Tom Daly: Career Politician Who Wears the Union Label

Well you heard it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Tom Daly has and will be beholden to the public employee unions. He tries to put a fig leaf over this ugly fact by describing the unions as his neighbors with a stake in the “quality of life” of his community. Notice how Daly conveniently confuses the individual with the collective? What a hoot!

Well I hate to break the news to you Mr. Daly, but it’s the public unions and their never ending fiscal demands that have pushed our cities, our county, and our state to near-insolvency and dismal credit ratings. And the citizenry has finally gotten wise.

Say good night, Tom.

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  1. This guy is from central casting at the union hall. Jerbal and Colony Babble can try all they want to remake Tom Daly but I choose to listen to the man himself. No amount of spin can fool the tape.

    Good luck this election cycle as the poster guy for the unions Tom. It seems to be a real popular play with the voters right now and ought to catapult you straight to third place in this race behind Nelson and Rose.

  2. Interesting deduction. If I follow this logic, Chris Norby was beholden to unions since he took financial contributions from them as well.

    More interesting is the editing done on this post. I was present at the debate and listened to Daly detail how he had managed to anger the Anaheim police union so much that they picketed in front of his house. I guess that only happens when one is beholden to them.

    Nice selective edit.

    I have one question. Who was the very weird looking guy operating the camera?

    1. Norby was beholden to the cop union. Which is why he spiked their pensions in 2000.

      Daly just welcomes them as staheholders in huis community.

      1. Liar, liar. Thank you for your response. Can you point me to the posts on this blog critical of Norby’s decision?

        Would love to read it.

        1. Norby has repeatedly apologized for his screw-up, privately and publicly – long before this blog was created. It was an expensive mistake but what’s the relevance of a post? It happened ten years ago. This blog is 18 months old.

          What does that have to do with Daly’s lame statement on Monday night?

          Get a grip.

          1. Thank you for not disputing my claim that you took a mere snippet from Daly’s remarks and posted it out of context.

            One of the many reasons why bloggers have little is any impact on elections.

            Post the entire remarks, or just realize that folks know your commentary is slanted so as to be irrelevant.

  3. You guys were right. Daly was so laid back I go the feeling that his bennies kicked in early.

    The union thing doesn’t bother me. He’s a freakin’ Democrat and that’s what Democrats do. What’s the problem?

  4. Look, I’m not a fan of unions who burden the private sector with outrageous pensions, salaries and health benefits for their ordinary members. Yet, unions check the power of petty city council members or other snivel servants bureaucratically elevated way beyond their IQ by their cronies. currently, politicians are tapping into unions to gain political momentum. Daly is probably another phony who wants a free ride on the union pony all the way to political office.

  5. 4th SD Observer :Thank you for not disputing my claim that you took a mere snippet from Daly’s remarks and posted it out of context.

    That snippet just goes to show you Daly’s rationalization for taking union cash. But it was’t even necessary. They guy’s a Democrat. Back Yard Dispensary is right. What’s the big deal?

    1. So what rationalization did Norby use when he took union contributions?

      Did that make him beholden to them?

      Why should one believe Daly will be as much or less beholden to those same groups as well?

  6. 4th SD Observer :

    I have one question. Who was the very weird looking guy operating the camera?

    I don’t know, but I saw him with his camera over on Santa Ana Canyon Road the other night. Weird!

  7. got a 2nd call from Assemblyman Norby on behalf of Shawn Nelson. he is really doing some heavy phone lifting for Shawn — about time.

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