432 More Teachers and Admins with Nothing To Complain About

Last week we looked at the number of FSD employees who make over $90k. Now let’s see the salaries of Fullerton Joint Union High School District teachers and administrators for the 2009-10 school year.

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Wow. Four hundred and thirty-two of them earn over $90,000 per year. Some of them teach a little extra summer school while others get stipends for CERT training, coaching badminton or being a leader. There’s also a secretary and a couple of custodian supervisors who earned over $60k in overtime alone.

You can look at this data any way you want, but it’s hard to deny that Fullerton’s educators are very well compensated. The myth of the “poor, underpaid teacher” is crushed.

Bonus Trivia

Which FFFF blogger spent several years molding the young minds of Fullerton’s high schoolers back in the 1980’s?

Man, I shoulda kept at it.


110 Replies to “432 More Teachers and Admins with Nothing To Complain About”

    1. 5,259 retired teachers and administrators receive pensions in excess of $100,000!

      Check out the detailed list:


      Then check out how much they are underfunded. In other words, check out how much they will require the taxpayers to pay extra to make them whole. We’re talking over $500 BILLION dollars for Calstrs(teachers and administrators) and Calpers(other state workers) combined!


  1. wow! I didn’t know getting a degree in liberal arts at cal state anywhere then a masters in education (an oxymoron) would pay off so well. oops, I was talking about Fullerton School District teachers, Pam Keller’s hang-out once in awhile. wow! I didn’t know getting a degree in biology, chemistry, geology, English, history, economics at cal state anywhere or UC anywhere then a masters in the subject matter taught would pay off so well. It doesn’t unless you are one of the few who are given stipends by those in high places like a principal or asst. principal. A teacher making over $90,000 a year should be expected to assume these responsibilities and not be compensated for performing a duty that falls within the description of their professional duties because we are PUBLIC SERVANTS! (excuse my caps, I was told once in one of my English courses that only porn lit used caps to highlight the obscene parts).

    1. Most teachers become teachers because they have a mother or father who is a teacher.
      They see the benefits of taking summer off, all the perks Some have fathers who are principals for schools and get their new adult children in like Mr. Link. You know the preferential treatment.

      Go into the class rooms of these so called “Special Ed teachers” are not really trained for Special Ed. They are merely coaches who take a few classes because they know they have to to get and keep a job, plus they know that by enlisting as a “Special Ed” teacher they get more money for actually doing nothing.

      Why do I say nothing, because these so called “Fake Special Ed Teachers” are really highly paid teacher aides for the real teachers of regular classes, they go to class to class then they are the RSP teachers where they sit in the class, do a little check mark in the agenda book of a student and that is it.
      The reason they do nothing is that their heart is in coaching, they detest being a RSP teacher or a “Fake Special Ed Teacher” to kids not of their caliber.
      They want athletic jocks, they choose P. E. as their major but during college in their last year of school they had a rude awakening that in order to be a P.E. Coach they MUST make a choice on a specific discipline other than P.E. because in the real world of Public Schools you will be useless. Yes they hate the students, yes they hate the job so you take another class you hate to become employed in order to Coach, the one thing they do love.
      Then most of these teachers marry each other or marry another teacher because the benefits will be double excellent, then their children will be prompted to get in the same profession.

  2. Whoa! What a rip-off. No wonder State is upside down.

    Now we can wait for 4SD Observer to tell us 1) what a bargain we’re getting, or 2) what losers we are because we didn’t get in on the scam.

  3. This is very misleading data you are presenting. First, you have included people who aren’t teachers and aren’t administrators, filling up your list. Also, it’s clear that these people who are teachers are in many cases working overtime as dept. chairs, etc. and teaching summer school. Also, to be fair, you need to list all of the salaries of all teachers, most of whom will not have the ability to work summer schools anytime soon. It’s well known that in Orange County, if you make $90,000 per year, you will have no chance to buy a home unless you are willing to spend at least half of that in mortgage payments. Most of your list is is essentially administrators (umm, $344,000 is too much, $100K is now middle class economically). What is your profession Travis and how much do you make? I agree that a maintenance supervisor making over $120K is bizarre. But I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of teachers in FUSD make far less than $90,000 in regular salary and in fact on average it’s probably about $65,000. You’ve simply selected the few that get overtime which is already merit-based. Merit pay is already a reality in that you have simply pointed out that there are some hand-picked people who get extra overtime and compensation, which will weaken your argument that attacks teachers. I’m willing to bet you vote for vouchers and that you have your kids in a private school. That’s your choice. Do you think private schools pay less? If so, do you think that makes the teachers better? I have news for you, it doesn’t make a damn difference at all. Charter schools and private schools do not provide better results, sorry to tell ya. And they pay about the same, next to nothing for the average joe teacher.

    1. Yeah. What hardship. $100K for 9 months effort. Plus safe job for life, no performance measurement, and no scary boss who may not like you.

      It is a scam.

      1. A total scam, Joe.

        Not to mention deferred compensation of 60% of final year pay, after 30 years. Anyone making $100,000 in their last year will receive $60,000 per year for the rest of their lives, which is not included in the above pay figures. These teachers also receive lifetime health benefits. So, let’s total all of the salary+deferred compensation (which, in most cases will be more than $170,000 per year) and the full depth of the scam is realized. These highly-paid teachers
        are making close to $1000 per day (175 days per school year) of TOTAL compensation!

    2. Teachers earn deferred compensation,including lifetime pensions and lifetime health benefits. If we include these items with their salaries, they are extremely well-paid for the amount of time worked.

  4. In the private sector, OT is not paid for managers and they have less impressive benefits. It’s time to square the inequality.

  5. I’ve been out of the system for ten years, but the majority of my teachers from the FJUHSD are on this list. An earlier comment hit the nail on the head…an alarming number are braindead, have useless degrees in Liberal Studies, and were often a “C” student. How do I know? I had a few teachers that TOLD us so. These same people are now being paid well over $90,000.

    With the help of the Sacbee.com salary database, I compared the salaries of my FJUHSD teachers with my CSUF professors. The CSUF professors are being paid $10,000-20,000 less, on average, despite being much more educated.

    To be fair, I believe there’s PLENTY of overpaid employees in the CSU system. But if you thought CSU was bad, check out this comparison of my past teachers:

    FJUHSD art teacher: $98,531
    11 years experience, age 34-35

    CSUF economics professor: $96,040
    27 years experience at CSUF, age mid-50’s

    I’ll be waiting to see how the FJUHSD goons try to spin this.

  6. Ranking fourth on the list, Kara Bluntach is “Career Guidance Specialist” at Fullerton High School, bringing in $208,671 a year.

    We were sent to the career center a handful of times. I remember telling her some of my career ideas. She gave me some printouts from a database and that was it.

  7. Oh my God, who is that sick pervert in the photo? I remember him hanging around Troy High School trying to pick up under-aged girls. He smelled like garlic and told all the girls he was going to become a fireman someday.

    1. Now he hangs out there trying to get them to smoke weed with him. What about all of those girls down on truslow tony? remember them? they’re talking now!

      leave the kids at fc alont Tony. Find people your own age to smoke pot with. Not my kids!

  8. I agree with Chris Thompson. We need to fire all the teachers and have them reapply. That way Chris can weed out the bad ones. Keep up the great work Chris!

  9. I don’t recall ever saying that we need to fire all of the teachers and then start over, but I will say that this list is staggering. I can’t wait to find out what that top Assistant Superintendent salary is all about. For the record, this is the Fullerton Joint Union High School District and I am on the Fullerton Elementary District Board.

  10. So if i understand this correctly are these numbers just salary? Does this include health benefits? Also it is a little disturbing to me that there is a need to list these people by name and not just list positions. Don’t you think if you are going to comment about someone else having too high of salary maybe the commenters should list their title, benefits, pay, perks, hours, and education.
    Sales Manager, 90K, 80 hours, and $500 a month for health insurance and a BA

  11. That’s pretty mean of you guys to post this during Spring Break, while all the teachers are out of town and unable to defend themselves.

    Spring Break! Whoooohoooo!

  12. Average HOUSEHOLD income in Fullerton is $61,000.

    A pair of teachers could easily make three times as much.

    1. Just ONE teacher can make three times that $61,000 amount if deferred compensation (lifetime pension+lifetime health benefits) were included, as it should be.

      Teacher Barbara Clark is making $214,626 in annual salary. Her pension should then be $128,775 for the rest of her life(based on 60% of above salary), not including health benefit costs. If she lives another 30 years after retirement, she will be paid more than $3,800,000 in retirement pension alone!

  13. Can one of the residents of Loserville tell us how pushing one group down to the other is beneficial for either side?

    1. It’s not about “sides” although you Marxistas can’t get beyond your dialectic.

      Those people work for US. They are overpaid and we are paying for it.

      Their pay and steps increases come up with the rations. Nowhere else is there a total disconnect between compensation and performance. The trustees of these districts should be recalled for their failure to protect the taxpayers.

      Speaking of trustees, it would be interesting to see how many were put in place by the teachers’ unions and how many, like the pathetic Minard Duncan, are former semi-literate teachers and administrators.

      1. Given the Trustees are elected by the people I can assume they represent the interests of the people.

        You (hyperbole and nickname notwithstanding) represent a group of anonymous bloggers.

        Have you campaigned or supported a trustee candidate carrying that message? Were they successful?

        I know you would like it so that only one opinion mattered (gee…I wonder what system of government functions in that manner), but it is not the way our representative form of government operates.

        As far as interesting who the teachers union supported. So what? Should they not be allowed to participate in the democratic process? Or do you believe their liberty should be impeded because of their profession? How very American.

        1. 4SD you also claim “Given the Trustees are elected by the people I can assume they represent the interests of the people.” Can we assume you are just as happy with the new congress since they were “elected by the people” or does this only apply when you agree with the people’s choice?

          1. Are we discussing the new congress? Try to stay on topic.

            I realize losers are easily distracted.

        2. Chris Thompson was elected by the people, too. If he had two like-minded colleagues you would be damning “the people” to high heaven as ignorant losers, just like you elitist liberals always do.

          Your sham defense “they are elected by the people” is the worst sort of disingenuous horse shit.

          In any case, your hypocrisy notwithstanding, these zeroes are put in place by the unions for their dependability to pay out.

          1. Good catch, Vlad.

            Liberal boohoos like 4SD pretend to care about “the will of the people” when they can bamboozle 50%+1 to buy into something really stupid and expensive.

            The whole rotten edifice of modern American liberalism is based on the perverse premise that the government experts know what’s better for you than you do. It’s a mindset ingrained in the brain of just about every government employee.

            Calling people losers comes naturally to folks like 4SD, because they truly believe all non-government employees are losers.

          2. Apparently Chris Thompson doesn’t have two like-minded colleagues.

            Until then your question is a hypothetical.

    2. 4SD, you are the only permanent resident of Loserville here. Everyone has their own opinion here. The difference with you is the claim it would be torture to have to read this everyday, meanwhile you troll this site all day voluntarily.

      1. I claim no such thing.

        I notice how quickly the residents of Loserville resort to fantasy to support their point.

        1. 4SD Observer,
          Why can’t you have an intelligent conversation without resorting to name-calling? I imagine anyone who disagrees with you will be labeled a “loser”.

  14. Wow, the liberals really have sent their best and brightest. This Observer guy couldn’t connect two simple thoughts to save his life. His deep-felt pride in government failures completes the picture.

  15. 4SD Observer :
    Apparently Chris Thompson doesn’t have two like-minded colleagues.
    Until then your question is a hypothetical.

    I notice you can’t address a theoretical question. Typical.

    1. Of course he-she can’t. But just watch. He-she will soon be asking you to answer “a hypothetical.”

      1. Like the other residents, you resort to fantasy when the reality is not to your liking.

        I bet yo also believe in unicorns.

    2. If being typical meaning I deal in reality and not fantasy, I plead guilty as charged.

      The reality is the current Board has done what it believed is right to keep the district functioning. They are the ones that put their names on the ballot and got elected. If Thompson is able to get two like minded individuals then so be it.

      1. Accusing your opponents of believing in fantasy while you believe in “reality” is just infantile.

        The fact is you survey the current political landscape and derive a warm sense of satisfaction: your friends and you are doing just fine. Your opponents have a different set of priorities, to wit: they do not believe they are getting their money’s worth, and reasonably enough, object.

        1. Clearly your nickname isn’t indicative of your thought process.

          Aristotelian logic is not being used in this phrase:

          your friends and you are doing just fine.

          How do you derive that I even know these people let alone them being my friends?

          If my “opponents” believe they aren’t getting their money’s worth, so be it. They have yet to show why. Secondly, as I pointed out earlier, there is nothing stopping them from running for the Board and changing that policy or supporting candidates similar to that mindset.

          1. You don’t have to be a Greek philosopher to see that paying a High School “career guidance” bozo $208K is really dumb.

            Except, apparently, in your sad world where the justification is the Trustees like it that way and they were elected. That is how revolutions get started.

      2. P.S. I have the strong feeling that if a truly conservative FSD board majority started implementing reform you would be the harshest critic. But that is hypothetical. For now.

  16. Congratulations 4SD, once again we are proud to anoint you the biggest loser for posting no less than 7 of the first 42 on this string. Where would this blog be without you?

    1. Clerk, you have noted what we have discovered quite some time ago. This sad loser LIVES for FFFF.

      In fact 4SD received a coveted Fringie Award for his-her propensity to post here.

      Of course it all started out defending the indefensible – the miscreance of Fullerton’s Crooked Collaboratrix, Pam (I’m collaboratin’ hard over here) Keller.

  17. I guess it all boils down to the value we place upon education.

    I would venture to say a good teacher is priceless. A blogger? Not so much.

    1. No, it boils down to how much the unions can extract from the puppets they get elected.

      Education has zero to do with it.

      1. Maybe it boils down to envy.

        I make more than $100K a year in the private sector and my kids go to public schools. I don’t begrudge someone else making $90K a year.

        And I’ve met my kids’ teachers and they are doing a good job, earning their wage.

        1. No, it’s about common sense. Profligacy paying public “employees” has pushed the State and its municipalities to the verge of insolvency. You people just don’t get it. You just want more.

          And I doubt if you are really “in the private sector.” If you were you would gag at the thought of a teacher with a contract of $200,000 for nine months’ effort.

          1. Like I said: envy.

            And, a bit of ignorance. Teachers general “work” 10 months but those 10 months are usually 60-80 hour work weeks. Plus, they have to buy classroom supplies, be educated and be subject to the horrible slander of small minded individuals who like to blame all the world’s ills upon government workers.

            But, you are an expert. How much should teachers make?

        2. Smarter,

          Do you begrudge a RETIRED teacher making more than $100,000 a year in retirement pay? How about 5,259 of them?

  18. Funny enough, most parents who consider teachers and education to be “priceless” opt to pay for private school.

    The rest of us let our kids slum it down here in them government schools.

  19. Smarter Than You :
    Teachers general “work” 10 months but those 10 months are usually 60-80 hour work weeks.

    Utter bullshit. I know a lot of teachers. The only time they break 40 hours is when they procrastinate grading papers. And boy do they know how to procrastinate.

    1. I know even more teachers than you and they all work far more than 40 hours.

      You must know the crappy ones.

      1. Sure. The seven or eight teachers who I know are all crappy. What a coincidence!

        BTW, the union declares that none of it’s teachers are crappy. That’s why they all deserve the same pay. Report back to headquarters for reprogramming.

      1. The public employees all sing from the same song book. It’s not the pensions that are causing all the trouble it’s those damn CEOs and thieves on Wall Street!

        It’s like blaming the moon for your empty wallet that you just helped empty yourself.

  20. What’s the prize for knowing the bonus trivia, Tony? And why haven’t you ever hung around in dark shadows trying to spark one up with me? First time I check out the FFFF blog and this is what I find out.. awesome.

  21. Bill Shakesperare :
    Thou dost persist in wearing thy ass as a hat.

    Did you know that repetitive statements are symptomatic of severe head injury?

    Of course you don’t, you’re a loser like the rest.

  22. 4SD Observer said:

    “Did you know that repetitive statements are symptomatic of severe head injury?”

    Well, the California teachers and the unions must all be brain dead then, because they keep saying their favorite repetitive statement:
    “IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN!” over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…

  23. A few of you seem very encumbered by the thought process and it’s surprisingly kind of turning me on…

  24. I was a student of Henderson’s at FUHS and he was entrenched in teaching this idea of being anti-material. He believes that you shouldn’t make a ton of money and should have to drive nice cars, and ect. I do not share this belief I found it interesting that he makes $120,000 per year. I wonder if he would still do the job if it only paid $60,000. P.S. I think the grounds crews are making way too much money.

  25. Ok, I give up… Tony, call me soon- we should do dinner again and then spend some time inappropriately enticing FC students.

  26. i bet if we all smoked bowls in a giant sess there would be a lot more understanding. joe can have is own dutch or pipe cuz i aint sharin a piece with that dirt bag.

  27. Well, you’re all invited to my place for an understanding session. However, you’ll have to come find me in Anaheim.

  28. Well, you’re all invited to my place anytime for a Friends of Fullerton understanding session. However, you’ll have to come find me in Anaheim.

    1. You can turn off the mobile version with the links at the bottom. You’ll have to do it twice since there are two versions of mobile templates, but then you will be able to make threaded replies.

  29. Travis here’s another bonus trvia. Which of your blogger friends associated with this site frequents a specific business that provides rub downs?

    1. Savethefox, I could use a good rub down, would you mind telling us the bonus trivia answer, or are you just making this stuff up, aka lying?

  30. The prize for answering the bonus question is a rubdown? From the football star himself? I would’ve answered days ago. Damn.

  31. Who is that football star? He looks like a guy that might be banned from the OC parks thanks to Shawn Nelson.

    1. You’re just sore because he made it over the wall on the obstacle course and you had to run around it with the girls.

  32. You have a custodian making 52k for being a custodian and another 50k plus for being the supervisor. And to boot he was coached in high school by none other then George Giokaris. Loking at this list I see the good ol boy network in full affect.

  33. Reading all of these comments about how many hours a week teachers actually work. LOL they work less then 40 hours a week but they wont tell you that. I know estimated 50 teachers and many of them have admitted this to me in private. Teachers deserve good pay if they do there job. The districts need to be able to get rid of the teachers who dont perform to standards.

    1. All the teachers I’ve known work their asses off and buy their own materials / reading books for their classrooms. I know one girl who moved schools and had to rent a truck to move all her stuff.

  34. How much should a person earn with the following qualifications: bachelor’s degree from a 4-year university, 1 to 2 years of graduate school (for the CA teaching credential), and another few years of graduate work for the Master’s degree? Some even earn a doctorate. Personally, I have 7+ years of university education and over 30 years experience in teaching. I work with demanding students, that need to be both managed and educated. It is not uncommon to work most evenings and a good part of the weekend, preparing lessons and grading papers. I have worked outside of education and could have pursued an alternative career that paid more. Many of us are highly educated, work long hard hours, and are passionate about helping our students. We often need to purchase classroom supplies for our students and spend lunches, breaks, and after school times tutoring and counseling students as needed. Many student teachers cannot handle teaching and change career plans after the student-teacher training of their credential program. Professionals should earn a professional income. Most teachers and administrators who earn over $90,000 deserve every penny of their salaries.

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