A Real Cast of Characters

Here’s the entire episode of today’s Inside OC show; it’s a full blown battle of wits on why the recallees deserve to be thrown out of office in the wake of their catastrophic failure to lead.

In it you will find a furious debate between Chris Thompson and the anti-recall team’s Chief Distraction Officer, Larry Bennett, along with Bruce Whitaker’s accusation of an FPD cover-up in the aftermath of the Kelly Thomas murder.

Finally, the show closes with a sad, sad interview with Pat McKinley, who claims he still doesn’t understand the accusations against him and his police department, although he does summon enough mental clarity to remind us that Officer Manny Ramos’ criminal defense attorney is very highly regarded.

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    1. I dont know, gloated grins, I dont know any more than you do, well no um yes of course, lies half truths spin deflections BLAH BLAH BLAH. Propagandizing to the lowest common denominator. Typical but its not working anymore. You see it is the short attention span of the public that has ensured the continuity of this legacy. Ironically as in the car business-“youre only as good as your last sale” Hey guess what? The myopic public has the last 6 months’ snap shot permanently etched in their minds. Kelly’s picture is worth a thousand words. The video will be worth a quadrillion. Oh yes the gig is up gang. I want to thank the honest and forthright for appearing on this video. Hindsight is 20 20 and for the liars in all of this tragedy, your trail of lies and deceit on and off the camera speak volumes. Whovever is running the recall should have a field day without needing the bi focals.

  1. McKinley: “I GUARANTEEEE those cops did not intend to kill Kelly Thomas.” (Nervousness)

    “Officer Rincon was still off duty when I retired, so it’s all Chief Sellers fault” (In other words)

  2. That bozo Bennett can’t defend the indefensible. And he knows it. But he does it anyway.

    What a first class tool.

  3. With the current Fullerton police chief seeking medical retirement, you may wonder what entities enable such things to happen. A chief or other official is caught up in some type of scandal, and suddenly they have visited their doctor, a doctor’s note excuses them from work, and suddenly they have filed for disability retirement. The most notable law firm that facilitates these retirements is listed below.

    Faunce, Singer, Oatman & Woodson
    315 N. Vine Street
    Fallbrook, CA 92028

    760-451-7377 Bus.
    760-451-7388 Fax.


    City councils seldom challenge the demands of a chief that wants to retire in this manner. To them, it’s just the price of doing business. To give in to what they want is politically advantageous to them as they all have dirt on one another, and it prevents a whistle-blower scenario by an angry chief who is already mad enough about having to give up a position of absolute power. To the law firms, the validity of the worker’s compensation claim is relative. If the city agrees with it, who are they to judge. Right?

  4. No, but we did. Some of the aliens include:

    Four undercovers who raided the Nordells and left out major details in their reports, as reported by Mrs. Nordell

  5. My previous post was in response to the comment below:

    ALIENS? :
    I didn’t watch the show. Did McKinley find any more ALIENS in his force today???

      1. Very Welcome Fullertonsta.. When I read his story on FFFF, I knew it was the right thing to do. I wanted it on record for all of Fullerton to hear..

  6. Bozo Bennett can’t mumble a single idea without looking at his note cards. Chris Thompson really articulated everything that is wrong with the three jerks.

  7. Did you know? :
    With the current Fullerton police chief seeking medical retirement, you may wonder what entities enable such things to happen. A chief or other official is caught up in some type of scandal, and suddenly they have visited their doctor, a doctor’s note excuses them from work, and suddenly they have filed for disability retirement. The most notable law firm that facilitates these retirements is listed below.
    Faunce, Singer, Oatman & Woodson
    315 N. Vine Street
    Fallbrook, CA 92028
    760-451-7377 Bus.
    760-451-7388 Fax.
    City councils seldom challenge the demands of a chief that wants to retire in this manner. To them, it’s just the price of doing business. To give in to what they want is politically advantageous to them as they all have dirt on one another, and it prevents a whistle-blower scenario by an angry chief who is already mad enough about having to give up a position of absolute power. To the law firms, the validity of the worker’s compensation claim is relative. If the city agrees with it, who are they to judge. Right?


    1. jerry, thanks for the information.. Geez, if I could retire because I had dirt on my boss I would be set for life.. I most certainly went into the wrong profession.. WTF was I thinking?

  8. I try to be fair to both sides and these are my observations.

    Larry Bennett is a terrible spokesperson.
    1. He was reading from notes.
    2. He couldn’t offer a direct response to any question.
    3. He was obsessed with how much money Thompson was given by Tony for his SCHOOL BOARD election.
    4. Larry brings up Roland Chi, Pam Keller, Minard Duncan, and several other totally irrelevant people and calls them leaders in the community.
    5. He gave some lowball number $125,000 (?) as the amount of settlements paid out in recent years for police misconduct. Didn’t he see the news LAST WEEK about the half a million dollar settlement paid out?

    Pat McKinley was equally awful.
    1. When asked if he wanted to apologize for anything he’s done [wrong], he emphatically answered “NO!”
    2. He admits that the hiring of Cicinelli was a favor to somebody at LAPD.
    3. He claims he changed the culture at Fullerton PD when he arrived in 1993 by hiring more women and minorities, a new “code” and a completely rewritten manual.
    4. He’s proud of the Fullerton PD minus Cicinelli and Ramos.
    5. He tried to distance himself from the Rincon situation and pin the blame on Sellers.

    Epic fail by Larry Bennett and Pat McKinley.

    1. from OCR article “”The goal is to not necessesarily agree but to hear what others have to say and explore divergant perspectives,” said Kennedy, a longtime Fullerton resident.”
      Spell check, please.
      does rusty kennedy ever say anything?(just another this n that moment) goal to not agree, to explore perspectives. So it is reasonable to infer that rusty’s task force’s purpose is to simply expose themselves to opinions. and our tax dollars fund rusty’s six figure salary. Why I am doubtful that pat McKinley’s colleague, rusty Kennedy, will affect change for the better for Fullerton’s homeless and mentally ill.

  9. At his SheBear performance, he actually said, “These ladies weren’t PEOPLE like THIS” and pointed to the women in the audience. He didn’t even refer to them as being different from other women–he doesn’t see them as being people. Furthermore, they settled with the two women who had brought a civil rights lawsuit but there were at least 10 more women who made formal complaints. If that many had the courage to bring forth a formal complaint, how many others are there who did not? When he mentioned that he brought in DARs I would have asked what good does it do to have them if officers are violating mandatory policy and turning them off? And why is there a pattern of DARs turned off during cases in which there has been an allegation of wrongdoing, like the women who complained of being sexually abused, Kelly Thomas when he was being beaten to death. the man who committed suicide in the jail?

  10. Chris & Tony rock! Bruce for Mayor! A horrible painful death to the 3 blind mice! Larry Bennett is a joke! Can’t wait for the prelim.

  11. I thought Chris did a great job.
    I wish that the questions that were asked were answered………………..
    I do not understand how someone can speak so definitely of another person’s intent but at the same time say they do not understand…..

  12. I LOVED it when Chris said he was proud of every dime. hahahaha
    Chris did not side step, he stepped up and answered the questions.

  13. Wow. Just wow. McJerkoff needs to go. NOW. I just wish there was a way to take his “un-funded liability” back as well. What a shameless jerk.

  14. Pinhead McPension said he knew absolutely nothing about the Veth Mam case. WHA?? McDouchebag has been in the closed session meetings discussing his suit against the city.

    What an indescribable fucktard.

    1. I wonder if mcKinley was ever able to tell even a particle of the truth. His attitude certainly reflects that of the self-entitled cops we’ve been dealing with here on the blog.

      No wonder the department is a hopeless mess.

    2. What a liar. Veth Mam’s name has come up more than once in public comments to the council. If he really didn’t know who he was why not take a note and look him up later?

      Someone needs to do one of those Daily Show type video edits where you play the contradictory clips back to back PROVING the lie.

  15. Erin, you are being called on the carpet -Famous Erin. I really think they think we are as stupid as they are and will eventually believe them if they keep telling their stories-haha, we aren’t and we won’t so bite me

    Disrespectfully submitted

  16. This whole thing is such a joke…it makes me sick to my stomach. If any of you ass-hats wants to come out and disagree with anything I have said you are more than welcome to do so, I will be in front of the Fullerton police department this Saturday from 9 to 12:00.

    Don’t be afraid. I barely out weigh Kelly. Difference is I am still alive and kicking.

    The funniest part for me is that it isn’t just Fullerton…you all could have been Kelly, you just don’t see it that way.

  17. wait, i just thought of another whopper jr… didnt the mayor-or the colonel sanders lookalike tell ron thomas he was going to quit? mentira, mentiron, se te quema el pantalon (liar, liar pants on fire)

  18. And no one even brought up the illegal expansion of the merged redevelopment area or a giant housing contract giveaway to a developer fronted by the unethical Dick Ackerman.

    According to Larry Bennett this is all about Tony Bushala and it’s personal at that. Hey Larry, there are a lot more people than Tony protesting in the streets and signing the recall petitions and it’s personal for all of us.

    1. Yep. Bennett is ignoring the thousands and thousands who have already signed the recall petitions in order to talk about one guy.

      That won’t work.

  19. McKinley, you are such a sick alien. You highjacked Fullerton. You are on a SheBear book tour while the city is in turmoil.
    You have gone off the deep end.

  20. My Lord…. The other side is simply PATHETIC. All the way from Larry Bennett reading a script down to McKinley, it was just a pathetic use of screen time for them. I have immense respect for Chris Thompson and Bruce Whitaker due to the fact that they simply spoke unscripted.

    I have news for the other side, it’s NOT about Tony Bushala. How is he responsible for Ramos and Cicinelli’s heinous act the evening of Kelly Thomas’s horrendous assault? How is he responsible for the fingering officer also? Talk about the issues, please!

    1. I loved how Bennett was talking about 6-7k Tony has given to campaigns compared to the millions that has been shelled out by the 3 cronies and the department for lawsuits and pensions. Bennett was talking nonsense and was just reading Mckinley wrote down backstage.
      But cowards try to find blame in other irrelevant people or issues. Like how this is just a political ploy by Tony Bushala and that nobody has to take responsibility because Tony is against big government, corruption and high pensions?? It’s Tony’s fault that 10-15% of FPD have done something illegal or at least morally wrong in the past 2 years? See it doesn’t make sense. Damn you TONY! Why do you make people do such bad things?? (kidding)

  21. I’m so sickened by Pat Mckinley it’s beyond words. He’s an inconsiderate, cocky prick who doesn’t deserve to be a representative of anything, let alone a City Council. He’s the poorest excuse of a human being and can’t wait for his ass to be removed from the council. Everything he said in the video was, “I don’t know.” “I don’t know what happened,” “I don’t know what’s going on.” He knows. That’s what cowards do. They push the blame to others and play the “I don’t know” game and hide. He’s not apologetic for lying, for hiring an incapable officer, for not severely punishing a sexual predator officer, etc. Mckinley you just need to retire and die already because you’re really taking up space, you piece of shit.

  22. Also, I vote for term limits on city council members. Really? 22 years for Bankhead and 14 years for Jones. Um how many favors do you think one can rack up in that time span. 6 years max and then get a fresh face in there. That’s too long for people to have that much power and control.

    1. I am in favor of Term Limits for politicians at local, state and federal levels. If it were instituted, then we could get back to electing Statesmen as opposed to Politicans.

      Having said that, I would point out that these fossils wouldn’t have been in the position of running the city into a ditch had it not been for those folks who keep voting for and installing these fellows into office. Say what you want, the people keep putting them back in power. Maybe all of us Fullerton residents should take a hard look in the mirror and chastise the face looking back for either voting or possibly not voting.

      If you voted for these three idiots….you got what you deserve. If you stood home on election day and did not vote like so many do………..you got what you deserve.

      Maybe just maybe this whole dark period for Fullerton will wake up the masses to pay attention to what is going on around them. We all must take responsibility for the future of our city and not leave it to the next guy. Never trust the next guy to do the right thing.

    1. The funny thing is the 3 Blind Dinosaurs only have one spokesman – the horrible McPension.

      Ackerman must be ordering Bankhead and HeeHaw to keep quiet.

  23. McKinnley defends his decision to hire a disabled police officer on the basis that he was promised his job back…. and he was shot six times and that he loved his police work and that all the officers love him and said “your coming back”, and Chief Parks broke his promise.This does not really answer the question posed whether he hired Cicinelli based on a favor for a captain in the LAPD and if it was the right thing to do.

    1. Yes, it all centered around a personal promise to a fellow officer. No regard for safety or human life outside of McKinley’s little circle. Disgusting.

      1. McPension admitted what he did: put personal cronyism above the public welfare. That alone deserves recall.

  24. When he called Cicinelli an American hero I almost lost my dinner. No you dumb piece of shit, he’s a psychopathic cold blooded murderer. I know, same difference to you.

    So all people who’ve suffered major physical, mental and emotional trauma should be wearing a badge and a gun? Holy hell.

  25. You go, Chris!! As for Spat Mckinley,I cringed watching..dunno why, I should be used to the BS the 3 amigos spew. Arrogant, conceited, defiant to the very end. Answered no question coherently, filibustered,squirmed, the list goes on.seriously, it is time, way past time, you 3, you’re old and farty, go live out your few short years while you can still wipe your own ass.go on a cruise, settle in Florida, and melt away into oblivion.

  26. Why did OUR little city get saddled with Cicinelli? Because chromedome promised his buddy? That is outrageous and he says it with no abandon!!! No other city was stupid enough to take him. Only mckinley. And nobody questioned this!!!! He ought to be held liable.And regarding Rincon? Any officer with an ounce of decency would not just “forget” about it once he retired Let alone, that he aS the CHIEF!!! He is a stinky POS. Crooked as the day is long. Hey, you three, we’re taking OUR city back.!!!! Fuck you. Really.

  27. I don’t even know where to begin. Maybe I should have taken notes.

    Kudos to Chris Thompson and Bruce Whitaker!

    Larry Bennett is pathetic. Do I need to expand?

    Pat McKinley must have a brain disease! Despite the fact that he fumbled around with his answers, the thing I noticed was at the end right after he was cut off. He had that rolled up paper in his hands and was waving it around like a baton. I could feel his anger just below the surface.

    Last night I was thinking that he needs to apologize to all women for remarks. Even if he didn’t mean to say them (which he did), he should have gone on air to say that he is sorry for his offensive words.

    That to me is a deal-breaker. When a woman has been sexually assaulted and then blamed by the system it is like being raped all over again. The kind of work they do or what they wear (or whether or not they know each other) has absolutely no bearing on the rapist’s behavior. Predators know what they are doing, believe me.

    Fondling a handcuffed women in the back of a squad car is about power, not sex. He is so out of it. Has he ever been restrained for any reason and had some do something to him that was inappropriate?

    When he said the women in the audience were of a different ilk than the women who complained about Rincon, I’m quite sure he knows EXACTLY what he is saying. He was once a beat cop and knows EXACTLY what happens out on the street. In fact, the way he said it makes me think he he’s defending himself when he says it “ain’t a dangerous thing”. All of this is in his unconscious mind. It’s too late for sensitivity training fro him.

    Do yourself a favor McKinley. Resign and go write another worthless book. At least it will keep you out of everyone’s hair.

  28. Larry Bennett, “how much money did the Fullerton Police Union contribute to Bankhead and McKinley the last election cycle” and then he answers “zero”.

    FYI: The Fullerton police union (Andy Goodriech VP, Barry Coffman, president) spent spent tens of thousands on mailers, signs, etc. urging voters to vote for those idiots including Roland Chi.

    Larry Bennett just put his foot so far up his ass that if and when he ever pulls it out it’s not going to………well you get the point.

  29. I bet the donations to “ProtectFullertonRecallNo” are really pouring in right now.

    I mean, who wouldn’t want to donate thousands of dollars to prop up the disgraced former Chief of the Fullerton Police Department and the two dinosaurs who are about to quit or depart anyway.

  30. Obviously Bennett was handed a script written by McDouchebag and I have no doubt the police reports for Kelly were scripted by him as well. He made it crystal clear he would do anything for his American hero.

  31. It doesn’t matter what he says! The one-eyed cop should have never been hired period!!!! These are the POST rules. Hell, they wouldn’t even take a person that I personally know that had gotten contacts. He said they had to have the contacts for a year. What I am afraid of is they are going to use the “customary law of aquiescence,” and the fact that the citizens of Orange County don’t prosecute Police Officers. John Barnett hasn’t won all his cases.

  32. I found this today. It’s interesting and sad from this perspective, isn’t it?

    Arrows were inserted be me for emphasis.

    O.C. Chiefs Say Case Was an Eye-Opener


    Orange County’s highest-ranking police officers said Saturday that the beating of Rodney G. King has caused unparalleled soul-searching within local law enforcement and helped foster policy changes to prevent police brutality and improve community relations.

    Reacting to the King verdicts, ranking officers contend that the sensational case with its graphic videotape has triggered a widespread reappraisal of police tactics on a scale that can be compared to the national outcry over the Vietnam War.
    In Vietnam, it was the first time people saw such violence and I think that this, the King case, also has that,” said Fullerton Police Chief Patrick McKinley, who recently came to the city after 29 years as a Los Angeles police officer. “This showed the worst-case scenario for everyone to see, and people said this isn’t what happens on ‘Adam 12.’ ”

    For law enforcement in general, McKinley said the case has meant: —>”Hey, we’ve got to do some training, we have to provide appropriate tools for officers on the streets and we need to go on.”McKinley said he particularly supported the conviction of Koon, the supervisor at the scene, and the acquittal of Wind because he was a younger officer with very little experience. “I think what this case brought out is that when officers were frightened of the size and demeanor of the opponent, and several of them are hitting him with batons all at once, that’s where proper supervision comes in and that’s what I hoped the sergeant (Koon) would have done.”<—

    Though they thought the King beating was an isolated incident, Orange County peace officers said the inflammatory videotape of officers hitting King repeatedly with their nightsticks has at times unfairly cast a poor light on law enforcement as a whole.
    "I think the trials really focused needlessly on the negative side of police. It was an isolated incident," said Irvine Police Chief Charles S. Brobeck. "I hope from this point on we can portray a positive side to police because we do a lot of good things."
    But Santa Ana Police Chief Paul M. Walters downplayed the impact of the King case on the relationship between his department, one of the largest in the county, and residents of the city, one of the most diverse, with a population that is 65% Latino, 23% Anglo and 10% Asian.

    "I think people have to recognize that one incident does not make a relationship between the police and a community. It really is made up of the day-to-day contacts and response," Walters said. "I know there was never ever a hint of what happened in Los Angeles reflected in our department."

  33. Unfortunately, some of the article is missing, possibly because of my bad cut and paste. Sorry about that.

    Here’s the link to it:


    This what is missing:

    King was severely beaten and arrested by Los Angeles police the night of March 3, 1991, after a high-speed pursuit. The incident, partially captured on eight minutes of videotape by an amateur cameraman, gained international notoriety.

    In April, 1992, a Superior Court jury in Simi Valley acquitted Sgt. Stacey C. Koon and Officers Laurence M. Powell, Theodore J. Briseno and Timothy E. Wind on state charges of assault.

    On Saturday, a federal jury in Los Angeles convicted Koon and Powell of violating King’s civil rights after six weeks of trial and more than 40 hours of deliberations. Briseno and Wind were acquitted.

    Some Orange County police chiefs said the case has reinforced their belief that the justice system works, but they declined to comment on the officers involved. Most reiterated their concerns that the public not judge the police based on one or two incidents or the actions of another law-enforcement agency.

    Virtually all of those interviewed by The Times on Saturday said their departments have undertaken some type of policy review related to use of force, community relations, training or preparations for widespread unrest like that erupted in Los Angeles after the first King case verdicts last year.

    “My general reaction is that the system works,” said La Palma Police Chief David Barr. “The system has run its course and the verdict stands whether we like it or dislike it.”

    Particularly critical of the two convicted officers was Laguna Beach Police Chief Neil J. Purcell Jr., who said that Officer Powell was “totally out of control” and that Sgt. Koon failed to take command of the scene.

    “I believe the verdicts were very fair and appropriate,” Purcell said. “It was my professional opinion based on the totality of the circumstances that (the beating) was clearly an inappropriate and excessive use of force by the officers.”

  34. “remind us that Officer Manny Ramos’ criminal defense attorney is very highly regarded.”

    Yes, the cops are suddenly very fond of defense lawyers. Remember the comments from FPOA trolls made about Shawn Nelson.

  35. Interesting things I notice about this interview… When McKinnley says” it should be a really interesting trial” the moderator says how so, he then states” I’m not sure, I don’t know any more than Whitaker here”. On other times after suggesting that there would be two implicated he stated that he did not see the tape so he dosen’t know. Because of his love of law inforcement and his life time involvement in it plus his extracurricular involvements such as the devolopement of his improved bullet proof vest which he sold to the department for a bundle, one might assume it would be hard for him to sit next door at city hall and be completly unaware of whats going on accoss the street? Sellers probably said, I’m out of here. Why should I have to answer for the mess Ive inherited.He probably left at the request of McKinnley,because if Sellers did start answering questions it would begin to impicate the former administration.
    My guess….when McKinnley says ,” I don’t know a single thing”… you can be sure that he knows about everything….

  36. Unreal! McKinley has got to go!

    He is still defending Ramos and Cicinelli! How can that be?? I am just in shock!

  37. McPension said he only knows as much as Bruce Whitacre yet hasn’t heard of Veth Mam? If that’s true, Mc$218kPension should be recalled just for being so ignorant. Oh and he doesn’t know why Tony Bushala wants to recall him and the other 2 zeros. I guess that makes sense to a lifetime government stooge who would have no sense that there actually are people out there who care about the future of their community and are willing to spend their hard earned money and time to protect and serve it. Tony B is a real hero and he deserves.

    1. I’ve been saying the same thing about that Veth Mam comment! So he’s either ignorant or a liar. Not sure which is worse when you’re sitting on a City Council, but neither is good.

  38. doesanybody know how many names you have for the recall? I don’t live in Fullerton, but am hoping you guys get rid of those corrupt nitwits.

  39. nipsey :Bozo Bennett can’t mumble a single idea without looking at his note cards. Chris Thompson really articulated everything that is wrong with the three jerks.

    Barnett is not even on the panel dipwit!!

  40. Look at 17:57 and 18:22-26..he does a terrible job of hiding his smirk. It’s amazing that he thinks his “neutral” wording will convince people he is not biased. His body language and facial expressions speak volumes.

    Also, he claims to know that Ramos and Cicinelli did not intend to kill Kelly. Yet he only knows what the DA presented like the rest of us? I don’t know about all of you, but I sure don’t “know” that they did not intend to kill Kelly after hearing the DA’s statement.

    1. “…but I sure don’t “know” that they did not intend to kill Kelly after hearing the DA’s statement.”

      I completely agree with you. These were trained officers that murdered Kelly Thomas; they had MANY years of experience. They all knew, full well, exactly what deadly force was.

      When you repeatedly and methodically, bludgeon an unconscious, helpless person so brutally in the face that you break bones deep within their head, -bones that are very difficult to break, and you cause massive blood loss and choking on that blood…at some point you KNOW that you are killing that person. They just didn’t care.

      The same thing applies to smashing Kelly’s head into the concrete curb, the prone choke hold, the dog piling on top of Kelly crushing his chest, the repeated Tasering, kicking and knee dropping Kelly’s head, punching, beating Kelly with batons, breaking Kelly’s ribs and collapsing his lung, etc.

      They were trying their very best to kill Kelly, and they succeeded. They didn’t just kill Kelly; they murdered Kelly three times over. The officers must have been very afraid that Kelly would live to tell the truth, and the officers just couldn’t allow that to happen.

      I think that Barnett was just repeating the excuse that McKinley fed to him.

  41. I’ll say it again, I can’t get behind this blog and a recall when I don’t trust the fact that it seems like Tony Bushala is setting it up to buy an election. Does nobody else see this as a conflict of interest? I hope I’m wrong. If there were nobody involved with this blog with political aspirations or who would stand to gain from attacking other candidates/officials I think I would feel differently.

    1. You can’t make positive changes in your community, or in your government, or in the FPD, by just sitting on the couch and complaining. Thank heavens Tony isn’t just sitting on his couch waiting for corruption to just magically disappear all by itself.

      Exposing corruption is a very good thing -it benefits all of us, and it’s high time we all paid close attention. We ALL should be active in our local, state and national politics and we all should have political aspirations; however, unfortunately, we all DON’T. If you don’t approve of the truths being told on this blog, -then of course, you are free, as always, to start and read your own blog.

      If you haven’t met Tony yet, you should consider introducing yourself and getting to know him.

    2. Oh, as opposed to the Redevelopment “developers” who bought Bankhead, Jones and McKinley?

      Your concern rings hollow, Tommy. Run along now.

  42. CNN, all the local media, an international story, the new age of internet, this is a city representative in self destruct mode.

    Quoting his wife at a She Bear meeting “Oh NOOO”!!

    Dont be so hard on all the FPD, as in many, conflicts and incidents the closest to, are some of the greatest victims. (Nazi Germany, Sadahms 2 million killed (probably murder), Neros Rome).

    The next Fullerton elections wont be a cake walk, things are already sooo much better.

    I was taught that the camera is the most powerful weapon known to Man, and anything is a weapon.

    Happy Holidays and dont forget America is the “Land promised to the Saints”.

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