Addiction, Hovey and Consequences

Could the real reason that Fullerton School District superintendent Herr Doktor Mitch Hovey told his IT guy to deny FSD network access to our blog was because some of the district employees were addicted to our humble little blog and spending way too much of our (tax payers) dime/time blogging and not working?

Well, that sure seems plausible. And it’s true that we have been a lot less than enthusiastic about some of the goings on at District HQ, from the bogus laptop scam to the Board’s congenital rubber stamping. Oh, and yeah, the Pam Keller Collaborative swindle. That probably stirred up some resentment among the rank and file.

Yet, instead of telling the employees to knock off the blogging  and getting back to work, it appears that the good doctor simply denied them access to our blog. And only our blog. I’m sure those same employees are still surfing the internet; it’s sort of like an addiction, and as with most addicts when they give up one addiction they replace it with another.

So I have to wonder what we are being replaced with. Youtube, OC Weekly personal ads, Hulu?

And I also have to wonder who is next on the censorship hit parade.


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  1. if not for FFFF efforts exposing FSD teacher pam keller’s do-nothing fullerton collaborative, the good people of fullerton would never have known one of FSD’s teachers is paid a full teacher’s salary and benefits for not teaching our children. Maybe this is why FSD blocks FFFF.

    1. Perhaps Chris Thompson can explain the reasoning behind this. Why is this program still going on when there have been so many cuts at FSD. It is really his responsibility to rectify this.

      1. The Collaborative contract was likely for a year although it may well (DAMN WELL BETTER) have a 30 day notice to terminate clause.

        Thompson needs to examine that contract. If there’s a termination clause it should be exercised at the next board meeting.

        Get going man.

        1. Let’s see what Doc Hoveys contract looks like, I hope it has a 30 day notice to terminate. FFFF should do a records request and post the Dr’s. contract on the blog, that should be a fun read.

    2. Actually she gets about 60%, at I recall. But she gets benefits and comp time which she was abusing through complete lack of District or Collaborative oversight.

  2. I’m not sure what the problem here is. Personnel were wasting too much time reading your blog. Now they don’t. FFFF should be happy!

    Unless they really have shifted their affections to other on-line entertainment.

    1. I can’t believe someone would have to explain this to you. Yes, the upside is that employees are no longer wasting time on the web…on ONE site.

      The problem is that this is a blatant act of targeted censorship. If the abuses of surfing the web by district employees were truly a problem, the district then should have taken the action of shutting down access all together, limiting necessary searches to key personnel for research purposes.

      One practices censorship when you have a weak position or shaky defenses against questionable actions. Hello, Egypt, Morocco, Libya? Anything raising alarm bells in your head yet?

      If personnel had shifted their attentions organically, then that wouldn’t be a problem. When you are forced to look elsewhere due to censorship, that is a problem.

    1. No termination clause? That’s just incompetent.

      Chris you’d better get your act together. Now you have an issue with FSD’s counsel. Who contracts for service without provision for termination?


  3. It seems that GGT is under the impression that I have access to the Flux Capacitor. I think Nelson still has it. That’s how he stopped the retroactive pension spikes.

  4. “Through this cooperative venture, Fullerton School District and the Fullerton Collaborative work together to seek ongoing financial support, community input, and improve student success as community awareness is raised regarding the services available to students and their families” This is the mission statement of the fullerton collaborative and its mission is: getting money, talking to people in fullerton because these 2 endeavors will make K-8 graders a success in what when tied into what services? this non-sequitur mission statement exposes fullerton collaborative’s sham efforts. the purpose of any school district is to teach children. Students don’t get A’s on their tests or papers because they are aware of local welfare programs. As for grant writing to enhance school programs, usually this is a collaborative effort done by teachers at a school site who volunteer their efforts in this endeavor. Teachers volunteer to write grants because it is part of their commitment to their profession. FSD’s purpose is to teach students not replicate county social services because it shifts tax dollars away from the classroom and into the pockets of executive director of the fullerton collaborative

  5. How about trying Governor Christie’s idea from New Jersey where no superintendent of public schools is allowed to make more than the governor (ie $175,000)?

    Thompson doesnt need the flux capacitor to try that does he?

  6. Is there a demand for actual results or what are we supposed to get in return. This sounds a lot like Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly’s contract to Brett “the brainstormer” Barbre for $48000 for doing nothing.

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