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  1. Wasnt that Fullerton guy a pastor?

    Once again the Simpsons show proves that it’s funny because ITS TRUE.

  2. It’s the Good Reverand’s fault for living at the wrong address.

    Good luck getting the kops to fix your door.

  3. Travis, you’re not even original. How about admitting you got this idea and link from your posting at calguns.net and someone else posted this.

    1. Guilty as charged. I regret the confusion of anyone who was led to believe that I drew the animation myself.

        1. Sorry. Next time I will hold my camera closer to the tv. Maybe there is a better way. I don’t understand these computer things.

  4. Geeze Travis. I was certain that was 5,000 art panels that you drew by hand. You’re such a liar.

  5. “All characters appearing in this work are fictitious.” Sure it is. Please explain why i recognize the officer in the video? He looks a bit thinner than the actual guy in Fullerton but I’m sure that’s him.

  6. I know, shawn nelson is a little bit fatter then Chief Wiggum, oh wait no he defends criminals, he doesn’t attempt to catch them. Im sorry I got my fat asses confused.

  7. This was about cops raiding the wrong house and Compton shows up talking about the wrong subject! Dumbass cops always trying and never getting it right. I don’t mean you harm Compton I know your ego is fragile so I’ll excuse this again as a case of bad gps.

    1. I think what compton is trying to say is that Shawn Nelson needs to get in shape, therefore, it is cool if the Fullerton cops raid a Baptist pastor’s house with guns drawn by mistake (was it?) because Shawn Nelson would have defended the innocent homeowners if they had resisted the cops and had to be arrested for interfering with a police officer in the line of duty.

      I know that is the crazyest logic you may have ever heard but that is only because you dont read compton’s posts regularly.

  8. at first when i saw the cartoon clip i thought it was shawn, it was just a striking resemblance. Once i realized that couldn’t possibly be him because shawn is far fatter, I admitted my mistake.

    1. Yeah, your observation was insightful at #13. It’s just getting funnier every time you say the exact same thing. Keep it up. The key to comedy is repetition.

  9. The image of the police ramming down the front door of a ministers home in this clip flew right by compton as he sees that sort of activity to be within his margin of expectations. Nothing really to report here, eh compton?

    Sounds like the sentiment of the P.D. That actually did this recently and thought it so insignificant that they wouldn’t even follow up with their victim for four months. Oh well, another day, another innocent resident scared shitless compton always says.

    1. Dude, when are you going to understand? Nelson is fat. What the cops do has nothing to do with this post. Common, please try to keep up.

  10. I am new to this blog but very impressed someone was able to match a real world situation with this cartoon. This site is very unique. Thank you for the laughs.

    If I go in to the ministry I promise to stay out of your town.

    1. Sir, in Fullerton we welcome all men of the cloth. Just keep your doors locked and don’t put any Whitaker signs in your yard.

  11. I can’t figure out who is FFFF’s greatest troll of all time: 4SD Observer or compton. Maybe there should be a poll.

    1. Both are shameless idiots but I am voting for compton. At least 4SD can discuss more than two subjects

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