It’s Time for Shawn Nelson to Rescind His Endorsement of Roland Chi

We’ve all heard the story….Shawn Nelson endorsed two candidates for Fullerton City Council, Bruce Whitaker and Roland Chi, before both decided to run for the same seat vacated by him when he was elected to the Board of Supervisors earlier this year. Fair enough, Mr. Nelson. There were three seats open on the Fullerton City Council, two four year seats and one two year seat, and you had no way of knowing when you gave your endorsements that Whitaker and Chi would run against one another for the single two year seat. But that was then, and now you have to make a choice about who you are supporting. Will it be Bruce Whitaker or Roland Chi?

Here are your choices…

Roland Chi:

As reported on this blog,


Bruce Whitaker:

  • Serves on the Fullerton Planning Commission (appointed by Shawn Nelson)
  • Has lived in Fullerton for 22 years
  • Founded Fullerton Association for Concerned Taxpayers (FACT) and repealed an unjust utility tax
  • Statewide Coordinator for Municipal Officials for Redevelopment Reform (MORR), an organization dedicated to reforming out of control Redevelopment in California

Shawn Nelson, you can’t vote for both candidates. Do the right thing for your hometown and put your support behind Bruce Whitaker for City Council today.

10 Replies to “It’s Time for Shawn Nelson to Rescind His Endorsement of Roland Chi”

  1. OK Nelson your Friends are waiting for an answer, I believe your for real, but the proof is in your response to this post.

    Good call Savage.

  2. It’s about time Nelson got put to the task on this amateur double endorsement. Nelson is starting look like Royce and his wonderful endorsement track record.

  3. I hope Mr. Nelson wakes up on this problem.

    In spite of the considerable positive attitude that I’ve developed based on Mr. Nelson’s job performance and the glimpse of his family life and character that I’ve come to rely on, this particular matter is big to me.

    If Mr. Nelson has not corrected his confused endorsement because it is “not important” to him, then I must reassess my own judgment about how “real” Mr. Nelson is (as oppossed to a typical phony Republican of the type which have almost gotten me to change my Party affiliation).

    And this endorsement confusion strikes the same chord in my mind as Mr. Norby’s first and MOST HORRIBLE Assembly vote to “endorse” the creep Able Moldanodo as RINO Lt Governor, thus turning off ALL actual Republicans to this November’s voting, and setting up horrid Gavin Neuson with a better chance to win over a creepy “Republican.”

    That action by Norby is REALLY a challenge for me to accept or “forget.”

    I hope Mr. Nelson wakes up. I’ve not marked or sent in my ballot as yet.

  4. So if King Nelson does rescinds his endorsement that will be another feather in his cap for stupid moves.

    “Oh I didn’t know I was defending sexual predators even if it says it on my website; those damn Indians who put my website together did it without my knowledge so I could get more google hits.”

    “Oh I didn’t know what I was doing when I took the more lucrative pension that I’m blastinig everyone else for taking.” Oh I made a mistake for endorsing Chi because I didn’t know what I was doing.

    Have another cup of kool aid and worship your false god with his false hair color.

  5. Jo-Jo so he didn’t say the first two things I listed? And your blog wants him to say the third.

    He’s worthless.

    Have another cup of kool aid and your hot pocket or is it mac and cheese night?

  6. don’t waste your time, joe will never address any real policy question, he will just name call and throw insults untill you get too frustrated and go away.

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