Too Fun To Pass Up

Cue the foxtrot

Okay, this isn’t about Fullerton – not directly, anyway, but Janet Nguyen is indeed the Chair of the County Board of Supervisors. And we’re in the County.

Our Fringe Friend Gustavo Arellano has passed along an invite to Ms. Nguyen’s August fundraiser at the OC Weekly with the usual mordant commentary. Depending on the amount you give to her you will be classified:

No level for rickshaw driver?

WTF? You can be a “bamboo?” Or two? Then comes the “Empress” and “Emperor” sponsor level. Sweet Baby Emanicipator! Okay, the comestibles are some sort of Asian fusion blah-blah-blah, but this is America fer chrissakes!

How about a Mandarin level for a hundred bucks? Or a coolie grade for 50 dollars or less?

11 Replies to “Too Fun To Pass Up”

  1. Tacky and banal. Not an easy combination to come up with.

    It’s funny how inept and clueless most of these campaign people are. Still, you’ve got to attribute this embarrassment to Nguyen herself.

    1. Yes, fringers need to stick together. It was Matthew Cunningham that coined that name for us as an insult. Of course we joyfully embraced it to distinguish ourselves from the dead center where self-interest propels motive.

      Of course that was BEFORE we learned the guy was making six figures a year blogging for Rob Reiner’s Cig Tax Commission.

  2. Just be glad the food wasn’t Mexican. Then we could have had El Presidente Level, Drug Cartel Honcho, El Jefe, Bracero, etc.

  3. I’m sure they thought it was cute. Had the same group been given a candidate of Middle Eastern Heritage, they might have offered camels and harems. Of Mexican Heritage, sombreros and burritos. Native American heritage, tomahawks and arrows. If they were of European heritage, white bread and toast. The combonations are endless, especially when one starts mixing cultures: sombreros and white bread, tomahawks and harems.

    So the question is…does the candidate refer to her friends as bamboos? And is there a ceremony when one goes from a bamboo to an empress?

    Do we get eggroll with that?

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