liberals were there – the ones who believe fervently in all sorts of abstractions and hypotheticals and theories.

    Pam Keller was real quick to join her union confreres in protest but was sporting her dumb grin at the library – never made it over to the real event.

    Dead homeless bums don’t rate.

  6. Royce may be laughing in that picture, but behind the scenes he scrambling like mad for Irvine to be put back into the new coastal district map. Otherwise he will have to face off against John Campbell.

  7. Not only is the Fullerton PD is dangerous…now the Mayor is the most dangerous man in Fullerton with that HUGE ASS scissors in his hands.

  8. That’s quite a picture, what with Royce and his evil creation Doc Dick. And Doc Dick created a monster in downtown Fullerton and now civil and human rights being violated to clean it up.

    Wow, talk about shit flowing downhill.

  9. Nothing new, Ed Royce doing nothing about the community again. I am glad that this blog is finally taking another position on Royce seeing that this issue effects him too.

    But Royce doesn’t care, he is moving to Orange.

  10. The only thing I can say is that this is the re-0pening of the Fullerton library and should be a happy day in Fullerton. I would have felt much better if Royce, Mayor Jones, Chief Sellers and other city officials took off their jackets, rolled up their sleeves and went and at least mingled and talked to the protesters to address the concerns. Out of context, this photo is not good at all….when as you say something extremely serious that needs to be addressed NOW is happening around the corner from the Library.

    Chief Sellers needs to talk now…today if possible. Please read my op-ed at for my comments

  11. FFFF, you’re using Kelly Thomas’s death here to launch ad hominem attacks on your favorite political targets.

    His tragic death isn’t about YOU!

    Nor is it about the ideologies of your local opponents!

    Kelly Thomas’s death is about Kelly Thomas–how his life was snuffed out in a criminal act committed by 6 members of the FPD.

    While I commend FFFF for having the courage to investigate and protest, I would urge it NOT to politicize this matter.

    The people’s absence at an public gathering isn’t an indication of apathy or lack of conviction.

    There are thousands of people in Orange County, from all political perspectives, who are horrified by what has happened. We ALL want justice for Kelly Thomas.

    In politicizing his death, FFFF is trivializing it and, thus, insulting the family of the deceased.

    I’ve been following this story closely. I’ve yet to hear Mr. Thomas announce, “Only libertarians may grieve for my son.”


    1. This horrible action was executed by agents of your local government. IT IS POLITICAL, like it or not. And I bet the solution will be political, too.

    2. So where are all of Fullerton’s self-righteous liberals? Protesting in their heart of hearts, shocked in the privacy of their homes? If a “person of color” had been bludgeoned to death you can bet your ass Rusty Kennedy would have emerged, outraged as ever, to get some media attention.

      Ditto all those “conservatives.” I was told Norby showed up to show some solidarity with the family. The rest were MIA.

      This isn’t about politics. You are the one politicizing it. It’s about JUSTICE.

      1. Rusty Kennedy only cares about civil rights if it involves people of color. If I correctly remember,two years ago, Rusty Kennedy publically supported, through his sister’s “Fullerton Observer” an African-American minister who resided in Fullerton. This minister trumped up a story of Latino gang bangers in Fullerton attacking him because he was African-American. The minister lied about this event to deflect the child molestation charges filed against him by the boys in his congregation. This minister publically thanked Rusty Kennedy and Sharon Kennedy’s support of his claim he was a victim of a hate crime. This same minister now is in state prison for molesting children. See, our tax dollars only is used to supports Rusty Kennedy’s own prejudiced agenda

  12. Tony, Travis,, Jan Flory’s Dog, etc: Please refer to my email to you this morning asking that you remove this picture from your site.

    Thank you.

    1. Why would it be removed it’s public domain. I love when freedom of speech only applies to me.

  13. Click on the picture for a enlargement.

    HeeHaw’s got a maniacal look in his eye like he really wants to use that scissors on something human.

  14. Oh for Gawd’s sake, it’s a libary! Y’all should be proud ‘a the new expansion. Jus’ cuz some liberals think it’s a good thing don’t mean it’s automatically bad…And how d’ya think we got ta build it? Redevelopment, that’s how! Redevelopment money made that shiny new building possible…of course we had ta trim back our budgets all over town, so we
    ain’t got much anybody at the libary ta operate it, but that ain’t the point. The idea is that it’s new! An’ the scissors ain’t got nothin’ ta do with books! Ah just can’t stand lookin’ at Ed’s dyed hair no more! Better hope Ah don’t miss…

  15. I was disappointed that at the St. Angela Merici (where many N. fullurton residents attend church) mass this morning, Kelly Thomas’ name was not mentioned, considering the progressive nature of the parish.

    I added it and spoke to Bishop Cirrillo and one of the priests. Both were ignorant to the beating. If this isn’t a cry for social justice I don’t know what is.

    Some well placed comments can go a longway, Fullertonians should not be complacent in bringing up this ugly incedent.


    1. Pray for the “Progressive” “Catholic” Church, which seems to be far more “abandoned” even than Kelly Thomas was.

    2. thank you for doing that. catholics can be very passionate about social problems and are despised in some parts for doing so.(60’s civil rights) yeah these guys spend a lot of time trying to cover their own butts and run their thing to really be involved in the real world. dont expect them to say much till its over. they really hate to be wrong. it is official policy in the catholic church that things be handled on the lowest level first. if you are harmed by the church you must first go to the person that harmed you and ask them to make it right. 10 yrs later you might talk to a high up. its the chain-of-command thing that allows things to get lost. they would understand the police model totally. you could ask that a mass be said for Kelly. i would go and i am atheist. but fortunately being a gemini i can be like that.

  16. The case is in the process of a CRIMINAL investigation by the Orange County DA’s Office– not the republican party, not the democratic party, not the tea party, and not the libertarian party. You don’t know what the DA’s findings will be because the future hasn’t happened yet. It’s irrational to predict the worst possible future scenario and then act as though it has already happened. Paranoia often goes hand in hand with narcissism. The narcissist loves his own ideology so much that he cannot fathom why anyone would disagree with him. When someone does, extreme fear and anxiety strike his delicate ego. He panics. “They’re after ME because my world is all about ME!”

    Kelly Thomas’ death isn’t about YOU. It isn’t about FFFF’s political anti-ideology (we’re against everything but in favor of nothing.)

    Mr. Thomas, I believe, was beaten to death by a few Fullerton Police. It was a criminal act that should be handled by the criminal justice system in a trial. A civil suit, too, will likely be filed , and I will support the Thomas family 100% in both cases.

    Without dragging in my own ego-centered, political talking points.

    1. You’ll forgive us for being skeptical that the DA will conduct an adequate investigation of the case. Releae the tape now.

    2. (we’re against everything but in favor of nothing.)

      Incorrect. We’re for government that is accountable and responsible to its constituents. That’s a pretty positive idea. But we don’t have a lot of actual examples to talk up.

  17. Rat’s Ass, I’m as skeptical as you are about the DA’s upcoming investigation. Thus, I’m in favor of keeping the case in the public’s eye through networking, contacting the media, and organizing demonstrations. We’re looking at what will probably be a two-year process. I, for one, am willing to take on the long haul. However, if the call for action is “libertarian’s only!” then the movement will be sparsely attended and short-lived.

  18. Doctor Jones uses his golden scissors of pomposity and callous indifference to cut through the good people of Fullerton’s moral outrage over the beating death of Mr. Thomas by the Fullerton Police Department.

  19. Why Not, did you read my post and understand it? Is it possible for you to respond to statements without resorting to name-calling and sound bites? (“You must work for the FPOA!”)

    Yes, two years. I’m using the Rodney King time line. King was beaten in March of 1991. The conviction of two police officers wasn’t reached until April of 1993.

    The LAPD’s defense was able to have the trial moved out to the Simi Valley because, they claimed, the officers couldn’t get a fair trial in police hostile LA. Expect the same from the FPD defense. It will probably be a long drawn out process with a trial that takes place far from Fullerton.

  20. I heard Jones DROPPED his pants at the last council meeting. Is that true? Don’t they video those meeings? Maybe we could see it. Admin?

  21. The irony of Doc Jones celebrating the library’s expansion and ignoring the outrage over schizophrenic, transient Kelly Thomas’ beating death by the FPD, is Thomas would have been one of the few persons to enter this library and spend time in it snoozing over outdated books and magazines

  22. The Fullerton library along with Fullerton’s city council should name the new library expansion the Kelly Thomas wing or room to honor the memory of a person who probably frequented this library. It is the least our city may do for Kelly Thomas memory and for his family and friends. Our city’s government should not be allowed to hide the result of their police department’s brutality towards the most vulnerable of our residents. We, the residents of Fullerton, refuse to allow the FPD and Fullerton city council to assign Kelly Thomas to permanent anonymity.

  23. The next commy-liberal-socialist that mentions anything about Kelly Thomas is going to get their tongue cut off!

  24. “First, our wonderful cops beat the crap out of some stranger and now the opening of this wonderful library wing…….who could ask for anything more?”

    1. Maybe those people deserved to get the crap beat out of them… cops are cops so they can serve and protect… and get away with a lot of diffrent crap

  25. “Welcome to Fullerton!” “Remember, you can visit our library anytime but our Police Department is another matter!”

  26. “Not only did we beat the budget on this library wing but the cops beat another stranger.” “Isn’t Fullerton wonderful?”

  27. “Thank you Fullerton for this wonderful library!” “Oh, um, oh yeah, about that guy the cops were “questioning”……I’ll have my Press Conference give you a reply in about 3 weeks.”

  28. “What suspect?” “What beating?” “What tasering?” “What crazy cops?” “Hell, all I care about is this FUNTASTIC party you citizens are paying for (and I’m sucking it all up for free)!”

  29. “That guy was lucky he got the crap beat out of him and was tasered! If it were up to me, I’d cut his balls off with these really big scissors!”

  30. “Definition of “FULLERTON” “A place where the cops are on the loose and you’ve gotta run like hell.”

  31. This aint the ol’ West, this is the new West and if’n you dont believe it the cops will cut off your oxygen supply. Forever!

  32. “Because of that awful incident, the Fullerton cops will turn in their flashlights and tasers and each officer will be issued a pair of really BIG scissors!”

  33. “We’re gonna make that fella pay for the use of the tasers and for us having to clean his blood up off of the sidewalk!”

  34. “Dang that KFI radio station! Sheet, we wuz all done covering up that little boo-boo and them fellers have ta go ‘n spill the beans.”

    “Just you folks neva mind what they is sayin’….’cuz our wunderful pooooolice is busy keepin’ the streets of Fullerton clean by sweepin’ ’em with the bodies of them fellers.”

    “How’s about you people change to another radio station that plays sumthin’ more important… elevator music? Ya can’t go wrong there!”

  35. “Today, the new wing for the Fullerton Library was officially opened.” On a other non-related matter, the fair-minded Fullerton Police Department reported that a stranger fell down onto a taser and while he was being helped to his feet by our fair-minded Fullerton Police Officers, slipped and hurt himself (repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly).

  36. “Ya’ll keep outa Fullerton, if ya know what’s good fer ya.”

    “C’mon down and lookit our new LIbrary wing……but you all remember to be on yer best behavior…………or else!”

  37. “That Thomas-feller incident ain’t nuthin’…..if’n you people don’t pay dem late book fees or you loooooooze a book, we’z gonna cut yer hands off!”

  38. “Now now, let’s not spoil this wunderful party with some sad news about some stranger having a “disagrement” with the Police Department. It’s a purdy day out today, who wants to ruin it with somethin’ that ain’t got nuthin’ to do with this here party?”

  39. “I heerd that Jon and Ken on the air today……what lies they is tellin’…..our wunderful Pooooooolice wouldn’t hurt a fly…..a man sure but not a fly!”

  40. “Ya’ll come back now, ya hear? ‘N neva mind about that Thomson fella, he got whut he dezerved!”

  41. “KFI…..them lyin’ bastards…..ya all don’t believe them commies! They’s a soilin’ the good name of Fullerton wit dem lies they’s a tossin’ around. Don’t you people know that KFI stands for “Kommunists, Fools and Infidels? Who you people gonna believe, our beloved, hard workin’ police officers or them liars Jon and Ken? Can’t trust nobody, no-now!”

  42. “Let’s move on to something more important, such as the re-naming of a Post Office and the up-coming weekend.”

  43. “The Mayor formally opened the new Fullerton Libary wing…..however, the real issue is that the Mayor chose to wear a white jacket, yellow shirt and gray slacks. Someone must tell him that this is a violation of a fashion statement and the Fashion Police will have to talk to him about his wardrobe.”

    “Oh, Kelly Thomas? That’s OLD news.”

  44. “The opening of the new Library wing was celebrated by the all-important members of the City Council….however the Police Chief was unable to attend as he is presently preparing a statement and covering his ass.”

  45. F- Friendly Police Department
    U-You better be on your best behavior
    L- Lie like hell, Police Chief
    L- Lie some more, make them believe it
    E- Everyone get along now, hear?
    R- Rightous, respectful Police Officers
    T- Tons of fun in our little town
    O- Officers who will gladly help you
    N- Never mind what KFI, Jon and Ken say

  46. The defition for the Police Department:

    F – Forget what you saw or heard
    U – Unimportant, that what this case is
    L – Lie if your asked about this case
    L – Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie,……..
    E – Each citizen is treated “respectfully”
    R – Remember, your ass is on the line
    T – To remember this case is against policy
    N – Nothing to worry about, it’s was HIS fault!

  47. The definition for the press:

    F – Forget this stuff, we just opened a library!
    U – Unless you forget, we’ll cut your balls off!
    L – Let’s all get along now, ok?
    L – Lies are evil, our officers are honest!
    E – Everybody party, we have a party goin’ on!
    R – Reporters have short memories, don’t you?
    T – Take the ‘high-road’ and let’s celebrate!
    O – Oh my, you fibbers are so naughty!
    N – Now, what else can we talk about?

  48. The definition for KFI:


  49. Enough of the fun. Now, let’s get to some serious talk here. This poor man was beaten to death, that is clearly seen. The people responsible are MURDERS and the Police Chief and those responsible are just as guilty.

    To the Police Chief and responsible Police Officers of Fullerton: RESIGN NOW. You cast shame onto your fellow officers. You not only murdered a man but you elected to bury the truth as if it was cat shit in a litter box. You’ve given Fullerton a dirty name and I hope you are happy about that.

    To the fair citizens of Fullerton: I’ve visited your town many times but if THIS is an example of how your Police Department works, you can forget about me (and alot of other people) ever visiting your town again. If I want to get the shit kicked out of me, I’ll jump a bunch of bikers.

    To the media reporters of Fullerton: DEMAND THESE PEOPLE BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE NOW.

    My name is Chris Gulyas and I live in San Diego. Any of you cops want to disagree with me are more than welcome to come to San Diego and talk to me about it.

    At least our cops in San Diego aren’t savage, brutal and killers.

  50. I’m going to investigate this incident as I always
    do. That’s to make sure that an incident of this magnitude will be cut off from the media, and the public. So I brought along the right tool for the job!

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