Dear Pat McKinley – An Open Letter To A Failed Leader

By Barry Levinson

So Pat McKinley, as the former 16 year Fullerton Police Chief who hired Ramos, Cicinelli, Wolfe, Hampton, Craig and Blatney, you have finally spoken out.  The man who disregarded public safety and the FPD’s own requirements for hiring police officers, you say you are sickened about what has happened.

Not nearly as sickened as we the public are with you, sir.

Still waiting for the authorities to tell him what to do...

You say you cannot understand how the goons you hired could have gone so far astray from their police training.  Why not? They were all trained so well by you!  All police officers knew by your own past actions that the rules of the FPD did not have to be followed faithfully.  You hired an unfit one-eyed police officer named Jay Cicinelli, just because your friend at the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), Captain Hillman, recommended him.  This was after the LAPD officially stated that he was unfit for any police duty, period.

Really? You ignored FPD minimum standards for becoming a police officer and now we are supposed to believe you are just sickened and heartbroken to find out that some of your handpicked thugs have actually not followed proper Fullerton police procedure. What a shock that must be to you, sir!  When the you clearly demonstrated to your entire department that rules are made to be broken, what else can you expect?

You are surprised and shocked.  You expect anybody to believe that?

Now you proclaim to the press that you really wanted to speak out before but the city attorney advised against it.  What were you afraid of?  What were you hiding from?

Council members Whitaker and Quirk-Silva spoke out early and often.   It seems that at the same time you, the former big brave police chief was cowering behind the city council dais, a petite female council member and a newly elected council member had the guts and integrity to let their voices be heard.

On CNN August 10th, Mr. McKinley, you responded to a direct question (after a 3 or 4 second pause) that  you had not seen the city video.  A few minutes later you stated the following:

“I am going to guess now that there are only two that are deeply involved and the investigation will show that 4 will have no culpability.”

The combination of the pause before you answered that very simple yes or no question, plus the fact that only someone who saw that video could come to the conclusion of how many officers would probably be charged, leads me to seriously doubt your denial of seeing that video.  It simply does not add up.  Common sense and logic tells me that you have not been very forthcoming with the public.

And you still believe in your heart of hearts that you should not be recalled.  Are you kidding me?

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      1. count on Merijoe to break out some filthy mouth action. God, I can only imagine what you must look like…..shudder

    1. Agree, they have so much miss-information and spout such baseless rehtoric that they must all be getting high with Tony Bushala.

      1. In another life, I was “our Miss Brooks” (yes, I am an older person) – it’s “misinformation” and “rhetoric” – referring only to your incorrect spelling of those two words. My opinion as to the overall context of your comment is not something you want to hear, bucko.

    1. A recall and an exorcism.

      That might not be a bad idea, considering the situation Fullerton finds herself in these screwy days.

      We (my girlfriend and I) are actively looking to buy a once and for all SoCal retirement home, and we’ve looked in the Fullerton area. Were it not for Kelly’s murder and what has since happened, we might have bought in Fullerton. This would have been our once and for all last purchase; we would be true blue citizens and happy and lucky to live in Fullerton, but this is no longer true.

      We love Fullerton. All the way, 100 per cent.

      But Fullerton is dangerous now. Dangerous and rotten.

      We’ve changed our minds. We’re looking elsewhere.

      I hate this. I hate the fact that the fucking god damn rotten police have ruined a once-beautiful Southern California city.

      I’m with you, Fullerton. I am. I just don’t want to live there now.

      Justice for Kelly Thomas

      1. Sorry to hear that SDLocal.

        Fullerton is actually a great place, with good people. Once we get rid of the thug police force and the politicians who assembled it, it will not be dangerous either.

        1. The only chance of getting rid of major players us to go Sheriffs. I think that would be a big mistake for people that enjoy local control, but might be the only choice. The new cops are already leaving, the Corporals and above will stay for obvious reasons. So the only changes will be maybe an outside Chief and new cops at the bottom. Those new cops trained by the existing long time Fullerton cops. So in 5 years you end up with the same force.

          As I said before, reality is not what Hoe, Tony, and FFFF will want to see. 🙂

        2. I agree with you, Jt. I love Fullerton.

          I’m old, and well travelled. I’ve been just about everywhere in the US.

          This means nothing in the big picture, but one of our favorite restaurants is in Fullerton. The absolute best Eggs Benedict I’ve ever tasted, anywhere — and that includes Manhattan, Chicago, Vegas, and everywhere else — is served every day in a primo little downtown Fullerton pub.

          Bernie Taupin wrote it, and Elton John sang it:

          …funny how one insect can damage so much grain.

          FPD is the insect, and the damaged grain is Fullerton.

          We’ll always love Fullerton, and we’ll never stop shopping and trading there. Fullerton is a primo little SoCal city and you wonderful, kind citizens will eventually get through this, hopefully.

          We’re just not buying there, thanks to the rotten police and dirty local government. It’s not safe, and it’s a bad deal.

          1. I am a fullerton lifer. since the fullerton police beat to death kelly thomas and then with the help of fullerton city council members jones, mckinley and bankhead covered it up through falsifying police reports and lies to the media, I refuse to shop, buy gas or drive through fullerton. when jones, mckinley and bankhead are removed from fullerton’s city council and the fullerton police force disbanded , I am boycotting Fullerton businesses and I advise others to do the same.

  1. If McKinley saw the “video” I applaud him for it. I condemn any councilperson who did not demand to see it. If McKinley saw it and lied about it, I condemn the lie.

    Pursuant to my pwers to condemn, of course.

  2. merijoe, your a c#$t. The only reason you have time to read this shit is because you comedy career sucks and your not getting any hits on

    barry levinson, your an idiot. I’ve heard you at the council meetings and like many of the other idiots at the meeting you enjoy the sound of your own voice.

    1. One might say the same as you seem to have alot of welfare time responding and spewing your cop loving,kiss ass ways about. Here try this, go eat your gun spineless chickenshit coward.

    1. “(The police) wanted to make sure it wasn’t deliberate against me,” said Thomas, referring to the large police presence at the scene. “That’s good.”

      Hate to burst the bubble Ron, but it is infinitely more likely that they had hoped you were the driver. And then follow that up with the “STOP RESISTING!” dance.

      Fortunately you’re a good guy Ron and wouldn’t do anything of the sort, thereby avoiding the “scuffles”, “tussles”, and “altercations” that the Fullerton PD is now world famous for.

    2. the Orange county Register refuse to adhere to journalistic ethics. this fact explains why its readership is so low that it is faced with bankruptcy.

  3. Was there an anouncement that a “Town Hall” meeting was being held at Steamers??

    This was news to me. Is this something that is done on a regular basis or was this an impromptu, invite only meeting??

    1. Smells like Ron is trying to get that multi-million dollar contract to train the FPD.

      Can’t have those pesky protesters ruining that deal by demanding that the city disband the department. Gotta hand it to run, he is one hell of a business man.

      1. Actually it’s held by that Silva chick. Pretty sure its a regular thing. Ron indicated he’d be there in his blog and invited anyone to come talk to him who had any questions regarding new developments in the case. Probably how the pigs…I mean FPD knew his car would be there.

        Nice try though girls, always trying to stir the pot with those insignificant little peckers of yours.

  4. It seems McKinley did see the video, probably along with all of his FPD brass brethren and spoke witH Rackaucus about it and sucked as much ass as he could so Tony would go soft on Cicinelli.

  5. TheMoron – it was announced at the last city council meeting on 10/4. It’s a once a month meeting, definitely not invite only.

  6. Fair enough……. Apparently I wasn’t paying close attention.

    However I don’t understand the whole situation anymore. Weren’t the protesters instructed to stand down because they were told there was nothing further to gain by showing up on Saturdays?? It seems to me that there is nothing left to say between Ron and anyone from the City of Fullerton until the criminal/civil case is under way and ultimately settled. Was Garo Madirossian there as well to instruct Ron to not say the wrong thing ?? Was anyone from this blog at the town hall and what was discussed ??

    This just seems odd to me………..sorry.

    1. Weren’t the protesters instructed to stand down because they were told there was nothing further to gain by showing up on Saturdays?? It seems to me that there is nothing left to say between Ron and anyone from the City of Fullerton until the criminal/civil case is under way and ultimately settled.

      Ron Thomas doesn’t have a monopoly on the first amendment and his son isn’t the first, last or only victim of the FPD. “Standing down” was foolish in my opinion.

      The biggest mistake of the police abuse movement in Fullerton was making Ron Thomas the de facto leader or voice of it when he is in fact only 1 of many of victims affected by this brutally corrupt police department.

      Glad other people are “standing up” for Kelly Thomas, all of the other victims who have suffered at the hands of this corrupt police department and the citizens of Fullerton who continue to suffer.

  7. I am shocked and amazed that the voters of Fullerton put the Ex police chief on the city council, a place where he can cover up for his misdeeds while protecting his $150,000 per year pension. Next I suppose the current police chief out on sick leave will be elected to city council via write ins. So My feeling is you get what you deserve. You snooze at election time, now you are paying for the ineptness in the Fullerton governing bodies and PD. I will venture to guess that 10% – 15% of the Fullerton PD is currently out on sick leave or administrative leave. What a classy outfit! Great job voters! Now lets see if you can right your wrong!

  8. Breaking news! fullerton council member, past police chief for long time of fullerton and past board member of fullerton resident rusty kennedy’s Orange County Human Relations Commission, a commission whose avowed purpose, on its website, is to protect the civil rights of all of orange county’s residents is a liar. McKinley should return to his position as board member of the OCHRC because this tax dollar funded bureaucratic broom closet only sets up flattering to themselves websites and hands out meaningless awards once a year. McKinley’s service to the community constitutes a menace to society.Yet, even after he is recalled, McKinley still wants to serve himself at the public’s expence , he would do less damage serving rusty kennedy and his orange county human relations commission.

    1. Very creepy how they stand around for hours repeating everything a speaker says. Seems very cultist/jim jones-ish.

  9. Did you see what these officers are making, according to todays Register article. 100 plus for what……. Here goes up our taxes to pay for all these assholes!!!!

  10. Chrisszzzz
    Yup you have been sleeping. You forgot the generous pensions and workmans comp and disability program the police all receive. I do not mind it for the patrol guys, but the chief of police getting disability for sitting in a chair all day is a rip off!

  11. after reading these comments am i to assume that we are resuming our weekly protests? we should have never stopped. we are losing the momentum. hoping for a positive response hope to see everyone on sat. justice for all fpd victims……………………………………………….

  12. Check this out:

    The killer cop epidemic is nationwide. To be honest — and I say this by way of confession — until Kelly’s murder I never really gave it much thought. I always figured the police were stupid little bullies who were getting their payback for being pushed around as kids, and I left it at that. But since the Kelly Thomas gang-murder in Fullerton, I’ve been paying attention.

    These murderous crapweasels are out of control, coast to coast.

    What is their motto? “Let them hate, as long as they fear.” Something like that.

    I don’t hate them, and I don’t fear them.

    I might have pitied them once, but they’re beyond that now.

    We’re surrounded by lawlessness. Some of them wear ink, some wear badges, but they’re gangbangers all the same. All we have now is each other.

    Just as every cop is a criminal
    And all the sinners, saints
    As heads is tails, just call me lucifer
    ’cause I’m in need of some restraint
    So if you meet me, have some courtesy
    Have some sympathy, and some taste
    Use all your well-learned politesse
    Or I’ll lay your soul to waste

    Keep the faith
    Keep your wings
    Watch your butts.

    Justice for Kelly Thomas.

    1. In my best attempt to have sympathy for the devil, the police force are the people that we put forward to save our society from our society. I remember in 1973 or 1974 having a conversation with my best friend at Fullerton High about those of our classmates that wanted to become cops and of those, who we would like to be cops and those who we would fear to come accross in the future if they had a badge. (My best friend, by the way, became an attorney and last I heard was vice-president of a cable TV channel.)

      I think I’ll keep the other five paragraphs for later.

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