Who Else Took The School Union Endorsement?

Last week this blog criticized school board candidate Janny Meyer for announcing her acceptance of the endorsement of the Fullerton teachers’ union while simultaneously claiming to be a fiscal conservative. Shortly thereafter we had learned that Bev Berryman and Aaruni Thakur had also accepted union support, albeit much more quietly.

Aaruni Thakur

For Aaruni, the endorsement was a given. Being a union tool is practically a requirement for the modern Democrat politician. Who can fault a guy for latching onto the massive union political machine which has helped put so many Democrats into office? Well, I suppose Republicans could find that to be a cause for concern.

Beverly Berryman

Berryman’s acceptance, on the other hand, is much more disappointing.  She won her first school board campaign without any union support, so she certainly didn’t need it now that she is an incumbent. Saying “no” to this powerful special interest would have been the best way for her to preserve her independence.  She certainly has opened herself up to closer scrutiny on future votes.

On the bright side, Bev does have a history of taking stands on important issues that put her at odds with the union. She led the charge against the most recent attempt to launch a parcel tax on Fullerton voters. Bev also was the only school boarder who has repeatedly said no to imposing the expensive Apple laptop fees on parents throughout the entire One-to-One laptop fiasco.  And she has never been on the receiving end of union’s negotiating power as a government employee.

So that begs the question: Why did the union endorse her anyway?

15 Replies to “Who Else Took The School Union Endorsement?”

  1. Didn’t she also vote to pull the plug on the incestuous Pam Keller-Collaborative scam? I wouldn’t be all that concerned, although I can see your point.

    Without strong union backing this Aruni Whatever wouldn’t stand the ghost of a chance. I’d be more worried about him.

  2. With three seats available and the four candidates on the ballot, a vote for Beverly Berryman is critical to establishing and maintaining fiscal sanity for the Fullerton School District.

    While I wish that Bev would not have pursued the teacher union’s endorsement for obvious reasons, she has clearly demonstrated her independence on a variety of issues, including those mentioned by Travis.

    Without Bev’s leadership, the District would have absolutely pursued a $100,000 contract with a consultant who was charged with determining the feasibility of a parcel tax. Bev made it clear that she thought that times were too tough for the average property owner to be burdened with an additional tax.

    I have the benefit of hundreds of hours of discussion with Bev on school issues. Bev is clearly not as fiscally conservative as I. However, there is no question that all of her votes and opinions are determined by her view of what most benefits children. In my opinion, if Bev were to not regain her seat, it would be a huge blow to children and to the taxpayer.

  3. bev berryman and chris thompson has my vote and my support if they promise to get rid of the keller collaborative, the keller collaborative is a bizarre, contrived entity that only serves to put money in individuals pockets while claiming to help the community. who or how many persons in fullerton directly benefit from keller’s collaborative? remember this collaborative asserts it aids the community, and schools provide a free education to the community. if funding whether donated or tax dollar is diverted from the classroom to support keller’s collaborative then this collaborative is detrimental to the overall community

  4. gee: chris thompson busy body vs Janny meyer lifelong educator and wife of city manager…what a hard choice!

    chris, go coach little league or something. the school board does not need busy bodies.

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