Pacific Strategies – My Big Fat Staffer Lunch

If you take a doggie bag you can actually feed your whole family on the Commission's dime - and get paid, too!

Looks like about $2,540 billed for activities leading up to and including a Republican legislative “staffer lunch” back in March of 2009. Hope there were some crusts left over to help feed the children.

View the Full Invoice

All that dough to persuade GOP staff aides about how wonderful the Rob Reiner commissions are? You’ve gotta be kidding!

Note that third item about Riverside County making their “first Five” Commission a county agency. I wonder what that sort of scrutiny would mean for our Commission. No more Campbell crony contracts?

6 Replies to “Pacific Strategies – My Big Fat Staffer Lunch”

  1. How long before this guts traction and Matt is scrambling.

    You can bet his fellow RED COUNTY contributors would be all over this if it was’nt him.

  2. Check out the thread over at Facebook on Allan Bartlett’s page. He posted the story about Cunningham and Hewitt. The debate has been going on since 10:30PM last night.

  3. So how long before Pacific Strategies and Mason Alexander merge?

    (Man I am stealing my own thunder, this could be a post!)

    “Two phony companies, led by two phony people, on opposite sides of the political spectrum team up to get the most money possible”.

    The post would continue: “Since neither Blogger has any commitment to principal, community or PARTY, you can count on us to shoot holes in even the most responsible canidates.”

    “We have experience defending priests who fuck kids, we coach kids….we do it all”.

    These two, Dan Chmielewski and Matt Cunningham are two peas in a pod. They are to the PR world what REALITY TV is to entertainment: MONEY GRUBBING WHORES!

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