The Year Was 1988…

It's hard to remember.

Here are a few things that happened in annum nineteen hundred and ninety-eight:

  • Hulk Hogan lost the WWF title to Andre the Giant
  • Florence Griffith Joyner set a world record in the 200 meter dash
  • Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” hit the top 10
  • Mr. T launched his own television show
  • Eddie Murphy’s “Coming to America” grossed $128 million
  • The Dodgers won the World Series
  • A gallon of gas cost 98 cents

And Don Bankhead began his 22-year career on the Fullerton City Council.

Twenty-two years is more than enough. It’s time to give mayor Bankhead a break.

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  1. In 1988 a big ‘ol bully was put on the city council, and he has pushed around citizens on behalf of the bureaucracy ever since.

  2. We don’t need term limits, Bankhead can be beaten in a fair free election, he already has been beaten once and Recalled from his City Council seat.

    Term limits is insulting to our citizenry.

    Granted it is very attractive to “automatically” throw the bums out, but the actual difficult duty of being an adult American citizen only begins with the process of becoming informed of candidates and participate in elections.

    My idealism is the essential difference between freed elections and all the “elections” they have in Communist-Totalitarian countries (i.e. like the Obama-Communists want to make of America).

    1. Yes, I agree with Rain. There should be no rules about who can hold office. In fact, Obama-Communists should be able to hold the office of President, regardless of their citizenship or birthplace.

  3. This man has been around since the first Bush was elected! LPs were still being sold in “record stores”. Babies have been born, schooled and graduated from college while Don Bankhead has been on the Fullerton City Council.

    The question voters need to ask themselves is what can the man hope to accomplish in the next four years that he has not been able to in the past twenty two?

  4. Why do we need term limits? You’d think as influential as your website is that you’d be able to single handedly get him voted out of office. Oh that’s right you only count for about a dozen vote.

    Funny how you guys hate big government but yet you want to place a restritction on how we vote. Will you all make up your minds where you stand on things.

    What restriction will you want to place next that only the people you like are allowed to win the election.

    What a joke you are. But that’s why I love you all so much. I get to laugh so much.

    1. Ha Ha Ha! Now, that is funny!

      Bankhead…go away…shoot, shoot…find a retirement Village in Florida to live and leave the rest of us in Fullerton alone we can do good without you!

  5. I had a couple of discussion with him regarding political issues at the Fullerton Church of Christ and I was very unimpressed. His comments seem memorized and repetitive, and he doesn’t appear able to respond to comments from another person that doesn'[t share his point of view, or has a different opinion.

    The fact that he (a) pursued a 100% disability retirement that was apparently disapproved by the Workman’s Compensation Board; (b) he has supported increasing pension benefits to city workers which are excessive; (c) he was the only council member that supported the development plan for Coyote Hills (thanks Shawn Nelson); and (d) I support term limits especially for a 78 years old that has been a council member for 22 years.

    We need council members who are analytical and focused and I strongly recommend getting a new council team.

    Richard Riggs

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