Why is “Red County” Editor Searching Records on Republican?

I'm trustworthy. Trust me.

That is a good question.

One of the fun things about public records searches is that you can also see who is doing searches. Now that’s good, clean fun!

We found out that Matthew J. Cunningham of the formerly Red County blog did a public records search on County Clerk candidate and Republican  Hugh Nguyen. He asked for Nguyen’s e-mails since the invention of the computer. Well, over two year’s worth, anyway.

Oops! That was going to be pretty expensive since the County would have to hire a contractor to collect the data and then it would have to be reviewed prior to release. The upshot was the County declined to satisfy the request. They did provide Nguyen’s 700 forms (statement of economic interest).

On the other hand a record search of available records turned up a brief and harmless discussion about Daly protegee Renee Ramirez’ very brief County Clerk campaign sent to Nguyen. Wow. Go to work and turn that into an issue, Matthew!

Now first, let’s dispense with the “why” part for the uninitiated. Cunningham claims to be a conservative Republican – he’s been chattering away just like one for years now.  And yet his mentor and string puller from way back is John Lewis, a campaign consultant and lobbyist who has been working for Democrat County Clerk Tom Daly behind the scenes since 2002. Daly recently quit the 4th District Supervisors race after a series of embarrassing revelations of waste and mismanagement in his office and has scuttled back to the County Clerk’s race so he can keep wasting money left and right as he protects our vital records.

Snooping on a fellow Republican, and one backed by a good share of the County Republican establishment in order to help a Democrat with an awful fiscal record? Bad boy. Bad, bad, boy!

When I'm done with my sports hall of fame project we'll get right to work on fixing 433 Civic Center West

Cunningham has already made it a point to parrot “untrustworthy” drivel about Nguyen he picked up at the local liberal blog and comically expanded upon; and hasn’t said a peep about any of Daly’s fiscal squanderings. How’s that for conservatism and accountability?

Matt and I are of like mind...

Now for the “how” of the great e-mail hunt. Presumably Cunningham could actually pony up the dough to do opp research on a Republican. Would he? That’s a lot of cash. If he does, it will look extremely suspicious and a reasonable person would have to question the source of the cash.

To wrap up, it’s pretty obvious that the Daly/Lewis/Cunningham team are worried about Nguyen. Daly has challenged Nguyen’s ballot title and a surrogate has actually challenged Nguyen’s use of his first name. Still it’s a County-wide race and Daly has plenty of name ID over the relatively unknown Nguyen.

But maybe they’re right to be worried. Are there more Daly skeletons that are about to tumble out of the closet?

Heh heh. Just wait and see.

28 Replies to “Why is “Red County” Editor Searching Records on Republican?”

  1. Cunningham will claim that he was just making sure Hugh was adhering to Red County’s ultra-high standards for conservative candidates. I wonder who else he has been “investigating”?

  2. Yeah, JD, except that he has already turned his typical blind eye to the perjury of Harry C. Sidhu – referring to his fraud as a “brief registration” and conveniently ignoring the fact that Sidhu LIED twice on voter registration forms about living at the downscale Calabria Apartments.

  3. 2 comments

    First, Matt Cunningham is not a conservative republican. He is a paid whore who in this particular case is leaning in to help the team of his mentor John Lewis. Even if Matt is not directly paid to do this he clearly stands to gain by ingratiating himself to Lewis (who himself is scum). Daly is a Democrat and there is no other reason for Cunningham to be helping him.

    The second issue is that I enjoy reading this blog but for you to make fun of a person with Downs Syndrome by that little quip under the photo about “Matt and I are of like mind…..” is improper and not funny. Have some decency and take that down now.

  4. #4 & #5,

    Lest not forget an earstwhile county employee AND Long Beach resident (writing for the Liberal OC)!

    talk about a party crasher!

  5. Sip and Kenlay, what the hell does this have to do with making fun of special needs people? Kick Cunningham’s ass till the cows come home but this is a new low.

  6. We seem to be getting off Fullerton and 4th Dist topics with all of these F Matt and LibOC…which I am all for don’t get me wrong. It’s just too much everyday.

    The bigger issue here is Sidhu and the 4th, way bigger than Daly, Lewis et al.

    Come on Tony, get back to the main issue here.

    1. #9 I disagree. The overarching problem is repuglicanism – trading on some supposed values for your own enrichment. Sidhu is now the poster child for the ‘pugs from Janet Nguyen and that idiot Bill Campbell to Lewis and his minions.

      They put their own profiteering and promotion ahead of any sort of principle, hence they are willing to support the carpetbagging perjurer.

  7. was at Sidhu’s event last Thursday as well. Maybe 40 people TOTAL and at least 12-15 of them had to be comps as it was city (out side the 4th of course) and county electeds who think carpetbagging is ok, and his friends/family.

    totality low turn out, and at 500 a piece. just fyi

  8. The Jerb shamelessly looking for mud on a republican to benefit a democrat? Why does this not surpise me. Guess he thinks his charade of being a principled republican will never wear out.

  9. The Republican party should not allow this guy to attend Republican events. He is a traitor and he should be fired from Red County.

    This is the reason why the Republican party is so weak because we have IDIOTS like Matt Cunnigham.

  10. I heard that Jennifer Muir is very close to Jean Pasco and that is why she didn’t say anything about Tom Daly wasting Taxpayers money when he purchased a run down building that cost the taxpayers 2.1 Million Dollars.

    Shame on the OC REGISTER. The taxpayers in Orange County needs to know that Tom Daly is wasting taxpayers money. The Editor for the OC REGISTER should investigate this issue.

    Jennifer Muir is just as bad as Cunnigham. They both should be fired.

  11. TOM DALY is such an IDIOT!!!

    He wasted taxpayers money by donating $48,000 to Brett Barbre and he is paying Matt Cunningham to Blog for him.

    Tom Daly should be FIRED!!!

  12. Ok, did we finally agree that the guy from the Liberal OC does not have down syndrome, he just acts like it?

    Now as a republican myself, what Matt is doing is reprehensible. He is not a republican. He is supporting someone (this Daly character) who represents everything that is wrong with politics. He hires unqualified friends and family into public jobs, he hands out government contracts for doing nothing, he wastes tax millions of $$ of payers money on his own personal hobbies (the archive building and tries to pass it off as part of the job). He reminds me of the old Chicago politics! and Matt supports him? Clearly Matt does not support republican ideals, philosophies or candidates. He is not a republican and should be excluded from Republican events and functions. He isn’t voting republican, so we aren’t losing anything.

  13. Is Matt John lewis’s whore or Daly’s little erran boy? Was he also the one Daly had go through Hugh Nguyen personal file? Yeah, i wonder if Hugh knows that? daly had people combing through his opponent’s confidential personnel file last week.

  14. Come on, you cant call Jennifer Muir a reporter. She writes a story about daly’s $48,000 gift contract to brett Barbre after others break the story first and do the research. Then she doesnt even bother to check out details. She didn’t even bother to check out Daly’s non profit organization which she mentions is going to support his OC Sports Hall of Fame. Wouldn’t you think that is an important detail? If she was a serious reporter, she would have discovered that the only donor to Daly’s non profit is Brett Barbre. Yes the same Brett Barbre that Daly gave a $48,000 contract to for doing nothing. Let me see, you give a government contract to your friend, then he donates to your non profit. Yeah, that’s OK isn’t it?

    How does Jennifer miss this? Probably because its not importatnt. Or maybe because she is busy doing a story with Brett Barbre about the type of shoes people wear when they vote. Shoes are such an important polical statement. and yes, its the same Brett Barbre. Jennifer, let others do the real reporting and you can write about tea parties, senior fashions and flower gardens.

    1. “Then she doesnt even bother to check out details. She didn’t even bother to check out Daly’s non profit organization which she mentions is going to support his OC Sports Hall of Fame.” There is no such non profit organization. More great investigative journalism by Team Wiskol/Muir.

  15. Hey folks, ya all just aint looking at things straight. This here Daly feller is just being resourceful. He’s an honest to goodness a good ole boy, finding a way to git er done! as you youngin’say, he is tinking outside the box.

    Now me I give the boy credit. My papy always said, “if you aint cheatin, ya aint tryin”

  16. Joe, I think Colony was talking about Matt not about the Liberal OC guy.

    The liberal OC guy is merely trying to look like he has down syndrome. Matt is the one who actually has down syndrome, and you shouldnt make fun of his incoherent dribble on Red County.

  17. Cosmo, that’s interesting, if true. And you forgot to mention that Brett Barbre also contributed a $1,000 to Tom Daly’s campaign (and who knows how much he gave him under the table).

    Hummm, do you thinks this stuff will ever grace the pages of Red County? Thanks to Matt, that Blog has lost its objectivity and credibility.

  18. I’m a long time Republican, born in O.C. seventy years ago and know many O.C politician BUT I decided NOT TO VOTE HUGH for many reasons. He is guy who just added a word “Republican” to his banner. Never heard or seen him attending any Republican party before. Never paid his dues to Republican Party. He just became US citizen couples months ago. HE NEVER CAST A VOTE BEFORE IN HIS LIFE TIME.

    Guys, There is an important rule of Republican Party. It’s OK to have one less republican seat in the county but Never endorse an unknown person because he added Republican word to his fliers and banners. Remember it degrades the party more.
    I know Tom Daly is walking on a fine line and Republican Party is waiting for him to cross that line but it is important to endorse a tested, qualified and a loyal republican person.

    1. Gibbs, I don’t know if any of your facts are correct, but assuming that they are the real issue is that ANYBODY would be better than Daly who has wasted millions, whose fees are too high and who has not only politicized the office for his own advancement, but has handed out jobs and contracts to cronies and campaign contributors.

      It’s all there and Grover has spelled it all out succinctly. A chimpanzee would make a better County Clerk than Daly.

    2. Gibbs,

      Sometimes a guy, Dasly in this case, is so obviously outside the lines of what is acceptable with management of a county department that the first order of business is to get rid of him. In case you hadn’t read, Daly has done some things that could read like a text book for how government gets so screwed up and mismanaged.

      Hugh Nguyen stood up and had the guts to sya enough is enough. Hugh worked under granville that seems to be the guy we have to thank for most of the efficiency that does exist in that department and has allowed Daly to be on a cruise ship for the last several years of his tenure.

      I am going to vote for Hugh because he can not be a more negligent manager than Tom Daly and he may just cut some fat and improve the department. Had others run I would have considered them but to suggest Tom Daly is viable is willful ignorance.

      Your statement that Tom is “walking a fine line” is laughable. The only fine line he is walking is the same one that has many of us wanting to kick the likes of Matt Holder and John Lewis out of the party. Tom repesents the politics for sale crew and I assure you whatever line he is walking it is not one that is welcome in the republican party.

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